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REwatch S14: Damaged Goods (14x11)

And we're back, so soon - because I've got nothing else to do, and I CERTAINLY am not going to the Grand Canyon this week like I was supposed to... it's okay though, the Grand Canyon isn't going anywhere. I'll see it eventually.

Damaged Goods

Ugh, Nick. Can I skip these bits? Will you forgive me?

Abraxas - hey, that's the god in Demian. He's actually a cool guy - mythology-wise.

Oh right, I can't skip these bits, can I, because he ends up going to Hibbing MN.

Dean: I appreciate it. You know, you... trying.
Sam: Well yeah, of course. I mean - always.

- "You are literally my ENTIRE WORLD, Dean. FFS."

Dean: Actually, I was kind of hoping for some one on one time with mom, if that's cool.
Sam: Sure, yeah, whatever you need.

*even more awkward hug*
Dean: Take care, Sammy.
*zoom in on Sam's 'shit, Dean's about to do something stupid' face*

Sam gets great cell reception for living in a cement bunker that may or may not be primarily underground.

I love when Dean and Sam have friends. This conversation between Dean and Donna is fantastic. I also love how smart Donna is. I also love Dean's like of "what's he got? a freaking newsletter?" when Donna tells him that she knows everything that's been going on with him because Sam told her. Like, I really just want there to actually be a newsletter.

Dean's goodbye-hug tour continues.

I like the fact that Donna has a whole workshop at her cabin that is clearly HER workshop. I see so few female-owned/used workshops on TV.

I mean, if there's one thing MarkP does well, it's play a creep.

Also, Joe-the-grocery-store-guy is a good egg.

And this is shot really well. I know Donna will be fine, but my tension is still all the way up for this scene where she pulls him over.

Not gonna lie, still want to skip every scene he's in.

I like how Sam's like "I should come up there" and Mary is like "no, just give it some time." and Sam is ALREADY IN THE CAR AND DRIVING.

Dean reminising about childhood stories that unintentially are horribly depressing.

Mary: "Sometimes I forget how much I missed when I was gone. How much the two of you just..."
- Yeah, I mean, I'm sure there are parents out there that can relate - really. Like, through whatever circumstances, lost their kids when their kids were young and then found them again years later to discover what lives they lived... and whether those were good lives or bad ones - but it wouldn't have been the life that parent envisioned. I'm thinking of stories such as that one where the little Indian boy ended up lost on the train and adopted to an Australian family... or parents and children who are separated by war, or kidnappings, etc. It's gotta be such a trip. Of course, Mary's case is even more bizarre, since she's technically the same age as her children now (if not actually younger).

And Mary finds the Malak box.

Nick tracks down Mary. UGH, I can't wait until he's dead.

I just... I just don't like this plot-line. It's too human-based, and also it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE that Nick would still be alive... but I've probably already done that rant.

It also really annoys me that they've got Mary having gone up against demons, etc. She was still young-twenties when she quit hunting. Demons were also FEW AND FAR BETWEEN before S3 (I forget which, but Bobby tells us specifically that there used to only be max 4 possessions per year before the current madness). Mary was a young hunter who had a more experienced father, who would have no doubt kept her far away from demon cases to begin with. She certainly didn't seem to have tons of experience in 1972 when Dean when she met the YED. Like, acknowledge that Mary was a hunter, sure - but you don't need to make her the same level as Sam and Dean are now, she has ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to have developed the knowledge. And hanging out for a few months with the Men of Letters hardly qualifies - though FINE, if I have to find SOME excuse, I'll use that one.

Sam took pity on Nick because he sympathized with him, and saw him as "there but by the grace of god go I..." but Dean is like "Sometimes people can't be saved!" and we all know he's not talking about Nick anymore.

Nick gets his revenge... then gets shot in the leg and punched out. YAY! Now can he go away? (Nope. I know he doesn't.)

Sam gives Nick the "I'm disappointed in you" speech.

Sam: "You can burn."

And Mary forced Dean to tell Sam about the Malak box. Dean's plan wouldn't have actually worked. Given the pressure at the bottom of the pacific ocean, the box would be crushed and Michael would escape. I know Billie said it would work, but I'm thinking Billie is both right and wrong - and that it would lead to DEAN's death, but not Michael's containment. Billie only knows how people die, and it's interesting that she had a book on Dean as her proof, rather than a book on AU!Michael.

Sam acquises for now, but we all know that won't last long.

Oh god, there's commentary? Do I have to watch this whole episode again? I'm going to put that off for another day. First, cut scenes:

Deleted scene 33:
The kidnapping of storage security guy. Nothing special.


Okay, I think I was in a bad mood the other day. I apologize if whatever my rewatch says above is unusually negative for me. I'm in a pretty good mood tonight though, so let's listen to the commentary!

The commentators are Davy Perez, Briana Buckmaster, Samantha Smith, and MarkP (ah, I remember why I was in a bad mood when I watched this episode - hahaha)

Davy talks about how all the characters are trying to reset themselves, and how he tries to find the humanity in even really weird circumstances.

Briana talks about being from Vancouver and how she sees a lot of her friends when she watches shows in roles like the woman in the teaser - though this was one circumstance where she didn't know the actress.

Davy talks about the title - and how he comes up with the title and that sort of informs what he explores in the episode. So, in this case, everyone is a little damaged.

Briana and Samantha talk about how they were excited to finally work together.

Samantha talks about them teaching her how to take apart and put back together a gun.

Braina talks about how her and Jensen love screwing around and usually bring out the jokesters in each other - and they had to really reign it in because their scene in this episode was more serious. Davy is thrilled by this news, because his personal favourite ship is Dean/Donna. Briana says it's her's too. Davy says it's because they're both "foodies".

Davy didn't want food jokes with Donna.

Briana talks about the shoot being really cold. They were right on the river in Steveston. Briana talks about how Vancouver doesn't usually get that cold.

Samantha loves how Donna is no BS, but not mean... she's disarming, because she's folksy, Davy says.

Briana talks about how they ate about four turkey burgers, because they also ordered them for lunch right after.

Samantha talks about how the exploding pumpkins flew like 30 feet away and hit Jensen in the chins when he came around the outside of the house.

They talk about how good Samantha is at playing someone who is maternal, but also looks like someone you don't want to cross.

Davy talks about how the dailies made him cry, because it was the most mom-dean time that they'd had so far, and he already knew it was the most that they would get.

Davy always tries to put the line "extra cheese" in his episodes, and only achieves it every so often.

Davy talks about trying to figure out what the actual human-consequence of things are - like with Doug and Donna - Donna realizes that she's a hunter when she encounters monsters, whereas Doug knew he didn't want anything to do with it - he relates that to how there are friends you end up not hanging out with anymore when your interests start to diverge after high school.

They praise the grocery-store kid.

They talk about how if MarkP pulled up to them in a blue van and asked for directions, they'd be like "well, this is where I die."

MarkP talks about the choreography of the fight scene with Donna... and how originally it was very violent, but Phil (the director) nixed a lot of the original idea for it and made it simpler.

Briana had difficulty with the fight scene - because she was wearing so much padding it was hard to move, and then she got down on herself on top of it.

Davy was an assistent in S1 of Fargo, but never got to write for it. So he sees Donna as his chance to write for Fargo.

They joke about how long it took Mary to get groceries.

Davy loves the fact that Mary and Dean are playing each other. Dean's not telling Mary about what's really going on with him, and Mary isn't telling Dean that she knows what's up and she's already in touch with Sam. And then Sam doesn't tell Mary that he's already on his way... then they joke about never expecting a Winchester to tell you a secret.

They talk about the Winchester surprise. There was a recipe - 3 pounds of beef, 3 pounds of pork, 3 pounds of american cheese - with onions and noodles, garlic salt, and fritos crumbled on top.

Briana: "When I cook, I like to use the phone to call Uber."

Samantha: "'I'm fine' is going to be on all of their graves."

Davy talks about the end of Dean's rope where he can shut down conversations when they try to push him too far.

Then they talk about how there was an originally in the script that explained more how Nick restrained Donna and how she escaped. Briana talks about how she acts-to-real and hurt her wrist on the cuffs even though it's only a five-second shot in the episode.

MarkP and Samantha joke about how he managed to subdue and kidnap her without seemingly any struggle.

I just got distracted and missed some discussion, sorry - they were talking about the Mary and MarkP scene, and the box that Davy invented to contain a demon, etc.

Samantha tells us that the code on the locker was Dean's birthday. There was a script for the scene, but it wasn't working, so Phil had them do it silently and that worked perfectly.

Briana talks about her and Jensen playing with the props and annoying Robin, the props person.

Samantha talks about how Mary couldn't deal with Nick differently than Lucifer - and how that reflects what Nick is going through. Lucifer was filtered through the character of Nick.

Davy talks about the random stuff in the lockers... severed head, a dummy, and a stuffed owl.

Samantha talks about how she flashes her whole belly to show the tattoo. Davy had it in the script as on the clavical (same as Sam and Dean), but because Mary had been in a tanktop before, people knew she didn't have it there.

Samantha has a W on her arm for her son, and make-up kept covering it, but Samantha was like "but it could be for Winchester!"

Briana wanted to get a tattoo behind her ear, but make-up told her that they'd kill her if she did. Hahaha (not really, just that they'd be mad)

Samantha talks about how you get to do everything on Supernatural - action, and character driven stuff.

They praise the security guard actor.

MarkP talks about being a controversial person and character - and so he always gets mixed reactions. But he talks about how no villain thinks he's the bad guy. Briana says it's the same with comedy - you never play the joke, you play the drama underneath the joke.

Samantha talks about the trick of picking a position you're comfortable with, because you have to stay on the ground a long time.

Briana had to shoot the gun twice, because she shut her eyes the first time. She felt bad about it, because it costs money to do gunshots twice.

Briana praises Jared's scene with Nick at the end - "I'm sorry but I hate you."

They joke about Mary grounding Dean.

Davy: "Tough love"
Samantha: "it works way better with Dean than with Jack."

Samantha is thankful to Phil who let her wear a parka the whole episode, rather than the light-jackets that the show usually uses.

Davy talks about the origin of the Malak box. Malak being the hebrew word for angel.

Davy: "The episode for me... it's a Dean suicide episode." - "What would it look like if Dean was going to off himself?" "And everyone around him catch those red flags." "If you engage someone who is dealing with this and let them know they're not alone... maybe they can pull themselves out of it." "I wanted the concept of someone wanting to end their life actually have weight, versus this adventure their going on."

They talk about the surprise of Sam agreeing. Davy points out that it's agreeing without agreeing. "It's buying time, really."

That's the episode!

It was good commentary! I liked that!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments. Once again, sorry if I'm overly negative in this one - i just really hate Nick storylines and it's hard for me to get my enjoyment back up around him.

I'll try to do another episode (or two) this weekend. :) This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/587280.html.
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