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Quick Reaction: 15x12 Galaxy Brain

Hello! It's been 3 weeks since I last posted here, and MY GOODNESS THE WORLD.

So, let's address a couple of things before we get into the episode:

1)My mother's surgery went fine and she's recovering at home, yay! I've flown back to Vancouver.
2)In a surprise turn of events, it turns out that I've been socially-distant my entire life and so I have had to make absolutely no lifestyle changes. The only thing that has changed is that I can now avoid my friends without worrying that they're going to take it personally.
3)Of course, it's not all great - I had to cancel all my March trips... the ones that were going to make it impossible for me to do rewatches until April at the earliest. The good news is that they were trips that I can do in the future when the world is better. The next thing I have planned is at the end of May, and I'm VERY MUCH HOPING that things are okay by then and the event isn't cancelled - because it's the only thing where it's my only shot at it.
4)The upside to having my trips cancelled though, and not seeing my friends as often as they'd like, is that I will indeed have PLENTY OF TIME for rewatches and working on the clothing catalogue. So, I'm going to be starting those back up probably this week (I spent all last week slacking, so now I'm bored of slacking.)

I hope everyone is staying well, and staying away from their 65+ parents and grandparents - please remember not to panic. Also, there is no need to hoard toilet paper, people. Please use your brains. This isn't actually the apocalypse. There is nothing wrong with the supply-chain.

Anyway, let's talk about an ACTUAL APOCALYPSE, and get into THE EPISODE....

Oh, I should say that because of the plague, I did not go to my friend's house tonight - and instead I watched a download. It also means that I didn't drink, because drinking alone on a Monday did not sound like a healthy lifestyle choice. So, I apologize if I'm not as entertaining... don't worry though, I still only took bad notes!

Galaxy Brain

Ooo, are they finally wrapping up the Kaia storyline? Does that mean Jody is in this episode? She's not yet in the THEN. Hmm, interesting.
RadioShed - HA! Man, the memories. I loved Radioshack as a kid. I am, indeed, a child of the 80s&90s.
The RadioShed is actually on Earth 2, and this is taking place 4 weeks ago... INTERESTING. Also, they were playing Loudain Swain.
RadioShed seems to be doing just as well as Radioshack, and then Chuck enters. He needs an audience for his monologue - and he's chosen this poor RadioShed employee. Poor dude.
Chuck is hung-up on getting what he wants in the ONE world that is defying him. And it's interesting that he defines "the real Sam and Dean" as the ones that challenge him, rather than the other Sam's and Dean's that did exactly as he wanted them to in the face of his manipulations.
Chuck is giving up on all other worlds - and "failed spin-offs" ha! And is going to destroy them in order to focus his attention back on the one that is not doing what he wants. So, I guess he's destroying COUNTLESS WORLDS. Chuck was right back in 4.18, he really is a cruel and capricious god.
Sioux Falls - Now - Jody!
Alex has cooked a lasagna. Jody is investigating a non-supernatural incident, but then sees something suspicious. Patience is still living with them. Oh no, Jody is punched out!
Sam, Dean, and Cas discuss Jack's deal with Death. They don't like it!
Jack still doesn't have a soul, and Sam's concerned. So, yeah, poor Jack's soul... I liked it.
Jack sees Mary's initials and possibly feels remorse though? So, maybe he isn't as soulless as all that? Maybe there's hope yet? (Let me be optimistic.)
Also, Jack put on muscle... must be all those angel hearts.
A Reaper shows up, because Jack silently prayed to Death. Jack has some concerns.
Dean believes in Death (ie: Billie) - because she's committed to the rules. Sam's doubtful, because he still holds a grudge against the her because of the Malak box plan. But Dean's always sort of had his weird relationship with Death, even before Death was Billie... so I'm not surprised that he's slightly more willing to go along with it.
The Reaper talks about similarly about Death, as believers talk about God - reassuring Jack that Death must have known Cas would save him from the Gregori and that's why she didn't answer his prayers at the time.
Sam checks in on Jack and hears him talking to "no one" - which is what Jack answers when Sam is like "who were you talking to?" It'd have been better to be honest there, Jack.
Sam's glad to have Jack back. Sam's sad that Jack didn't come to them first.
Dean and Cas are drinking. Cas still believes that Jack will be good for the world. And explains that he's now once against hopeful. I' started to get concerned in this scene that Castiel was smiling too much. "Stop being happy! It might kill you!" Thankfully, the whole threat of Chuck looming seems to be enough to make him not happy ENOUGH for the Empty to enact their deal.

Dean mentions that Castiel should be thrilled that he can get revenge on Chuck for killing Jack. Castiel disagrees though, and says that he's just happy that Jack can fulfill his destiny.
Jody calls Dean. She's in trouble... Jody is a bait in a trap. And really, the first clue should have been that she called Dean. Everyone knows that Jody's point person is Sam.
But the boys go into the trap anyway, because that's their MO...
Oh, it was Dark-Kaia! I thought it was going to be Chuck. I had ALREADY FORGOTTEN THE "THEN".
Kaia is alive! And Dark!Kaia can see the world ending through Kaia's eyes. Also, Kaia seems to have gone slightly insane, and who can blame her. Dark!Kaia wants Jack to open the door, like Dean promised her in S14.
Cas and Jack are playing connect 4. How wholesome.
It's the first time Cas and Jody are meeting! YAY!
Mandagoras are extinct, just in case you wanted to know. They can't find an alternate solution to how to open the door - and Jack can't do it without Chuck being able to know he's still alive.
Cas knows about Claire's affections for Kaia and Kaia's death it seems and asks Jody if she's told Claire yet. Jody says that there's no time to loop her in, and Jody's worried about the grief being refreshed if they fail, because Claire loved Kaia so much. (I understand that they never had a chance to develop the spin-off, but it DOES amuse me that Claire and Kaia literally spent all of one day and night together, and suddenly they are star-crossed lovers... but I suppose that was basically Romeo and Juliet too, though in fairness to Shakespeare, at least HE wrote it as a criticism of how dramatic teenagers are. Though, again, teenagers ARE dramatic, so maybe that DOES explain why Claire is like "Woe, my one true love has died, and I shall roam this earth in misery until I can avenge her.")
Jack talks with Dark!Kaia, wanting to know more about her and her choices. Dark!Kaia envied regular Kaia - because her world looked peaceful, but she finds it cold, and she doesn't understand it. nor does she know how to live in it. So she regrets coming.
Jack looks in on Kaia - so, yeah, is that cat already out of the bag? Like... is that enough power to alert Chuck or are we good? Because maybe it's in for a penny in for a pound, you know?
The Reaper - Merl - is mad. She calls Jack "Winchester dumb", to which Dean takes offense. She warns Jack that if he tries to open a doo, she'll tell Death.
Jack challenges her... blackmails her, really. She says it's "Winchester stupid" - but, the Reaper has a plan. Their cosmic warding is damaged because of Amara, but the Reaper can repair it - IF she uses Cas. (Again, I was concerned there'd be some dire consequence to Cas here, but NOPE, painless spell.
Sam and Dean check in with each other before going through the rift. They agree that it's a "big, probably stupid, risk" - but that it feels good to do.
Cas asks Jody to behind with him, rather than go through the rift with Sam and Dean... because Jody is a parent to Claire, and Castiel LITERALLY GOT HER PARENTS KILLED AND IS CURRENTLY WEARING THE SKIN OF HER FATHER. LOL I can't believe I forgot. So, yeah, he would like to perhaps protect the adoptive parent that she has left.
Sam, Dark!Kaia and Dean go back... and are surrounded by monsters, but the monsters are just running scared, so no big deal.
They find Kaia and she gets hugs from Dean!
And Dark!Kaia chooses to die with her world.
It's The Nothing! (Quick! Call Atreyu! He has to find the Boy who will name the Princess!)
Kaia returns! And gets hugs from Jody! Jack gives Kaia his clothes - it's cute. Asks how she survived and apparently she chanted that nursery rhyme to stay sane. Well, whatever works! Gotta go insane to stay sane.
And Jody invites her back to Sioux Falls, to reunite DreamHunter. I'm sad that with the actress who plays Claire off to bigger projects, we won't ever see that reunion scene - but hey, FANFIC FODDER! There can now be hundreds of versions, all equally canon.
The Reaper is like "Good job us!" and then Billie kills the Reaper. I guess she likes an entrance. She brings the news about Chuck... and a lot of exposition. God has a book in Death's library, just like everyone else. The Winchesters are the messengers of God's destruction (- which is A SUPER AWESOME LINE)

Back on Earth 2. Chuck is nearly done destroying worlds. The RadioShed employee asks to be spared, and CHuck tells him he will be - but it is LIES.

And thus endeth the episode.

Let me know what you thought in comments!!

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