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Quick Reaction: 15x10 The Heroes Journey


We're back to our regularly scheduled program here (and yes, I know I neglected to do rewatches this week - but I'll catch up somehow next week.) Anyway, our regular schedule means that I've been drinking and taking poor notes.... and this episode was more than a little bizarre... so let's do this thing...

It's going to be a Garth episode! This is what the Then has told me.

We begin with me wondering if I'm watching the right show, because the actor seemed too handsome to be killed in the opener - but it is the right show! It's a monster cage fight!  My notes here say "Weird." LITTLE DID I KNOW....

My notes also say "Also, he'll recover..." because as far as I know wraiths don't have silver tipped spiky things.

In Lebanon, Dean's card is declined at the convenience store, meanwhile, the Impala gets a ticket - also his teeth hurt. Back at the Bunker, things aren't going much better for Sam, who seems to have forgotten he was in the middle of making a complicated dinner, and also has forgotten that oven mitts exist. 

Also he is getting sick?

Dean comes home and tells him about his own run of bad luck - and then my ABOLUTE FAVOURITE LINE IN THE EPISODE OCCURS...

Dean's phone rings, and Dean looks at the display and says "It's Garth" and I think Sam might also say "It's Garth?" and then Dean answers the phone and Garth says, "Hey, it's Garth" and Dean makes the "Yes, that's what I said" gesture - AND I DIE LAUGHING, because THIS is my sense of humour folks. And I realize how ridiculous that might seem... but I think about it all the time when I call people and say "Hey, it's Alix" knowing full well that my friends/family are going to know that before they evern answer.

Sam quickly does some exposition for us, to let us know that Cas is currently in Heaven asking if the angels know where God is or what he's up to... and that is why he is not in this episode. Then they decide that although Dean thinks they might be cursed, they'll still go help Garth out.

(Also, the card being declined is a big deal, because it was a card given to them by Charlie that was meant to be their golden ticket out of hustling, that they've been using for the past 5 years... and I just want to say that I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS PARTICULAR DEVICE to explain part of the reason why their lifestyle has changed so much since S7. Granted, 5 years ago was S9 or S10... but I'll take what I can get!)

Garth has kids now! He has a daughter named Gertie and twin boys that he has named Sam and.... Castiel. Ha! 

Did Garth actually meet Castiel? I can't rem- OH, he did during the Michael thing. And the twins are still babies, to that fits. FAIR PLAY.

Turns out Mr. Handsome from the openers was Beth's (Bess'?) cousin. They want to know why he was attacked by a wraith, because that seems super suspicious to them.

Then Garth catches Dean making "my teeth hurt" faces - and this is where I remember, before the show reminds me, that Garth was a dentist!!! And not only that, but he's also a werewolf, which means that when Dean resists, Garth can easily manhandle him into the chair, because he's "so strong!" (I also loved the running commentary from Dean in this episode with how amazed he was at Garth's strength.)

Meanwhile, Bess gives Sam her family's secret "cure-all" for his illness, which turns out to be a drink made mostly of cayenne pepper - which Sam does not take well too. 

Dean as it turns out, has 17 cavities. (Oh, I should mention that apparently my memory was a little blurry - that Garth had been a dental STUDENT before and only finished up his degree and started practicing dentisty after he retired from Hunting.... details.). Garth knocks him out and fills them... but while Dean is asleep, he dreams of.... tap dancing?

Here my notes say "This episode is on crack."

Once Dean is awake again, Garth sits them down and finally asks about their bad luck. "Who did you guys piss off?" and they have to answer "God."

Garth quickly puts it together - if they're the heroes of the story, then he must be the special guest star - which is way better than being a hero, because although the heroes down't have to sweat the small stuff, they have REALLY SHITTY LIVES. I like in this scene how Bess is an active participant in the conversation too, and also pointing out examples etc. I don't know, it was a small thing, but I liked that they included her in the conversation - at least to know that she and Garth are peers in the way they think and the references they use etc. They also reference 50 Shades of Grey and say that they're fans when Sam and Dean don't get one of the references right away - and I like Sam adding the genuine question of "Who was the hero in that?" because... yeah, man, that book sucks.

Garth's point is that they've never had to sweat the small stuff... that they aren't cursed, they're just normal now. Personally, this is my major criticism of this episode - I don't like this premise, which we now take as established fact. I think it diminishes Dean and Sam's skill as something God-given instead of something that they worked hard to acquire. I prefer my heroes to be hardworking and persistent in their craft in order to attain their skill, rather than having some sort of automatic amazing talent that they don't have to work on. I mean... even Luke went to go train with Yoda for a bit, and Harry Potter had to go to school... but, all of them also could only make it with a little help from their friends, and that was also sort of the message of this episode... but still... I hated the accepted premise, though I enjoyed the episode for the most part.

Bess' cousin, who is ether named Brad or Brett, wakes up. I now realize that no one in Beth's/Bess' family has names that I can understand when mumbled or said quickly. 

Sam's puppy eyes don't work on him. But luckily Brett is the kind of person who doesn't mind answering questions....once his cousin digs her claws into his arm.

Dean and Sam decide to go kill all the monsters at the fighting ring. Garth doesn't think they should go, because they clearly don't know how to deal with their reversal of fortune. But Sam and Dean are adamant that they have one job in this world, and they're going to go do it regardless of the circumstances. Garth wants to come with them, but Sam and Dean don't want him to - pointing out that he's got a family to think about, etc. Garth finally agrees with them, but offers to at least get them new spark plugs.

OH, that was the other thing I was going to mention - I'm not even a huge car person, but when the car died, I was like "Huh...I think it might be the electrical system." And I WAS RIGHT!

The next day, Sam and Dean pull up to the Monster ring...which is in Minnesota.  (I believe Garth lives in Wisconsin.) Anyway, Dean has eaten 7 grilled cheese sandwiches. And then discovers the wonders of indigestion. Sam thinks he might be lactose intolerant - but vomiting is not the symptom of that... so, don't know what that's about, besides maybe Dean's body just reacts that way now when he eats too much. Also, I absolutely hate onscreen vomiting, so I was not a fan of this scene at all. Also, this is another case where the plot hinges on Sam and Dean being incompetent, which they're not...not even if the premise of this episode were true.

They end up in the cage and the person in charge - Cutty, a shifter - explains to them that he's going to have them fight a werewolf named Maul to the death for the online views. 

Seriously though, you really want me to believe that Sam and Dean, after 20+ years of hunting, haven't actually acquired the skills they display? Unlikely... I WILL accept the reading that Sam and Dean are so panicked by their ill-health and misfortune that they panic-fail at lock-picking... where you believe so hard that you can't do a thing, that you give up before you even really try... or your attempts are too sloppy because you're panicking too much about how you're not going to be able to do it.

Dean hasn't lost his skill at motivational speeches though.

Luckily, they don't need to fight to the death - because when Cutty comes to get them for the match, they've escaped! We get a rewind to see that Garth came in secret and snuck back to the cages to free them - because he called and they didn't answer, so he assumed they were "super boned." 

Garth then BLOWS UP THE PLACE (when they are safely outside) because Garth actually IS a competent hunter... but,  Maul survives, and Garth is also Garth, so he still gets knocked out in the fight. This time though, Garth finally gets his moment to shine, as he comes to in the end and kills Maul before Maul can kill the Winchesters.

Back at Garth's house, Dean holds a baby and tells Sam, "This Cas keeps looking at me weird" to which Sam responds, "Sort of like real Cas." and I chuckle.

Dean calls Garth a hero - and Garth tells him that he learned from the best. Garth finally gets his hugs, and then Garth tells them that he heard of a place in Alaska that you can go to if your luck's gone bad - but there's probably some catch about it.

Dean and Sam get in the car, and Dean sees Garth dancing with his wife through the window, and comments to Sam that Dean thought he could have been a dancer if he wanted to be, and Sam shrugs and says that Dean does do the macarana well. 

Then they decide that they need to go to Alaska, because even if they are just normal - they're not dealing with normal stuff... so they need to get things sorted back to how they were before.

Personally, I think this episode would have been fine if they hadn't gone with the whole meta-thing of the "hero vs normal" problems... just actually have them cursed with bad luck. It could be another Bad Day at Black Rock situation, only this time it's God inflicted so there's no rabbits foot to burn... and they could equally be at a loss as to how to fix it. And still end up driving to Alaska in the end.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode as a fluffy comedy episode... but yeah, just the premise of it really pissed me off? But hey, that "Hey, it's Garth" line was still hilarious and I enjoyed seeing Garth again in general. :)

My most important question though is WHEN THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO SEE JACK?!

Let me know what you thought in comments! And as this is the sort of episode that I could see people really not liking... please keep in mind the rule - for every negative thing you say, you have to say something nice. Shitting on things is more of a rewatch thing... for Quick Reactions, I prefer to stay optimistic and happy about the current season. Thanks!

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