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Rewatch S14: Mint Condition (14x04)

Hi! Second one of the week! Yay! Made my promise this time. Let's cross our fingers for next week too.

Also the show is coming back next week! Oh MAN...

Without further ado...

Mint Condition

I don't know anyone (save the Deaf, and those living far away from their families) who face-chat instead of just talking on the phone. I certainly would never do it with a co-worker or a friend that I saw nearly daily.

Hell Hazers III: It Lives...Again! - I love the audio callback in the commercial that Dean watches as they pan to him. I also like his "Send Noods" socks.

In fairness to Dean - I can't live with strangers either, and just hide in my room the whole time.

I love how Sam knows Dean so well - as soon as he saw that Thundercats case, he's like "YES! I CAN TOTALLY GET DEAN OUT OF HIS ROOM WITH THIS!"

Sam and Dean picking out their twins in the comic store. :)

The tradition of Dean teasing Sam for being a nerd and being a bigger nerd continues.

Ugh, I forgot how Sam acts like he doesn't know what to do with a bleeding victim in this episode. Guy was trained by a marine and has been hunting since he was 9 or 12 or whatever. He can stitch his own wounds. I think he knows first freakin' aid.

Dean spending the whole episode in that checkered suit is something else... it's so against his character's style. Like, I know it's a disguise, but it's hilarious to look at him.

Sam going into the house still in his suit without visible firearms or anything else is also kind of OOC in my opinion. I suppose you could headcanon it as him being SUPER confident...

I do like how we are told of another side of Stewart's character through his friend - where you can be a multifaceted person who is horrible to strangers, but very dependable for your friends... and it's not presented as a "he's okay really, we should forgive him" - it's more like "yeah, he has a lot of problems AND he's sweet, and it's something that's hard to juggle in our relationship." His virtues don't make his faults okay, but his faults also don't mean that he's without virtue.

Sam having to ask the weird questions, as an insurance agent. :P

Sam would totally have permanent brain damage by now with the amount of times he loses consciousness after blows to the head. Actually, maybe that's why he gets knocked out so easily. :P

I like Sam and Sam working together, I have to say.

Dean and Dirk chilling... and then Dean has to give him the "monsters are real" reveal. :P

Another thing that annoys me is why would Dean leave the room if he knew that he was right next to the target of the ghost... BUT, again, you could headcanon that he was purposefully going out for a weapon, or trying to find one, hence why he took the axe from the fire-cabinet.

I DO like how Sam builds a bomb out of cleaning supplies and a scooby-doo lunch box and explains the knowledge by saying "I had a messed up childhood"... THAT's in character.

I think that's a problem with later seasons of SPN - a lot of writers rely on ineptitude/fumbling to advance the plot, but you can't do that when your characters are literally the best in their field with over 20 years of training/experience. You have to instead look towards shows like Leverage to see how to write for characters that are beyond competent and yet still have compelling plots and twists.

Huh, they're really going to be wearing these suits for nearly the entire episode. That'll make cataloging the clothes easier.

I like this episode, despite the unbelievable/incompetent moments. It feels like really classic SPN, which is awesome. It tells us where the characters are mentally without being melodramatic about it - it's a fun plot, and great fun moments - but also has well developed guest characters.

I'm sad that we didn't get our "Next year we're doing Halloween right" episode though. :(

Though I'm hoping "Thelma and Louise? We just put it in drive and go" isn't foreshadowing.

Next week! Two more! The goal will probably be Tuesday/Friday and then the new episode on Thursday.  This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/584723.html.
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