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Rewatch S14: The Scar (14x03)

Okay! I am back on track. New year, new method of doing things that will hopefully mean that things actually get done. Sorry about the fall, folks - it just completely got away from me for several reasons that I won't go into.

I'm still doing these the SUPER casual way - no indepth dialogue analysis and no rewrites (yet). It's just my general thoughts as I rewatch.

14x03 The Scar

The hunters in the Bunker are jarring - but at the same time, I love "Chief"!Sam and him having a leadership role. Also, does Sam not know how to use a phone, why are Jack and Cas being surprised by Dean coming back? Or maybe he did call ahead and they just didn't believe him.

I miss Jack. Is he coming back in S15 EVER? As a character that I was not enthused with at conception (hah!), he's really grown on me, and now I want him to return. Sam, Dean, and Cas deserve their son back... unless they're all going to die at the end of S15 anyway, I guess. Sigh.

As far as scars go, that's a pretty cool one on Dean's shoulder. I can't remember if this gets healed or if this is a permanent scar.

Sam is wearing one of his oldest shirts in this season <3


Once again, Sam doesn't know how to use a phone! Hahaha...

Wait, has Jody met Cas? Je suis confused.

I wish they'd done more with Kaiya...well, I wish they hadn't killed the original Kaiya really.

And Jack wants to help and Dean is too harsh with him. Poor Baby.

And we have to break up the team a little... it's well done, since the B plot gives us storyline for Cas and Jack.

Brother drama in the car.

I like that they let Jody have grey hair now.

I DO like that they followed up with the Wayward Sister storyline, even if they don't actually conclude it ever, since I think this is the last time we see Kaiya ever? Unless I'm forgetting things.

I like how Jack has kid writing. It's not crayon level, but it's also "I've never had to take excessive notes in school" level, which is when everyone's handwriting becomes their handwriting rather than as careful as kids are with their letters.

I'm really wondering if that's Sam's old jacket - because it's just a LITTLE short on him. And there was a blue jacket he wore in S1 that he eventually stopped wearing when he bulked up.

I also like how Jody's got a little covert-hunting-police-force operation going with her daughter Alex, who can run tissue samples on bodies to determine species, etc.

Girl: "Is that your dad?"
Jack: "One of them, yes."

- Oh my goodness, I love the fact that Jack has three dads. This is killing me. Please bring Jack back and let everyone live happily ever after. (Unlikely... I know what show I'm watching - but a girl could dream!)

This episode does drive me crazy because the girl immediately indicates to Jack that the witch gave her a necklace, but Jack never makes the logical leap of "hey, perhaps that necklace is cursed?"

Jody: "First love strikes quick..."
- I also love the confirmation that DreamHunter were a legit romantic thing.

That's the same cabin they used for 15x03? I think it was. The one Richard Speight directed with the werewolves living in the woods in cozy sweaters. I wonder if they have it in a storage room and just set it up when they need it and decorate it different. Or if when I saw it it had still been up since the previous year, but they hadn't redecorated it for the werewolves yet.

And Dean's gone off the deep end for fear of Michael.

And Jack is brilliant a little late and realizes the connection and saves the day.

So, Jack is learning how to be helpful without his powers, and Dean has crazy PTSD (yet again) in his life.

I do like how Kaiya immediately gets into Dean's head.

I just remembered that Kaiya doesn't give up the spear in this episode - so we DO see her again. I just don't think we see an encounter between her and Claire at all. She just becomes another person on the earth, and I'm not sure Claire ever finds out about her.

Exposition during a fight again. :P

Jody seems determined to tell Claire though - so I guess all that stuff happens in fanfiction offscreen.

I don't like the directing on Jody's scene. But, *shrug*.

Sweet moment between Cas and Jack... and Jack starts coughing... aww, my baby. It's the beginning of the end. :( :( :(

Dean: "I put us all in danger today - stupid danger"
- I love the qualification of what kind of danger it was. HA!

Dean is finally honest at the end of the episode. Yay! I like the description and that Sam stays silent through it. Sam's been possessed before, so he may very well know exactly what Dean means... which I think the writers forget, because they have short memories. BUT, I like the fact that they keep him silent, so that those of us with longer memories aren't annoyed by their choices. Haha :P

Bleeding into your lungs is never a good sign, fyi.

Mint Condition rewatch will be posted on Thursday, probably! I'm still going to try to do two per week. Sorry that's it's not a deep analysis like I used to do. If there's anything about these episodes you want my in-depth thoughts on, just ask me in the comments and I'll give it more thought JUST FOR YOU! Which makes it EVEN MORE SPECIAL.

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