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Quick Reaction: 15x08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

So, unfortunately, my friend’s PVR messed up and she forgot to set in motion the emergency back-up protocol, so I missed the first 16 minutes of the episode. I’ll have to download it later just for timeline purposes, but in the interest of going to bed at a decent hour tonight, I’m going to first write up what I saw.

I came in just as Eileen was sending Dean, Cas, and Sam to Hell. It seemed purposeful, so that’s good. As soon as they arrive, they get their asses kicked too. But luckily, Rowena is now Queen of Hell! (Thus ends Sam’s temporary reign as the default King of Hell, RIP interesting unexplored subplot. I’m glad it’s Rowena that took the crown from him though.) Jules totally called this plot (I think it was Jules? Maybe it was some of my other SPN friends.)

The boys are in Hell in order to speak to Michael, it turns out. So, that answers THAT question. Rowena informs us that when God threw open the doors of Hell, he threw open EVERY door. Which means Michael is out wandering and Rowena doesn’t know where he is. Dean is like “...but we NEED him” and Rowena is still their friend, so she immediately orders her minions to search for Michael. And I, for one, actually love it when Sam and Dean are friends with whomever is ruling Hell (as long as that person deserves their friendship) because it ties them in more with the God-level, which is my preferred SPN ending.

Meanwhile, Eileen is chilling in the Bunker and gets a call from her friend Sue Barish, who is happy to see her alive, and is also hunting a vampire nest nearby and would like some help. But Eileen has to watch the magic bowl. Or at least, I understand that from the way she looks over at it and has that expression on her face like “Oh man, I can’t leave until I let my boyfriend back into his house when he wants to come back from another dimension.”

Down in Hell, Sam is dealing with the most recent woman he got killed, rather than the one he just brought back to life. He tries to apologize to Rowena for killing her, but she waves the apology away. It was her choice, after all. She’s happy as Queen of Hell. Though she misses some things about being alive - such as “flesh on flesh sex” and the fact that Amazon doesn’t deliver to Hell “yet.” But she’s happy that all of hell fears her.

She sends Sam out of the room to refresh her whiskey, and then tries to fix Dean and Castiel’s marriage problems, to very little success. She impresses on them that life is fleeting and you shouldn’t have regrets - Rowena’s regrets include 1. Making Napoleon short (fun fact: actually a historical myth - he was an average height.), 2. Telling Mick Jagger that he’d never amount to anything when they broke up, and finally 3. Everything that happened with Fergus.

A demon then timidly walks into the room, just as Sam returns with Rowena’s drink, and the demon tells Rowena (in a very frightened manner) that they can’t find Michael.

Michael is apparently just chilling though, eating burgers while wearing Adam - NOPE! He’s not wearing Adam, he IS Adam (at least right now) and Adam is talking to an imaginary Michael. So, there goes the headcanon that got me through all these years - that Adam was dead before Michael fell into the cage and actually hasn’t been trapped all this time. Ah well. You win some (do I?) you lose some (this seems much more frequent.)

Adam isn’t too impressed by the Winchesters, it seems - after only meeting them once and then having them never rescue him from hell, even though Sam totally got rescued.

Meanwhile, the boys are miraculously back at the Bunker, and Dean is calling Donatello to see if he’s picked up on Michael through his prophet senses. He hasn’t.

Dean then checks in with Sam about how Eileen is doing. Apparently her getting them back from Hell using the magic bowl happened off screen, and she did a good job. Sam is like “She seems fine” and Dean is like “uh, do you not have more details?” and Sam is like “we are trying to build a healthy relationship in which we are both independent people” but he paraphrases this into “if she needs me, she’ll tell me - we have an agreement.”

Dean then tries to encourage Sam to pursue Eileen romantically. He starts off by saying that he tried the family-thing, and Sam is quick to say - yup, so did he, and it obviously isn’t a possibility for them. But Dean argues back that of all people, he thinks it could work with Sam and Eileen, because she’s also a Hunter and therefore understands. Dean thinks that Sam could do worse, and Eileen could do better - so he’s very encouraging. (As am I.)

Back at the diner, Adam is like “maybe I should find a job, so that we can afford more burgers” and Michael is like “uh, weird.” Then Lilith shows up - she’s been sent by God, apparently, to fetch Michael. Michael isn’t too pleased about being fetched, especially by a demon, so he burns her to a pile of ashes in an instant and then Jedi-mind-tricks the diner staff and patrons to forget everything they just saw.

Using that much power though makes Donatello sense him. So, he calls Dean while Adam flits about the world - until he finally settles in Cairo, Egypt.

Dean gets off the phone and informs Cas that Michael is too far away for them to get “to get to him in time” - which implies that they’re on some sort of deadline for doing whatever they are trying to do.

Castiel then tries praying to Michael, trying to explain the changes that have occurred since they last saw each other - and how Castiel isn’t his enemy anymore, etc.

It seems to work, because Michael shoes up at the assigned meeting point. Michael is still pretty pissed about the whole “assbutt” thing though. Cas tries to explain that God is actually the enemy, but Michael argues that Castiel should be begging him for his forgiveness.

Thankfully, Castiel has a back-up plan… and it makes me wonder just how many holy-circles they put sporadically around that warehouse before they asked Michael to meet them there. “He’s gotta walk into one of them…” Dean says, making his 20th circle in the narrow hallway between the machine room floor and the bathroom.

Michael isn’t too impressed with being trapped. Then the Winchesters arrive and hold out the handcuffs - are those even powerful enough to hold MIchael? I’m pretty sure Lucifer needed to have them magically enhanced in order for them to contain him, and even then he broke out.

They work somehow though, because they bring Michael back to the Bunker. Michael comments that Sam looks well. As it turns out, Michael is mad at the Winchesters on Adam’s behalf - which… is pretty nice of him? Like, this episode actually makes me like MIchael a lot. I kind of like this fucked up thing he has with Adam, but I’ll get into that in a minute...

Sam apologizes for what happened with Adam, and Michael is like - don’t tell me, tell Adam, and then Adam resurfaces. Dean is hella surprised by this, given his past experience with AU!Michael (and Sam and Cas’s experience with Lucifer.)

Adam explains that Michael and he came to an “agreement” because they only had each other. And, yeah, the part of me that really likes exploring fucked up relationships loves this - because you know where else we saw the word “agreement” in this episode? When Sam was discussing his obvious romantic interest! So, Adam and Michael have become necessary buddies… which is bound to happen, since humans can’t handle social isolation, and Adam was literally locked in solitary with Michael for… well, at least 12 years, but possibly more if the cage is a pock-dimension like hell, where time works differently.

Dean starts his apology speech, but doesn’t get to the “I’m sorry” part before Michael quickly takes back over.

Michael believes that Chuck will usher in paradise when he returns. Dean argues with this - saying that as it turns out, Chuck is just looking to be entertained, and paradise is boring… so he’d much rather watch his puppets dance, and that includes Michael.

Michael s angry about this, and either retreats or is pushed back - I’ll have to look up Adam’s exact line. But if Adam could actually push Michael down, that’s hella cool.

It seems rather than talk further with Adam, the Winchesters crew retreat and leave Adam and Michael to talk it out. Adam believes the Winchesters. Michael refuses to doubt God. Adam argues that God left Michael in a cage too.

Returning to Eileen - she gets another call from Sue. Sue is annoyed when Eileen stalls further, and asked incredulously if she has to get permission or something. Eileen is immediately offended at the insination and asks for the coordinates - which Sue sends her, and then Sue is seemingly attacked by something? And the call (face-time) cuts off. Eileen immediately gets Sam for back-up and runs out to rescue her friend.

Castiel goes to check on Adam, and discovers that he’s Michael again. Michael still won’t betray God, even though Castiel also points out that God betrayed him.

Castiel’s next tactic is to be as honest as possible with Michael. He tells him that Cas never liked him - thought him too haughty, and that he had an “entire oak tree shoved up your ass” in the words of a friend. But now Castiel pities him, because Michael was never God’s favourite like he believed - he was just a tiny part of the story. Castiel points out that at least Lucifer knew that God couldn’t be trusted - and that Lucifer was always the smart one.

This tactic backfires, unsurprisingly. And also Castiel has walked to within striking distance, so Michael and he get into a little wrestling match.

Michael starts choking him out, so Castiel decides that psychic attacks are best and he sends Michael all his memories of Chuck.

Scene cut to Dean and Cas chilling in the kitchen. Dean is worried that Cas went too far with the physic memory transfer, because Michael apparently hasn’t taken it well. Cas tells us that he yelled “leave, get out, I want you dead” before Cas left him.

Dean informs Cas that Sam went out on a case with Eileen. Then the building shakes, and that seems to be the way that Michael informs Dean and Cas that he’s ready to talk again.

Michael IS upset... about Chuck. He believes them now, and is sad that not only is he unimportant to God, but he’s also not even the only Michael.

Meanwhile, Sam and Eileen find the abandon truck, but Sam thinks things look fishy - and then Sue appears - only it’s not Sue. It’s Chuck!

(Sidenote to say that Jared, or the director, or both, did a really good job here of having Sam turn back to Eileen before he spoke, and having his speech be clear, rather than mumbled. It’s a tiny detail, but it shows that Eileen’s deafness is an actively acknowledged part of the character at all times, not just when it’s convenient for the story.)

Now I’m worried about Sam and Eileen!

Michael has been convinced to help them. What was done to the Darkness can be done to God (ie: lock him away? I’m guessing?). It’s a spell with a bunch of ingredients they aren’t worried about - except for the one ingrediant that they need from Purgatory. Then Michael just snaps his fingers and opens a 12 hour door. But you’re seriously telling me that he couldn’t get out of those handcuffs?

As seemingly per their deal, Michael then gets uncuffed. Dean wants to talk to Adam before he leaves though, so Michael lets him. Dean apologizes to Adam, and tells him that he’s a good man, who didn’t deserve what happened. Adam responds with “Since when do we get what we deserve. Good luck” and then walks out like a boss.

BUT MAN, I just want to say that Jake Abel’s acting in this episode was AMAZING, especially considerng that he was working with the weakest writing team. I really just wanted Adam and Dean to hug, even though I know it wouldn’t have made sense, because they do hardly know each other after all - they aren’t really “there” as acquaintances, let alone friends or family. But I did feel like Dean’s apology and Adam’s reply was something that started to mend the town relationship between them… that Dean was sincere (of course he was) and that Adam was actually willing to listen and accept the apology, to understand Dean’s sincere regret and to leave the door open for forgiveness. And it was all really done in tone and the face.

And that’s not even talking about the fact that Jake spent a good portion of the episode acting with himself as well - in a weird codependent relationship between two slightly isolation-driven-insane people, one of which isn’t even human, and is possibly the most powerful creature (besides Chuck) on earth at the moment.

Then my notes just say: “This is such a buckleming episode. Ah crap! It’s over! Geez, this is going to be a long break. I’m really worried about Sam.”

On the upside, if anyone finds any kinky mindf*ck Michael/Adam fics during the hiatus that they want to rec me, let me know!

Let me know what you thought in comments! If I missed anything really crucial in the first 15 minutes that you want to discuss, uh... give me a synopsis, or let me know and I'll respond with my thoughts on it after I'm able to view it!

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