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Rewatch S4: Ep 19 and 20 (Jump the Shark and The Rapture)

Ok, not as wordy today for some reason.

Jump the Shark

Domestic!Winchesters yet again! We get to see Sam brushing his teeth by the seaside, while Dean wakes up in the front of the Impala and stumbles out of the car. So, we know that when sleeping in the Impala, Dean gets the front bench and Sam gets the back.

Adam was born September 29, 1990. He is crazy younger than the other boys.

I want to talk about Dean's initial reaction...how he insists that Adam is some sort of supernatural creature that is lying to them. I think it's very spot-on character-wise, because Dean doesn't WANT to think less of his father, and having a secret bastard son definitely would make Dean think less of him. Dean likes having the version of his father in his mind that can do no wrong...and this messes with that. Sam on the other hand is quite used to recognizing and accepting their father's failings, so he's much more capable of accepting the fact that John slept around and accidents happen.

Dean: "He took you to a freakin' baseball game?!"
-My sister pointed out a great thing about this episode the first time we watched it. Now I wish I had saved out MSN conversation about it somewhere...but basically we were arguing whether John was in the right or in the wrong about giving Adam a normal life while he deprived his other sons of one...and she pointed out that John didn't have to give Sam and Dean a normal life, but he could have at least brought them to a baseball game - from Dean's reaction, it appeared that he never did - because their lives were crap, they DESERVED a baseball game at the very least.

(Doh! I didn't write out the quotes I wanted to use, because I figured that I could just get them off the transcript at Superwiki, but they don't have the transcript up! Arrrg...fine, umm...damn.)

I like it when Dean says: "Trust me kid, you don't want to know." because it's a slight repetition of what he tells Sam's dead-body in S2: "Quit asking Sammy, you don't want to know." I think it's Dean's first reaction to protect Adam from the life they lived too.

Dean picks scissors!

I like how Dean might be pissed at his Dad, but he still obeys him...and he sees the fact that John didn't want Adam to know about the supernatural, and he tries to respect his wishes on that.

I also love how the bartender mistakes Dean for FBI, even before he says anything. It's a nice commentary on the role that Hunters play in society.

Then we get Sam's proud smile when Adam shoots the sign...and yeah, if Dean's not thinking about their own training...

Cheesy!Speech is cheesy! Seriously Sam, that is one hellova cheesy speech - or should I say John? Because apparently it was recited by memory.

The cheesy speech is annoying, but I LOVE The conversation between Dean and Sam that comes after it, because that really gets to the heart of the matter. We get Sam coming full circle on their father - how over time since his death, Sam has decided he agrees with everything the man did. That being said, I like how both brothers are kind of jealous of Adam and they both try to call the other one out on it, while denying it themselves. Wish I had written out the whole exchange, but all I have is:
Dean: "I think it's too late for us..."
Sam: "...what makes Adam so special?..."
Dean: "Dad didn't have a choice with us..."
- We get the classic Dean take on his life - it's too late for him to be anything other than a Hunter. He didn't have a choice in the matter, and here, he is saying that his Dad didn't have a choice in the matter either. We get Sam wondering why it's just them that are doomed - the Winchester curse - and why Adam should have it any different when Sam was dragged back into the life when he tried to have it different...

Then of course, I have to once again point out that that's JENSEN who is using the bar to pull his legs higher than his body and swing himself up out of that crypt. Holy crap, but that man is sexy.

Dean rescues Sam! We are back to the status-quo with the Winchesters momentarily...and Sam's "I'm a big bad hunter now" mentality takes a hit.

There's no way Sam could bleed that long and survive though.

I also love the addition of Dean getting carried away beating Ghoul!Adam to death...repressing anything there Dean?

In the end though, Dean does accept Adam as being his brother, and insists they give him a proper Winchester funeral.

What I missed the first time through though was Sam suggesting that they call in a favour with Cas and try to get Adam brought back to life...whoa Sam, you didn't even KNOW this brother? Try to keep the obsession with keeping family alive thing to the family you KNOW and can't live without please...doing it for half-brothers you've never met is just a bit too much...also, you'd have a hell of a lot of explaining to do, even if it were possible. Though, I think Sam liked the idea of being a big brother, because then maybe someone would listen to him.

Ugh, really wish I had written down the quotes...umm...my apologies if this is slightly off:

Dean: "I finally get why you two butted heads to much (...) I mean I worshipped the him, dressed like him, listened to the same music (...) but you are more like him than I will ever be."
Sam: "I'll take that as a compliment."
Dean: "Take it however you want."

-I love this exchange because Dean not only is Dean seperating himself from his father, but he also DOES NOT MEAN IT AS A COMPLIMENT. I love how slowly, since John's death, we've seen Dean gradually accept the fact that his father was not perfect, not an ideal to strive towards. I also love the fact that we've seen the opposite with Sam.
-Of course, Sam and John being extremely similar has been a noted fact since S1 - and Dean being the different one, Dean being the one that HAS to be different in order to keep them all alive and together, has also been a noted fact. I'm not sure if Dean really is just realizing it now or not, but I think John recognized it before his death.

The Rapture

This episode was filmed sometime between March 3rd and March 11, 2009...I can tell by the weather. That being said, the weather seriously messes up the timeline...well, so does their "one year ago" caption. There's a network treatment of the script that clarifies the flashback times though: http://anteka.livejournal.com/666729.html....it goes against my wanting to use ONLY the information given in the episodes/DVDs for timelining purposes, but the network treatment makes SO MUCH more sense than the episode that I think I'm going to use both.

Anyway, once again I thought that I could rely on the transcripts at SuperWiki to give my my quotes...and I was wrong, so sigh.

Castiel looks horrible when he visits Dean in his dream. Poor guy.

Jimmy: "I'm not Castiel. It's me."
Sam: "Who's me?!"
Jimmy: "Jimmy."
-Oh, how I LOVE the fact that Castiel's vessel is called Jimmy. It's such a cute name - cute harmless name.

Dean: (Where were you)?
Sam: "I was getting a coke"
Dean: "Was it a refreshing coke?"
-Hahaha, Dean.

And then Dean hits on Anna in the car and she tells him it's not the most appropriate time. :-)

I should just write a note here saying how awesome Misha is in this episode, playing essentially three different characters: Jimmy, Castiel, Jimmy-after-Castiel.

I also love the fact that Jimmy-after-Castiel has crazy amount of stubble.

I also realized that the demon knew Sam's name...I guess Sam really is famous in the demon world.

Sam is extremely blunt when he's in withdrawal. I like Dean's: "well don't sugarcoat it"

And then Dean's use of "stunt demon #3" - haha. It really actually shows the progression of Sam and Dean - the leveling up, if you will :-P - because back in S1 they both flipped when they realized that they were dealing with a demon on a plane - and that was a fairly low-level demon. Now the low-level demons are just low-hanging fruit to them.

Then of course, there's Dean's flinch when Sam raises his hand to get to the demon behind Dean...and we see just how much Dean doesn't know what to make of Sam anymore, because for that split second reaction, he thought that Sam was going to do something to him...and that's heartbreaking.

Castiel tells Jimmy that he won't die or age....so up until the end of S4, anyway, Jimmy was still alive in there.

Castiel: "I serve Heaven. I don't serve Man, and I certainly don't serve you."
-Now that we know what happens later, we can assume that we know what Castiel was trying to warn Dean about - and he's right, giving Dean that warning would be disobedience against Heaven and it would be serving Dean...it says a lot about how much Castiel cares for Dean that he was going to warn him before they dragged him back home and "re-educated" him. It also, I think, says a lot about how much turmoil is going on inside Castiel in the last two episodes.

And then we get the end...and I have to say, that I was so happy that Dean locked Sam up in the panic room, because locking him up is a whole hell of a lot better than not caring and being "done." If Dean had done nothing, well, then I would know that the brother's relationship was truly completely over. The fact that Dean cares enough to lock Sam away is a good thing.

I also love that final shot, of Sam turning to look at Dean and Bobby as he realizes what is happening...the SIZE of him through that door is one thing, and the red tint to everything is just perfect...well done director Charles Beeson (I really like Beeson's stuff).

Almost done, and then I can post the timeline, such as it is. Seriously, I think maybe the writers should hire me to point out when they are screwing up the timeline :-P

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