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Quick Reaction: 15x06 Golden Time


Those who know me well are probably already aware that I liked this episode - but LET'S TALK ABOUT IT THE USUAL LENGTHY WAY!

We start off visiting Rowena's apartment, which is in the Aradia Apartments (We looked this up, and Aradia is a hoax "Gospel of the Witches" - so that's cool.)  Also, there's a wicked cool portrait of Rowena on the wall.

A strange blonde woman comes to "check" on Rowena, and I was trying to figure out if she was friend or foe - but then she started destroying the place in her search, which definitely means she's a foe, because no friend destroys your stuff like that even when you die. Also, she's a stupid foe, because that stuff is probably worth money even if it's useless to her - so I'm not at all concerned when she ends up dying from a curse - because, honestly, what did she expect going into Rowena's apartment and ransacking the place seemingly willy-nilly!

In the Bunker, Sam is sensing ghosts - but Dean comes in and interrupts him with a joke from a cereal box. Sam then realizes that while Sam has been working, Dean has been in his room eating dry cereal and watching Scoobydoo - what is he? Me at age 8? Also, he has hot dogs on his pj pants. (Fun fact: Over the past 5-6 weeks, I've binge-watched 7 years worth of BTS content - or nearly that - and the thing it has made me want to buy the most is a nice matching PJ set like Jin is always wearing in Bon Voyage episodes. Also, if you're wondering where the rewatches are... uh, sorry, BTS is really entertaining?)

Sam is like "did you sense something weird?" And Dean is like "No, are you having freaky visons?" And Sam tells us that he hasn't had visions since Colorado, thank you very much. And Dean is like NOTHING IS EVER OVER! LIFE IS FATALISM! and Sam is like "whoa, uh, chill maybe?" And Dean is like "NOPE!"

(Also, I've been drinking)

Before we continue with this saga though, we get to see CAS!

CAS! (is what my notes say) - he is going by Clarence again and buying fishing gear and/or maps of the area. He knows the guy who owns the shop, so he's been here for a little bit. Guy at the shop seemingly doesn't question why local tourist fisherman buys fishing gear in a suit and trenchcoat. I like guy at shop, whose name is Andy. Andy is drinking on the job though - because he's SEEN THINGS... he fished a body out of the lake that morning, and it was really weird, because it looked like it'd been drained first!

Cas is like "uh, yeah... disturbing..." but his spidey-senses are tingling.

Sam's spidey-senses are REALLY tingling, as he jogs through Vancouver in the rain... I mean Kansas... totally Kansas. He sees the ghost again, only this time, it can take form, and it's EILEEN!!! Yay!!! (I had this return spoiled for me this morning on twitter - but I'm still jazzed.)


She escaped with the ghosts but instead of sticking around that one town, she was like "I'mma go see my ex-possibility and see if he can hook me up with some stairs" so she didn't get trapped in the trapping spell and didn't get sent back to hell. Now she's wondering if Sam and Dean can hook her up with a little Heaven through their angelic connections. Dean is like "well, this is awkward, but no - also you're doomed for hell for all eternity now, sorry, I don't make the rules APPARENTLY!"

Sam pulls Dean into the hallway is mad because he didn't think Dean broke it to her gently enough. Dean then floats the idea of trapping Eileen in a soul crystal - it wouldn't be heaven, but it'd at least not be hell - and when she eventually went crazy from ghostiness or social isolation, she couldn't hurt anyone (which is Eileen's main concern as a hunter - which I forgot to mention.) Sam is skeptical but then concedes that it's the only idea that have - he points out that Rowena was the only one who knew how to make them though. Dean is like "but aren't you practically a witch now?" only not in those exact words, but PRETTY MUCH, which makes the last scene hilarious to me... but anyway, Sam begrudgingly agrees that he MIGHT be able to do it, but that they need the right crystal, and Dean is like "go see if Rowena has one" and Sam is like "okidoke - but aren't you coming with me?" But Dean considers it an easy task and since their entire lives are pointless, nothing is worth his scoobydoo time.

Back with Cas, who is waiting for the Sheriff to get back from his haircut. It's a small town, so everyone knows that Clarence is the guy renting a cabin in the woods, so the lady in the waiting room is surprised to find out he's an FBI agent too. He's going by the name "Wardly" which is a reference I don't recognize. (Fill me in if you know it and no one else has commented the answer!)

The lady in the waiting room thinks her son is missing, because he went camping and was supposed to get back that morning, but hasn't shown up yet - and since they JUST pulled a body from the lake, she is understandably in paranoid-parent mode. Castiel, having recently lost his own son, agrees with her.

Sam and Eileen take off for Rowena's place, and chat as they go... Sam's sorry about what happened to her and he tells her about how he's been to Hell too, and if she needs to talk, he's there for her. She doesn't want to talk about it yet, and he says he understands both in English and in ASL. She comments on the ASL usage, impressed, and Sam admits to basically having had a big ol' crush on her and trying to learn and it's ALL VERY HEARTBREAKING because I ship Saileen like MAD people. I just want them to have cute ASL-using babies.

At Rowena's apartment they discover the body of the dead witch. Then there's a weird magic mirror effect going on with the mirrors in the place - and we discover that the place is being SPIED ON by other witches. At first, I thought they were the same witches as the ones that tried to love-potion Dean and bring their mother back to life, but those guys died... so these are just new witches.

Back with Cas, he finally gets his interview with the Sheriff - and the Sheriff is a typical bastard who discounts the mother's concern as her being irrational... and I didn't even clock it as suspicious behaviour, because I'm so used to women's concerns being discounted because they're irrational. "Dude, worse thing that would happen is you'd find a perfectly healthy kid hanging out with his friends - ugh."

The Sheriff says that people rarely go missing in the town... well LOCALS... apparently tourists go missing all the time. He discounts the body they found that morning as an OD. Then he gets suspicious of Cas being real FBI and asks to call his supervisor. Cas gives him his supervisor's card and he calls.... DEAN! 

Dean and Cas don't miraculously make up. Dean DOES find and answer the phone and ask to be put on with Cas instead of talk to the Sheriff. Then he tells Cas that Sam's been trying to get in touch and that Cas needs to call Sam back. So, that encourages the thought that Dean sees this fight as something just between him and Cas and that Sam and Cas' friendship is a separate thing - which means that Dean's not THAT mad at him and will eventually forgive him. Cas on the other hand... well, we'll see I guess!

Cas is so not pleased about speaking to Dean that it comes across as very much like a guy who just got chewed out by his boss - so the Sheriff believes him. Also, I love how when the Sheriff was like "Agent..." Cas corrected him with "SPECIAL Agent." Because, that's just... another thing that sells it, and is also adorable?

Sam and Eileen have looked around the apartment, and besides the body on the floor, they haven't found anything of interest. Eileen says it all just seems like junk, and Sam too is baffled. Then Eileen has the bright idea to walk through a wall - and low and behold, SECRET ROOM!

Sam goes in and is filled with nostalgia for Rowena... and has an odd moment where he's basically mourning one dead girlfriend in front of his other dead girlfriend. (Friend: And he didn't even sleep with them. Me: He tried to get around the curse, but still failed.)

It turns out that Rowena kept journals - that include all her spell work. Sam also tells Eileen about how he had to kill Rowena at her own request so that she could save the world. Sam references his own meme, because he asks her "do you ever feel like the punchline to a joke" and Eileen passes her hand through his and my friend is like "forget first world problems - it's now 'living people problems'"

Knocking a loose sheet of paper out of the journal, Sam discovers that Rowena was working on a spell to make spirits flesh - seemingly in the hope of resurrecting Mary for them, before they discovered that Mary was peacefully in Heaven. The spell isn't quite finished, but Sam is confident that he can finish it - and then he'll be able to resurrect Eileen.

"Is this possible?" I ask. And then conclude: "Nah, it's not going to work." And my friend agrees "He won't be able to, in order to make us all sad."

Cas continues to work his case.

And then we rejoin Sam and Eileen immediately because they are loading up the Impala with the spell ingredients when suddenly there is a WITCH ATTACK! Sam finds the hex bag in the wheel well of the Impala, and then quickly signs to Eileen to go get Dean, just before the witches banish her and he falls unconscious.

He wakes up in the truck that I only then realized was their stealthy hide-out spot. As it turns out, the fact that Sam spent so long in Rowena's apartment without dying means that Rowena purposefully made the curse over the apartment exclude Sam.... meaning, according to these kidnapping witches, that she intended for him to be able to collect her things. 

The witches intend to bring their dead member back using the spell that Sam found. The spell can only be used once, so if they use it, it means that Sam can't use it on Eileen. First though, and luckily for Sam, they want him to empty out Rowena's secret stash of magical supplies for them.

Back with Cas, he's driven out to the lake to look for Caleb (the woman's son). I can't remember her name, but she she follows him out there to find out what he knows. She also tells him that there's a silvermine near by, and Cas is like "bingo! LAIR!"  Then my friend, her husband, and I fall into a discussion about whether they're at Bunsen Lake or up the Sea to Sky highway somewhere.

ANYWAY, at Rowena's apartment, Sam's been escorted to the door by the second daughter of the little matriarchal witchy family. She stands safely in the door way while he starts collecting things, all while holding a voodoo doll type thing that she can use to torture him if he doesn't comply. He sees her looking at her dead "sister" and offers to cover her up with something for her - because Sam's a compassionate guy... he then finds out that rather than love between two sisters, it's actually the opposite. And the dead sister made the remaining sister's life a living hell. 

Back with Cas, the woman and him are hiking in the woods, and get to talking about bosses and such. She used to work in finance and talks about 2008 and how things were supposed to change but they didn't, so she moved out to the woods much to her son's dismay. She then says "taking yourself out of the game doesn't change the game" and it's a great point and a good line, but then I started thinking "is THIS Chuck manipulating things?!" So, I'm right where Dean is, as we find out later.

Castiel has to break the news to her before they get to the mine about how monsters are real - and how he thinks they're dealing with a Djinn. They then come across Caleb before they even get to the mines. He's cowering wet behind a rock with a busted foot... and he is ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. I was not prepared for that cute of a small little teenager. No lie, TV has conditioned me to the point where when I hear "teenage son", I expect to see a white guy in his mid-late twenties - not an ACTUAL TEENAGER, and certainly not an Asian teenager at that. Good job, show!

At Rowena's place, the sister is still going on about how horrible life was with her dead sister, and Sam is like 'okay, I can work with this...' and then tries to encourage her to run away. She doesn't take the offer though, and gets stabby with the voodoo doll. 

Cas asks Caleb what the heck happened to him - and we find out that he witnessed the body-dump, saw the monster, and then broke his ankle trying to run away. Then I start getting worried that maybe it's not a Djinn and Caleb's been turned into a monster somehow - but thankfully that's not the case as we find out seconds later. Cas was right, and it's a Djinn, and he's the SHERIFF! Cas is pissed off and rants about people abusing their positions of authority... which kind of seems out of place here, but a valid rant, so please go on... no, you're just going to stab him a bunch of times? I guess that works too.

The fight at Rowena's has turned into a standoff as Dean rounds the corner with the mother-witch at gun point, telling her daughter to drop the voodoo doll, etc. But, then the ghost of the dead-witch shows up, and instead of a two on two standoff, it breaks out into a fight. Only Eileen quickly shows up to even those odds once again. Dean kills Stabby McGee, but then pauses dramatically for too long and the mother-witch gets the drop on him and he loses the gun. Then she goes after Sam, but thankfully Sam was secretly making a tiny hex-bag the whole time he was packing up Rowena's stuff, and he shoves it down her throat - tells her he was taught by the best - and kills her WITCH-STYLE. YES! I'm actually all here for Witch!Sam... but we'll get into that.

Back in the apartment, Eileen has been overpowered by the ghost witch and is being ghost-choked out. She quickly tells Dean to burn the stupid body - and so he does, using liquor. Thus saving Eileen from double-death?

Cas returns to Caleb and his mom after dropping the Sheriff's body into the lake. He then heals Caleb's leg, but it's obviously not something that's easy for him to do. Caleb is super happy and SUPER CUTE! Ugh, I can't afford to be broody in my life, I need to stop subjecting myself to adorable teenagers, they're a weird kryptonite in my anti-child stance. 

Caleb's mom mentions that this seems VERY MIRACLE-LY and asks if Cas was sent by God. He avoids answering, by saying that he was happy to meet her and to help find her son... but he has to leave now, because he has to get back in the game. (I really love this remake of The Littlest Hobo staring Cas though... can't we just have this forever? *Sings*: 'Maybe tomorrow....')

Back at the Bunker, Sam is DOING THE SPELL??? (Seriously, my notes say "Spell??" here) - where ghost!Eileen gets into a bathtub. Then Sam says a bunch of latin, and then Eileen gets out of the bathtub and is naked. And here my notes say "Can we actually have good things?!"

Apparently we can, because the next thing my notes say is "It WORKED!" Also, brief mention that I love the fact that Sam doesn't turn around... and I additionally love the fact that he calls her name when his back is to her - uh, Sammy, she can't hear you. And then Eileen says his name and THEN he turns around... and I like that even though he probably heard her reaching for a towel etc. he waited until she told him to to look. What a gentleman. 

Then we get our brother chat at the end, while Eileen sleeps off coming back to life. 

Dean is like "So, are you a witch now?" and I'm like - dude... you basically told him he was a witch earlier. But, also, this has been an argument of mine for a while - both Sam and Dean have used spells frequently enough at this point that I think they're both basically witches, just like...witch-light... diet-witch. :P 

Then Dean says "I wish we knew about that spell for mom" and Sam doesn't reply - but it makes me wonder if Sam's "we found out mom was in heaven so we didn't need the spell for her anymore" was maybe a sentiment not shared by Dean? 

Dean then comments on Sam doing everything that week, and Dean contrasts this with himself by saying "I did jack" and I'm momentarily SUPER CONFUSED, because "I did jack(aka: nothing)" and "I did Jack" have two VASTLY different meanings.

Sam points out that Dean killed one of the witches and saved him from a stabby painful death. Sam then goes into another attempt at a motivational speech... that just because they don't make the rules, doesn't mean that they should give up. That they have choices within Chuck's plan - that Sam didn't think Chuck's plan was for Sam to shoot him, for instance. Dean argues that they don't know that - and basically that they can't tell the difference between manipulation and their own choices and that's what's driving him around the bend about this situation. (And I don't blame him, I also get pretty depressed about the lack of choices in my own life due to my economic situation... I even installed an art-piece on my mantel that I call 'The Illusion of Choice'...because that's the way I roll.)

Sam argues that they're the guys who break the rules - but that Sam can't do it without Dean. He needs his brother.

And then the episode ends... what will happen? Will Dean come out of his funk? Will someone finally tell me what Jack and Billie talked about after he died? Will Cas call Sam? Will Sam and Eileen get married and live happily ever after? That last one is a trick question, because THEY WILL IN MY DREAMS AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! (And you know, don't actually answer any of these questions - I want to wait and find out - no spoilers!)

As usual, let me know what you thought! 

PS. Sorry I haven't started the rewatches yet. I've got an art project due on November 30th that I'm behind on, so likely that's what I'm going to be focusing on this coming weekend. If I can COMPLETE it this weekend, then I'll try to do rewatches next week... but if I can't, then rewatches will start in December.

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