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Quick Reaction: 15x05 Proverbs 17:3


You all know the rules by now. I don't think I have any updates for you.... I'm aware that I haven't started rewatches yet. I will get to them, promise. The DVD has been sitting next to my computer for a month now. Taunting me.

Anyway, tonight's episode was good and interesting - let's get to it!

To begin with, I'm sure by now everyone has looked it up, but Proverbs 17:3 is "Crucible for silver, furnace for gold, and YHWH for the testing of hearts." So, that's cool! Good proverb.. and fitting for the episode and this seasons theme for sure, though probably not in the way that whomever wrote that Proverb intended.

We begin in Black Forest, CO, where three girls are having their annual camping trip - which they've supposedly been doing every year since they were little kids, only none of them ACT like it. Seriously, you hear a loud noise outside the tent, and you don't assume bear? Where are you camping, New Zealand? What magical place do you live in where you aren't like immediately like "goddamn bear! Do we want to just stay in here and let it ransack the campsite or do you want to start yelling until it runs away?" And then, not only that, when the one girl is like "We're obviously in New Zealand and that is nothing more than a kakapo, I'mma go get more rum" and then is promptly attacked, and the other girls can CLEARLY HEAR EATING SOUNDS, the one girl is like "Cindy? You okay out there?" No, she is obviously being eaten by a bear or mountain lion, do you not have ears? And then I thought it was kind of funny when she was just like "uh, let's just close the zipper on the tent and pretend that didn't happen and everything is fine..." instead of, you know.... going to see if you can rescue your friend or something? Though, again, it's smarter to try to stay in the tent, I suppose... suddenly those eating sounds DO mean something to you, don't they?

BUT, it doesn't matter much, since the girl is yanked out of the tent too.

Then we cut to Sam, who has been trying to contact Cas, but to no avail. As many of you know, I'm fascinated by the friendship between Sam and Cas more than I'm fascinated by the friendship between Cas and Dean, just because Dean and Cas's friendship is so much more straightforward when it comes down to it. Whereas Sam and Cas became friends extremely awkwardly as a "uh, you're sort of my brother's friend and not mine, but I live with him, so... uh, we're cool, I guess?" and on Cas' part it was like "okay, so there's this fascinating guy I wanna hang with, but he's always got his abomination of a kid brother with him... turns out the kid brother's pretty cool to though, I guess. We have some things in common it seems... even though he's CLEARLY an abomination."

Anyway, this latest fight with Dean where Cas has "moved on" without even seemingly saying goodbye to Sam seems like even more of an interesting puzzle peace in their friendship to me. It's also interesting that Dean seems aware that Sam has been trying to contact Cas, and isn't passive aggressive or snipey about it.... I wonder if enough time has passed that Dean can see a little bit more through his grief over Mary (and possibly Jack?) and kind of start to forgive Cas a little? Maybe? 

Dean tries ghost pepper jerky for the first time and cannot keep a poker face about how spicy it is. Then the comedy is broken by Sam updating him that the 3 deaths in Colorado have become 5 deaths. So they hit the road.

We get another dream sequence, with Sam-Lucifer in his white suit sitting in the bunker, and Dean shooting him with the Colt, just to have it fail as though they had never tried it before. Lucifer then burns Dean alive. 

Sam wakes up with a gasp in the car on the way to Colorado. Dean asks him to tell him about the dream to see if he can help figure out the symbolism of Sam's worries, but Sam refuses to tell him.

The next day, they show up to investigate the case, and Dean whips out their 1x02 Wendigo IDs from Fish and Wildlife... with the same pictures and everything. They're Ford and Hamill. Sam points out that they're pretty old IDs, and Dean laughs and says Sam looks like a baby, but when Sam turns it around on him, Dean insists that he looks exactly the same. And I laugh, because this is basically a fandom argument/belief I've seen before... and I love how for the rest of the episode they have all the characters comment on Dean's ID as not looking like him. 

The Sheriff is another cool female Sheriff, who tells them that the murder scene was too clean for a mountain lion, but they told the press that just to alleviate worry. But she tells us that the hearts were what was eaten - so we know we're dealing with werewolves. She then tells them Ashley survived the initial attack. So they go to interview her.

Sam has to get a doctor/nurse out of the room before she'll confide in Dean. But she apparently knew the guy who attacked them, and his name is Andy and he lives in a cabin in the woods with his brother. Why didn't he kill her? That's what I wanted to know at this point. It was weird. He apparently told her that if she told anyone what she had seen, he'd kill her - so she confides in Dean and he swears to protect her.

"She's going to die," I say confidently, because although I love the Winchesters, I know enough not to trust them with my life at this point... especially if my death will further their angsty storyline.

Sam and Dean go to interview the brothers - being quite obviously hunters in my opinion, and totally giving the game away that Ashley spoke to them. So, solid first move there boys.

The brothers are wise enough not to touch the silver pen, claiming that they don't have a phone, so can't give their numbers anyway - SURE, NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. ... Also, like, why are you living alone in the woods hunting rabbits at night guys? What kind of weird life-style choice is this?

Sam and Dean leave, and our werewolf brothers start fighting with each other about what's happening. Apparently Josh is the one who wanted to start killing people after their dad died, and Andy is just being dragged into this hell... and also, these brothers are like SUPER HOMOEROTIC. It's weird as heck, and I wasn't quite sure what was going on with this writing in this episode at this point, and was about to become even more confused by it until the reveal... which we will eventually get to...

Ashley calls Dean and it appears that she's been released from the hospital and wants that protection now please. They take her to the Sleepy Bear Inn - which is decorated ADORABLY (and if you want that tree lamp, you can buy them at the Vancouver Aquarium, but I think set-design added the moose to them). Ashley asks them to stay with her until she falls asleep. Dean stays and Sam disappears somewhere.

Meanwhile, the werewolves are outside the inn - the plan is to go in "quick and quiet" and grap Ashley. Like... she's already told on you, bro? What the heck is killing her now going to accomplish? I was so confused.

Ashley and Dean have a heavy-handed conversation about whether Dean likes his job - he does! Did he ever want to be anything else? Jimi Hendrix - no, actually not. Ashley doesn't know what she's doing with her life. Dean tells her she has time to figure it out. Ashley complains about the world being random and awful and how nice it would be if everything was planned out instead. Dean disagrees. Then suddenly, Ashley falls asleep sitting up some how and Dean does too? Because it's suddenly 1:20am instead of 9pm, and Sam is like "Dean wake up, I went out for food for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS and you somehow fell asleep, what the heck?" Sam... what were you EATING? Where was the grocery store/restaurant - UTAH?! 

But apparently the more pressing question is where the heck is Ashley, because she's been kidnapped from right under Dean's sleepy nose - which is BIZARRE given that Sam and Dean sleep like they're about to be attacked by monsters unless they're drunk. 

The werewolves have her tied up in their back room...and/or basement? I'm not sure where that room was. Cabins don't usually have basements, but maybe this one does. (The set didn't - I went to visit it in August - it was a really nice cabin and I wish it were real and I could live there... only, you know, if it had actual plumbing/heating/insulation... which it didn't.) Weirdly, the werewolves was going to kill her with an axe or something? Doesn't he have claws and teeth?

The werewolves run when the Winchesters storm in - and they start to run away with Ashley before the werewolves jump down from the second floor and start a fight. It is a fight scene... with a stupid NEEDLESS EXPOSITION LINE midway through where one of the werewolves is like "Ah, you are a hunter. You must have silver bullets in that gun!" like - damn SPN - trust your audience a little, you are stepping on one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm gonna go ahead and blame this one on Chuck's hamfisted writing too, just to be charitable to the actual writer, who was writing 3/4 of this episode purposefully hamfisted.

Then Andy gets the gun, and instead of shooting Sam, he shoots his own brother! Then he explains that his brother turned into a monster, and now he was a monster too - and then he shoots HIMSELF. NOOO... that was such a nice white sweater.

Then, as if that scene wasn't weird enough - since that's the second willing monster death we've gotten in 2 episodes... Ashley pulls out of Dean's reach and trips and falls on deer antlers, skewering herself.

So.. I mean, I guess I was right about her dying?

BUT THEN, she wakes back up again, and is alive? And a demon? No, not just any demon - Lilith! 

Apparently, Chuck pulled her out of the empty to do a task for him - she was supposed to seduce Dean, and then get the gun from him, and it was all part of some elaborate story that Chuck had planned. The reason the werewolves were able to kidnap her was because she put Dean to sleep herself. Anyway, she wants the gun back, give it to her.

The equalizer is apparently, I guess, the only thing that can kill Chuck? I guess? So, that's why he doesn't want them to have it. Sam and Dean try to resist, but Lilith knocks Sam out and Dean agrees to give her the gun as long as she doesn't hurt him. Lilith isn't allowed to kill Dean (or Sam?) but she's allowed to torture them, so she promises a lot of torture if he betrays her.

While Sam is unconscious, he has another dream - this time it's demonic MoC Dean killing him in the Bunker. 

Dean drives Lilith back to the motel. Lilith tells him that she doesn't actually want to be alive. She died to resurrect Lucifer and she's pissed to find out that it didn't even work because Sam and Dean ruined the whole apocalypse thing. Dean asks why she's playing games with them then, and Lilith tells him that it's Chuck doing it, not her. That Chuck is a "low-rent Dean Koontz" with a "pervy obsession with you" and that he's super into a storyline where one brother kills the other, and that's why he had the werewolves foreshadow it. Dean is really not impressed.

At the motel, Dean tells her that the gun isn't there, and Lilith starts giving him little cuts all over... well, starting with Inigo Montoya-style cheekbone slashes. Sam barges in after having woken up and stolen the dead brother's truck, and he shoots Lilith in the head with a devil's trap bullet - which he then explains to her, but I'll let that one pass, since she honestly wasn't around when they invented those.

Lilith is once again too strong for their conventional approaches though, and she starts and earthquake which causes them to flee the motel room rather than - you know STABBING HER BEFORE THEY GO. COME ON, PEOPLE! We KNOW Sam can throw that knife, we've seen him do it.

Anyway, Lilith deduces that the Equalizer gun is in the car - and finds it in the glove box. Dean says they'll just get it back from her - but Lilith melts it, so it meets the same end as the Colt did (though, even worse, because it's just metal globs on the floor after, rather than recognizable as a former gun.) 

Then Lilith leaves - because mission accomplished, somewhat.

Sam and Dean go back to the bunker. Sam still can't reach Cas, but has apparently left voice-mails explaining about Chuck and Lilith and whatnot. Dean, meanwhile, is super mad that Chuck isn't gone. Sam wonders why Chuck just doesn't kill them already - and Dean tells him what Lilith said about Chuck wanting one of them to kill the other. Sam then comes clean about his dreams - and the theory that he (and the fans) have about the visions being a connection to Chuck, and seeing the endings that may have been, or the "drafts" or whatever. Sam had thought it was just weird PTSD (and is that the first time they've actually used that term when referring to themselves?)... but now he thinks that because he shot Chuck, part of him is in Chuck, so he's in his head. 

Dean is still mad - actually, more like super sad - that Chuck is around and plotting against them. He's rather hopeless about it - wondering if they're just in the same hamster wheel until they die, or Chuck finds a way to have them kill each other. Sam is like, nope, we're going FIGHT GOD. And Dean is like "but how!" or something, to be honest, I wasn't listening, because I was yelling "YES! FIGHT GOD!!!" which is I'm pretty sure the gist of Sam's response to him... because I HAVE BEEN WANTING THEM TO KILL GOD SINCE SEASON FIVE!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! If this is the storyline for the final season, I am happy - especially if they accomplish it!

I'm not sure how they're going to, since the end of S11 was all about SAVING Chuck, since if he died the universe would die too... so, not sure how they're going to kill Chuck without killing the world... but, man, I hope they do it somehow.

And that was the episode! I liked it! Hopefully the season rolls along like these last two episodes - because that would make it a good one!

Let me know your own thoughts in comments!

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