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FYI: Rewatches will be coming...

Hey, I just thought I'd drop a note on this supernaturalless Thursday (actually Friday now, because it's after midnight PST)....

For those of you who like to read my rewatches - I know I've usually started them by now, and don't worry, I still plan to!

My brain broke a bit this month and made it hard for me to get things done. I was also doing Inktober and there were a few other events that disrupted things (such as being extra social around (Canadian) Thanksgiving and my birthday and whatnot.)

So, yeah, rewatches will hopefully happen in November - though I also have an art project planned for that month too, and I'm a week behind posting a fic over on AO3, and and and... 

BUT I'll at least make a start on the rewatches - I don't want to be doing them until May though, so I'm going to aim for short ones this year. Probably more in keeping with my rewatches of S1, where I did two episodes a post and just gave general thoughts after having rewatched them. I know some of you prefer my lengthier analysis, but I don't see it happening - sorry! I'll do my best to still be entertaining.

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