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Quick Reaction: 15x03 The Rupture


Do I need a pre-amble? Probably not! Let's just do this thing...

Enter your cut contents here. We begin where we left off - nothing has changed, and they still need a spell to reinforce the barricade. Rowena seems to have one, but needs to get close to the rift... they head back to the crypt in which they took refuge in the season premiere. Rowena attempts to reinforce the barricade, but the spirits are too strong and she can't. She realizes that with that many angry spirits, they're all going to die.

When we get back from the title card, Rowena asks for a drink, and Sam makes Dean hand over his flask. Belphegor walks out of the crypt, and Cas follows him,

Sam asks Rowena is she's okay and they have a little moment, because the show wants to remind us that Sam has come to actually like Rowena, as opposed to S10, when he fully intended to kill her after she ceased to be useful to him. Ah, how times have changed... (I kid because I love. I too am thankful that Rowena changed sides after the Amara fiasco.)

Bel informs Cas that he's simply looking at the rift and figuring out a plan.

Back in the crypt, Dean starts to armour up, deciding that his time has come to die heroically against impossible odds - a long held dream of his whenever he's super upset about things. Right now, he's super mad at Chuck, who he calls a glorified fanboy - and he's super annoyed that their ending is a ghost apocalypse and not something cooler.

Sam is like "right, I'm mad at God too... grrr" but he mostly just seems kinda sad about everything. He spots Rowena reading and goes over to ask her if she's found something that will help. She tells him that she hasn't and quickly closes the book - because she is a liar.

Bel and Cas share a moment in which Belphegor points out that it's the longest Cas has ever looked him in the eye. "You don't have eyes." Cas says, and he is right.

Bel and Cas go back to the crypt and Bel tells everyone his plan - there's an artificate called Lilith's crook - which is actually a horn - that can summon all the denizens of hell back to hell. It will get the spirits out of the area, and then Rowena will be able to close the rift without them getting in the way. It's a healing spell of her own device, she says - assuming the rift is a wound, then it'll heal the wound.

She needs Sam to be her assistant, because Sam's the closest thing to a practicing witch. (In my opinion, at this point, both Winchesters are actually practicing witches - but that's an argument for another day - and it's true that Sam usually takes point on spells.) Dean is needs as the person who lobs the "spell bomb" into the pit.

Bel needs to retrieve the horn from hell and wants protection while he does so. Dean volunteers Cas, much against his will - but he decides not to fight about it and goes.

Meanwhile, we return to Ketch at the hospital, only to discover that Ardad (Ardat? Ardet? Arnet? I could never hear them well) has tracked him down to ask him why the hell he hasn't killed Belphegor yet. He won't give up Bel's location, so the demon kills him. Like...rips his heart out, kills him. It's sad. He has a good death though, and I'm not actually THAT upset about it, since you all know that I'm of the opinion that he should never have survived the gunshot wound to the head (nor do I buy that the Winchesters would dump his body in a drainage ditch rather than salt and burn it - it just doesn't make any sense and drives me absolutely bonkers.) So, this way, I'm at least not going to be reminded of that again by him showing up on screen. BUT, I do like the actor, and I'm glad his character had a weird quasi redemption arc of sorts before he snuffed it.

Bel and Cas talk as they go to hell. They talk about whether there's a plan for after, and Bel starts doing his demon thing of sowing discord when he asks Cas why it is that Sam and Dean didn't seem to concerned that Cas might not make it out of hell and it might be the last time they ever saw him.

Meanwhile, the demon uses Ketch's phone to text Dean and find out what's up. Dean falls for it. This is the first of many things that our heroes will fall for... well, not the first, they've already fallen for Bel's plans, but I'll get to that.

Back with Bel and Cas, Bel talks about how the Winchesters seem to be warming up to him. Cas tells him very bluntly that they're only using him, and that he shouldn't mistake it for any type of care. Bel points out that Cas must be very familiar with that. (Ouch). Cas then reminds Bel that he's wearing cases son and Cas is not amused.

There's a demon in Lilith's chamber already, and it looks like the place has been ransacked. But the horn is still there because it's sealed in an enochian box that only someone who knows enochian can open. HOW CONVENIENT THAT BEL BROUGHT CAS. Seriously...my notes here just say "how stupid are our heroes?" because Cas just GOES ALONG WITH IT. Ugh... BUT, hey, I guess they're sort of between a rock and a hard place.

Sam and Rowena are prepping for the spell. Sam's memorizing his lines, but keeps getting distracted by looking longingly at the door - because he feels like he should be out there fighting. Rowena points out that magic is a way of fighting.

Back in Lilith's chamber, they get the horn out of the box, but then Ardet attacks! She tells us of Bel's real plan, which is to rule hell. Bel kills her, but then admits to it - telling Cas that the horn is a ciphon, and it will poor all the souls it captures into Bel's body and he'll become a god - much like Cas in S7. He blows the horn and it seems to be working as he plans, but then Cas gets close enough to smite the heck out of him... and I guess all the ghosts inside him? Can you be double-killed?

Bel's death, however, stops the great drinking of the ghosts, and they're left with the same problem as before. Rowena signs and tells Sam that she has a new spell... but she cuts the resurrection fail-safe out of her chest and admits that it involves sacrificing herself.

Cas returns to the surface to tell Dean that he killed Belphegor. Dean is not amused, because that WASN'T THE PLAN.

Rowena needs Sam to kill her, because Sam is supposed to be the one to kill her - Sam doesn't want to do it. Rowena talks him into it. They cry a lot, because they are friends now and it's all very sad. Sam slices into her abdomen, so that we get the female-body horror aspect of her walking out of the crypt bleeding from the womb while sucking all the spirits of hell into it... before she jumps into a pit and ads herself to the long list of female companions that Sam is not allowed to have. It's all very sad.

I'm more torn up about her dying than Ketch, BUT... I would like to point out that she's lived for over 300 years, so she had a good run, and it WAS her decision. Also, does self-sacrifice via Sam count as Sam killing her? Because it's more like she killed herself and just used Sam to steady the knife. My friend pointed out that there are much more enjoyable ways to have Sam kill you, and that's just to sleep with him and let luck do the rest. The real tragedy is Rowena missing out on that step.

Back at the Bunker, Dean checks on Sam, who is sad. He tells him that Ketch was found dead. Dean's happy that they won..but DID THEY?! (Dun dun dun!). He tells Sam that Sam didn't have a choice with Rowena - which is ironic, given that that's been the problem this whole time, what with Dean discovering that free will didn't really exist.

With his attempt to cheer his brother up falling a little flat due to irony. Dean returns to the library, where my notes say "Drink time! = Nope! Argue with your BF time!"

And Dean really goes for the jugular, pointing out that if they'd just stuck with Belphegor's plan then Rowena would still be alive, and they'd deal with God!Belphegor after WITH Rowena's help. Then he says that Cas is ALWAYS the one that screws things up. Cas points out that Dean USED to trust him, and give him him the benefit of the doubt... but now it seems like Cas is dead to him. Dean still blames Cas for Mary's death.... so Cas turns to leave. Dean asks him where he's going, and Cas points out that with Jack dead, and Chuck gone, and Dean and Sam together, it's time for him to move on. Basically saying "Well, my entire family is dead and you're no longer welcoming me into yours, so bye."


And then me and my friend break into destiel jokes:
Me: "What do you mean you're leaving? I look amazing in this lighting, how can you leave this?"
Friend: "I am wearing a SINGLE LAYER. I am practically naked here - and you're just going to walk away?"
Me: "I am SCANDALOUS right now! And you're just going to leave because I'm horribly mean to you?"
Friend: "I'm even leaning on this table with my pelvis tilted outword"
Me: "I am at the perfect angle...."
Friend: "How dare you leave me when I'm leaning against our fucking table!"

But really, it's sad.

Also, what about Sam? Whose he, chopped liver? What if HE wants Cas to stick around? Dean's an ass, so Sam loses his friend? Ugh, hardly fair.

Also - is Jack really dead, or did that last scene with him and Billie and the Empty mean something?! I know his body is now completely destroyed, but come on! It's JACK! He's gotta come back to life somehow.

Anyway, tell me what you thought in comments. Personally, I liked the blue plaid shirt that Sam was wearing at the end of the episode.

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