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Quick Reaction: 15x02 Raising Hell

We're back!

Watching live while typing, because I'm house-sitting for my friend who has a legit TV.

Enter your cut contents here. We begin where we left off. Who is this blonde woman? Oh, right, random passerby who thinks the problem is a gas leak. Rob is not Rob, lady. Oh, he's a weird shapeshifter. I really don't like the way they changed shapeshifters.

Oh man... Sam's COMMANDING other hunters at the High School. Like - he's got MEN on it. And dealing with the public. I'm surprised they've lasted two days TBH. They sound like they're pushing for free.

Oh... weird shapeshifter dude is a ghost - not a shapeshifter. Jack the Ripper - who we get the name of Francis Tumbletine. I don't know enough about Jack the Ripper to know what theory that's based on.

The citizens are sniffing out the falsehoods and planning a revolt or something.

Oh, also the ghosts are organizing too - we're getting anvil-like parallels here.

We're also on day 2 in this scene. I just have to keep track for timelining purposes.

The citizens are circling the quantine zone and have made it in - apparently. And they've encountered ghosts.

Sam and Castiel are arguing, but Rowena is there to help! Sam's idea is to suck the souls into a crystal like in S11 again - but Rowena is like "that was a convenient plot device then! We just can't bring it back willy nilly!"

Oh hey, it's Jules-the-Hunter! Woot!

The citizens have gotten possessed by ghosts - to be used as hostages to the ghosts demands. I'm hear yelling "just shoot them?! They're ghosts! What the hell is the hesitation?!" And then Ketch steps in and does it for me.

So, it's definitely all living-allies on deck for this crisis!

(Ugh, we're having an election here and I have to sit through political ads. Things I don't miss about having a TV, let me tell you. I already voted in the advanced polls too, so it's doubly-pointless to try to sway me with this nonsense.)

Back to the High School to regroup. Ketch and Rowena have a history. Ketch also has a fancy gun that doesn't make any sense. Ketch really wants to sleep with Rowena.

Ketch is there on a contract to kill Belphegar as it turns out.... awkward. But, before that we also get the awkward conversation about how Jack is dead and Bel is wearing him. So, it's not too surprising that when Sam asks Ketch not to kill Bel, Dean adds, "for now" to the end of the conversation.

Then we cut to Amara, who is getting a massage - only surprise it's Chuck visiting her, perhaps having smite-d her massause (which, DEFINITELY an overstep of power there). They've been apparently trying to give each other space. But why Chuck is visiting we have to wait to find out....

Because a citizen is getting on Castiel's last nerve by asking where his neighbours disappeared to and saying that Castiel promised to keep them safe.

Rowena wants to know more about Ketch. Dean warns her off him.

Castiel is here to get in a fight with Dean... or, maybe not? Castiel apologizes for not telling Dean about Jack.... oh, no, I was right the first time. Dean's super angry and doesn't want to hear apologies. Castiel is ALSO angry - so when angry, yell at your friends! Dean's being fatalistic and/or nihillistic. Castiel argues that it's still live, that they still had choices inside the maze of life. Dean only sees it as a pre-written path that they couldn't deviate from. This philosophical argument is TEARING THIS FAMILY APART!

Ketch and Dean out patrolling. They're wearing iron chains. Ketch is wrapping his head around the enemy being God. Then wants to know about Rowena - but Dean's phone interrupts them with a failed check-in. Hopefully it's not Jules - who will admin the superwiki?

Dean and Ketch to the rescue.... maybe? Ah, Ben and Frankie - people we don't know. Ketch goes flying. KEVIN RESCUES THEM!!! With like GHOST COMMAND VOICE?!?!!

I love Kevin. How did he learn that? Are there good ghosts? Can someone find Kevin a body again and let me hug him? He survives in the AU I wrote, which I often forget isn't canon. So most of the time, I'm under the impression that Kevin is living happily in London, England.

Chuck didn't send Kevin to heaven?!! That's it. KILL GOD!!! He cannot be forgiven. Kevin is apparently a bad-boy in hell, since God himself cast him down to Hell. Man, Kevin has had quite the ride.

Chuck and Amara - ah, now I see why Chuck is here. Amara is still in this world - enjoying Reno. Chuck is trying to convince her to try a different dimension, so that she doesn't realize what he's done to this one?

And she ferrets out the injured shoulder.... INTERESTING! I just assumed that shooting Chuck had no effect - but apparently it has made him "not complete" "not at full strength" and "afraid." So, he's gone to Amara to protect himself? What does "not complete" mean, though? Is part of Chuck in Sam?!

Back with Sam and Dean, discussing whether it's safe to have Kevin spy.

Day 3 by the way.

Belphegar shows up to besmirch Kevin's good name and also inform the Winchesters that without God's intervention there's no way to get Kevin into Heaven.

Then we get an interesting scene where Chuck looks in the mirror and touches his shoulder wound, and both Chuck and Sam flinch. Though, Sam insists that it's getting better when Dean asks him about it.

The ghosts are noticing the warding failing. They plan to break through, but there's decent among the ranks. Kevin shows up to act like a badass... but Jack the Ripper isn't buying it. Damn, Osric is looking good... but Kevin's act might not be cutting it.

Rowena and Ketch are flirting. Thankfully Dean calls to interrupt. :P

Jack the Ripper apparently knows Rowena too, and interrupts her on her way to deliver the spell thingy to Sam and Dean. Jack the Ripper tells her to tell Sam and Dean that they have "their boy"... seriously - there's no way there's any room for negotiation here, and I thought they already determined they couldn't save Kevin.

But, I get it... TENSION.

Dean names the device Soul-Catcher. And then they answer the summons to negotiate. Now Kevin is getting devoured by a ghost? And Rowena catches all the ghosts.... oh not all of them... and the hundred or so left are going through with the plan to bust through the warding.

Ketch shows up too, but I never trust a man who has been unconscious offstage. Yup! He's possessed.

Now Francis/The Ripper has the ghosts.... but Dean to the rescue by shooting Ketch, he gets him unpossessed, and Rowena can capture all the ghosts again.

Of course, Ketch is still shot.

When we return from commercials, we discover that Cas couldn't heal Ketch and now he's being taking away by an ambulance. INTERESTING! I wonder if the power of heaven is fading or something?

Dean apologizes for shooting him. Ketch points out that Dean just wants to kill him again... and Dean tells him to take care. I'm of the opinion that Ketch should have stayed dead originally, but whatever.

Time to say bye to Kevin. Sam and Dean argue - but Kevin doesn't want to go back to hell, and he's fine with option 2 - he wanders the earth untethered until he goes crazy. And we get another goodbye scene, and Kevin actually says "I love you guys" to the people who borked up keeping him healthy and safe FAR TOO OFTEN. Kevin is way too pure for this world.

Back with Chuck and Amara. Where Amara is taking off alone. Amara is willing to share the universe, but not physical space. Chuck isn't happy, but... AH, this is where we get the real motive. Chuck can't leave this world without Amara's help, and Amara refuses to help. It's a little revenge, because Chuck is now trapped, diminished, and abandoned in a cage of his own making. Didn't think this one through, did you, Chuck?

The soul-catcher and the warning aren't going to work, as it turns out... and we end the episode as we began, with a pretty much impossible situation that remains unchanged.

INTERESTING. Was this a Buck-Leming episode? It feels a little like one.

It was nice to see Kevin again. He's firmly gotten me on the God as villain train.

Let me know what y'all thought in comments!

(timeline notes: 2 days after 15x01, approx. 3 days, no change of location.)

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