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VanCon 2019: Sunday Report!

Hello! I'm still alive!

Sorry I went MIA there for a bit. My summer turned out to be a very busy one, and it was enough to just find the time to post a chapter of my current WIP fic on AO3 every week, let alone do anything else.

But, I'm back! And I'm back with a ticket to the Vancouver Supernatural convention for Sunday, courtesy of a friend of mine who very kindly bought it for me. Yay!

It was a last-row GA ticket, so I took the morning while the gold panel was happening to go have breakfast with some friends. Then I meandered into the convention motel around 1pm, managed to see a FEW people I knew (Sadly, a lot of the regular faces weren't there this year, or maybe I just missed them, but either way - they were missed.) 

Then I settled into my very back row seat for the 4 panels of the day. And started taking sketchy notes - so enjoy this report! Where everything is paraphrased!

Richard and Rob opened the convention day with some Vancouver based puns and some jokes about how people can't tell Rob and Richard apart. Then Richard made Rob leave the stage so that he could announce that their next panel was very special guest Rob Benedict.

Rob Benedict

Rob thanked us all for being there, and commented on how the convention felt particularly special, because it's the last one in Vancouver while the show is still filming. So, although there will be another convention next year (in Oct), this year has a special energy to it.

The first question was about how Death once said that eventually he would reap God - and now that Death is in the form of Billie, what does Rob think about the possibilities of that happening. 

Rob answered that Billie would definitely beat him in a fist fight. He thinks God being dead would be bad for the world though.. but he would love to work with Lisa Berry. He thinks it's cool that since it's the last season, there's a greater possibility of them addressing things like that. He admits that he probably would have had a better chance against Julian.

The next question was what time period would he travel back to, if he could travel back in time.

Rob wouldn't want to go too far back, because life spans get shorter. He thinks maybe he'd go back to the roaring twenties - before the Depression. He'd definitely go back before the Depression, when things were roaring - not after everyone lost their money. He mimics a sort of soft-shoe dance and comments how everyone would be dancing like this.

If you go too far back in time, medicine gets really iffy. Like in the 1800s, he'd break is leg and they'd put leaches on it or something. It'd be cool to go back to the time of Jesus, just to get the truth from Jesus and settle some modern problems. Caveman times would be really crazy. 1924 just sounds easier.

What does he want for God's ending?

Rob thinks that God isn't necessarily evil right now - he's just frustrated. He'd like God to find love again. Then he'd want God, Dean, and Sam, to drive off in the Impala into the sunset together - and then the care takes off like in Grease - and their singing the song from Grease too.

The next question was about a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis that Rob is involved in - and did he know that Colton (sp?) from the Bachelor was going to be there?

Rob didn't know that Colton was going to be there. He was asked to participate with the band. The Lucifer cast is going to be there too. Rob watches the bachelor and is excited that Colton will be there, that perhaps they'll be able to have a conversation. Rob then mimicked what that conversation would be like, "Dude!" "Bro!" "Bro!" "Dude!" Because that's how Colton talks. Rob thinks they can connect. 

The bachelor is Rob's favourite show - it's funny. He knows people judge him for it. His friend does a podcast about it, and she has him guest star every second episode or so, so he has to stay up to date. He knows the show is terrible, but he thinks it's a lot of fun.

Is there any new music coming out?

Rob goes through phrases of writing. He recently wrote a bunch starting around this past Christmas. Some of it is going to be for Station Breaks, some for Louden Swain, and some will be for a solo album. He's in the process of making demos to send to the boys to see what they think. In the fall, he's going to a convention in New Zealand, and there's a guy there who does limited edition vinyl pressings - and he's going to be putting two of Rob's new songs on vinyl for him. So he's excited about that.

The next question was about the live performance of She Waits versus the original recording - they have different feelings, with the live performance being much deeper emotionally. Was that on purpose or did it just change over time?

It changed with performance. It grows the more Rob plays it. It was also because when they recorded it, it was still relatively new, and the guys were still finding their place in the song in terms of what they were playing. It matured as they played it for audiences. It came to mean different things... Rob sang just a part of it at the convention in Toronto right before he had his stroke, when his brain was still okay. After the stroke, he saw recordings of it and it became a goal to get back to there - that level of health. He also feels like he can go deeper into the emotions of it with the Supernatural fans audience, because it's like talking to a friend you know will accept you, so you can really tell them how you feel.

Should we still be hoarding toilet paper or has Chuck's advice changed since S5?


Hoard water, canned goods, and toilet paper - because no one is going to be making it. It's once of Rob's favourite lines from the show. And he still believes it - hoard toilet paper in your basement or garage or wherever you store things, and if you ever need it - and he hopes things don't come to that -  "when you use it - think of me!"

What was the most emotional experience at a concert?

He saw Pearl Jam last year when they were playing in Seattle at the stadium. That was a great show because it's their hometown, and proceeds were going to the homeless. He also saw Paul McCartney a couple of months ago at Dodger stadium, and that was amazing because the Beatles were a huge influence on Rob. Rob's brother in law was crying the whole time. He also, many years ago, saw Wilco right when the singer had gotten out of rehab, and the singer talked a lot about the experience and was funny too - and that was a really special concert.

Favourite song? 

This was asked by a very young fan, who then told Rob that their favourite song was January (by Louden Swain). Rob couldn't really name a favourite song, but he said a song he's enjoying recently is one that his kids are listening to by Billie Ilish (and I probably spelled that wrong, because I have no idea who he is talking about - I am an old person who hasn't listened to the radio in a year.) When Rob's daughter played it for him, he suddenly felt very old - it's not that he didn't like it, it was just that it makes him feel old.

In S11, Chuck was watching a curling match on the TV. Who decided on curling?

It wasn't curling during filming - that was added in post. So it was whoever was in charge of that in post-production. Rob thinks curling is really neat though - he went to a curling match and was surprised at how exciting it was. That he was coming out of his seat a various times. 

The next question came from a first-time conventioner who has only so far watched until S12, so he's been spoiled a bunch. If the show did another episode like The Real Ghostbusters and showed us another Supernatural (book) Convention - does Rob think it'd look the same as in S5, or would it have bigger crowds now? And does Rob ever think about that episode when he's doing conventions?

Rob thought about the episode way more in the beginning, because it aired the night before Rob was set to do his first convention. So, he watched the episode and then went to his first ever convention and he was pretty much the same as Chuck was - super nervous and clutching his water bottle.

Now if they revisited it - Rob thinks that it'd be the same. Still a small crowd. The difference is that Chuck is the only celebrity for the books. And Chuck isn't good with people. Of course, now that Chuck is God... maybe if they advertised THAT it'd get a bigger crowd!

But Chuck thinks that without the God element, it's still a small fandom mostly run by Chuck's ex-girlfriend.

Also, Chuck probably wants to lay low at the moment anyway. Then Rob realized that he was giving spoilers, and he said "remember me from S11, that singing nice guy! Ignore what I just said!"

The next question was about two songs he sung while he was in Europe - Bring It In and Trust Your Gut - are they going to end up on an album? 

Rob thinks that Bring It In will end up being a Louden Swain song, and Trust Your Gut will probably go on his solo album. It's more personal. Then Rob mentions that he needs a cool name for his solo work - Flash McGee! "... so stupid."

What Marvel or DC character would he play?

Rob knows that physically he can't play Thor, but maybe he could play Iron Man. The questioner's favourite is Iron Man! So Rob feels like he got the answer right.

Did you know the turn in S14 was coming?

Not really. He found out fairly late in the game, a couple weeks before when he got the script. He read it and thought "people are gonna be pissed!" "It ruins my whole brand!" But Rob thinks it's a lot of fun to play, because it's so unlike him - so he's having a good time with it.

In S11, Chuck was more ambivalent about everything, and now he's taking a stance. Rob thinks it's a really cool set-up for the final season.

He was at a convention in Paris right after that episode, and when he walked on stage people booed! He took it personally, because he's super sensitive, but then he realized it was all in good fun. 

Would God mess with the Impala?

Rob thinks that would be way too cold-hearted. "Even God understands a good automobile." It's an antique. But, Rob reminds us, he actually has no control over anything - so if God does mess with the Impala, it's not his fault.

Does he have any advice for someone wanting to get into film and/or music?

There's the technology now to just do it all yourself on your own. That's Rob's recommendation - get an apple computer with garage band and mix your own music. Get a camera and film your friends and you putting on a play. Just "do!"

The next question was hard for me to hear, but seemed to be about a short film that Rob was in at the Toronto film festival. How'd he get into doing it?

The director was a friend of his and called him up and asked him. He has also recently done a part in a feature film that he just finished filming and will be out in the future.

Follow-up question - does he prefer short-film or feature?

Rob's written and produced his own short-film in the past, so obviously likes short-film. But he's drawn to features just because you can pack more of a punch, and short-films really only get seen at festivals - whereas features have wider releases.

The last question was a heavy one about how Rob views God on a scale of petulant child to something I couldn't hear, and also something about free will.

Rob sees Chuck more as a stubborn creative person, who wants things his way and loses interest in projects - only his projects are real people. As for free will, you should live your life as though you have it.

The band plays Rob off stage, as we clap, and then Rob comes back on stage to sing with the band. 

Richard tells him that he just missed Rob Benedict! And asks why he never sees the two of them in the same room.

Ruth Connell

The screen behind the stage messes up and overlays Ruth's panel announcement over Rob's - so it says RoRuth BeConnell, much to the delight of Rob. 

Richard makes fun of the fact that Ruth is wearing a visor hat - and claims it's because she drank too much the night before. He explains that Ruth will pour a bunch of liquor into one giant container, drink the whole thing, and then claim that she only had "one drink". 

He then tells a story of them driving down to Seattle for a convention (being driven, more like) and drinking the whole way down - with Ruth drinking straight whiskey. Then they arrive and the back of the car is filled with bottles, and Ruth is like "I only had two drinks" like it was just Richard and Misha who were hammered. 

As Richard and Rob leave the stage, Ruth tells us that the reason they were driving on that trip was because Ruth lost her passport - and then Misha lost his passport on that same drive too.

Rowena went from being a villain to a friend - when does Ruth think the switch happened or was it a slow transition?

Ruth thinks it was a subtle slow change. Ruth thinks Rowena would still do selfish things, but that she's had a redemption arc - like a heroes journey herself.

She asks the fan when she thinks the change happened. The fan thinks that it happened when Lucifer killer her.

"The second time?" Ruth asks. And then laughs at the fact that Rowena had to be killed by Lucifer TWICE before she rethought her life decisions. 

Ruth thinks that the turn was complete when she tried to get Fergus back and faced Death - because Rowena had never had to really face Death before like that.

Most challenging scene?

Ruth laughs and references a scene they've already talked about during this weekend that they filmed last week - where they were just laughing way too hard to get through the take. It was with Jared and Misha. She says that the joking on set is the worst it's ever been, probably because it's the last season - "what are they going to do - fire us?"

Ruth did have a panic about it later though - because Charles Beeson is directing and she worried that she'd made a horrible impression on him.

On her and Charlie's roadtrip do they know the route or did they stop at any roadside attractions?

Ruth said they'd be driving down through Nevada - that Rowena likes being driven, and Felicia said that Charlie would prefer to drive. They'd have snacks of ice pops of vodka (but not while driving) and the playlist would have Abba.

How do you learn your lines that aren't in English?

With great difficulty. Ruth has had to speak Italian, African (well, more likely a language FROM Africa, unless she meant Afrikaans), Polish, Scottish, Latin, etc. She requests the translations when she can. She then giggles about the word Vulnerable, since that was the word that started the laughing episode on set the other day, when she misspoke and said vulva. 

But the translations help her make associations with the words and give them meanings. Other than that, it's repetition. She was talking to one of the make-up artists who worked on Sabrina and apparently sometimes on that show the spells get changed last minute - and Ruth can't imagine how hard that must be. She needs time to learn them.

The next questioner says they're from Vancouver Island, and Ruth is rerailed for a moment talking about how back in London she had a good friend named Heather who was from "some mystical place called Vancouver Island" and when Ruth first started auditioning and trying to put on an American accent, they told her she sounded too Canadian, and she realized she was just imitating Heather.

What's her favourite bit of Vancouver?

Ruth loves Vancouver. She's done about 32 episodes here now, and each episode means that she's in the city for 8-10 days - and that adds up over all to being roughly a year of living in Vancouver. It's familiar now. Her favourite part is that where she's staying, the washer and dryer is in the wardrobe closet - which just makes sense to her, because that's where your clothes are! She's only seen that done in Canada, and she thinks it's brilliant. (Sidenote: My sister who lives in WA also has this, and I agree that it's brilliant.)

What's the best of strangest thing that you've stolen?

Hearts and minds everywhere. 

In her college drama program, her nickname was Fagin. Not because she was a thief, but because she encouraged others to steal.

She once went with her friends to a cool club in London, and there was a picture on the wall. And she said that she wanted it, and pressured her friends - and her friends took it off the wall and walked out with it. The next morning she woke up and realized what had happened and was going to take it back to the club and apologize, but then it was on the news that someone had been shot just outside the club - so she didn't go and never returned it.

What was her first impression of Jared and Jensen?

They're really cute.

Before she did the show, she watched 14 episodes in 2 days. She tried to work out who was more handsome.

The first day she was on set, someone walked past her and she heard him say "she's really tiny!" Then Jensen sat down across from her and said "another redhead!" 

But he was really nice and took the time to chat with her. He has Scottish ancestry - it's where he gets his freckles.

Jensen is also so calm. If he wrote a self-help book, it would just say one thing inside "Don't worry about it."

When she first met Jared, she bumped into him and Jen and one of their babies outside the place she was staying. But she was sick, so when he went in for a hug, she was like "Don't touch me!" because she didn't want to make him ill. 

Days later they were at the 200th episode party and Jared asked her if she was feeling better - and she thought it was amazing that he remembered that she had been sick and seemed genuinely concerned and wanting to know if she was feeling alright now. 

What are you going to miss about Rowena?

Nothing. Ruth is going to dress up as her every night. When they sell the costumes, she's going to buy them all - they won't fit anyone else anyway.

She's going to miss the license to snark at tall handsome people all day long.

Would there ever be a Witchy Spin-off?

Rowena thinks they should go back to Scotland and do an origin story, where they use that new technology they have and make her look 18 again.

(Then I missed a bunch of stuff because someone in my row decided to have a loud conversation with either their seatmate, or on their phone, about how their husband was at Yolks but was on his way. FYI Yolks is a good brunch spot in Vancouver - and for the 0.0001% of you who, like me, are allergic to egg yolks, don't worry! They take the yolks out of the french toast and pancake recipes in order to use them in their hollandaise sauce, so as long as you don't order eggs or anything with hollandaise, you're fine!)

Who on the crew would Rowena like to prank?

Rowena was involved on a prank on Mark Shepard that lasted 6 months and he still doesn't know about it. 

It's very hard to prank Jared and Jensen.

(And then I missed more, because that loud conversation was still taking place.)

Does she drink tea or coffee?

Both. She just wants caffeine. Her fave tea is Rhodes (I may have this wrong) Tea. She took it to Kim's place once and discovered that it also says "Magical tea" on the tea bags!

If Rowena could get Fergus back by giving up her magic, would she?


Ruth then realized it was the end of her panel, but the band wasn't coming out yet. So she decided we should do something unexpected when they came out. Someone suggested we all turn around - but she thought that would be too disturbing. So someone suggested the wave - and she liked that. She had the audience do the wave, pause, and then say "HI!"

We practiced once, and one guy jumped the gun on the "Hi!" and Ruth shouted "Sir, you were too early!" and then asked if he was early for everything.

Then Rich and Rob came out and she had us do it. Then Richard brought out his phone and had us do it again so he could record it.

Jared and Jensen

Rob and Richard try to stall. Richard says it's because Jared is pooping, but he's not supposed to tell us that. So he asks Rob to play a song that doesn't mention pooping or Jared. Rob says he has a song that works.

Rob and the band start to play, and I'm enjoying the music... and I'm sitting in the VERY back row by the aisle... and then this guy runs past me, and I think "Ooo, that's a handsome guy!" and hot on his heals is ANOTHER one, so I think "Ooo, there's two of them!" and then it occurs to me that I'm waiting too see two handsome guys, and indeed, that was them. So that was a rather hilarious moment in my brain just in the fact that it took me until they were half way through the audience to clue in to what had just happened, because I was too busy being like "I definitely want to chat up THOSE TWO fans of Supernatural..." lol

They start the panel after doing the jump. I'm slightly distracted by the fact that Clif is standing directly behind me, and now I'm intimidated for no reason, as I always get when I'm around cops/security type people. "Play it cool and they won't suspect anything... wait, I haven't even done anything to suspect!"

Jared talks about how it's the last convention in Vancouver while they're still filming.

Jensen looks over at him and then is astounded by how much glitter is on Jared's face. "Did you eat a unicorn for lunch?" Jared leans towards him so that Jensen can get the glitter off, but Jensen leans away from him and tells him no. 

Then Jared realizes that Jensen has Jared's hair on his shirt and brushes it off.  Then he leans in to Jensen again and Jensen leans away again.

Jensen points out the crew in the audience. They mention that they should have gotten them crew shirts. "We had them all branded in S3, but it's not visible." '"It's illegal" Jared points out. Jensen has them all stand up so that the audience can better see them.

They talk about the concert the night before. Jensen asks if anyone saw Jared. Jared asks if he missed something last night. Jensen says that "we missed you." Jared leans in for a hug, and Jensen shouts "No touching!"

Jared says he'll catch the videos on youtube the next time he goes into an SPN rabbithole. Jensen asks how often that happens to him, and says it's something like 2 or 3 times per week. Jared explains that it's always the bloopers that launch him into the rabbithole - "If you enjoyed season 1 bloopers, you might enjoy season 2 bloopers - I would!"

Jensen talks about how he was asking around about what a good crew gift would be this year and someone mentioned a yearbook, and Jensen was like "isn't that just youtube now." And then they point out that the show has actually gone on longer than high school.

Jared thinks the yearbook is a terrible idea unless it's gold-plated. Jensen asks if he's appreciate it more if there was a heartfelt letter from Jensen inside, talking about how he's watched Jared grow from a kid into an amazing man and wonderful father...

Jared: "Is the letter gold-plated?" 

Jensen: "Well, it's covered in bullshit."

If they could have 3 characters from different shows on their show?

Jared would have Stephen Amell, because he's wardrobe would look better when compared to a guy wearing rubber.

Jensen would have Lucifer, Thomas Shelby...

Jared suggests Neegan, just because they can outrun Neegan, and when you're dealing with zombies, you just need to be faster than someone else.

They ask the fan who she would choose, and she says Neegan, Priestly (from 10 inch hero) and Dean from Gilmore Girls. They then make a bunch of jokes about how useless Dean would be. Jensen jokes that he'd have to throw hot coffee on a vampire. Jared explains that he'd hand over a bunch of groceries and weigh the vampires arms down.

Is there anything they'd like to steal from set?

Both boys get shifty. Jared then says that he likes to read - so he's going to take the Bunker to his house. Just put it on a dolly and wheel it down to Texas. 

But Jared's actually been stealing little things for years. He takes his chairbacks every year, and also every watch that Sam wears except for those that he has auctioned off for charity instead.

Jensen said it would be a great question for them a year from now. Right now Jerry Wanek is sitting in the audience and Jensen reassures him that all his sets are safe - and then jokes that he's going to go back to work tomorrow and put gps tracking devices on everything.

A fan yells out that Jared took Ruby - and so he says it into the mic. Jensen jokes that it's more like Ruby got stuck with him.

Who are your favourite people to prank?

Jared says there are two people for two different reasons. One is because they are hard to break and they hide any annoyance so well - and that's Jim Beaver. The other is because he breaks all the time, and that's Misha. Jared actually says "that girl - I think her name is Misha. She's really cute."

Jensen points out that Misha has actually gotten better at not breaking, which makes it even more fun. But that there is one person on set who gets it constantly at a low-level, and that's Brad Cressar the camera-operator. 

Jensen tells a story about Nina, the director, telling Jared that he's an idiot and the only person she has ever seen that will sabotage his own coverage. Jared just laughed.

Jensen explains how Charles Beeson is back directing after a time away and that he's probably regretting it. "How has it gotten worse?!"

How do they get anything done?

Jensen jokes "Slowly" but then takes it back and says that they actually work at a fairly breakneck speed, so he isn't sure how they do it. He just knows they're not hireable anywhere else. Jared says to call him in April and he'll work for food.

Fave season or episode?

Jared says to film and to watch have different answers. He hated filming French Mistake, because he wasn't sure if it was going to work or if they were jumping the shark - but it's probably his favourite to watch now. They also mention Baby as a favourite - and Jensen explains that it's because of the fan support that they're able to do the more experimental episodes like French Mistake and Baby, and he really appreciates it.

Jensen doesn't really have a favourite season or episode, but he has favourite moments. He likes the scene where Dean confronted Mary, because he thought it was a great catharsis for the character. In the end, he's going to look back more on the moments he had with certain actors or characters more than individual seasons or episodes.

If you wrote an episode?

Jensen explains that for the past 2-3 years, Jared, Rich, and him have had a constant text message threat going dedicated to just writing down funny ideas for the show - they call it Naked SPN, in reference to Naked Gun. It's full of slapstick comedy stuff.

Jared agrees. There's only 11 episodes that Jared hasn't seen scripts for yet though.

What should one do on a Sunday in Austin?

Jared would do what his wife and kids are doing right now, and that's hang out in their friend's pool. It's either that or watch football. Sundays for Jared and Jensen are usually pretty low-key because they've got to prep for returning to work.

Jensen doesn't want to do what his wife and kids are doing right now, because they're at home watching Beaches. It's Danneel's favourite movie, but "not while I'm around!" He suggests anyone who is in Austin for a day jog or bike around the lake - or take a paddleboard onto the water if they're feeling more adventurous. Then go out and eat oysters for lunch at a particular restaurant. Then go to the Family Business Brewery outside of town. Then go see the bats fly out from under the bridge at sunset. Then go have a drink at the SanJac Saloon.

Who is their style icon?

Jensen busts up laughing at Jared, urging him to tell the audience who his style icon is. Jared explains that both Jensen and Genevieve have tried to assist him, but have both given up. He dresses for comfort.

Jared continues to explain that when he and Gen started dating, he was already on the show and fairly well off financially - he owned a million+ dollar house (note: housing prices in Vancouver area are such that basically every single house is more than 1 million dollars, so this does not mean the house was opulent or large at all.) He could afford nice things - but his favourite pair of pants were these pair of bootcut jeans. But because they were boot-cut they would catch under his heels, and they ripped, and they ripped pretty badly - so he stapled them together.

Jensen butts in here to explain that they were stapled all the way up to the mid-calf. Jensen kept trying to explain to Jared that "They still MAKE jeans" not only that, but "they can also repair those jeans" but Jared didn't see what was wrong with just stapling them himself whenever they ripped more or a staple fell out.

Jared explains that the jeans later vanished, and he's not sure if Jensen or Genevieve did it. Jensen says it was Genevieve, she told him - she burned them in the backyard.

Jared then asks Jensen who his style icon is. 

"Jared," Jensen answers.

Jared then suggests that it probably depends on the occasion. Jensen agrees. He says that for stuff like the concert, he looks to people like Gary Carr Jr (sp? this is just what I heard, I have no idea who that is). For casual wear, he just has certain stores he likes where their stuff gives you a certain look. 

The fan asks what those stores are, so Jensen lists them as "Stag" in Austin (it has a longer name than that, but I didn't write it down.) and Brooklyn Clothing Company in Vancouver. 

Jensen thinks that style should be personalized to the person - so he doesn't imitate anyone in particular. He just tries to look decent.

Jared says the nice thing about both Stag and Brooklyn Clothing Company is that they're near Office Depots, so it's easy to buy staples too.

What places in Vancouver do they like?

A fan in the audience yells something out, and Jensen repeats it with a laugh "So we can find you!"

Jared likes the seawall. In S1 he was training for marathon until he busted his knee, so he used to run it alot... and over the years he's always run, biked, or rollerbladed it with his two dogs (who are now both sadly passed). He likes it for two reasons - 1 it's gorgeous, and 2 there's a lot of nostalgia. On day 2 or 3 of filming, Kripke pulled him and Jensen aside and they sat on a bench overlooking the water and they talked about the future of the show, and when Jared first got to town - he was new, but Jensen had already been living there, so Jensen was like "there's a nice bench over by the water we can eat out lunch" and Jared would have never known without Jensen to tell him, and yeah...

Jensen explains that these days they have less time than they used to to enjoy the city, because they are filming and then they go home every weekend instead of staying in town. Though, they played golf yesterday which was nice because Jensen's been trying to get Jared out to play golf with him. They joke about how they beat Clif, but really Clif beat himself.

Jensen likes walking around downtown by the art gallery. He thinks Vancouver is a beautiful city and really his only complaint about it is that it isn't home.

But there's lots to do here - Jensen's parents just left on an Alaskan cruise that left from the port here, and someone told him about a fishing lodge that he'd love to go to - maybe one day.

Have they ever been to Alberta?

Jared has been to Canmore to go skiing. He's also been to Lake Louise and Bamff. He thought it was paradise. From what he knows about Alberta though, it's a lot like Texas only they have funny accents.

Jensen has never really been there. Possibly his very first public appearance was at the West Edmonton Mall, however. It was the cast of Days of our Lives, and he was a new character. He was playing Allison Sweeny's brother. And Allison Sweeny's character was a bad guy and so when she walked out on stage people booed her. Jensen didn't really understand that they didn't mean it personally, so he got really angry and started sort of lashing out at the audience, defending her. Jensen imitated it for us all, making his voice squeak while he did so, because, as he explained, he was young and only just out of puberty. 

Are they going to do more Marathons? Have they considered the Cliff to Coast Relay in Oregon - the way it works is that there's teams and 12 legs that you switch off on and...

Jensen: "What did we sign up for? Misha still can't walk from the last time!"

Jared says that yes, he's planning to do more. He explains about the Swiss Alps one he attempted to do, but was "wonderfully humbled."

He can usually run a marathon in 4 hours, but he ran 17 miles in 5 and a half hours, and then was told that the next place that he had the option of stopping WITHOUT a helicopter rescue was another 12 miles, so he bowed out.

Then Jared went on to tell a hilarious story about another thing that happened during that vacation...

They were in Leon, France, and they were staying at this place. And Jared and his buddy were playing with the kids inside when Gen and her friend came in and told them there was a fight outside! Jared figured it wasn't Texas, so he was unlikely to get shot if he attempted to intervene and de-escalate things, so he went outside to help while Gen stayed with the kids.

It was a man arguing with a woman, and no one was hitting anyone, but it seemed a bit out of control, so Jared went up behind the guy and bear-hugged him to keep him from hitting anyone. The guy didn't seem to mind, and Jared took this to mean that he didn't really want the fight to escalate to violence either. Jared couldn't understand anything that was happening, because it was all in french and Jared doesn't speak french.

Then the woman came up and smacked the guy while Jared was holding him, and the guy finally looked back at Jared in frustration and did a double-take and said "Supernatural?"

Jared replied with what little french he did know - "Oui"

"Bon" said the guy.

The girl had walked away, so Jared let the guy go, and through hand gestures and body language confirmed that he was cool and wasn't going to go after her or anything. And then, as the guy walked away, he turned back towards Jared and said, "Sam Winchester... Merci."

And then left.

Jared says "It was the weirdest fucking thing that has ever happened to me!" 

He then went back inside and described it to Gen, and she responded with "No one knows who you are!" as though he were lying.

Now they're using the line "Sam Winchester... Merci" on set as a joke.

What fictional town from one of your previous shows would Sam and Dean go to and what monster would they fight?

Jared decides that he'll answer for Jensen and says that Dean would go to Stars Hallow to take care of the shapeshifter that looks like his brother but calls himself Dean.

Jensen then answers for Jared and says that he would go to Salem and tangle with Marlena who is God. 

Then Rob Benedict came out at the back of the stage and glared at them - so Jensen quickly amended it to "Uh, the Darkness - God's sister." And once Rob left the stage, turned to the audience and said "he was right behind me!"

Last question - If you could reshoot an episode, which one?

Jared wouldn't change anything, but he'd like to reshoot the Pilot and Swan Song just to reexperience them knowing what he knows now. The 16 days of the pilot to exist again, and maybe this time he'd keep a journal. He didn't feel like he appreciated them or took the time to appreciate them enough at the time. Same with Swan Song, which was the completion of the original SPN arc.

Jensen considers the question and the audience does that thing I hate where they try to answer the question for him. Jensen then finally settles on the fight scene with Lucifer in S13. He would cut the cords. Him and Jared then both imitate how the fight scene made Jensen and Mark look like puppets.

Jared: "Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn."

Richard Speight Jr.

Once again, Rob and Richard bring Richard out as though he hasn't been MCing the whole weekend.

Richard jokes that it's "post apocalypse convention" now, because most of the ballroom is empty due to Jared and Jensen events happening elsewhere (or people just having left).

The first question is about him resurrecting his "porncover shirt"

Richard found it in his closet and decided to wear it. It was then pointed out that it was actually red and white, which suited a convention in Canada. He then tells the history of Porncover a little - which is the year he announced everyone with their pornstar names (first pet+street they grew up on). 

What was his fave porn name?

He only remembers Ski Glenwood and Skippy Griffin - which were Rob and Matt, but he can't remember who was who. Jimmy Mateo from Band of Brothers was Bowser 134th St.

Does he have a sweet tooth?

No, that's just the character. Richard is a savoury guy! That's the side of the crepe menu he orders from.

Fave episode to film?

As a performer - the reveal that the Trickster is Gabriel. It was a cool moment. Also, in his first episodes, Kim Manners was still the main SPN director and Richard appreciates that he had a chance to work with him.

His favourite episode otherwise is Unfinished Business, because it was challenging - he had to direct and be the main (two!) guest star(s). It was unbelievable to experience. It was also fun to explore the backstory of the character and meet the actual Loki. Also, not many people have directed themselves kicking their own ass.

If he could be God for a day, what new animal would he event?

Firstly, he wouldn't take Rob's calls that day - he'd be so upset. Richard doesn't know what animal he would invent. He asks the questioner and they don't know either.

The next question mentioned the film Driven that he did, and asks if he has any other similar film projects at the moment.

Richard has no plans at the moment. It was fun to do Driven. But he just sees what comes his way and seems interesting.

In Metafiction - was that Gabriel or was that a fabrication by Metatron?

It was all Metatron, because there's no correlation between Gabriel in that episode and what we saw of his location during that time later on.

Rich then got sidetracked with talking about how in Stuck in the Middle, Asmodeus was pronounced AsmoDAYUS and then when they introduced the character, he was AsmoDEEus (or maybe it was vice versa, it's late now.)

What's the shortest amount of time you've had to prepare?

Sitcoms have the shortest times. It's sometimes that day, or sometimes even between takes. The biggest curveballs are always in auditions though, when you prepare something and then walk in and they tell you they aren't doing that any more and they give you new pages and five minutes. It's intimidating, but it sharpens your skill. 

Richard then talked about film challenges where people write, film, and edit, short films in a 24 hour period. They did the video for Bandaged Hand in 48 hours at once VanCon.

Band of Brothers question - how many times did you have to run up the hill at the beginning and where people supposed to be tripping or was that just happening?

Richard can't remember how many times - but it was a lot. They also filmed in England where it was freezing, but they had to pretend they were in the Georgia heat. All the falls were choreographed, because you need to know what to expect in the shot.

Advice to give yourself at the start of SPN?

Be less scared of conventions. Richard had never been to one, and he turned down the first few they offered him because he didn't understand what they were - he thought they'd be depressing things where no one would be interested in him at all and he'd feel pathetic. He'd tell himself not to worry. 

Also, no show he's ever been part of has had so much fanart, and official art, and official merch - and before they called him back for Mystery Spot, his wife was pregnant, and he was just sort of eating what she ate - and he got "puffy" - and then they put pictures from that episode on all the merch!

Favourite episode or scene from Kings of Con?

Richard thinks Rob is so gifted at comedy - because he plays it so honestly. He loves the scene in the hotel room where Rob is with the guy who wants to commit suicide and then comes on to Rob. Richard laughed so much off camera that he ruined takes.

He also loves the scene with Rob and Ron Livingstone in the sauna.

Richard thinks that Kings of Con was his fanart, as much as any of our fanart is fanart.

Was there a particular song you wanted in an episode or still want?

Richard got Staying Alive in Optimism, which he thought was an accomplishment. In Twigs, Twine, and Tasha Baines, the song at the end was absolutely perfect and suggested by someone I forgot to write down. The song was called In Peaceful Dreams by Seasick Steve. It was a great song for the moment.

Richard asks the fan if they have a song they want in the show. They say that want Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark.

Richard says that he'll make a note. And he does.

He then explains that the way he makes notes when he's in a rush is to text them to the last person he talked to - so Alex Calvert just got a text saying "Iron Maiden - Fear of Flying." Alex wrote back and sad "Can't help you." Richard then sent Alex another text, which he dictated to the phone, explaining that he was making a note during a panel because a fan requested that song - and Alex wrote back and said "You're too cool."

What's another show that he would put Sam and Dean on if they did Changing Channels again?

Richard always liked the idea of putting them on Judge Judy. Teletubbies, Simpsons, Bob's Burgers... Peaky Blinders... someone suggests the Bachelor, Richard notes that Rob likes that show because Rob likes bad television. Richard then thinks maybe Naked and Afraid.

Whose idea was it to turn Sam into Kit from Nightrider?

Jeremy Carver wrote the episode, and it was directed by Charles Beeson. So, Richard credits Carver.

Weirdest place he's been recognized?

Richard was at the bank, which isn't a weird place. But he was recognized as "the guy from Kings of Con".

And then it was the End of the Con as we know it.

Richard and Rob closed off the panel portion, and I took off to have dinner with some friends!

I DID score a sweet location tour ticket for tomorrow (technically today! So, provided I don't miss the buss in the morning, I'll be going to that and will have another report!

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