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Clothing for S13 Posted!

That only took me a month longer than I intended... thanks to those of you who were patient!

As usual, you can check out all clothes from the If Clothes Could Talk Master Post. But if you just wanted to look at the Season 13 list, you can click through to it. If you want to see thumbnails, go to the master post and search by type of clothes, rather than by season or individual. (putting thumbnails in seasons or individuals makes the posts too long for LJ)

The charts and graphs are posted under Season 13 without commentary... but if you want my commentary, click on the cut-text below...

Charts and Graphs!

Sam continues to have the most clothes, but only just, with Dean continuing to catch-up to him.

They are pretty even here too! Usually, it's Sam sporting the most new gear and Dean mostly favouring older items, but not so this year!

Again, fairly even. Dean is our henley wearer, so no surprise there. Dean USUALLY wears a greater variety of coats than Sam does, but this year they are exactly equal, the only difference is that Dean got two new coats and Sam only got one* (*not including a borrowed jacket from the AU, which didn't belong to him and he's unlikely to wear again.)

Sam continues to favour plaid!

The Plaidification of Dean's wardrobe continues. Most surprising is how very little he wore green/beige this year, which in the early seasons were usually his default colour scheme. Green is slowly being supplanted with red, it appears!

In a surprising turn of events, Dean shunned ALL wardrobe from S2-S6, with none of those items recurring. The S1 item is actually a bit of a false flag too, as Dean got a replacement shirt in S8 that looks nearly identical to a S1 shirt (only it's a different brand) and so I counted it as the S1 shirt, since I track shirts by looks, not brands (I do not have the time, nor knowledge, to figure out what brand things are.) So, technically, Dean is just wearing clothes that he purchased in S7 and after. 

Sam, meanwhile, shunned clothes from both S4 and S8... perhaps he thinks they are cursed, as those weren't the best seasons for him, personally.

Besides the current season, Dean wore the most clothes from S10, while Sam favoured clothes that he bought in S11. 

And there you have it! CLOTHES!

S14 clothes will be posted after S15 concludes. 

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