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Sam's 80s Videogame Plaid

Sam's 80s Videogame Plaid

Listen, I don’t know why this plaid shirt reminds me of the early days of videogame technology, but it does. Also, it’s been 13 seasons and Sam has officially broken my brain for coming up with names for plaid shirts. When I started this project there were only 5 seasons, and I didn’t have these problems. This plaid is a very vibrant blue, green, and white. It’s a fine plaid shirt, with emphasis on the horizonal when viewed from a distance. It does up with white snaps.

Brand: Lucky Brand


In Devil’s Bargain (13x13), Sam is wearing this shirt when they track Lucifer and Anael down to the motel that they are staying in.

In Unfinished Business (13x20), Sam wears this shirt in the motel at the beginning of the episode. He changes out of it before they go after Loki.

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