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Quick Reaction: 5x02 Good God Y'all

Oh my goodness...


Let's see if I can name what I loved in order:

Dean's ribs! My god, they are beautiful...all those symbols, that is the coolest thing ever!  My little sister said it best: "It's like they just leveled up!" Haha

Cas actually CALLS. That was brilliant...I love the fact that he calls Sam, and I love the fact that he's blocked them from ALL angels, including himself.

Then! Then! The best line ever: "No, he's not on any kind of flat bread." - I was laughing so hard that I nearly missed the wonder that is...

FINDING OUT WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT DEAN'S AMULET! (besides the fact that Sammy gave it to him, of course.) All this time, Dean was walking around with a rare amulet that would warm in the presence of God...crazy!

AND THEN HE GIVES IT TO CAS! I love the fact that he flat out refused at first, then he VERY reluctantly handed it over, and said "don't lose it!" Haha, it's like when you lend stuff to your little sibling.

Oh, I forgot about Cas yelling at Dean! That was AWESOME! That was an absolutely awesome rant, and it gave us back a bit of the Cas we originally saw in 4x02 (AYTG?IM,DW).

Sad thing about Bobby being crazy depressed though :(

Alright...then we're off to see Rufus, who has come out of retirement. Loved the fact that there was rock music as Sam and Dean strolled into town.

I was crazy worried when Ellen just hugged Dean. Did anyone else catch that? I thought that the other Hunters must know what Sam did, and they would all hate him...but it seemed to just be a coincidence. Still, all the Ellen love was directed towards Dean - really, all the attention was directed towards Dean in this episode.

Sam takes salt off the shelves unnecessarily slowly and carefully...

When Ellen was asking Sam what was up between him and Dean, I realized that she must not know about what Sam did...otherwise she would probably be able to guess what was up between him and Dean...still, I like the fact that it is obvious to the people that know them that something is not right between the boys...as painful as that is.

I was very confused by the encounter with supposedly possessed Jo...man, I did not get what was going on.

Dean's first reaction is still to get irate and rescue Sam, I'll take that as a good sign. It was also the first time that we actually saw him pause though and try to figure out what they were dealing with...and that's just natural character growth, it's, I believe, the slow introduction of Dean The General. We see a bit of this when the soldier recognizes Dean as a fellow soldier, which he is...just not the kind the guy is thinking. I like the fact that Dean tells him that he served in hell and means it.

Anyway...another thing I love: THE BOYS FIGURE IT OUT AT THE SAME TIME! It's true Dean deduces it and Sam is basically told...but it still counts. Things might be shitty, but the guys are still equals when it comes to doing the job, I think.

Oh man, War's line about the Irish: CLASSIC. That line and the flatbread line are my two favorite in this episode, I think. I did my Masters in Irish History, I'm allowed to laugh at that joke - because it's friggin' true...just look into the reasons for their civil war. That country is a little ridiculous sometimes.

Dean does rescue Sam...though, it isn't the first thing out of his mouth when they get through to Rufus and Jo, which I'm not sure what to make of.

Ok...next next...

The boys take out War TOGETHER. Why THEY can't see this, I don't know...but we still get the ending...

What does one do with War's ring? I was wondering if Dean should put it on a rope around his neck so that he doesn't feel as naked, but maybe it carries bad mojo or something.

And then Sam up and leaves....and Dean LETS him. It's funny, because during my S4 rewatch, I've been talking about how Sam is resenting the fact that he has to look after Dean, and here we get Dean basically feeling the same way about Sam now too...worrying about him so much that he feels it interfers with him getting the job done.

I thought we learned in the first season that you guys were stronger together? Didn't we? Guys? Hello?

Susie thinks that this is setting up the next episode: which she thinks will have Lucifer in it (Susie never reads any spoilers, so this is all speculation on her part)...she feels that the Show has to set Lucifer up as being powerful and scary, and a good way to do that is to weaken our heroes - and Sam and Dean are weaker when they are apart. I don't think they'll be apart for more than one episode...I just don't see how the show could possibly work that way. But still, breaks my heart.

Hopefully Sam will go back to keep Bobby company. 

If I were Dean though, I'd worry more about Sam if I DIDN'T know where he was, then if he was right beside me.

So, a couple of questions:
1)What does it mean that Dean is without his amulet?
2)Did the amulet have any powers besides warming in the presence of God?
3)Is Bobby going to be ok? I really hope Sam goes back to keep him company...Bobby needs at least one of his boys, even if he just sits there ignoring them.
4)Is Cas going to lose the amulet and Dean have to smack an angel?
5)What does it mean that DEAN had this amulet since he was 12.
6)How come Bobby didn't know what the amulet did - or did he? He was the one that gave it to Sam to give to John.
7)Why am I so obsessed with Dean's amulet?
8)How are the boys going to realize that they are better off together?
9)What's Bobby going to think of them splitting up?
10) Is it next week yet?

Though, I gotta say...after these heavy opening episodes, it'll be nice to get to a funny one.

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