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Timeline: Season 14 -

NOTE: In S6 and S8 there are one year time jumps. However, the Supernatural team did not actually skip a year chronologically. I've listed the dates below as they appear in the narrative, but you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed below. See note before the S6-S7 timeline for details.

Season 14

~October 2018 - (3 weeks after previous episode) – Michael is a Stranger in a Strange Land as he wanders around devising his strategy for world domination. Meanwhile, Sam, Cas, Jack, and Mary work to save Dean, while Sam also serves as a leader to the new Hunters in the Bunker. We see at least 2 days in the episode, with Sam traveling to the Bunker, then to Detroit, and then back to the Bunker.
-It takes 13 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to Detroit MI. It looks like they travel all night and arrive in the morning, and then travel back on the same day, so I haven’t added any extra days for travel.
-Sam says that Dean has been missing for 3 weeks.
-See either 13x23 notes or 14x02 notes for details on dates.

~Mid October 2018 – Sam, Bobby, and Mary travel to Duluth, MN, on the trail of Gods and Monsters – or at least Michael. Meanwhile, Castiel holds the fort with Jack and Nick. Nick travels to Pine Creek Delaware. Jack briefly travels to an unknown location. The episode takes place over at least 3 days.
-The article from Duluth that Sam reads is dated October 26th. Bobby also questions why anyone would go to Duluth in October. However, the day count of the episodes doesn’t match up with that date, as 5 days we see and “about a week” we don’t see has to go by before 14.04 Mint Condition takes place.
-It takes 11 hours to drive to Duluth from Lebanon, KS.
-There’s no indication of how Nick got to Delaware – it could be that those events don’t happen concurrently, as he is still missing in the next episode.

~Late October 2018 - (shortly after previous episode) – Sam and Dean return to the bunker, while Mary and Bobby stay behind in Duluth. Dean finds a weird scar on his shoulder. The Scar leads them to Sioux Falls, SD, where they team up with Jody on a hunt. Meanwhile, Cas and Jack stay behind to deal with a hexing. We spend two days in this episode.
-It only takes 5 hours to drive to Sioux Falls from Lebanon, KS, and Dean is seen to be speeding there – so I have not added an extra day for travel.

October 31-November 1, 2018 - (about a week after previous episode) – Sam finds a strange case involving, no longer in Mint Condition, comic-shop collectables to try to shake Dean out of his post-Michael funk. The boys travel from the Bunker to an unknown location. The episode takes place over at least 2 days.
- The case might be within a days driving distance, or it could be that they leave on the 30th and only arrive at the case on the 31st, nevertheless, we know that this case takes place on Halloween, and then we are told that the clock clicks over to November 1st at the end of the episode.
- Sam says that Dean has been hiding in his room for “about a week” – which means that it’s probably been more than 3 days since the previous episode.

November 2018 – (not long after previous episode) – Sam and Dean travel to Claremore, OK, when Maggie goes missing on a hunt. They run into Mary and Bobby. We spend 3 days in this episode (including the night Maggie goes missing), with the boys driving from the Bunker, to Claremore, and back again. (Nightmare Logic)
- It’s about a six hour drive from the Bunker to Claremore.
- Jack and Cas are apparently in Sarasota, FL, for some reason.
- Dean talks about the events of Mint Condition in a way that indicates that they were very recent events.

Unknown 2018 – While Sam and Charlie hunt just outside of Memphis, TE. Jack convinces Dean to bring him on a hunt in McCook, NE. We spend only 1 day with our heroes in this episode. (Optimism)
- Jack shows Dean the news article at 9:41am.
- Dean has just recently returned from “an overnight run” to see Mary and Bobby.
- McCook NE is only 2 hours away from Lebanon.

Unknown 2018 (shortly after previous episode) – When Jack collapses, the boys try everything they know to find a cure, but his Unhuman Nature may be his undoing. We spend 2-3 days in this episode, with the boys not traveling much further than Lebanon, but Cas traveling to an unknown location to meet a shaman and then returning again.
- They take Jack to “Eastern Plains Hospital” which is probably either in Lebanon, KS, or not far from Lebanon, KS.

Unknown 2018 (shortly after previous episode) – Jack dies, leaving Sam and Dean to explore even more drastic ways to save him, and sending Castiel to find his soul in Heaven. The episode takes place over approx. 3 days. Sam drives a little bit away from the Bunker to chop some trees, and Cas travels to Heaven and back. (Byzantium)
-Back stage photo lists Jack Kline’s dates as 2017-2018

December 23-24, 2018 – Now that they know where Michael is, it’s time to act. Dean and Cas track down The Spear from a recycling facility outside of Omaha, while Sam and Jack try to retrieve the “egg” that removed angels from their vessels, from a shipping facility in Joplin, MO, so that they can attack Michael in Kansas City, MO, on Christmas Eve. As usual, nothing goes to plan and everything ends up much much worse than when it started.
-Michael’s plan is to have monsters overrun the city, while everyone is at home “nogged up and waiting for Santa”

December 25, 2018 – We learn that Michael has succumbed to Nihilism, when our heroes get him back to the Bunker and attempt to free Dean from his grasp. Our crew is teleported back home, leaving the Impala back in Kansas City, MO.
-The episode seemingly takes place after midnight on December 25th with the main action concluding before daybreak, the final scenes containing discussion about what occurred could happen at any point thereafter though.

~January 2019 – Dean travels to visit Mary at Donna’s cabin near Hibbing, MN. Sam follows roughly a day later, and eventually everyone ends up in Grand Rapids, MN, briefly before returning to Hibbing, because Nick is definitely Damaged Goods after his possession by Lucifer. We spend 3 days in this episode (1 added for travel time)
- It takes 12 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Hibbing, MN.
- As Donna states, Grand Rapids is indeed roughly a 40 minute drive from Hibbing. Whether they made it in 20 minutes, as Dean insisted he intended to, remains unproven.
-see Prophet & Loss for date estimate

January 16-18, 2019 - (shortly after previous episode) – Sam and Dean drive to follow through with Dean’s plan, but Sam finds a case along the way that leads them to a Prophet & Loss in Fort Dodge, Iowa. We spend at least 3 days in this episode, which the episode beginning late at night on the first day.
-One of the machines by Donatello’s bed informs us that it is January 18th
-Sam and Dean are staying in a hotel room when the episode opens, so they have probably left Donna’s cabin in Hibbing and are on their way to the ocean. Iowa is directly south of Minnesota though, so they aren’t yet heading for the coast. However, it is clear from Dean telling Sam that they can go home at the end of the episode that he had no intention of going back to Kansas (which is south-west of Iowa). It’s only a 6 hour drive from Hibbing MN to Fort Dodge IA and yet Sam and Dean have seemingly been driving for a full day before Sam finds the case and tells Dean that it’s “on the way”. So, it’s a big of a mystery where they’ve been driving between Hibbing and the moment that Sam finds the case.

February 7, 2019 – Dean and Sam recover some interesting artifact and then head home to Lebanon, KS, where, in an attempt to rid himself of Michael, Dean additionally summons John Winchester from the year 2003. We spend at least 1 day in this episode.
- We don’t know how far away the pawn shop was from Lebanon, so this episode could all take place on February 7th, or it could be that a day passes between when Dean and Sam acquire the items and when they get back to town.
-The cook in the restaurant tells us that it’s February 7th, aka “Skip Day”, a day when the local teens skip school and go to an old house outside of town to party.

Unknown 2019 – The gang track a Gorgon with Rowena’s help through New Mexico. This episode takes place over 2-3 days, starting in Raton, New Mexico, and ending at the Bunker. (Ouroboros)

Unknown 2019 – Sam and Castiel investigate the weird town of Charming, Arkansas. Meanwhile, Dean drives Jack out to Donatello’s house in Lewis, OK, hoping to gain some Peace of Mind. We begin and end the episode with everyone in the Bunker. The episode takes place over roughly 4 days.
-Dean tells Sam that they just got back from 3 back to back hunts, it is implied that these hunts all happened as a result of Sam having difficulty staying in the Bunker after the murders.
- Since Lewis OK appears to be a fictional town, I'm assuming it's in the part of Oklahoma that is closer to Kansas, so I'm not adding another day to compensate for travel.

Unknown 2019 – Sam and Dean travel from the Bunker to Polk City, IO, to investigate a pattern of disappearances in a nearby national park. Meanwhile, Jack makes friends with some local teens, and they Don’t Go in the Woods, but still run into trouble. The episode takes place over approx. 4 days.
- Dean tells us that Cas left because he was “cooped up for a few weeks” in the Bunker.
- Unrelated to the timing of this episode, we discover that the Winchesters have movie nights on Tuesdays.

Unknown 2019 – Just as the Winchesters are about to sit down for Game Night, they get a call from Donatello pleading for help. It seems Nick has been up to no good. Sam and Dean race off to investigate, traveling from the Bunker to Lewis, OK, where Donatello lives, and then back again – and then to another unknown location as directed by Nick. Meanwhile, Cas and Anael try to find a way to contact God. We spend probably less than 24 hours with everyone over the course of two calendar days.
- While we’re not told where Donatello lives, it always seems well within a days drive of the Bunker. Likewise, wherever Nick has Donatello held captive also seems to be within a reasonable distance of driving, so I haven’t added any days for travel. Only marked when the sun went down or came up.
- Since Lewis OK appears to be a fictional town, I'm assuming it's in the part of Oklahoma that is closer to Kansas, so I'm not adding another day to compensate for travel.

Unknown 2019 (directly after previous episode) – Sam and Dean return home, after dropping off Donatello, to find that Mary and Jack aren’t there. They get concerned as their Absence drags on and Jack doesn’t answer his phone. We spend approx. 2 days with Sam and Dean once again, as they try to track Jack down, traveling from the Bunker, to the cabin Nick used in the previous episode, to Rowena’s apartment in an unknown location, back to the cabin, and then ultimately back to the Bunker.
- All locations seem to be relatively close to each other based on the narrative, so I haven’t added any days for travel.
- It’s confirmed in Mary’s heaven that she lived from 1954-1983, and from 2016-2019.
-The hunt that we see Mary and Cas on would make the most sense as occurring during 12.09 First Blood, however Mary says the line “the boys will be waiting” as they leave the hunt – and neither Mary nor Cas knew where the boys were in 12.09 as they were imprisoned in a gov’t facility and very much not waiting at home for Cas and Mary to return. This means that this hunt would have had to take place sometime between 12.03 and 12.08.

Unknown 2019 (not long after previous episode) – After having a memorial service for Mary, Dean and Sam try to put Jack in the Box. They travel from the Bunker, to an unknown location to see a victim, and then back to the Bunker. And Dean travels from the Bunker to the place Mary died and back again as well. Meanwhile, Cas makes several trips between the Bunker and the gate of Heaven. The episode takes place over at least 3 days.

Unknown 2019 (immediately following previous episode) – Jack flees the Bunker and commands the world to stop lying. Sam, Dean, and Cas try to track him down again, until Chuck calls on them to sacrifice their son in Moriah. Sam and Dean travel from the Bunker to an unknown location that has a software company, they then get zapped back to the Bunker (seemingly along with their car), and then travel to an unknown graveyard. The episode takes place over at least one day, which is the same day as the final day of the previous episode.
- Usually I add a day when Sam and Dean have obviously driven out of town, as they did when they travel to wherever Mirror Universe, but given how little Jack does in the same time-frame, I decided not to in this case. Also, the season finales often take place over an extremely short time period.

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