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Quick Reaction: 14x20 Moriah

It's the end... of the season!

Preamble preamble... you all know the rules. I've been drinking, while taking bad notes, etc.

I'll tell a funny story instead: While I was walking to my friend's house, I kept seeing my cheek out of the corner of my eye... "why can I see my own face? That doesn't seem right? Can I USUALLY see my own face and I just never noticed before?" I was confused. Was soon distracted by show and friendship... then when I got home, I was able to look in the mirror - BIG OL' ZIT forming. So.. there you go folks, it's never a good sign when you can suddenly see your own face.

Now let's talk about the episode, which is only marginally less distressing than acne....

We begin with a discussion of the biblical reference of Moriah, because I had to pause to write down the title and then my friend recognized the reference...so, from the jump, I knew this episode was going to get into some sort of modern re-telling of God request to Abraham that he sacrifice his single son Isaac in the land of Moriah. So, yeah... I mean, in a sense, it wasn't NEW information, because I knew the single question plaguing Sam and Cas (Dean's mind seemed made up) was whether or not Jack had to be killed.

We also begin much how I had expected - with Jack blasting them, accusing them of lying to him, and then leaving in a huff. He also seems to have brought down the roof at least in THAT room... which makes the bunker LESS underground than I originally thought, because the sky was just right above that ceiling! Also, they have a whole in their roof. I hope Dean got some roofing experience when he was on that construction crew briefly in S6.

Everyone is like "But how did he break out of a box strong enough to hold an archangel?" and Dean is like "I guess he leveled up" and meanwhile I'm sitting there like "NO, YOU JUST FORGOT YOUR OWN LORE - NEPHILIM ARE STRONGER THAN THEIR PARENTS! ERGO HE IS STRONGER THAN AN ARCHANGEL AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN!"

But no one listens to me... oddly like they can't hear me at all and this episode was filmed weeks ago... how strange.

Dean wants to kill Jack. Which puts he and Cas at odds (a fairly rare event) and they step up into each other's spaces about it. Dean keeps throwing Sam under the bus with him while he argues, saying that Sam agrees with him, even though Sam is looking like maybe he's just letting Dean make assumptions because it's better than having Dean yell at him.

Dean figures that they'll have to make another soul-bomb, like they did when they were trying to kill Amara. In Dean's opinion, Jack is killing people, and therefore has to die... that he loved the kid too, but Jack isn't Jack anymore,. now he's just another monster to be put down.

Meanwhile, Jack wanders a small town somewhere and listens to all the conversations around him... realizing just how often people lie. It makes him pretty mad, so he commands everyone to stop lying.

Sam and Dean, meanwhile, go to a software company called Mirror Universe - which is a reference to Star Trek, for those who don't know, and the origin of the evil-doppleganger-with-goatee-trope (in the actual episode, only Mirror!Spock had the goatee, because he couldn't show his differences via emotion like the other characters could, so they gave him a visual difference.)

As they pull up, Sam is getting off the phone with Rowena - who isn't onboard with the idea, but has promised to try to build them a soul bomb anyway.

They walk into the software company, and Dean calls all the employees nerds - and Sam FINALLY calls him out on that, and points out that Dean is a huge nerd himself. YAY! That only took 14 years. :P

Sam explains why they're there. Since Jack is flying, they can't exactly track a licence plate, so Sam is hoping to use facial recognition software to track him via security cameras.

My friend wisely points out that a company that specializes in facial recognition is NOT something that Sam and Dean should get involved with, as - you know - they're both technically dead mass murderers?!?! Conveniently, they don't seem to be worried about this at all.

Dean DOES get worried, however, when he goes to the receptionist to be a fake FBI agent and instead tells her his real name and why he's ACTUALLY there. He tries again, but still can't lie. He quickly regroups with Sam, telling Sam that he can't lie. Sam doesn't believe him, so he asks Sam who his favourite singer is - claiming that Sam always says it's Elvis, but Dean knows that's a lie. Sam tells him it's Celine Dion, and then freaks out because everytime he tries to say Elvis he says Celine Dion instead. HAHAHA, Sam. Also, say what you will about the songs she sings, but you gotta admit that Celine Dion has some pipes on her... so, can't blame Sam too hard there, it all depends how you're ranking singers.

Meanwhile, of course, Jack's order to stop lying is affecting everyone around them too. There's a few storylines going on in the office, there's the classic yogurt-stealer, there's a stapler-hoarder as a send-up of Office Space, and then there's my favourite, which is the two guys... one of whom is sleeping with the other's wife, but the other one actually knows about it and thinks it's super hot.... and has also been recording it for his own pleasure. Amazing.

Sam and Dean quickly retreat to a conference room to escape the chaos and flip on the news - discovering that the command to stop lying is effecting the entire country (and the world - as we get confirmation later).

We then rejoin Cas, who is trying to gain access to Hell. He's denied. And then CHUCK SHOWS UP!!

Even with the whole Abraham reference for a title, I did not see that coming, nor expect that God would actually show up. Perhaps I should have, given that Cas was recently looking for him - but nope, a pleasant surprise!

Meanwhile, Jack has gone to visit his grandparents (the Klines) again. His grandmother seems less enthused to see him this time.

We rejoin Chuck and Cas, as Chuck explains that he came because Cas called for him - and also, because Jack is a problem.

Back at the Klines', Jack explains that he wants to talk again. His grandmother says no, that he lied to them before - that he never worked with Kelly and that they've been told that Kelly is likely dead. And she demands to know what Jack did to her. This is not going as Jack planned, and he yells at her to STOP. (Uh oh!)

Back with Sam and Dean. Dean is arguing outloud with a mommy-blogger on the interent. So, I guess for Sam's "non-masculine" love of Celine Dion, Dean has to also have a "non-masculine" obsession with mommy blogs. At least they're equally honest in the fact that toxic masculinity restricts what interests men can openly display.

Back with Chuck and Cas, Chuck explains that humans need to lie... and that Chuck is a writer, and lying is what writers do. He takes Cas to Mirror Universe to show him the chaos and to reunite him with Sam and Dean.

Jack meanwhile is flying the Kline house.

Sam and Dean are both surprised by first Cas, and then Chuck. Dean demands to know where Chuck has been. Chuck is like "interesting story, it reminds me of a song" and picks up a guitar from nowhere. Dean is not having it at smashes the guitar. My first instinct, of course, is to be like NO! GUITAR! and be like "way harsh, Dean!" But, upon reflection, it was actually a brilliant writing trick, because this episode has to reframe Chuck as an enemy, not an ally... and he was a huge sympathetic ally the last time we saw him, so they have a limited amount of time to reverse that view. So, this move is actually fantastic, because it takes the image of the singing fatherly Chuck of S11 and SMASHES IT IMMEDIATELY. And so instead of being enigmatic but wise, Chuck suddenly seems obtuse and patronizing.

Chuck transfers them to the Bunker. He answers Dean's question - he's been everywhere in the universe, and also saw Springsteen on Broadway... Amara is in Reno gambling. He recaps the last few seasons and admits that the British Men of Letters plot was a little weak.

He shows them that the lying thing has effected the whole world, and then he fixes it at their command, restarting the day, so that it didn't happen. Sam asks if it's really fixed, and Chuck tells him that it is in some hilarious but condescending way that I didn't write down.

Chuck then gives them a special gun with which they'll be able to kill Jack. He insists that Jack has to die. That there's a balance to the world of Dark and Light, etc. Dean points out that there's no bullets in the gun - and Chuck tells him that it works on a quantum energy thing... that even Cas doesn't understand, so he has to explain it in plain language - the gun will kill shoot the person it's aimed at, but it will also deal the same damage to the person who fired the gun. Whoever kills Jack will also die - which is why God can't do it himself, because if God dies, the entire universe goes with him.

Chuck seems confident that they'll want Jack to be dead, because he killed Mary. Cas, however, doesn't agree still. Dean tells him to get on board or walk away - and so Cas walks away. (Go Cas!)

We get a brief flash to Jack, just to be reminded about what he's been up to today.

Dean is drinking alone in the corner of his room behind the door... um.... Dean, not to be, like, judgey or anything, but that doesn't seem like healthy behaviour and maybe you're having a difficult psychological time with some of your recent decisions maybe?!

Sam comes in and doesn't seem to concerned, but Sam is pretty inscrutable these days. Dean starts to make a speech, and Sam cuts him right off and says he already knows the whole conversation - that Dean is going to tell him that Dean will kill Jack and Sam has to let him except. Sam takes EXTREME issue with that - telling Dean that he's acting like they don't have a choice, when they've ALWAYS had a choice - that's their whole thing - free will FTW! Sam takes the blame for making the decision to use the spell that burns off Jack's soul, but then he also points out that Jack burned off his soul SAVING BOTH OF THEM (and Cas) from Michael. Sam knows Dean wants his permission to die, but Sam can't stand the thought of lose both Jack AND Dean in addition to everything else he's lost and therefore refuses to give it.... and then storms out of the room like a proper little brother. Yay Sam!

Cas is in a graveyard, pretty angry - but Jack meets him there, so I'm thinking he must have known Jack would be there. Cas gives him a big hug.

Back in the Bunker, Sam walks in on Chuck playing with the archangel blade. Chuck says he hasn't seen one in a long time and asks where they got it. "Another world" Sam answers. He then asks Chuck how many universes there are. Chuck replies that there are many - there's one that's in reverse, there's one with no yellow, and there's one that only has squirrels.

I have a lot of questions about the no yellow one... like, is it that no living thing can PERCEIVE yellow, or is it that the wavelight of light/energy that IS yellow is missing... so, there's just a whole spectrum of light that....doesn't exist? But if there's no yellow, can there still be white light? Since white light is ALL light spectrums... I'M SO CONFUSED.

Back to the actual show though... Sam brings up Michael's argument that Chuck abandoned those universes like failed books. Chuck denies this - and then says that of all the Sams and Deans in all the multiverses, THIS Sam and Dean are his favourites.

In the graveyard, Jack brings Cas up to speed with his day... and then admits that he really just can't feel emotion anymore. That he knows Cas loves him, and he wants to love Cas back, but he can't feel it. He then talks about what happened with his grandmother - and he only scared her, commanding her to stop and having his eyes glow... and then he ran away. Cas doesn't comment, but you can tell from his face that he's pleased with the news that Jack didn't kill her.

Sam starts to clue in to Chuck's motive. He asks if Chuck watches them - Chuck confirms that he does. Like a favourite show. (A LITTLE on the nose, but at this point, I'll allow it.) Why them? Chuck says "you're my guys!" but then tries to refocus the conversation back on Jack. Sam thinks that Chuck is scared of him. Chuck asks Sam, aren't you? (I think this is possibly when Sam realizes that he isn't). Sam points out that Chuck must know where Jack is - and Chuck says that he does, and also that Dean's already gone after him.

Jack is still having his session with therapist!Cas. Jack wants to be good. Cas is pleased, but states that they have to go somewhere safe while they try to fix the problem. Of course, it's just a little too late, as that's when Dean shows up with the gun.

Dean tells Cas to step aside, but Cas continues to block Jack with his body. Jack tosses Cas aside though, willing to face Dean's judgement and decision. He kneels on the ground to make it easier for Dean... and there's a great shot of him doing so from over the shoulder of a statue of Mary... so, you know, symbolism ALL OVER THE PLACE just in case we didn't get it.

Sam pulls up in a car with birdpoop on it and runs across the graveyard yelling at Dean to stop. He comes to a stop when Dean makes his decision and lowers the gun without shooting. Chuck appears at Sam's shoulder and orders them to DO SOMETHING. Then Sam clocks that Chuck is ENJOYING this. Dean throws away the gun.

Chuck is NOT pleased. It was supposed to be an epic moment - Abraham and Isaac. Sam once again points out that Chuck is just playing them. Chuck tells Dean that his brother is stupid and crazy and then promises that he'll bring back Mary if Dean shoots Jack. Dean refuses. He says Mary was his hero, and he knows that she wouldn't want him to do that. Sam continues to yell at Chuck for sitting back and watching them suffer again and again for kicks. Dean tells him "God or no God, you to to hell!"

Chuck is NOT AMUSED. He kills Jack (NOOO!!!!!!) Sam is NOT AMUSED and picks up the special gun and SHOOTS GOD!!! It hits the miraculously lung-less TV!shoulder, which is good, because Sam also gets a "bullet" wound there.

(Just, in case anyone ever decides to try to non-fatally shoot someone in the future - DO NOT AIM FOR THAT SPOT - it WILL collapse your right lung and probably kill you if you don't get immediate medical attention. The only reason Sam can still breathe and move his right arm is because he is either because he is on TV or he has so much scar tissue there that bullets don't even enter his body anymore.)

Now Chuck is PISSED about them ruining his plans - so he tells them "Fine!" and "Welcome to the End!" before he leaves.

We then go through Jack's empty eyesocket (gross) to find him waking up in the Empty. The Entity is there.... at first, I was super afraid it was going to turn into Lucifer and that'd be part of the plot for S15, but thankfully it doesn't... it paints a smiley face on it's blank liquid-metal face and then Billie is also there with her scythe...

...oh! I forgot to say earlier, but when Chuck, Sam, Dean, and Cas, were talking in the Bunker - they mentioned Billie and Chuck got all annoyed by her - saying he liked the old Death better, and Billie was always sticking her scythe in other people's business.... just as with the smashing of the guitar being the first step in transitioning God from ally to adversary, so too does Chuck's open anamosity towards Billie establish HER now as an ally.

...Billie tells Jack that they need to talk. And then that scene cuts. At first, I was thinking that this was a going to be a similar argument between Billie and the Empty about where Jack belongs now that he's dead... BUT... BUT... then I remembered Chucks dislike of Billie, and I realized that nope - Billie might just be the friend we need here.

And why might we need a lot of help?

Well.... back on earth, the earth cracks open, and souls start pouring out. It's the ghosts and restless spirits that Sam and Dean have "put to rest" over the years RETURNING TO EARTH... and if that wasn't enough, the graves all around them open up and they've got a zombie apocalypse on their hands!

And that's how we end the season.

Oh man oh man.

So, first impression was that this is a pretty epic set-up for S15! I'm also happy that Jack may just come back, or at least, his storyline isn't over yet. My only worry is them turning the show into an actual zombie apocalyse show...which, I don't think they'll do... but I worry about it only because I really don't like zombie shows (unless they're comedies - ie: Shaun of the Dead & Warm Bodies.) But... since that's not really the way Supernatural operates, and I don't see them changing the format for the final season, I'm hoping that's a baseless fear.

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!!!

I'll try to have the Timeline up by this weekend, such that it is (they didn't give me any dates on the last couple of episodes.)
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