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Rewatch S13: Unfinished Business (13x20)

Time for rewatch weekend part the second! I may try to do another two next weekend too or even try to finish up the season completely - my sister is visiting the weekend after that, so I won't have time.

Unfinished Business

Fenrir Odin's Bane. Fenrir is one of Odin's wolves. I love Norse Mythology, I'm sad that they all die in this episode! Hahaha

I like Gabriel though, and I'm sad if he's actually dead.

Oh, I also like the move of stabbing the enemy THROUGH yourself, because you are an archangel and have super-healing.

Dean: "What are you doing, don't unpack!"
Sam: "Dude, we could be here for days."

- So, I... never unpack in hotel rooms. Doesn't matter how long I'm staying, everything stays in the bag, or draped over a chair. It's interesting that Sam DOES unpack, because it'd be my instinct, with their childhood of vagabond-ness that they'd never bother unpacking either. I always saw unpacking as something that people who were used to staying in one place did - people who were "homey" people. The kind of people who made their bed after they woke up in the morning because they wanted to, and not because they were in the military.

The humans in the AU are running out of room for all the people Jack is saving - irony! Jack is TOO GOOD. I also kind of forgot how much time Mary and Jack spent together, you know - I was just thinking that he's sort of like a grandson to her, in a weird way... but I think she treats him more as just some kid she knows, since her relationship with her sons is already messed up enough.

Sleipnir and... I forget who the other guy was! I love Slepnir though - I love that they made him a snacking dandy.

Oh! This is the episode where Michael leads Jack into a trap.

Gabriel still doesn't want to join.

*door gets kicked down*
*Slepnir and Other Dude arrive*
Gabriel: "Raspberries."

- Hehehe, I love it.


So far, I don't have much to say about this episode - although I'm enjoying it. We're only 12:30 in though.

Kevin! I'm sad he dies here too... well, not HERE, but in this episode.

Gabriel: "They're not really demigods, the whole Norse pantheon is it's own thing - think of them more as God begotten monsters."
- That's a good way to think of them, actually.

Dean: "I thought this story had pornstars."
Gabriel: "Oh, good catch, my bad."
*story replays*

- I like that they included male pornstars.

Narfi! That's who he was.

And Gabriel is out for revenge...he's going after Loki.

Mary encourages caution and a day wait before an attack on Michael.

This episode is a lot of exposition... usually BuckLeming are the expositional ones, but this is Glynn, so that's a change - and also probably why this episode doesn't annoy me, even though it's a lot of exposition. There's just not a lot for me to talk about, because it has to go over so much information I already know.

Gabriel: "Every day Asmodeus tortured me. Every day! He fed of my grace for years. He used me. He debased me until I was- What I went through, you don't forgive. Everyone who had a hand in it will die, get me?"
Sam: "Yeah, we do."
Dean: "Okay, you went through it, we get it - but killing Loki, not going to change all that - probably not even going to make you feel better."

- Not that I think revenge is the answer, but I like the differences in how Sam and Dean respond to Gabriel here. Sam has a lot more empathy, because Sam is also a torture victim. Dean is a torture victim too, but instead of blaming his torturers for what happened to him, he tends to blame himself...so, killing his torturers isn't really something he sought, because they were demons, it's what they did - the fault they exploited was in HIM, the problem was HIM (as he sees it.) Dean didn't come out of hell looking for revenge, he came out of hell looking to ignore/forget what he'd done, or redeem himself somehow. (I'm not saying he's right to blame himself, btw, I'm just saying this is DEAN, he's got self-esteem issues.) Sam, meanwhile, has no problem (that we've seen) with his own conduct under torture, we don't have a lot of details about it, but anything he may or may not have been coerced into doing, Sam recognizes that it was part of the torture and not his own personal choice. I'm not saying that Sam wants revenge, or supports revenge, but I'm saying that I think he understand better the hatred that Loki feels for those who put him in that place.

Sam: "Okay, but, you're low on grace, and Loki knows you're coming..."
Dean: "Sam-"
*Sam and Dean step outside*
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Not that I care about killing gods, but this whole revenge kick? It's a waste of time."

- I love how casual Dean is about killing gods. Like "I don't care about picking up milk from the store, but we have perfectly good coffee creamers right here..."

Sam: "What if it's not?"
Dean: "You've seen it! With me, with dad. Revenge only ends one way? Ugly."
Sam: "Well maybe it doesn't have to."
Dean: "Okay, I think I know what this is."
Sam: "What is this?"
Dean: "You, you're so hopped up on this Kill Bill fantasy of his-"
Sam: "No, no, this isn't about me."
Dean: "If you had a shot at Lucifer, you wouldn't take it?"
Sam: "Of course I would, but this is about Gabriel. He needs our help!"

- I love Jared's deliver of "of course I would" like - Dean doesn't even realize he's talking about LUCIFER. He's just like "you wouldn't be able to resist revenge!" and Sam is like "Uh, Lucifer is a very bad monster who kills people, and it is my job to kill bad monsters - so yes, I would kill the bad monster."

Jack is going after Michael, even though Mary wants him to wait. Oh, Jack, cockiness will get you nowhere.

Mary: "I was just like you - with hunting - but I learned the hard way - thinking you can win all the time, running in blind into every fight - that's how you make mistakes."
- I wonder what event Mary is talking about? Maybe when the YED killed her parents and John?

Mary: "You can't help them if you're dead! And I can't lose another boy."
- Ah, so Mary does see Jack as one of her boys. Interesting!

Oh right, the trap was HERE, with Kevin, and he was trying to wait for the most of them to be there (including Bobby) before setting off the bomb. So, technically, Jack inadvertently lessened the body count by being impatient, but unfortunately raised it by being there in the first place in the hopes of tracking Michael down.

Aww, poor Kevin, just wants to see his mom... and kill himself because he's sad and morally compromised.

Kevin: "Michael doesn't want to kill you, he wants to break you. He wants me to tell you that even if you win, you'll still lose."
- So, he should lose anyway? I'm confused as to why Michael thinks this is discouragement. Let's see - I can have heavy losses and ultimately lose, or I can win with heavy losses...HMMM, TOUGH CALL, let's see, both mean that everyone I love dies, but one means that the person I hate also dies... SO HARD TO DECIDE.

I love the wing-protection move!

Sleipnir! I love him, he's such a fancy stupid horse.

Loki fight. More exposition on why Loki sold Gabriel out.

From a moral standpoint, they've all made horrible decisions.

Loki: "Face it, old friend, you're a joke - you're a failure. You live for pleasure, you stand for nothing - and in the end, that's exactly what you'll die for."
- I mean, he's not wrong - Gabriel's upcoming death is completely pointless and poorly written in my opinion.

I love that Jack has wings... they're so pretty.

Sam: "Wait, you're actually going to help us?"
Dean: "No tricks?"
Gabriel: "A deal is a deal. And if I'm being perfectly honest, tricks are for kids."

- Well, at least he's an angel of his word.

*Dean gets in car*
Sam: "Hey, how are you feeling, now that uh-"
Gabriel: "I got my sweet sweet vengence on?"
Sam: "Yeah, sure, I guess"
Gabriel: "Swell, Sam. I'm a whole new guy."
Sam: "That's what I thought."

- So, I like that you can take this as Sam seeing right through the fact that Gabriel isn't as pleased by revenge as he wanted to be.
- BUT, it also really annoys me because "I'm a whole new guy" when he was JUST FIGHTING A DOPPLEGANGER?! I makes me wonder, actually, about whether this is Loki - because I'm pretty sure when he produces angel grace in the next episode, he does it in private and it's only a tiny little bit - which to me indicates that Loki may have had a some stored. EXCEPT, Loki helping them with Michael doesn't make any sense, nor does it make any sense for Loki to get himself killed in the AU world. Also, don't we see the wings? I mean, granted, those could be faked, as we've seen them faked before - but to what end? Why would Loki want to go to the AU? I'm going to try to track this. If it IS Loki, then Gabriel is has no doubt used this opportunity as a way to slip away again - as the sword wouldn't have actually killed him, just injured him a lot. Maybe Loki wanting to be in the AU was just Loki wanting to be somewhere where Gabriel was not, and he didn't realize what a shit-hole it was? It still doesn't make sense... maybe this headcanon/possibility doesn't work, but I still want to track it.

Jack is a sad bean.

Jack: "If I can't keep them safe, then what's the point?"
- Is Jack a parent now?

Sam: "Back at the hotel - why did you take on Loki without us?"
Sam: "This has become a whole thing with you lately"
Dean: "Sam, I'm not going to apologize for protecting you."
Sam: "So that's what you think you're doing here?"
Dean: "Do you remember what happened, the last time we had tickets to the Lucifer/Michael show? 'Cause I do. You died and went to hell. But see, this time, the apocalypse isn't looking for us - we're actually looking for it. I don't care what happens to me, I never really have - but I do care what happens to my brother."

- I forgot about this! It's like they're trying to make up a little for S11, when they had the angst-free Lucifer return. I like this storyline. I complain all the time about them not focusing on Sam's feelings about being around Lucifer again, or going up against him again - but I never really considered how it'd be fun to explore Dean's feelings around that subject too. Because Lucifer did kill the only thing that Dean cares about - and it goes a long way to explaining why Dean had just shut down at the beginning of S13 too. Lucifer killed his whole world in the past, so it just made sense to Dean that Lucifer would have killed Cas and Mary too - that this is the way it went with Lucifer. He could be defeated, but only at the cost of everyone Dean loved.

Which, now that I think about it, is exactly what Michael is promising to Jack too.

Sam: "...and if we die, we'll do that together too."
- Aww, but you won't Sammy, at least, not the next time you die.

So, rewrites? Probably none. There's a lot of exposition, but you sort of have to have it for those who don't have the first 5 seasons memorized. :P

Let me know you're own thoughts and theories, if you have any! This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/576394.html.
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