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The 15th and Final Season

I don't know how to embed media on here - but I just happened to check twitter right as Jared posted the video announcement....

The 15th Season is going to be the Finale Season of Supernatural! 


I had given up predicting when they were going to end the show. I knew there was a good chance they'd stop after 300, because Jensen had gotten into trouble before for talking about it like it would be the last goal they reached. But, I also thought that they were going to stop after S10, and then after S13, because Jared had talked about stopping when Thomas was old enough for kindergarten.

15 is a good number.

I'm going to have to adjust some life routines! There is going to be a TRANSITION that's for sure.

The final rewatch will carry me into 2021 - and then I'll be able to wrap up the clothing catalog. Maybe I'll revisit some other fan projects that I put on hold as canon just seemed to get increasingly intimidating.

We'll see!

In the meantime, what a historic day in our little-big fandom family. I'm sure everyone is feeling all of the feelings. I know I am.

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