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Rewatch S13: The Thing (13x17)

Hello again! Let's just dive right in...

The Thing

Oh right! The one with the tentacals!

The victim's dress is gorgeous. I can't wear flapper style dresses, because I've got too many curves to pull it off, but man I like them on the super slight figures that they were meant for.

I think the thing I like most about Dean putting the post-it notes on Sam's back (Dum Dum, I'm stupid, Ass face, etc) is that I'm pretty sure that they're the only ones in the bunker right now... so this is purely for Dean's own amusement.

Sidenote: for the past 10 years, I've been noting the clothes down in a note with two columns - before each episode begins, I label the right column "D" and the left column "S" just before I started this one, I thought to myself "Do I really need to put which column is which? I ALWAYS put Dean on the right!" and then I promptly mistakenly wrote down Sam's shirt in Dean's column :P So, apparently I do need the labels.

Sam: "Alright, you go left, I'll go right."
Dean: "I love books!"

- I remember people picking this line apart when this episode aired, and now I can't remember why. So, completely off that topic...
- I love how Supernatural (usually) always does show or indicate that these guys need to do a bunch of research A LOT to solve things. I think I find Hunters (American Hunters - as exampled by Sam and Dean) compelling because they're a really cool mix of blue-collar dirty-job workers and academics. (A mix of the stereotypes of each, not the reality). BMoL was about really contrasting that, with the British academics not understanding what it meant to be in the trenches of life... and then you get characters like Gordon or (his name is completely escaping me now - but the guy who started believing that Sam was the anti-christ? That guy), who are the "just kill everyone who you don't like" variety and they never really move past the "easy" hunts. But then you get characters like Bobby (and John), who were huge influences on how Sam and Dean go about their jobs, and you see this blend of knowledge and action that makes them come out on top - because they're not constrained by the expectations of their social class.

Dean: "There it is! Jinkies!"
Sam: "You're going to stop saying that eventually, right?"
Dean: "I don't know, probably not."

- Hahaha - I'm kind of sad that he DOES stop saying it.

The chapter houses are cool. I have to say. It's a lot like the storage lockers used by hunters - and I kind of like the fact that basically Sam and Dean have stumbled onto an "ancient civilization" ruin-like equivalent.

Dean: "Great! More books."
Sam: "You love books."

- Again, I don't think they're lying. Dean doesn't particularly like research, but he appreciates the results (I can sympathize - I'm the same way. I really amassing information, but looking for it when I don't know exactly where to find it is the most frustrating thing in the world.)

Lesson #1 - don't unchain strange woman that are somehow still alive after 100 years.

And Ketch finds the secret to Asmodeus's powers.

Ploty plot plot...

Listening to Ketch - I think one of the tricks to sounding posh is to pronounce the Hs in WH-words.

One thing I like about this post-Crowley season - and I'm not sure they did it on purpose - is that there are less and less demons scene at Demon HQ, which sets up nicely the complete power vaccuum of both Hell and Heaven in S14.

And Ketch gets the crap beat out of him. Poor dude. Again though, except for being a spy, I'm not sure the purpose of Ketch still being alive. I think in my rewrite I can still just have him not be there.

Awww, Sandy killed one of those humans. I feel bad for them.

More MoL legacies - of a kind. Apparently, these guys' grandfather decided to start an apocalyse in the aftermath of WWI. And Sam finds out that Sandy is secretly an evil god.

Ketch: "At least I still have a soul."
Asmodeus: "And what do you think that gets you? All conflict and confusion."
Ketch: "I know who I am."
Asmodeus: "Do you? Because you say you have this code? This Men of Letter's code handed down for centuries? But you work for me - you think you're some cold-blooded killer, but you know what I see when I look into your eyes? Fear and regret and pain. I see your chewy middle, boy? You want redemption - but you ain't never going to get it. Your kind, my kind, we can't ever be redeemed? All we can do is spread our pain around. So no, you don't know who you are, but I do. Which is why no matter where you go, no matter what you do, you're mine."

- This is a really good speech and makes me like Ketch more as a character - but I'll say it again, if you wanted to give Ketch a redemption arc, you should have started it in S12, before Mary had to shoot him in the head.

And Ketch rescues Gabriel.

And Dean is chained up to be a vessel for a tentacle god.

Sandy put Dean's shirt he lent them somewhere.

Dean: "Oh my god, that's tragic - it's like a hallmark movie - but with tentacles."
Sandy: "I like you, Dean. You're strong. I like looking at your face."
Dean: "You're making me blush."

- I really do love Dean's defense mechanism of cracking jokes during unwanted sexual advances.

And Sam and Dean get the key of Solomon - and also, these dudes don't have to babysit a locked up god anymore - win win! Except for those that died.

And Ketch shows up with everything they need.

Sam: "Why would you? What's the catch, what do you want?"
Ketch: "Protection - from Asmodeus"
Ketch: "...So, this is the only safe place I know."
Sam: "What you think you're just going to move in?"
Ketch: "Dibs on the top bunk?"
Sam: "No."
Dean: "Deal."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "I don't know what the hell's going on here - but if this helps us get mom back. Helps us get Jack back - then sure, whatever you want."

- Dean sticking true to form since he found out Mary was still alive - whatever it takes. And Sam is still like "dude, we still gotta have morals!"
- But also, this would be a lot better if this was a more major defection on Ketch's part. If he wasn't already a completely free agent who had just used his free-agentness is a stupid way. 

Dean: "Somebody's gotta stay here, just in case."
Ketch: "And I'm coming with you..."
Dean: "Fine."
Sam: "Fine? So you want Ketch to go and not me?"
Dean: "I don't care if he dies. Hell I'm kinda rooting for it."
Sam: "Still, you can't-"
Dean: "No, I have to - it takes something that's been over there before to open the right door and that's either you or me! So, I'm going to go, and if something happens to me, if time runs out, then I need you to come and save me, and save mom and whoever else."
Dean: "I know you don't like this. I don't expect you to. This is the way it's going to be."

- I mean, on the one hand, Dean's not wrong. It makes sense to have Sam as a back-up - and it makes sense that someone has to "man the door" so to speak and make sure that nothing unwanted comes through while it's open.
- Another point though, is that Dean is still overcompensating for his early disbelief that their mother could still be alive. I think he still feels guilty for giving up on the possibility to fast - like it was a failure to believe in HER, and that in doing so, he may have lessened her chances of survival. So, now he has to make up for it by being the one to gladly sacrifice his own safety for her return. So, while I think it's a good strategy, I don't think that he's doing it from the healthiest of places.

Option #1: Ketch never came back - The trick here is how to get Gabriel to the Bunker. (From a purely writing standpoint, ie: I do not know the details of Misha Collins' contract). Have Cas do it. Cas is back from Syria. Where is he in this episode? We don't know. It's not even mentioned. He's just not there now. We also know that Cas knows that Asmodeus didn't have those powers when Lucifer created him. Cas ALSO is familiar with Gabriel's work. And Cas is very much aware of where Demon HQ is on earth. So, have Cas go back to investigate on a hunch - have that be the B plot. Have Castiel rescue Gabriel. It becomes a much more emotional rescue just in the fact that Castiel KNOWS Gabriel.

Option #2: Ketch was never shot by Mary and was beginning to falter loyalties at the end of S12 already. Now, you could have Ketch ultimately stick with the BMoL as a spy of sorts - we know that the BMoL was working with Crowley last year (did I rewrite that out? I can't remember), which is technically against their code. You could still explore Ketch's desire to redeem himself, his disillusionment with the BMoL and what they've turned him into (I still say that S12 would have been way more compelling if we'd discovered that Ketch had gone through a similar brainwashing as they attempted with Mary) - you can have the BMoL be the ones that sent Ketch to work for Asmodeus, perhaps as penance for helping Mary escape in S12 - and he's TRYING to be a good company man again, but finds that a beating from Asmodeus, and having his insecurities laid bare like that is the last straw - and this is when he ultimately defects from the BMoL, stealing Gabriel, seeking asylum with Sam and Dean, and leaving Asmodeus to take out any wrath on the BMoL, hopefully, before or in addition to, tracking down Ketch.

This might be my last rewatch for a couple of weeks! The show is back on Thursday and I'm away the next two weeks visiting family and going to Emerald City comic-con. (I'll probably also miss SPN on the 14th, just an early FYI).

As usual, let me know your own thoughts in comments!

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