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Rewatch S13: Devil's Bargain (13x13)

Time for another rewatch!

Super short rewatch post today, because there's just not that much interesting dialogue/characterizations to analyze in my opinion.

So, just a note before we start - I forgot to do a rewrite last episode - and I think it's because with the rewrites I was trying to keep up with the "no lucifer" thing, but as we get towards the end of the season, Lucifer's existence becomes a little more central to the reason why the cliffhanger happens. I can't figure out why Dean would say yes to Michael without the need for him to kill Lucifer. So, I've just sort of begrudgingly accepted his existence now.

Anyway, we open this episode with the cut-scene from last episode, where we rejoin Cas being wrecked in the woods.

And Lucifer is gone somewhere. Also, why don't the demons recapture Cas when he's just hanging out outside their HQ.

That guy just dropped a really large, probably expensive wedding cake - like, SERIOUSLY, it's probably for a wedding TODAY - he's going to be SO SCREWED. Hopefully it was just a show piece that he was taking some place that wasn't important.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is going around sucking out angel's graces.

Dean and Sam find out that Cas has been captive and they've been talking to Asmodeus. And also, that Lucifer is back. Ugh, poor Sam.

Lucifer getting used to having low grace. This is such a Lucifer heavy episode, ugh. Rewrite: Just cut out anything that isn't ESSENTIAL to understanding what Lucifer is doing.

Ketch and Asmodeus - this is definitely a BuckLeming episode, as it is written for someone with the complete opposite taste in characters than I have.

Ketch is being sent to kill Lucifer, even though it's a fools errand... though, may not be while he's poor.

Rewrite idea - have only 1 scene with Lucifer, before we join up with the boys, skip the cupid stuff, he's hungry and begging, meets this begger guy, finds out about Sister Jo.

Castiel has developed a very Dean-like delivery of his lines. I think it's kind of neat, actually, like Cas is slowly taking on more and more Winchester mannerisms/attitudes the longer he spends with them.

Donatello's back... and they've found the cupid. So, I guess the cupids death DOES have a purpose, ugh. Fine, leave him in. I just hate Lucifer.

Danneel! At the very least, she's a morally grey character and not a villain... but, she immediately teams up with Lucifer, which really annoys me and makes me hate her character a little. Still love Danneel, I just wish they'd made her a little bit more nuanced.

I do like the fact that she's not afraid of him. My favourite Danneel role is still the barely closeted lesbian in whatever that really crappy movie about cheerleading was that I watched that time.

Anyway, Anael (Jo) is smart for making herself a cashcow rather than a smash and grab robbery.

Ugh, seeing Lucifer mack on Anael's neck is SUPER GROSS to me.

Interestingly, Sam and Dean don't bother changing out of their suits before going to take on Lucifer.

And they find Ketch... I forget what purpose he has in this episode. So far, it's just plot catch-up and then Cas puts him to sleep and they trunk him.

Dean: "Alright, I say we take the dickbag back to the bunker, find out what he knows and put a bullet in him, burn his bones and flush his ashes."
Cas: "I like that plan."

- Me too.

Then it's off to try to find Anael, by tracking her credit card.

UGH, these macking scenes are HORRIBLE FOR ME. SO GROSS!!!!!!!


Anael: "I feel emotions, sensations, things they must feel."
Anael: "When I'm in that place, I can see why there'd be pain, but there's also hope - love even, angels can only imagine."

- Back to this mythology, where angels don't feel things to the same extent as humans. Yes, Anael tells us about feeling free after the fall - that's not something that someone with no emotions feels. So, it's still a confusing mess, and it's just there for us to sympathize with these two villains... and I don't want to. I don't care about the justifications for their stupidity.

And Donatello gets duped by Asmodeus.

There's a moment where Misha does an impression of Asmodeus, and it's perfect and brilliant, and well done.

Sam's face when Lucifer opens the door is fantastic. God bless Jared.

Oh, Ketch's purpose was SOLELY to be a deus ex machina.

And Ketch offers himself as a double-agent between them and Asmodeus.

See, this Ketch plot is at least a LITTLE bit intriguing, because he's an untrustworthy ALLY. That's what makes things interesting..

And Lucifer goes to try to get into Heaven. Honestly, the fact that they don't kill him is SO ANNOYING.

Lucifer sells Heaven on the idea that he can make angels. Why don't they just make another nephilim? I'm confused about Heaven's priorities.

Lucifer: "Angels were designed to follow, not lead..."
- This is one thing about the angels that I like... the idea that the reason they've fallen apart so much since deviating from God's plan is because they literally are incapable of making any smart decision on their own. We sort of see that with Castiel - he only makes good decisions when he decides to either follow his original design (ie: follow God's orders) or when he believes in Sam and Dean's leadership and follows their moral ethoes. When he tries to follow his OWN moral ethos, he tends to screw up.

Lucifer promises to get their wings back too - and I kind of do love the allegory of Lucifer overpromising on a campaign in order to get elected and it all being lies.

Lucifer is in Heaven.

Ketch is reporting back to Asmodeus... and we find out that Asmodeus has an "archangel blade" and suddenly the mythology changes that archangels can only be killed by archangels and it requires an archangel blade as well.

... and then we discover that Gabriel is still alive.

So, I don't like the sudden introduction of an archangel blade - just say that only archangels are supposedly strong enough to destroy other archangels, don't introduce some other specialty weapon too. BUT, I DO like the fact that Gabriel is back... I don't like what ultimately happens to him in this season, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

REWRITE: I just want less Lucifer in this episode... what's actually essential in this episode and what's filler? And can we please change the filler to be more interesting.

1)Keep the cupid death, as that's needed as a device to call Sam and Dean's attention, but in THAT scene, weave in that Lucifer is cold and hungry. Have him emphasis that cupid grace isn't enough to keep him from feeling hungry and cold, etc.

2)I can't remember if I've already written Ketch out - probably. I'm guessing we need him solely to rescue Gabriel - so fine, if I haven't already written him out, then we can keep him. If I HAVE written him out, then just... keep him gone. He is actually just filler here or our window into Asmodeus' movements - but we already have one scene with just a demon and Asmodeus - so really, we don't need Ketch at all. Cut him. Instead, rewrite the previous episode, OR have Castiel follow-up on what Lucifer told him the previous episode about these new skills of Asmodeus' being, well, NEW. Have Castiel get suspicious as to how he's doing it - he was just impressed in the same building as Gabriel, supposedly, have him be like "while I was there, I felt a presence that I had not felt in a long time - I thought that it might be a trick, but perhaps I was mistaken..." etc.

3)Cut 50% of the Lucifer/Anael scenes. Keep the scene ONLY where we see who she is, and then she bargains her way into continued existence. We don't meet homeless disabled guy until Sam questions him, since he repeats everything we learned about him earlier than anyway, one of those two scenes is superfluous and I'm getting rid of the one with Lucifer. So, we find out HOW Lucifer found "Jo" after we've seen him find her, not before, that's fine - it's not important information until Sam needs it anyway, and we certainly don't have to receive it twice. Cut the first macking scene and just have, after the initial bargain, Lucifer mention that the deal is better than what he did to the cupid - which puts them on the run. Cut the second macking scene too, for that matter, I don't care about how Anael and Lucifer feel about human emotions or Anael's former job or whatever. We already know she's making the most of her time on earth, and that she's smart and power/money/ambition-oriented.

4)Cut the need for the archangel blade - we know that Asmodeus is in Donatello's head, or having him report or whatever, so the end scene can be Asmodeus hearing about how the Winchesters failed to capture Lucifer, and maybe a demon is like "do you think he'll come for retribution?" and Asmodeus can be like, "Oh, I'm not worried," as he strolls across the room and opens a viewing panel - then we get the shot of Gabriel.

5)But what will we do with all this free time? Give me a scene about Sam's state of mind. Give me a scene about how Rowena was right LAST EPISODE where she said that Lucifer was never gone. Give me a scene of Sam wanting to call her to warn her, or Dean asking Sam how he's doing... give me a scene of Cas and Sam talking about it. Maybe Cas feels, you know, just a LITTLE bit guilty for letting Lucifer out in the first place back in S11. Have Sam and him talk about it, further that relationship. Give us the emotional stakes here!

Rewriting this without Lucifer: Man, like I said, it'd be hard. You'd have to take out all those above ideas, Anael's character altogether, the taking over of heaven, etc. The episode would become extremely different (same with last episode), and it'd probably end up being more about Dagon (who is still alive in this rewrite) and Asmodeus fighting... and maybe Asmodeus wins because he's got Gabriel, and that's how Cas discovers that he's still alive, etc. Basically, it'd have to be rewritten from scratch at this point.

Jensen and Danneel Ackles!

My VLC player always plays the Commentary tracks in Portugeuese by default now. It's so confusing.

I totally forgot it was Jensen and Dannel on the commentary! I was prepared for BuckLeming! This is such a great surprise.

Jensen asks Danneel why she finally decided to come on the show. She explains about accidentally predicting her appearance on Supernatural back in 2006 when she jokingly said she'd appear in S13.

They talk about the building at Riverview and how it's creepy on its own without set dressing and they film there all the time.

The rollerskate girl is a stunt performer and Jensen says she's a badass. Danneel thinks she's cute.
Danneel: "Why don't we ever do stuff like that?"
Jensen: "We're way past that, sweetheart."

They talk about how nice Mark is in real life. (Just not politically, I guess? What a weirdo).

Jensen talks about how Mark is properly trained boxer and how terrifying it is to fake fight him.

Jensen talks about him and Misha having the low-voice competition whenever they're in scenes together.

Jensen returns to ask about why Danneel came on the show. The character was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming recently. Apparently, Jensen asks every year if Danneel wants to be on, and then she finally said yes because of the joke of saying S13. So, Jensen mentioned it to Robert, who mentioned it to Eugenie.

Danneel didn't want to play the love-interest of the week.

Danneel: "Dean is a little bit sexier than you though"
Jensen: "Oh, good to know. Is that why you want me to talk in a low voice every now and again?"
Danneel: "Exactly."

Danneel's one stipulation was that she didn't have to work with Jensen or Jared. Because she knew that they wouldn't let her take it seriously. Jensen was super nervous on her behalf though and every attempt to make her less nervous made her more nervous because of that.

Danneel: "You came up to me and you said 'you need to find your Supernatural voice'"
- because her voice was so high. Jensen defends himself saying he didn't mean that. But Danneel doesn't let him back out of it.

Danneel talks about how nice it was to both be in Vancouver, but then the next episode it was mostly Danneel and Jensen had days off - so Danneel was "on set, by myself, with all of his family, and I'm like 'what am I doing here?'" and Jensen was back in Austin with the kids, which he had never been before.
Danneel: "Since we've been dating, he has never been alone, at a home of ours, without me."
Jensen: "yeah."
Danneel: "What happened that week while I was working?"
Jensen: "You'll never know."

- I find that BIZARRE. Holy crap. I can't imagine having never been home alone without my spouse. I mean, I guess maybe they're talking about extended - multiday trips? But still. Every single couple I know takes trips apart from each other every once in a while. I'm amazed Danneel never has. I think I would go insane if I were her.

Jensen talks about Ed Sanchez, the director, and how great he is. Danneel loved him too. He's very clear about what he wants.
Jensen: "We're all about the vibe on our show and he certainly adds to the vibe that we like."

Jensen talks about getting a blackmarket copy of the Blair Witch Project and completely fell for it being real. Then they talk about how you couldn't do that today with the speed of the internet debunking things.

Danneel: "Look at Mish! So cute! I love him."
Jensen: "Who doesn't."

Danneel: "You look about 12 right there."

They talk about the actor who plays Donatello and how he was in the Heath Ledger Batman movie.
Danneel: "I would say best actor in the room in this particular scene"
Jensen: "Alright, calm down!"
Danneel: "Oh, well, now Jared's in the room - so maybe best actor award..."
Jensen: "Maybe best hair award."

Jensen feels back for Keith when he's in a scene with the three of them, because he's a serious actor.

Jensen: "Hey, look at you!"

Danneel praises the guy playing the burn victim and how he had to cry immediately and how difficult that is.

Jensen explains that they often stand in a line all facing the same way, so they can get it done in one lighting set-up.

Danneel tracks when Anael knew it was Lucifer. Jensen remarks that she's not afraid.

Danneel: "Eugenie must know me."
Jensen: "Well, yeah, you guys have known each other for 12 years."

Danneel explains Anael's motivations/personality, and she likes her.

Jensen says that Eugenie likes to create these types of characters. Danneel describes her as an opportunitist, but not a bad person.

Danneel talks about how easy Mark is to work with. Jensen agrees and talks about often forgetting that he's not just an audience member for Mark and that he also has to act.

Danneel: "Don't watch this part - might make you jealous."
Jensen: "Wait a minute, I don't remember this in the script..."

Jensen: "All that stuff is just Mark too, none of that is in the script - all that is is just him spicing up a character."

Jensen: "One thing I love... one of the many things I love about that car, is that it's so loud."
Danneel: "We would all hear you coming."
Jensen: "And I love it."

Danneel: "Supernatural is a very - it likes trench coats."
Jensen: "It likes coats period."

Jensen makes fun of Misha's expression in the scene.

Danneel: "What's Jared thinking about?"
Jensen: "I think his phone just went off in his pocket..."

Danneel talks about how Jensen woke up one day during the filming of this episode with a swollen eye, and she's impressed that you can't tell.

Jensen talks about the mix of drama and humour and how that's the show's biggest advantage.
Danneel: "It mimics life, and that's what makes it interesting."

Danneel once again tells Jensen to close his eyes for the "sexy scene".
Jensen: "I don't think the hand across the neck was necessary! Oh, and now you're doing it again."

Anael/Jo: "It's always so strange"
Jensen: "It's ALWAYS so strange? How often are you doing this - Jo!"

They talk about crew members getting coughing fits and trying not to ruin scenes.

Jensen: "Expositional scenes, they're the best."
Danneel: "I've been talking for like an hour now..."

- And that's why no one likes exposition.

They talk about how interesting it is whenever there's a humanistic moment from Lucifer and then comes back around to being evil. (I hate it, but I'm glad Jensen likes it.)

Danneel has to find time to watch Supernatural when JJ isn't around, because otherwise JJ is with her. But JJ kept coming in when she was trying to watch the episode, and JJ saw the scene where Mark was sucking the grace out of her neck.
Jensen: "Oh, and she probably had a few questions for you, didn't she?"
Danneel: "She may be scarred for life."
Jensen: "You know *I* may be scarred for life."

- Me too!

They talk about the fried chicken and how the caters make the best fried chicken - apparently the Supernatural caterers are the best caterers on TV.

They laugh at Asmodeus rejecting the fried chicken.

Danneel: "Are you trying to make that face, like, being cute right there?"
Jensen: "That's just my face."

The motel was in Horseshoe Bay, which Jensen says is beautiful (and it is.)

They talk about their first scene together. Danneel said they had to do it 578 times.
Jensen: "Because you're talking to your husband and two of your closest friends!... all intense."
Danneel: "I can tell you wanted to laugh right there."
Jensen: "We all wanted to laugh!"

Danneel: "'Sorry'? Am I trying to be Canadian there?"
Jensen: "Hey, they're nice people, they rub off on you quick."
Danneel: "I've been spending too much time in Vancouver."

They talk about the gag-reel moment when Danneel fell over. It was take 2. Take 1 was too weak, so take 2 she went too hard and fell over.
Danneel: "And the first thing Jensen says is not 'are you okay?', he looks over to the camera and asks 'did you guys get that?'"

Jensen: "Every scene you did outside was the coldest scene you've ever done in your life, because you've never worked this far north."

Danneel makes fun of Jensen looking sick in the last scene. Then Jensen notices the swollen eye. Danneel didn't mention it on the day because she didn't want him to feel bad.

Danneel talks about Robin the props girl taking pictures during the scene, and Danneel showed it to JJ. And then JJ went to preschool and reinacted it saying it was the day that Danneel and Jensen met and fell in love. Danneel cleared it up with her later.

Jensen: "It's either that or we let her watch Ten Inch Hero"
Danneel: "Yeah, let's not."
Jensen: "Maybe we'll save that for a later time."

They talk about the actress who played Duma - Jensen hasn't ever worked with her on the show.

Jared only wanted to mess with Danneel, and Misha too. And Jensen usually goes along with that - but Danneel hadn't worked for 3 years. Also, in Supernatural they take away all the actual marks, so it makes it more challenging to hit them outside of rehersal. Jensen says they all made an effort to take it easy on her. Danneel agrees that she felt very at home there.

Jensen: "Well, it's people you've known forever - you've been to birthday parties at their houses."

They joke more about the scene with Jared, and how all the errors were actually happening on the regulars side. Danneel jokes that they took it easy on her BECAUSE she fell on the second take. And afterwards the stunt guy would give her explainations on how to do everything.

Jensen loves the reveal of Gabriel at the end.

Then he welcomes Danneel back to television, but they joke about how they have a lot of kids and someone has to take care of them.

And that's it! I'm hoping to do another one of these on Thursday. But of course, I've said that before and then just not done it, so we'll see!

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  • Happy Anniversary to Me!

    *Technically, the anniversary is tomorrow - but I have two other things to post tomorrow and I didn't want to overwhelm you all. DRUMROLL.... 10…

  • Computer repaired!

    Panic is over!! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  • Broken Computer :(

    I was halfway through the rewatch for today when suddenly my keyboard stopped working - so I was like "okay, I will turn this computer off and…