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Quick Reaction: 14x11 Damaged Goods


Alright, so, no telling when this episode takes place - but hopefully Dean still has a chance to have a better birthday than this....

Usual rules apply, and episode is being recounted in the usual circumstance - it's late, I've had wine, and I only watched the episode once while taking poor notes.

We begin with Nick, who has taken up the job of Hunter briefly to catch a demon on his quest to find Abraxus. The demon is willing to co-operate and tells him that the Hunter is in Hibbing, Minnesota. So, immediately, I'm like "Donna?" Nick kills her, but like...she was a demon anyway? I guess he also killed the vessel though, so that's sad.

Then we cut to the bunker, where Dean is suspiciously packing. If there's one theme of this episode for me, it's SUSPICION! As you will see.

Sam is researching in low-light in the library, just to look as sexy as possible when Dean finds him (well, that sounded wrong and not at all how I meant it, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.) Anyway, Sam's intrigued by the classification of angels, but hasn't found anything on Michael yet. I'm sure it's at this point that he mentions where Cas and Jack are, but I missed it.

Dean tells Sam that he's going to Donna's cabin to see mom. Sam's like, "cool, let me grab my stuff." And Dean's like "nope, alone - I want some mom time by myself" and Sam's like "uh, okay, I guess." And then Dean does an EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS THING, because he HUGS SAM VERY AWKWARDLY FROM BEHIND and for a second there I fully think he's about to kiss Sam oh so tenderly on the head (but he doesn't) and I'm like WHOA HOLD THE PHONE! SOMETHING IS WRONG! And Sam's face says the exact same thing, but he keeps it all inside - like Dean is SUPPOSED to.

Once Dean is gone, Sam immediately checks in with Mary to make sure that Dean's legit going to visit her. Apparently he is! Mary isn't as concerned as Sam, but she says she'll keep an eye on him. She also informs him that AU!Bobby was a bit torn up about his AU!son dying and whatnot, so he took off for a while. Then Sam goes to the storage room and notices that DEAN TOOK BOOKS! Sam is like "not only is Dean hugging me, but he's DOING RESEARCH WITHOUT ME?1?!?1" and he is full of SUSPICION.

Dean catches up with Donna before meeting Mary - which means that Donna's cabin is legit not far from Hibbing, I guess? Did we get a location on that before? I don't think we did. Anyway, Donna introduces Dean to the best burger in Minnesota, which is at a place called the Hungry Beaver - which is hilarious. Also, if you want to be thoroughly distracted in this scene, keep an eye on the extra with the white-boots - some background-performer director was doing a poor job this episode.

If you aren't distracted by looping, disappearing, and reappearing extras though, you can listen to Dean ask Donna how Jody and the girls are doing - Donna's been splitting her time. They're training the girls. Alex killed too Vitrali? I know what monster's she's referring to, I just forget how to spell them. New!Doug left the deputy position and is now working private security. Donna is kinda bummed. Donna then turns the conversation back on Dean forcibly, letting him know that Sam's already told her about him being possessed and still having Michael locked up in his head. Dean is like "What - does Sam put out a newsletter?!?!" AND OH PLEASE!

PLEASE HAVE SAM PUT OUT A NEWSLETTER. For the love of god, someone write me an epistolary-fic that consists solely of Sam's Monthly/Weekly/Whatever Winchester Newsletter. Let him use mailchimp! Let it have a little subscribe/unsubscribe button at the bottom of it. OH MY GOD I WANT IT SO BAD. I want to be ON IT. Lord, with the show in the future, I could write it for the next two years. This is a fan project that I don't need, especially since I'm not actually that enthused with the narrative as much as I used to be. If I didn't have to work for a living and didn't already have fifty billion fan projects that I'm not getting to...


Dean then hugs Donna goodbye...and Donna is like 'I AM NOW FULL OF SUSPICION AS WELL!' only with her eyes, of course.

Back at the cabin, Dean arrives to the sound of gun shots and runs into the backyard only to find Mary shooting pumpkins. "You could make soup with those!" my friend says. I don't ask if he meant before or after she shot them.

Dean requests that they have "Winchester Surprise" for dinner - which Mary is amazed that he remembers, and calls "a heart-attack on a plate"  - furthering my suspicion that this is a 'last meal' scenario.

Then Mary leaves, and Dean looks far too pleased about it - which means that he requested it to GET HER OUT OF THE CABIN! SUSPICION!!!!!

He goes to the shed/out-building out back (because that thing is bigger than a shed - that's a full on garage/workshop situation.) He finds pictures of beef 70s looking mustachioed men - "Donna has a type", Dean says. Then he finds 8 tracks! 8 TRACKS! And puts on The Guess Who (Canadian band, for those who don't know.) My friend, who is from the same region of Canada as the Guess Who, points out how fitting the lyrics are - "on my way to better things/since I found myself some wings" - Dean is probably not on his way to better things, because he's building something...something SUSPICIOUS! 

Meanwhile, Mary is taking a heck of a long time getting groceries, I guess... and the bag-boy, Joe, questions her about her purchases - and I'm like "who are you working for JOE?! DEMONS?!? SUSPICIOUS QUESTIONS!"

But then, after Mary leaves, Nick pulls up and asks Joe if he knows a Mary Winchesters - and Joe's like, "No" - because Jo has good instincts... and then once Nick drives away, Joe makes a call - and it turns out that he's DONNA'S SPY!!! I'M SORRY I EVER DOUBTED YOU, JOE! STAY SAFE! BE WELL! EVERYONE PLEASE PROTECT PRECIOUS JOE!

Donna pulls over Nick, and runs his prints.. but makes the mistake of looking away from him, and Nick is able to get out of the cuffs and tase Donna. Thankfully, this episode isn't written by the needlessly-murderous BuckLeming, so Donna isn't killed.

Dean and Mary have dinner - with Dean helping Mary cook. Mary is SUPER SUSPICIOUS. And calls Sam while Dean is distracted. Sam's like "I think I should come up!" and Mary is like "nah, it's cool, I got this." But Sam is actually already in the car and on his way, because Sam is smart.

Dean then tells Mary some childhood stories - which FINALLY this is the content I wanted when they brought back Mary - I wanted these awkward moments when Dean tries to tell funny stories about their youth, and it turns sour because all of his childhood his tinged with poverty of security and parental understanding of his needs. Dean seems to be telling a story where Sam ended up with bologna and cheese underneath his clothes? (was he stealing them?) and soaking wet, and Dean tried to make "Winchester surprise" out of it all, but it stank up the place - and John came home and got super mad and threw it all out, and then got sad because it reminded him of Mary? Dean trails off when he realizes there's no good way to finish...and Mary remarks about how much she missed, and how "the two of you just..." but she can't finish the thought either about their childhood. 

Mary tries to get Dean to talk about what's currently going on, but Dean shuts her down - he doesn't want to talk about it.

Once Dean is asleep, Mary sneaks out of the house and checks the out-building/workshop to see what the heck Dean was up to. She doesn't appear to like what she sees. 

Meanwhile, Donna has woken up in her car, and calls Mary - waking Dean up. 

Nick is already there though, and intercepts Mary as she leaves the workshop.

Dean rushes out of the house in search of Mary, and instead finds Sam, who just arrived - he informs him that Mary is missing.

Mary, it appears, is in the back of Nick's stolen van. He's trying to find Abraxas - Mary put him in an enochian puzzle-box, because she couldn't kill him for some reason when she came across him before. I missed why, because - I'll be honest here - I got a work-related text that informed me that my Saturday was going to look much different than I had envisioned and it distracted me.... but, point is, abraxus is in a puzzle box for some reason. 

Meanwhile, Donna, Dean, and Sam meet up to discuss everything. Sam blames himself for not following up with Nick, not realizing that he was killing people. Then Donna gets a call that tells them that Nick's van was spotted in Grand Rapids, which is 40 minutes away. Dean says they'll be there in 20.

Mary takes Nick into the storage facility - he keeps trying to make her go first. She steps over a trip-wire, hoping that it'll get him, but he notices it and follows the wire to its set-up. I mean, it's a similar set-up to what we saw John do in Bad Day at Black Rock... except, I can't help but notice that the way it's set up isn't the best, because it would have shot where the person WAS not where they are. You need to put the gun on the other side of the trip wire. Unless it was angled, but it didn't appear to be. Anyway, quibbles which at this point I should just ignore.

Mary also has shitty padlocks on her high-security part of the storage unit, because Nick is able to break them fairly easily. He finds the box, but Mary points out that the demon would need a host to talk, and Mary's tattooed (yay!)

Sam and Dean, meanwhile, race to Grand Rapids, with Dean berating Sam on the way for letting Nick go and not following up with him - and not realizing that he was passed the point of saving. Oh man, I hate it when Dean projects his insecurities onto Sam's optimistic nature.

Nick has dragged in a poor security guard to play host to the demon. Mary tries to fight him and save the security guard, but to no avail. Nick uses a drill to drill into the box and let Abraxus out - then asks him why he kills his family. Abraxas says he'll only tell him if he kills Mary - it looks like he's actually going to when Donna, Dean, and Sam show up for the rescue.

Nick, just to compound his immoral stupidity decides to let Abraxas go. Abraxas rewards him by first slamming him to the ground along with everyone else, and then telling him that it was Lucifer who ordered the murder of his family - that he was just a random guy they chose out of the phone book. Nick kills him... along with the poor security guard.

Donna then shoots him in the leg (yay!) and arrests him.

Before Donna takes him away, Sam asks Nick why he did what he did... Nick tells him it was for revenge, and Sam would have done the same. Sam apologizes to him. Nick tells him that it's not about YOU, that Nick isn't broken. Sam's like "yes you are" and that Nick is going to be haunted now by everyone he killed - and that "you can burn" - which yeah, harsh words coming from Sammy.

Mary pulls Dean aside while Sam is distracted with Nick and tells him that she saw what was in the workshop and that he had to tell Sam, or she would.

So, Dean does... it's a Malek Box (could be spelling that wrong - Malach?) It looks like a giant metal coffin... basically, it'll hold an archangel. Dean explains how he wasn't just planning to be buried alive with Michael, he was planning to be dumped in the ocean, and I guess crushed in a box under all that pressure?. I mean, depending where he was dumped and how deep it went) and trapped for all eternity (his soul anyway, his body would die pretty quick). 

Sam objects - though, as my friend and I point out, it's actually the exact same as Sam's plan at the end of S5, so he doesn't have that much of a leg to stand on there. Dean tells Sam about Billie's visit and how it was the only way (also, not the first time Death has told Dean there's an "only way" that he's then gone against...though, arguably, that didn't work out GREAT last time, though he and Sam WERE still both alive, so it depends on what outcome you're shooting for). 

Sam though, doesn't argue the plan THAT much, what he really takes issue with - and rightfully so - is that Dean set off on a "farewell tour" without even saying a proper goodbye to Sam (also not the first time he's done that). Dean tells him that he knew Sam would talk him out of it, and he didn't want to be talked out of it. Sam is like "okay." and then the episode ends and we're all sad.

So, we'll see what happens! 

I don't get previews on the channel that I watch - but I know next week is 299, which MIGHT be written by my least favourite writers - and then we get 300 - so, my guess is that we'll be, somehow?, in a relatively good place for 300, just so that it can still be fun.

Let me know what you thought in comments! :)

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