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Rewatch S13: Wayward Sisters (13x10)

Time for another rewatch! This is much later in the day then I had planned to do this, so I'm a little tired. I'm hoping this will be a fairly quick one, since it's not Sam and Dean focused... but then, I might end up having a lot to say about this pilot...

I will only be able to find out if I watch the episode...

Wayward Sisters

I love the theme music they chose for recap.

Okay, this is a long recap - I guess I should mention that I really wish they had kept the focus on women, even without the series being picked up. I really wanted the return of Mary to signify a change to exploring the feminine rather than the masculine, but now that I write it that way, I realize it was a pretty huge ask given both our societal norms and the waning ability for the writers to be deep.

Werewolves... I do love this introduction of Claire, having gained a little more competence in the hunting field. Also, this little girl has got to be enamoured for life now.

Claire: Hi Jody
Jody: Hi Claire, it's Sam and Dean, they're missing. They were on a hunting trip, and I haven't heard from them in a few days - it's time to come home.

- First major complaint is that if you're going to reprise an iconic line like that, keep the camera on the actor SAYING THE LINE, don't have it be on some weird overhead shot showing exactly where Sam and Dean are. I know that a large portion of the fanbase would have rebelled, but one way to make this a stronger episode would be to NOT have Sam and Dean scenes, or confirmation that they're okay, until WELL INTO THE EPISODE. Possibly not even until they are rescued.
So, that's my first rewrite: Keep the focus on the rescue team headed by Jody - don't show Sam and Dean until well past the middle mark.

Claire's awkward homecoming. I like it, there's not much to say about it besides that I like the fact that it's awkward.

Claire: So, Sam and Dean are missing and you're bailing?
Alex: I have a job, Claire.
Claire: So do I, it's called Hunting.

- I also love the mirror of the enthusiastic-hunter (Claire-Dean) and the reluctant hunter (Alex-Sam). So there's still that S1 dynamic to explore, of a quasi-sibling relationship with two disparate personalities and goals.

Jody: No, you're not! Patience had a vision - it's why she's here.
Patience: I saw you die.
Jody: Claire, this is serious! I'm trying to protect you!
Claire: Jody, that's always your excuse! Everytime we go on a hunt together, you end up taking care of the monster while I just wait in the car.
Jody: That happened one time!
Claire: That happened every time, Jody! You've never even seen what I can do!

- I also like this reverse on the dynamic with the parent figure. Where with Sam and Dean, our hunting-enthused sibling was very strictly obedient to Dad, with Claire, we get both Dean's enthusiasm for hunting and also Sam's chomping at the bit to prove himself. It's what makes Claire come across as such a stubborn risk-taker, both traits that I think account for a lot of the Claire-hate out there. Or, that's my guess anyway... she's also extremely confident in herself and uncompromising, which again, as a society, we REALLY hate it when women are confident and uncompromising.

I also love nurse Alex - I've said it before and I'll say it again, every team needs a medic.

Claire: Nice outfit.
Alex: It's a uniform. What's your excuse?
Claire: I look great.
Alex: You look like Biker Barbie.
Claire: Thank you.

- I also love how they played that banter. It could have been a cutting insult, and Claire could have reacted as though it had been one - but instead they played it like that's what she was going for and Alex was just as fine with paying her the complement rather than the insult. And I love that dynamic. The fact that there's nothing wrong with looking like Biker Barbie if that's what you intended.

I also really like their dynamic. Alex knowing Claire's reactions. Claire confiding in Alex about her side of things.

And Kaia is brought in and meets Claire and the very short-lived romance begins.

Claire DOES deliver her lines a bit too "I'm an action-hero in a cheesy movie" - so that's a criticism.

Also, turning the garage into an autopsy room is awesome.

The comparing scares conversation! I love it. I don't know about you, but that's literally the bonding conversation I have with all my friends at some point.

And they're so cute!! I'm still mad that this original Kaia dies.

Claire: The door's still open. If we find it, we find Sam and Dean.
Kaia: No, if they're there. They're already dead.
*scene with Sam and Dean*

- See, in my opinion, it would have built more suspense if we DIDN'T see them. If we had to question whether Kaia was right or not, rather than just confirming straightaway that she's been a tad pessimistic.

Dean: I mean, no one back home even knows to start looking for us.
Sam: So what are you saying?
Dean: I'm saying... eat up!

- Seriously, if they've been there for 2 and a half days, Sam would definitely be in the stage of hunger where he would eat the weird lizard meat without question.

Anyway, rewrite: Just get rid of that scene with Sam and Dean, we don't know if they're living or dead. It makes the scene with Patience leaving all the more poignant if there's a chance she believes Kaia and there's no way for us to know if she's right or wrong to give up (besides the fact that we know that Sam and Dean aren't going to die because they're the series stars.) I mean, that's the other thing, we already KNOW that Sam and Dean aren't going to die - why undercut the suspense even more than it already is by showing them. That's just, making a less than ideal storytelling situation worse.

Patience: This is just all way too freaky. I mean, your mom's out burying a monster in the backyard.
Alex: Well, you gotta bury them somewhere.

- Firstly, I LOVE how nonchalant Alex is about this stuff. I love how she's our reluctant hunter, but she's also the one most at ease with "the life" ... or maybe at ease is the wrong word - resigned-to. She has a childhood of trauma associated with it that she'd prefer not to be reminded of, but she's also accepting that she can't hide from it completely (as Patience is considering), that she has to accept a certain amount of it into her life because it is already there.
- Secondly, I love that Patience calls Jody Alex's MOM and Alex doesn't correct her. Jody is Alex's mom now and I love it. I absolutely love adoption stories, especially when the children being adopted are older/teens/young-adults, and have to also make the choice to accept the adoption. Maybe it's just the stage in my life right now, but in terms of fanfic, I've gone from fantasizing about hot guys doing each other, and instead read a ton of fic about characters I love adopting other characters I love as their children. I think that's part of the reason I'm liking the Jack storyline.

Alex: You don't have to be fighter. I'm not. Not really. We help in other ways.
- I love Alex so much. I also love supportive team members - what a coincidence. :P

I also don't like the way this confrontation between Patience and Claire was filmed after Patience has her vision. BUT, whatever, I'm super nitpicky about directing from time to time, and it's really all just personal taste.

Kaia: Why are we stopping?
Jody: Taking a breather - and I called in some back-up.
Patience: Like what, the National Guard?
Jody: Oh, better.
*Donna drives up*
Donna: Heya ladies!

- I love her so much! And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that her and Jody are basically complete opposites, but are also now best friends and have full confidence and admiration for each other's abilities and competence.

Donna: Anyhoo, bought the basics.
Patience: Why do you have all this?
Donna: I'm from Minnesota.

- I love it. Seriously, take away the handguns, and that's basically anyone from rural Canada too.

I also love how Donna calls Claire "Rainbow Brite"

Jody: Claire, I know you're not going to like this, but I need you to stay here and keep the girls safe - just until we check things out, okay?
Claire: Okay, Jody. Go.

- Ah, Claire is agreeing because she wants to protect Kaia.

Back to Sam and Dean...it's a good thing they aren't wearing new clothes in this episode - the different colour satuation would make the colours impossible to distinguish. Anyway, they're knocked out by Dark!Kaia.
Rewrite: Again, I'm not sure I'd even include them at this point.

Claire grapples with certain death.

Claire: But Sam and Dean saved my life and I can't sit this one out.
Kaia: Then don't. If you go, I'll go with you - maybe together we can save them.

- We KNOW that Kaia doesn't have any love lost between her and Sam and Dean, so she's definitely offering this for CLAIRE... and possibly whatever vision Jack showed her.

Jody: I'm going in. If I don't, she will. Donna, I cannot lose another child.
- I love when they actually remember Jody's history.

Also, quick note, when Jody and Donna are clearing rooms on the ferry, I love how they actually clear them professionally. Like, Donna doesn't look over Jody's shoulder while she clears a room, she stands lookout in the hallway, making sure nothing sneaks up on them. Sam and Dean aren't always that professional.

Back with Sam and Dean again - I also kind of hate that they're tied up ON THEIR FEET and yet seemingly unconscious. Legs don't work like that, buddy.

rewrite: I think you could probably leave the Sam and Dean scenes in at this point, just have them be captured in this scene, have them ON THEIR BUTTS, tied up and the dinner bell rung.

I love the visuals of Jody and Donna in the car - and then the flame thrower through the dirty window when Claire rescues them.

Jody: Claire, wait!
Claire: Jody, I know you're trying to protect me, but I need to save Sam and Dean, and you have to let me.
Jody: I know.

- That was acquised way too fast. Also, I mean, I love Kim Rhodes, but she's overacting just a TAD in this episode.

Donna: Have you ever shot a gun before?
Patience: No.
Donna: Okidoke, here you go. Aim in their general direction - relax, then squeeze. Squeeze, don't pull.

- I just love how bubbly Donna is even when instructing someone on how to use firearms.

Dean: Claire?
Claire: Hey boys.

- Noice.

Ugh, the part where they run up to the door and STOP RUNNING. It's SO STUPID...

Rewrite: They are FAR FROM THE DOOR and STILL RUNNING when Dark!Kaia tries to kill Claire and Kaia sacrifices herself. Also, I think it'd be way cooler if Kaia didn't die, but instead was injured and then trapped in the bad place - so that Claire had a rescue mission that she might not even know about - and there could STILL be Dark!Kaia to complecate matters. Like, what if you were your own worst enemy? I think that'd be cooler, personally - but it might be just because I hate it when good characters die prematurely.

Claire: I get it now, the way you are the way you are with me. Because of the- this feeling.
Jody: You don't have to do this alone. When you're ready, if you want, we're all here for you.

- Awww.

Patience: I killed a monster.
*Donna&Alex both laugh*
Patience: What?
Alex: Welcome to the family.

- Better initiation than dying.

Voice-over: I came back to Sioux Falls to save Sam and Dean Winchesters - no, we did, we saved Sam and Dean - all of these amazing women, my family. They don't know it yet; they think I'm staying because I'm broken, but I'm staying because I need them. My family, my army. The thing that killed Kaia is still out there and I don't care if I have to tear another hole in the universe - we're going to find it, and I'm going to kill it.
- And suddenly it's an episode of Dougie Houser. I think the voice-over is a LITTLE ON THE NOSE, but I also think it's an effective narration device to set-us up for the Dark!Kaia reveal at the end of the episode.
Rewrite: I'd probably attempt to get away from the voice-over. Have it be silently shown, rather than overt - cue a song, have Claire come out and send admiring and grateful looks to everyone, have Jody or Claire make a toast "to successfully saving Sam and Dean Winchester!" and then have Claire look sad while everyone else continues to celebrate the win, to remind us of the loss... then cut to the dark!Kaia reveal with a change of music.

Oh man, I forgot this had audio-commentary!

Okay, I'm going to do that tomorrow, and have my rewatch be a day late, because I am too exhausted right now to watch the episode again.

Audio Commentary
By Phil Sgricca, Kim Rhodes, Bob Berens

Fun aside: My media player updated overnight and decided that I wanted to listen to my DVD in Portuguese. That was confusing for a minute there.

They actually hired a guy in Sioux Falls with a drone to film them footage to use. That's really neat!

They talk about the character statement of choosing a weapon where you only have two shots and then walking right up to the door and announcing your presence (even with supterfuge).

Berens really appreciated having the opportunity to write Supernatural-type plots and earnestness for women, instead of just the boys.

Phil and Kim talk about the genesis of Wayward Sisters/Daughters as a fan campaign, dovetailing with the writing - and it all being a much more organic way to do a spin-off.

Kim talks about the distinct personalities of the different characters, and how that's also reflected in the actors when they work together - that they all are very supportive of each other and the project.

Claire's gasp at the blue blood was an authentic reaction, because the actress wasn't expecting it.

The scar-comparison conversation was an homage to Jaws.

Kim talks about how Jody needs one of the anti-possession tattoos and pitches a story for the spin off when they all go to the tattoo parlour - Berens says that he's already considered it. Sigh, wish they could have gotten at least 1 season.

When they filmed the bad-place scenes, it was on a really wet and rainy day and everyone was miserable.

Kim has praise for the stunt guys who played the monsters.

Kim loved a line that got cut - "The internet - it's not just for porn" when Alex finds the abandoned shipyard based on Kaia's description,

Kim laughs about the melted angel blade and how her and Brianna couldn't stop laughing about what it looked like.

The scenes by the water all had to be done in one day, and there were planes, boats, and trains that kept making noise.

The stunt guys playing the monsters were really good at parkour and being creepy - so they legitimately freaked Kim out.

Praise for the actress playing Kaia as well. And then just a lot of reacting to the show.

Kim likes how Jody and Sam can have an entire conversation without saying anything - and I do too!!

Nothing really else of note, beside Kim talking about how she likes the direction of the conversation between Jody and Claire at the end, and them mentioning how Claire's journal was supposed to mimic John's.


Scene 82
Claire and Patience (and Kaia) driving - Claire questioning Patience about what exactly the vision was. "In Jody's arms - dead"

Not that exciting, and despite them talking about other scenes that were shortened or cut, that's the only cut scene available. Ah well. 

I probably DID have time to do that last night, but I hardly knew that at the time.

As usual, let me know if you have any thoughts in the comments!

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