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Rewatch S4: Ep 11 and 12 (Family Remains and Criss Angel Is A Douchebag)

Ok, typed up my thoughts on the other two episodes I watched today:

Family Remains

Ok, first off, I didn't like this episode the first time through, secondly, this episode is impossible to watch on a dark TV for which you have lost the ability to control the brightness/contrast levels. I couldn't see more than half of it.

Anyway, let's discuss the GOOD stuff!

Boys in the car! Again - love the fact that we are seeing things in S4 that we KNEW they did, but have never SEEN previously - like sleeping in the car. Sam in the back, Dean in the front. That was the beauty of the old bench seats in the front. They were great for road trips.

Dean says Yahtzee! I love the fact that Dean says Yahtzee, instead of Bingo...just one of the small things that make Dean Dean.

They just finished a job 2 hours ago, and have been going solid for a month. That means that it's been a month since Dean's road-side confession, which takes us, despite the foliage in this episode, to the end of December, 2008 in the time-line, if not later.

I like when Dean calls Sam a know-it-all after he explains about dumbwaiters...
Dean: "Know it all."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "You said...*looks vaguely hurt*...nevermind."

I also like this exchange:
Dean: "So, what now?"
Sam: "We could tell them the truth?"
Dean: "Really?"
Sam: "No, not really."

Dean's been separating himself from humans for a while now...we saw it first in S1, but we see it again here twice:
"I'm telling you man, humans" and "humans, man."
-Ironic, given that Dean basically becomes the champion of humanity by the end of the season.

Ted: "You smell that?"
Dean: "Every day."

Personally, I like the "please nobody grab my leg..." that Dean mutters as he drops down the hole.

Eventually we get Dean's roadside confession part deux, where he surprises Sam by telling him that he enjoyed torturing people...Sam might be surprised, but Dean explains it perfectly: "All those years, all that pain - finally able to deal it out to someone else..."
I think How I Met Your Mother had an episode where Barney described the chain of yelling - or the circle of yelling, or whatever...where someone yells at you, and you go yell at someone else, and so on and so on...and I think that's how hell works. You just needed the first yeller to get the ball rolling. And yes, I just compared Dean's immeasurable pain and torment to an episode of How I Met Your Mother - so sue me, I only watch two TV shows people!

Chriss Angel Is A Douchebag

We learn that at the age of 13, Sam went through a "magic phase"...haha, cute. Apparently he had a wand and everything...that's going in the timeline.

The Winchesters arrive the VERY NEXT DAY after the first death. They are speedy...must be still chasing cases like crazy.

Emasculation of Dean continues...Chief.

34 Seals have been broken and it's only early 2009. Ouch.

Ruby the pusher, yet again.

The noose on the ceiling is a cool effect.

Dean: "I hope I die before I get old...."
Sam: "You think we will die before we get old?"
Dean: "Haven't we both already?"
-Haha, Dean.

Travis, Thorton and Bobby are their examples of old Hunters.

Dean: "...ends bloody or sad, that's just the life."
Sam: "What if we could win?"
-I think Sam actually never thought about this before...never realized that there might not be a happy ending at the end of all this. In S1, he talked about going back to school. In S2 he had decided that wasn't him anymore...but I still think he had some vague notion that maybe someday it would be over, maybe someday him and Dean would be old and retired.

Dean: "Any luck tailing him?"
Sam: "He slipped me."
Dean: "He's a 60 year-old!"
Sam: "He's a magician!"
-Haha, Sam.

Dean: "The thing about real magic, is it's a whole lot like crack, people do surprising things once they get hold of it."
-Love the cut shot to Sam here.

I remember freaking out at the ending during the first viewing, when Dean thanks the guy for "doing the right thing" and the guy goes on about how he killed his brother, and don't try to tell him that was the right thing. - Man...I was not surprised when Sam immediately went to Ruby and told her that he didn't want to be doing this when he was an old man. For all Sam's talk of being a Hunter, I think he suddenly realized that in order to really "save" Dean, he needed to finish things once and for all...Sam is all kinds of messed up.
Short and sweet, but both are sort of Monster-of-the-Week, so not THAT much to say.

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