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Rewatch S13: The Scorpion and the Frog (13x08)

Alright! I missed Thursday, because I've got a real problem with the combination of podcasts and candy-crush and it basically absorbs 2-3 hours of my life everyday. In good news, it means I'm fulfilling my new years resolution of less social media. :P

The Scorpion and the Frog

The bank! Sorry... it's a museum in this episode. It's a building downtown that was originally built as a bank. I'm not sure what it is these days, last time I walked by was a few years ago and it was empty. But Supernatural uses it all the time - that stainglass ceiling is gorgeous. It was probably built in the 1920s or a little earlier - which is when a lot of the buildings in that stretch of downtown were built.

Demon caper. Guy who looks a little like Liev Schrieber.

It kind of really annoys me that everyone and their mother has angel blades now.

Dean polishing his gun while wearing his bisexual plaid.

Sam: "I think she's clean."
- I didn't notice this gendering of the gun the first time. It's funny how we do that. Whenever I start anthropormorphizing things, I refer to them as males. Men tend to refer to things as female.... boats, countries, cars, etc. (except Germans, in terms of countries, anyway.) Though, now that I bring up Germans, I wonder if that changes as soon as you get to countries that have gendered nouns - is your car always "it" because it's neuter? Is your chair male? (Just realized that boat, ship, and house are all neuter too - does that still make it your choice if you decide those things have a personality and are your friends?) WOW, I'm distracted by this. I was originally going to make some inuendo jokes, but I've lost the thread.

Bart: "Meet me at smile diner at 12:45"
- Uh, city? Or does everyone just know that they're in Lebanon now. Though, that busy city is definitely not Lebanon as we know it.

Dean's jacket is just a LITTLE too short. Meanwhile, Sam has very expertly paired his rust coloured jacket with a blue and orange plaid.

Here, just let me fold up this ancient document that I stole from the museum and stuff it in my pocket.

So, Bart has replaced Crowley as head crossroads demon. Does he die in this episode? I think he must.

Bart: "Sam, do me a favour - you're the smart one. Look into that. I'll be in touch."
- They're BOTH the smart ones. But, yeah, fine, demon guy.

And now they're compromising their "don't deal with demons" stance AGAIN in order to solve the problem at hand. Oh guys, you are worse than me and Candy Crush.

OH! This is the HEIST EPISODE! Now I remember it.

This came out shortly after Baby Driver, as I recall... or maybe Baby Driver was two years ago and this was the year after. Either way, it's a clear reference in my opinion. I totally forget what they were looking for in this episode.

Oh yeah, and the lock needs the blood of a man whose been to hell and back, and Bart singles out Dean for the job. But Sam has actually been to hell. 1)the cage is technically in a region of hell (though inaccessible to demons) 2)Sam rescued Bobby from hell after going through Purgatory. He also went to hell in order to talk to Lucifer in S11. Now, semantics, we could argue that you have to DIE and go to hell and then come back to life, and then you would have a case that Dean is your only option. All the times Sam has been to hell, he's entered alive.

So, the Scorpion and the Frog is a great title for this episode, because you can spend the whole episode wondering who the scorpion is and who the frog is... but really, I think that this episode should be called The Scoprion and the Scoprion and then it's just about what Scorpion is going to strike first. As it turns out, the Winchesters are the Scorpion though.

Sam: "Dean?"
Dean: "Yeah?"
Sam: "Don't get dead."
Dean: "You too."

- Awww, I love them.

Sam: "Actually, that's not - uh, so the person who sold this to you got it wrong - basilisk fangs are hollow, that's actually a gorgon tooth. Still really cool though."
- I love how much of a nerd Sam is for facts.

Is a knife that can kill demons that valuable when the market is flooded with angel blades?

Dean: "I will kill you."
Grab: "I bet you say that to all the girls."

- The fun thing is that with demons, the demon could very well have originally been a girl.

And Sam stabs the dude, who is immortal on his property - well, that's good.

Dean is like me when I have to reach into the darkness anywhere - super afraid of spiders.

Grab gets iced. Fun idea - maybe if you weren't yelling about how you were robbing him, he wouldn't have found you so fast.

Okay, first off, I love Sam's out of the box thinking to get passed the trap. The pause to make fun of Sam's viewing of Entrapment is slightly odd. BUT... just to point out, those arrows all fly in straight paths from release points that are all positioned ABOVE waist level. You don't actually have to torture the immortal old guy, you just have to crawl over to the safe.

Guy escapes and doesn't bother tracking them down until they're driving away? Kind of weird.... BUT, we do get the only Baby Driver sequence, so I'll take it. That shot of Sam shooting out the passenger side window is great.

And is it really a shock that the guy their robbing on the behest of a DEMON has good reason for his eccentic ways?! Seriously - they KNEW they were on the wrong side, they AGREED to compromise their morals for this job... this shouldn't be surprising. It could still be a point of shame, though... and I'm not surprised they reversed their position. Especially, given the added insentive of saving someone.

PAT THE PAPER! DO NOT BLOW! It's details like that that really annoy me. Take off your coat and smother the flames, don't feed it oxygen. Sam would know that having more than half a brain and probably having gone camping before.

Dean: "We'll figure something else out, and if that doesn't work, then we move on to the next, and then whatever's after that. We just keep working, because that's what we do."
Sam: "It feels good to hear you talk like that again."

- So, this is just confirmation that Dean's over his bought of grief-fueled depression, and is willing to be the support system for Sam, now that Sam seems to have sunk into a bit of a funk. A boys, always switching rolls.

This is an MOTW, so no rewrites needed. Pretty solid fun MOTW episode, but kind of a lack of any overly interesting character moments, IMO.


Scene 22
Dude examing the knife.

Sam: "I inherited it from my great aunt...Ruby."
- HA!

Sam: "You know, it'd be nice to have a bit saved up. Get out of the life..."
Dude: "Son, once you're in, there is no getting out..."

- Ooo... I like what Jared did with his face there too. It's been a LONG TIME since we've had Sam express that desire, and he does it as a lie here for sure, but his reaction to the response is a brief flicker of honest despair.

Wow, that was EXTREMELY SHORT... please let me know all the things that I completely failed to talk about.

Until then, Candy Crush and Podcasts!

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