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Quick Reaction: 14x09 The Spear

I hope everyone's week is going a little better than mine!

Not that anything is really wrong, it's just that overall, I've had kind of a bad week... so, I hope you'll forgive me if my energy isn't up on this one. Though I'll try my best! I wasn't drinking tonight, because I fell yesterday and hurt my left knee and right ankle, and as a result decided that I'd prefer to drive to my friend's place rather than walk. :P So, no booze for me!

Other than that, business as usual! Let's start this....

We begin in Kansas City, MO, at Christmas. Where monsters are eating people. They have weird teeth... I didn't recognize them as werewolf teeth, but maybe they were?

"Michael is a lady now!" is what my notes say, but really Michael is still just Michael and is now in a female vessel. Her monster lackey brings in two new monsters who want to be suped up, and one of them is Garth! Oh no Garth! Michael knows that he is a friend of Dean's, and he doesn't deny it, but he tells him that he needs to protect his "little girl" and needs to be on the winning side of the war. I suspect he is a spy! (and I am correct)

"I hope he doesn't die" I tell my friend. She agrees.

Jack is eating cookie cereal in the dark, as you do. Castiel finds him and Jack is like "Don't tell Sam!" and I think for a moment that Jack is secretly eating SAM'S cookie cereal... but then I realize that I'm thinking of Jack and Sam as siblings, not parent-child, and sure enough, Sam is against cookie cereal because it'll rot Jack's teeth. So, so much for discovering that Sam had a secret love of cookie cereal and not sharing!

Castiel asks Jack why he's not sleeping (both me and my friend remember that Jack doesn't sleep more than a couple of hours a night anyway.... but, that was when he was graced-up, so maybe as a more 'human' nephilim, he sleeps more.). Castiel wonders if Jack is overwhelmed with dying and coming back again - and affirms to Jack that it's something they've all done, and it's a rite-of-passage of sorts. Jack, as it turns out, is worried about his mother in Heaven. He thought Heaven was supposed to be perfect and safe. Castiel laughs like "oh you sweet summer child" - but he reassures Jack that Naomi will protect the souls in Heaven and he doesn't have to worry.

Jack is also wondering why Castiel doesn't want Sam and Dean to know about the deal he made. Castiel tells him that he just doesn't want them to know. Jack is all like "you did that for me" and I want to dive into the TV and say "No, Jack, he did it for HIMSELF - you're the one that will have to live without him, whereas Cas won't have to live without you." But, of course, TV hasn't advanced to that level of interaction yet, so nothing of that sort is actually said. Instead, Castiel uses my line from last week - pointing out that their lives are shit and he's unlikely to be happy anytime soon, so don't worry.

Castiel then helps himself to cookie cereal, and Jack is like "did you steal the decoder ring?" and Castiel is like "I will not confirm or deny... but the code was Cookietacular" and everything is adorable and nothing hurts. Episode over. What a heart warming Christmas episode. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh... alright, it doesn't end there.

Instead, we find out that I'm right - Garth is a mole planted by Sam to get info on Michael. The only hitch is that now Michael wants Garth to drink the archangel grace and get suped up and become his minion. "Balls" indeed, Garth.

Dean is sure that Garth will be okay, which is odd, because he's usually the pessimistic one - but he DOES switch when Sam starts freaking out - and Sam is super worried he's about to get Garth killed after pulling him out of retirement. Sam, sweetheart, DON'T PULL PEOPLE OUT OF RETIREMENT, YOU NINNY!

Ketch calls to regale Jack with stories... actually, no, he tells them that the "magic egg" (which, oh my god, I had to write that egg into my working_timeline just now, and I tried to think of ANYWAY to not mention it as a "magic egg" because HONESTLY, it's the STUPIDEST THING. And yes, I'm supposed to be being positive, I know...sorry, I got distracted by... eggs.

So, as I was saying, Ketch tells them that the egg-gizmo that they used to separate Lucifer from his vessel before was finally tracked down and shipped to them, and it'll be delivered "the day after tomorrow between 2-6 pm" the problem is that they need it NOW. So, everyone is awkward.

Back with Garth, he finds out that 1 in 7 monsters explode. He tries to fake taking the potion thing, but Michael knows a fake-out when he sees one, and stares at Garth until he swallows. :(

Then Garth overhears Michael's plans... probably on purpose. And finds out that Kaia is outside of Omaha at a recycling facility.

Meanwhile, Sam finds out that the package Ketch sent is in Joplin, MI, at a facility for the weekend/holiday.

Garth calls and lies to Sam about being able to fake take the potion, and then tells Sam all about Michael's plan to take over the city with Monsters on Christmas eve. (I'm pretty sure it was implied to be Christmas eve, right? Dean said everyone would be home waiting for Santa.)

Anyway, they decide to divide and conquer. Cas and Dean are going to get the spear, Sam and Jack are going to get the egg.

Dean and Cas drive out to the recycle facility. Cas remarks on how happy Dean seems to be - that the tape deck is currently broken in the Impala, and Dean didn't even complain about the silent drive. (Also, something being broken in the Impala is a pretty heavy clue about what's going to happen at the end of the episode - though, in truth, I saw that coming based on Jensen's continued promise that we hadn't seen the last of him playing Michael.) ANYWAY, Dean goes on about how he's just REALLY JAZZED about killing Michael. Because he gets it now - what drowning in your own head feels like, and yeah - he just really wants to kill Michael.

Then they pull their guns and go into the facility... and I'm like "if they know it's Dark!Kaia, why pull the guns? But then I remembered that they were half expecting to run into Michael's forces.

Sam and Jack, meanwhile, break into the package facility. Jack's taught himself to lockpick from the internet. It's all adorable.

Back with Dean and Cas, they find the recycling facility supposedly empty - but the food is still warm on the cookstove. Did Michael beat them here? There didn't seem to be signs of a struggle.

Sam and Jack get the package, but them WHAMMO, Sam gets hit by a bat, and Jack's dragged away by goons, and Michael is there - now with the egg in his hand. How did he know they would be there (I don't actually ask, because this reeks of them being set-up purposefully by information being fed to their known spy). Sam goes in to try to stab Michael, because Michael is going to kill him anyway - but Michael just whammos him back into the truck, and then MELTS THE EGG. And that's my positive right there! Stupid magical macguffin shaped like an egg is gone. Of course, while that's a positive for me, because I don't like that particular plot device - it's a big negative for Sam.

Dean and Cas try to call Sam and don't get an answer. Garth calls them when he can't get in touch with Sam and brings them up to speed on the situation - but gets himself caught in the process.

Dark!Kaia (who I'm just going to start calling Kaia, since she's the only Kaia left) appears then. She tells them that she's not going to give them the spear, but Dean explains about how his family is in danger and he NEEDS it - it's the only thing that can stop Michael, who tortured Dean AND Kaia. Kaia wants something in return - she wants to be able to go home. The magic she used to get from her realm and this one doesn't work in this universe. Dean promises her that Jack can do it, even though we all know he can't. She doesn't trust them, but Cas points out that they can't trust her either - that there was a reason she came into their world, and now there is a reason she suddenly wants to go back, and they're not asking what those reasons are even though they agreed to help her. So, Kaia gives them the spear, but tells them that if they don't give it back, she'll hunt them down and kill them.

And listen... I'm glad they have the spear and whatnot, but here's a novel idea - why not take both the spear and the spear WIELDER! Seriously, Kaia is an EXPERT at that thing, she's gotten close enough to stab Michael before - why give the spear to Dean, who is NOTABLY WORSE AT HANDLING IT THAN SHE IS?! This isn't a knock on Dean, who is fairly proficient at all weapons, but Kaia is a MASTER with that thing. Yarr... I think watching the new series of Doctor Who and the level in which The Doctor uses everyone on the team to their best strengths ALWAYS has started rubbing off on how I view other shows. I know Dean wants to be the one to kill Michael, and maybe that's the point of them doing this - maybe they're PURPOSEFULLY making the point that wanting to do it himself is his undoing. That if he had just let go of that need, had instead focused on wanting Michael dead just IN GENERAL and by whatever means made the most logical sense, he would have had more success.

Anyway... off track.

Sam calls and breaks the news that they have both lost the egg, and lost Jack. And that Michael seems to be playing them. Sam's going to head to "Hitomi Plaza" which I thought was just Sam making a Die Hard reference, but apparently it's a built in episodic Die Hard reference, because it's the actual name they used for the tower in Kansas City that Michael is staying in. Then Cas is like "Don't go in alone!" and Sam is like "Get here fast then" and we all know he's going in alone...

Meanwhile, Michael and Jack have a talk. Michael tells him about the plan to turn the city. Jack is like "why am I hear and why are you telling me this?" and Michael is all like "we're family" and Jack is like "No, my uncle is in the cage" then Michael gives a speech about how Jack is new and hasn't experience time yet, but he will at Michael's side - and as time goes on, his loyalty to the Winchesters will fade, and he'll become more and more like Michael - seeing everyone less powerful than themselves like insignificant ants, etc. Jack tells Michael that the Winchesters will come for him.

I've gone on and on about it before in this LJ, but I like Michael's speech because it reminds me of this fantastic speech in the book Immortal Lycanthropes, about morality as fashion and the impossibility of living forever and never doing anything immoral or bad.

Sam arrives at Hitomi Plaza, which is indeed called that, and starts killing monsters. It's a little TOO easy to get to the top of find Jack. Garth comes upon them too, and when they get back down to the parking garage, that's when the jig is up for Garth, who is being controlled by Michael - and made to attack both Jack and Sam. Thankfully, Sam eventually gets him in a sleeper hold, and then they tie him up and put him in the trunk of the Impala once Dean and Cas arrive. Sam is disappointed that Garth lied to him, but he hopes that once they kill Michael, maybe his hold on Garth will end.

They've set up hunters throughout the city to help with the monster attack. And meanwhile, Dean, Sam, Cas, and Jack, all agree that they're walking directly into a very obvious trap, and then they do it anyway, while Beethoven's 9th plays in A Clockwork Orange tribute. Having never seen A Clockwork Orange, I can't testify to this, but my friend has, and she was laughing at the reference, though pointed out that someone would have to cut Castiel's legs off if they were going to go all in. I have no idea what she's talking about, and also don't care to, so don't bother informing me. A Clockwork Orange is not my cup of tea.

Michael is waiting, and doing that thing where he's like "I'm gonna look cool when they come in - Imma sit like this... no wait, too stiff, I'm going to lean back, yeah... that's better... no wait! I'm going to get up and greet them, this is taking too long!" He sense Castiel first and goes into the hall to find him, beating him up out there for a bit before they come back into the main room - this is where Jack, Sam, and Dean, have taken up their positions. Sam and Jack leap out in order to have Michael put his back to the closet Dean is hiding in - but the execution is too slow, and Michael turns in time to deflect the attack - he gets cut on the arm, but then disarms Dean. Sam then throws the spear BACK to Dean (should have picked it up yourself Sam, even though I know Michael gave you severe stomach cramps or something that had you unable to stand) and Dean goes back on the attack, getting Michael at spear-point again. Sadly, Dean either draws it out too long, or is already under Michael's sway, because Michael uses the cracked door he left in Dean's mind to repossess Dean, and break the spear (Kaia is going to be PISSED).

This was, apparently, all a ruse to repossess Dean in a manner that would allow Michael to bury him even deeper in his mind, so that he'd stop fighting so much. I'm not sure how exactly that's supposed to work, but it apparently did! Because Michael is quiet pleased with himself. Also, it is GODDAMN JARRING to have a more Jensen-y voice come out of Dean. Like, his voice just raises and octave, and besides being a bit too smooth to be actually Jensen (whose natural speaking voice is much more casually LA-influenced Texan) it's clearly not Dean, and SUPER WEIRD.

And them Michael snaps his fingers to start the monster-taking of Kansas City and we won't find out anyone's fate until January 27th!

So, while the episode was predictable from my end, and our heroes made some boneheaded moves - I was VERY PLEASED that Garth is still alive, and I'm interested to see what they're plans will be now that their magic macguffins are gone.

So, let me know what you think in comments! You know the rules.

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( 15 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 14th, 2018 11:40 am (UTC)
Psst: MI is the abbreviation for Michigan. Missouri is MO.
Dec. 14th, 2018 06:44 pm (UTC)
Ooops. Thanks!
Dec. 14th, 2018 12:46 pm (UTC)
For the first time in a very long time, when the episode ended I had a knot in my stomach. I couldn't care less about the fate of Kansas City, but Michael having Dean!!! They've got no cards left!!! Nooo!!!

Berens did an excellent job...I especially appreciated that Team Free Will 2.0 blatantly acknowledged that they were walking into a trap.

January 17 is a long time away...

Hope your leg is okay, and have a good holiday, whatever you do!
Dec. 15th, 2018 01:24 am (UTC)
Yes, I think it was one of their more extreme cliff-hangers, especially since Sam, Cas, and Jack, are all still in a room with something as dangerous as Michael!

I'm glad Berens was the one to write this one. I'm not saying it was a perfect episode for me, but with THAT MUCH going on, I can't imagine anyone else doing a better job.

Thanks! My injuries are slowly healing. I'm hoping everything will be back to normal by next week - but if it isn't, I still remember the physiotherapy exercises from the last time I messed up my ankle, so that's handy. :)
Dec. 14th, 2018 06:30 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

I gotta say, the teeth on those monsters in the beginning of the episode looked SO FAKE to me. Like you said, they didn't look like any previous werewolf teeth, or even vampire teeth. By making them bigger were they trying to say that these guys are all suped up, so they get bigger teeth? It didn't work for me. The teeth looked fake to me, thus, didn't really scare me, or alarm me that these were big huge scary monsters. Bigger is not necessarily better or scarier. They just looked too big for their mouths and kinda stupid looking.

I loved the moments between Jack and Cas. It was sweet to catch Jack at a small moment in the early morning before everyone wakes up. He was just enjoying a quiet moment eating a bad for you, but tastes great sugared cereal. I have those moments myself sometimes when I treat myself to a box of sugared cereal. I don't do it often, but when I do, I savor the moments, much like Jack was probably doing here. It's interesting to watch Jack interact with each of his father's. He reacts, act and treats each one differently, and his relationship with Cas is very sweet.

One thought, though, during those early morning moments, or in any Bunker scene lately, there are no AU hunters wandering about and I'm finding it kinda weird. Where are they all. For several episodes we would always see several of them working or wandering around during conversations between Dean, Sam, Jack and Cas; but these last couple of episodes there has been nothing. Where did they go? I find it hard to believe that all of them are out on hunts and that there are no mention of them. I never liked seeing the AU hunters walking around in the Bunker. I always felt they were imposing upon Dean and Sam's home and that they need to get out of there and find their own places. For several episodes to have them consistently in the bunker and hanging around, to now having the last 3 episodes with none of them? Yea, I need an explanation as to where they all are. It just seems weird to have them around, and then BAM! nothing. Anywho.
Dec. 14th, 2018 06:30 pm (UTC)
Apparently I talk too much.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually felt badly for Ketch. He worked so hard to get that egg and while being tracked down from monsters that wanted the egg, he thought he had a good idea to throw them off his tracks by mailing the egg. Pretty smart. But Dean and Sam certainly didn't feel the same. They could have been nicer to Ketch though when he told them about mailing it. I mean, he at least was able to keep it away from the monsters. Doesn't he at least deserve a small attaboy! I felt bad for him. Ketch is trying and TFW is just not giving him any breaks. They need to cut him some slack. Ketch is trying.

I also don't understand why Dean didn't bring Kaia along. She is the master at that thing and would be a better ally working with them using the spear herself than to leave her behind. Didn't make sense to me that she not come along. Like you said, yea, Dean is focused and wanting to kill Michael himself, but it seemed more logical to have her come with them and help them out. But then, with her present they wouldn't have been able to do that cool slow-mo walk of TFW 2.0. Silly. You have a better chance of defeating your prey with more numbers, not less. Dean should know this more than anyone else.

By the end, it was obvious that here TFW thought they had it good with Garth being a spy, but it turns out tables were turned and while being a spy he was used by Michael to get the group there so Michael could get back in Dean. I'm still not 100% sold on this back-door thing. If that is possible, why didn't Lucifer use that to get back into Sam. We first hear about it with Michael? I don't buy it. An angel needs permission, so once they are out, they should need permission again, not be able to create a back door. That's cheating - so, I'm not completely sold on the whole idea. We were always told that Angels were pretty strict on these rules, and now there is a way to break them??? It was jarring though to see Michael back in Dean. I would rather have had Micheal in Dean for more episodes in the beginning than what happened here. So what now, Michael can exit Dean whenever he wants and always be able to get back in?? Totally goes against the angel rules we were told and taught in the beginning. It seems they are rewriting rules again. Not a fan of that.

Overall it was a pretty good episode.
Dec. 15th, 2018 01:39 am (UTC)
I agree about Ketch - that was the one thing I felt really bad for when Michael melted it. Like, I obviously didn't like that thing as a plot device - but Ketch put in ALL THAT WORK. And he was TRYING... as he pointed out, it's hardly his fault that he doesn't have access to the resources he had before. And I'm sure that's really hard for him, given that he's USED to having resources and USED to being able to show up exactly when he's needed, and now he can't.

I really do think that Dean wanting to do it himself - and stating that so bluntly to Cas before going to fetch the spear, was an introduction of a deliberate fault/hubris.

The only way I can square the Michael thing away is that he never actually left. That was still completely connected - not just leaving the door open. (Though, even if you buy the door thing, you can argue away Lucifer never using it because it's obviously something they have to do deliberately before they leave - and possibly not all angels either think of it, or know how to do it)... but that it wasn't necessarily that Garth was the reason that Michael always knew where they were, but rather that Dean was. We saw previously that Dean was getting dizzy spells and that there was something weird about his brain that affected the Djinn... so, to me, Michael was still partially IN there (just not in a way that Cas could detect), like he hadn't just left a door open, but had left his foot in the door as well (or an eyeball is probably a more apt metaphor).

BUT, that all being said, it very much is a "new thing an angel can do" in order for the writers to get around the established rules... so you're not at all wrong by being annoyed by it. I much prefer when writers can figure out how to do something without stretching their own rules that much. So, I can handwave it away because I HAVE to, but I'm with you, in that I'd have preferred more front-ended Dean!Michael than having him leave and then return.
Dec. 15th, 2018 01:29 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I agree about the teeth - evolution designs things for a reason, and I know werewolves aren't real, but why would bigger awkward teeth be an advantage? Doesn't make any sense.

I also agree about how Jack has different relationships with his fathers - and I enjoy when he's in a scene with Cas, there's something so honest and sweet about the way they talk to each other. Neither of them seem to feel the need to put on a front with each other - I'm not saying their brutally honest, because Cas still measures his words carefully with Jack, but I just feel like they're the most emotionally honest with each other.

Yeah, the disappearance of the AU Hunters is a really weird thing for the show to not address. Especially since Sam and Dean can clearly call them all up and deploy them... where are they calling them FROM? Did they kick them all out of the nest to find their way in the world? Do they just happen to ALWAYS be out on hunts when we have an episode? Like you say, that seems unlikely... no matter how nice it is to have the quiet solitude of the bunker back.
Dec. 16th, 2018 10:19 am (UTC)
Just jumping in on the teeth discussion. Its a feature of Micahel's monsters, i think they are meant to look both bigger and sort of like a mashup between vampire and werewolf teeth. But they are too big! I feel they would make drool a lot!
Dec. 16th, 2018 06:58 pm (UTC)
Maybe it's one of the downsides - like, it's an artificial "evolution" of the monster, so they get some traits that aren't actually advantages in their environment.
Romina Valentina Muoz Varas
Dec. 15th, 2018 12:55 am (UTC)
I think this was a well done episode, overall I've no complaints. Wow

I think even the guest characters did what they were asked, Garth and Ketch helping in their own way and adding their particular humour. During Ketch scene I was the Winchesters and Cas the whole time lol

As for AUKaia, is she trusted? I guess she is, why would she give up her spear that easily? BTW she will be so pissed off when finds out what it happened.

Anyway, Michael. It was knew that at some point he would possessed Dean again. Still I'm curious about that open door, so there's no need for a second yes? Interesting. And how will be killed or defeated now? There's no egg, Lance or spear.
And Sam's face totally got me :( that's No when Dean changed into Michael. And applause for Jensen too.

So can January be already here pls.

Oh and Happy Holidays 🎄 get better soon. Felices Fiestas.
Dec. 15th, 2018 01:43 am (UTC)
I don't know if AuKaia can be trusted - I have a feeling we're going to find out before the season is over, because they made her a promise that they've about to break twice over!

Yeah, the open door is a mystery... the only way I can figure it is that it wasn't so much an open door as a "never entirely leaving" - like Michael left an open door AND left a foot in the door (or more likely an eyeball) - I mean, we knew something was wrong with Dean's brain, because he was getting those dizzy spells and also the Djinn had a weird reaction. So, I think Michael had possibly left a good portion of himself behind, just enough to still lay claim to the vessel without needing a second yes, but not enough for Cas to detect.

Happy Holidays to you too!! And thanks for the well wishes. :)
Dec. 15th, 2018 04:14 pm (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon!

I basically agree with you on everything - the magic egg is the worst, why didn’t they bring Kaia along, etc.

Thanks for catching that detail about the Impala being broken! I thought it was strange that Dean was just taking that in stride, but of course that’s an indicator of things not being well with Dean.

I thought that Michael actress did a pretty good job with what she was given. Michael’s motivations bore me, but I liked her cool, unflappable, polished approach to the role. Agreed that it was jarring - in a good way - when Dean transformed into Michael again. I really enjoyed the not-Dean-ness of Jensen’s portrayal.

Will you occupy yourself with the rewatch over the holidays, or do you have other plans?
Dec. 15th, 2018 08:20 pm (UTC)

Yes! The actress who played Michael was great. I really did like the part where she was waiting for them the best, because I feel like she was able to inject a lot of personality into those silent in between moments.

I'll probably try to step up the rewatches to twice/week over the holidays - just in the hopes that the rewatch won't take me until May. :P

I didn't take any time off work this year, so besides making myself some hot chocolate on Christmas Day, opening some presents, and going to a holiday party or two, it'll be fairly routine around here. So, it's not like I'm going to have MORE time than usual... but I will have Thursday nights free, so I figure that's a good rewatch night. ;)
Dec. 16th, 2018 10:20 am (UTC)
I totally agree about Kaia. She certainly has twriling skills that Dean doesn't! I was half expecting her to turn up at the Plaza.
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