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Rewatch S1: Ep 15 to 17

Today I set my alarm for PM instead of AM (oh how I miss the 24 hours clocks of Germany), and woke up at 1:22pm. Which would be all well and good, if I hadn't have made plans to give a coworker a drive to work today...if this HADN'T been one of only two days this week that I actually had work.

Anyway, the coworker (who I must say, must have stood out in the cold for a least 45 minutes waiting for me - should I remind you that I live in Canada?) miraculously forgave me when I called her. She said she was just happy that I wasn't dead in a ditch somewhere...and that she had since defrosted, and that she'd see me in the New Year.

Arrrrrrg, I feel like such an idiot...a well rested idiot.

Here are my thoughts on the episodes that I watched last night. Three instead of two. I've got to slow watching these things down. I'm blaming the timeline I'm working on...it's the historical researcher in me, I'm obsessed with making this timeline! It can't be healthy.

Once again, I mention foreshadowy events, but only vaguely.

The Benders

I really like this episode. The part with the boys takes place over three days, with Sam missing for two of them. Hibbing is close to the Canadian border. I assure you, we do not hunt people up here.

I love Dean in panic-mode. I know it is a horrible thing for me to love, because it's not like Dean is enjoying himself...but man, Jensen is so good at panic.

Man, *I* don't even like it when other people call Sam, Sammy. Dean can call him Sammy, the fans can call him Sammy...but not strangers. It's just not right.

It'd be a nice house, if it wasn't so run-down, creepy, and full of human remains.

Oh! My favorite part of the episode is the little conversation Dean and Sam have when Dean finally finds him. And it's not just because of that cute smile on Sam's face (seriously, he's like an adorable puppy in a cage). I like the scene because I like to consider what it must sound like to Kathleen. She's thrown in a cage across from Sam. "Greg" finally gets there, a guy who had a stolen police badge, a guy who's "cousin" is the brother of a murderer...who oddly fits "Greg's" description, but hey, same family...but she had left him cuffed to the car, and he just tells her that he "has a few tricks up his sleeve." Sam tells him it's "just people" and laughs, like he's not in any real danger, like this is some sort of funny joke someone has pulled on him...and "Greg" teases him for being jumped by people, and tells him he's getting rusty...again, this is the brother of a murderer, what has he gotten rusty at? And "Greg" talks about their usual "playmates" having patterns, not like people...man...I love looking at the Winchesters from the ignorant third-person perspective. And I thought some of the conversations I have with my friends were hard to follow...

Dean: "Demons I get, people are crazy" - I once wrote a whole fanfic in my head about the origin of this phrase of Dean's, but then realized that it was a pretty bad idea and would have just turned out horrible if I had tried to write it. Still, I like this sentence from Dean.

"I WILL KILL YOU ALL" - It's this moment and the Dean on the phone in Home that are my two favorite Dean moments in S1....well, there is one more coming towards the end, but I'll talk about it later. Just once I'd like to actually see Dean in a murderous rampage...because that, my friends, would be a sight to behold.

Sam knows perfectly well what Kathleen is going to do when he leaves the barn, but I like that he doesn't try to talk her out of it. I think at the end, both Dean and him realize that they'd probably do the same...

This is the one episode so far where Sam isn't constantly yelling "Dean!" when they are in the thick of things at the end, or when Dean comes to rescue him. Kudos to Sam for realizing that it's probably not wise to say Dean's name in front of a police officer who thinks he's a cousin.

Dean: "[You go missing like that again] I'm not looking for you"
Sam: "Yeah, you will."

Sam will always go missing, and Dean will always find him...it is the way of the world.

No DVD extras.


Ah Chicago, with your mandatory blues music. As far as I can tell, this episode only takes place over three days.

Hey, here's a timeline trick that other's missed: Sam says that the lunar cycle wasn't right for a werewolf, which means that the murder took place between May 13th and June 11th. The murder shown at the beginning happens a week before the boys show up, but the body isn't discovered until a couple of days later, and then there is probably at least a day before it hits the papers and Sam reads about it  - but we know the next episode starts on either June 3rd or 4th, which means that this is probably the last week of May.

Sam was in "Our Town"...I love that little snippet of information, and the way Dean talks about it.

Oh Meg...how you make me nervous even when I know what happens. You are a good actress.

Haha - the Chad Michael Murray joke. I love shows that poke fun at themselves (or their actors).

I always feel really bad for Dean when Meg says all that stuff about how he treats Sam like luggage. Dean doesn't need to hear that...it won't do his abandonment issues any good.

Dean: "You're lurking outside that poor girl's apartment, aren't you?"
Sam: "No!....yes."
Hahaha, makes me wonder what Sam got up to when he was smitten with girls in high school.

Sam leaves the car with the window rolled down and it's raining. No wonder Dean doesn't trust him with the Impala.

You know, whether or not Meg already knew he was there, Sam makes a fair bit of noise in that abandoned warehouse.

Sam'n'Dean:"Dude, I gotta talk to you!" - nice. I wonder how often they had to practice that?

Ah, the first real motel "conversation" - Sam's statement of "there's got to be something that you want for yourself" and the fact that Dean just wants his family, "the way it used to be"...which I'm assuming means him, Sam, and his Dad, always together. I actually understand that a lot. Me and my siblings were always really close growing up, and sometimes I used to wish their husbands/children/lives would go away and we could all live together again...but then of course, that's not taking into account how we would drive each other CRAZY...and I'd go insane without having my own friends and life...and yeah...but what I'm getting at is that Dean DOESN'T have his own friends and life. All he has is Sam and his Dad, and that's all he can ever see having...basically, in Dean's mind, if he doesn't have his family, he doesn't have anything.

And then there's Sam's statement of "When the time comes, you're going to have to let me go my own way"...which, I don't know, could still be foreshadowing, or it could be foreshadowing for something that Dean doesn't do...

Those cuts on Sam's cheeks would so leave scars. Silly television healing.

John: "You got to trust me son, you got to let me go"
I don't even know where to begin on this. Has it always been Sam's downfall that he doesn't completely trust his father? Why does he have such difficulty trusting him? Or maybe it's just that despite all the problems, Sam wants the same thing Dean wants - to have their father with them again...or am I drawn to this line because it's what John should have said to Sam later instead of asking him to get him a cup of coffee...who knows.

Sadly, no DVD extras.

Hell House

Sam and Dean spend 8 days in this episode, which surpasses the 7 days they spent in Faith.

The prank war...oh, how I love you. Funny enough, I absolutely hate pranks usually, but for some reason the boys pranks on each other make even me laugh.

Dean turns up the music to wake Sam up just as the singer says "A fire of unknown origin took my baby away" - really sensitive there, Dean.

I love Sam's line about the pranks "It's stupid and it always escalates!" That's why I don't like pranks! Plus I have this thing against being made a fool of...I'm strange that way.

Sam says "I knew we were going to be passing through Texas..." Passing through Texas to where? Mexico? They're driving North to South...strange boys.

You know, in my fancy timeline I proved that last episode took place at the end of May. This one opens on the boys on either June 3rd or June 4th...and that's taken from the fact that it's either on their fourth or fifth day there that an update to hellhoundslair.com is dated June 7th. So, we get a date right in the episode...yet, the boys' faces are completely healed. Sam and Dean have super healing powers...or they just didn't get smart about facial injuries until S2.

I love the montage of them talking to the kids. I also love the record shop. Man, I miss my favorite record shop.

Ed and Harry are hilarious and idiotic as usual, there's not much to say about those two.

Classic itching powder scene. Jared does a good "uncomfortable". Oh also, I really can't tell if the dude says "gents" or "Jensen"...my guess is that it's the former...guy has one line in a show, I doubt he'd mess it up like that. I sympathize with Sam thinking it's the soap, I come from a long line of people who are allergic to most laundry detergent...dryer sheets...fabric softener...anything with the word "ultra" in the name.

How'd they get the laughing guy from the diner? Did they steal it? Buy it? How do they get the string to pull over and over again in the woods? Unsolved mysteries of Supernatural.

Dean: "I barely have any skin left on my palm!"
Sam: "I'm not touching that line with a ten-foot pole"

All in all, a funny filler episode. Not much to say other than that.

No DVD extras.

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