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Quick Reaction: 14x07 Unhuman Nature


BUT, usual rules still apply! So, I gotta keep this positive - AND I WILL - And I can't spoil you before the cut, so let's get to the cut....

Okay, so this was a BuckLeming episode and it shows, because they did the thing that I figured BuckLeming would do if no one stopped them, because if it's one thing BuckLeming love it's everything I hate! Which includes both Nick and Lucifer. BUT, they also like giving Jensen weird things to deal with, and I like seeing what Jensen comes up with when handed weird things - and he did not disappoint!

Let's take this thing in order of appearance.

We start with Nick, just to set the tone of what I'll be dealing with this episode. Beyond small d death, he's our villain of this episode - only, sadly, this episode does not follow the regular format of the Winchesters defeating the villain.

Instead, we get Nick saying "I hate... I HATE..." and not finishing up with "...this storyline as much as Alix does." Instead, he talks about how he hates what he's turned into, but he can't stop.... not until he finds out what happened to his family. And sadly, the dead priest that he's crucified in his office has failed to give him the answers he sought.

With sweet relief, we join the Winchesters - or, Jack and Cas first off. With Cas trying to heal Jack. I just spent a week with my nephew named Jack, who we sometimes call Jackie (possibly Jacky? I have never written it down before.) As a result, I wonder ideally if the Winchesters ever call Jack anything other than Jack. I think Dean calls him "kid", but that's probably it.

ANYWAY, outside of Jack's room, Sam and Dean hover anxiously - Cas comes out and sadly does not deliver the news they want. He doesn't know what's wrong with Jack. There's a thump from Jack's room, and he's having a seizure... so they rush him off to the hospital. There, we get an awkward scene where they apparently have never taken the time to make Jack a fake id before, or come up with a plausible identity for him. So, he becomes Jack Klein, born May 18th, 2000, though Dean also suggests 1999, and their honest that Jack's father was stabbed through the heart and exploded.

Back with Nick, he meets up with a former crime reporter, who once covered his family's murder. Her name is Diane Fargo, which is a pretty boss name. She gives him the name of the beat cop who first came upon the scene of the crime. He now lives in Manitoc. (Does everything circle back to Manitoc in SPN, do they just like that town?)

We cut to Jack again, woot! Only, everything is grime. Dean talks about how he worried about monsters, but never thought of just sickness. Meanwhile, I wonder if they ever got Jack his vaccinations... have they checked for TB? Polio? Meningitis? 

The doctor comes out and tells them that they can't figure it out. But that Jack is experiencing systemic failure - which yeah, basically means death... so Dean and Sam are IMMEDIATELY DONE WITH MODERN MEDICINE. I mean... fair enough, that's their MO and it's always worked out for them in the past. Dean does that awkward thing where you try to bring up an option of calling Rowena in a "this is ridiculous, let's laugh at me for thinking about it" way, instead of a "I'm actually serious that we should consider this" way... and Sam is like "yeah, I already did" because Sam got over the hang-up of calling Rowena 3 seasons ago. Then they sign Jack out AMA and go back to the Bunker.

Rowena shows up with the Book of the Damned, which she apparently stole back while she was hanging out in the Bunker at the end of the previous season. She believes she's there for Dean, but Sam breaks the news that it's for Jack, and that Jack is the son of Lucifer. (I thought Rowena already knew this? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.) Rowena is very much not on board with helping anything related to Lucifer and suggests that Jack can die. And then Jack appears behind her and agrees with her, and takes the time to thank her for her help in the past and how much he appreciates it, and he's glad he got a chance to tell her before she left... and Rowena is like "goddamn, why does he have to be adorable?" (only with her eyes) and then helps.

It doesn't work though! Nephilim really need their grace as it turns out, otherwise their system is thrown into chaos, and I guess Jack isn't regenerating his grace fast enough to not die. Cas offers his own grace, but Jack needs an archangel's grace.

Dean listens to all this and has a really weird dizzy spell that's not explained.

Unfortunately, we then cut to Nick, who is now stalking a night club for no reason, and trying not to stalk and kill girls who come out of that club and have absolutely no sense of self-preservation. It's all very strange.

Thankfully, we then jump back to Dean, who brings Jack a snack only to find Jack getting his pack.... but he doesn't give him any flack....or...put him on the rack? 

I've gotten distracted. Jack wants to go out and live life, now that he realizes he's dying - he wants to experience the world. Dean decides to help - and he's smart for doing it really, because this way someone is around Jack to keep an eye on him.

They go and tell Cas, Sam, and Rowena, who are trying to research up another cure.

Sam has got a lead from Ketch on a shaman named Sergei. Dean gets weirdly dizzy again. It's still not explained.

Cas is going to go see the shaman. Dean is going to take Jack out in the Impala.

Dean shows Jack how to drive, and it's a really cute scene. Jack is all like "it's like I'm you!" and Dean shakes his head...but Jack declares it the best day ever, so mission accomplished there.

As Cas is leaving to go see Sergei. Sam is like "you sure you want to go on your own?" and Cas says that he basically just wants to be doing something. Then they have a little chat about how hard Dean seems to be taking Jack's illness (deflecting much?) and Sam points out that Dean is probably regretting how hard he was on Jack in the beginning. And then Sam talks about how they've lost so many people, but this feels different.. and Cas calls out the elephant in the room by pointing out that it's different because they're "losing a son."

Jack is still jazzed about being able to drive now. Dean asks if he wants to go to a bar next and try to score (oh Dean, your toxic masculinity is showing), and Jack says he has another idea.

Sadly, first we have to return to Nick, who is paying the beat cop, Frank (because all beat cops are named Frank) a visit, and being creepy.

But then we get to go back to Dean and Jack right away, and we see that Jack has taken them fishing. (And those are some BC rocks, my friend, I highly doubt those are Kansas/mid-west rocks... but hey, who am I to say, I've never been there.) Jack explains how Dean told him that fishing was his happiest memory with John. Dean disputes claiming it was his happiest memory - Jack insists that it was contained in the tone in which he told Jack about it. In any case, Jack has come to realize that it's not seeing foreign wonders of the world that he's going to miss about living, it's spending time with his family. He tells Dean that he thinks he's had a good life. (And this reminds me of when I've driven with my dad in the past, who is not the most careful driver, and I've sat there in the passenger seat and also made peace with the fact that I'm going to die and also come to the conclusion that I've lived a good life and it's okay if I do... and then I survive somehow!)

Cas meets up with the shaman, who traps him in holy fire, just so we know that the shaman knows what's what, I guess? Because he then lets Cas out of the fire and into his trailer and they have a chat. Sergei says they need a recharging agent - and luckily, he happens to have some archangel grace that he got off Gabriel in exchange for a cloaking spell that got him to Monte Carlo. Cas asks how much it's going to cost him, and Sergei does the whole "the Winchesters will owe me a favour" thing - which is really the best sort of debt to have in my opinion, but also the most circumspect deal to enter into.

Unfortunately, we have to join Nick for the second to last time... where he has tied up the beat cop and is now torturing him for information. The cop finally comes clean that he DID do it, but he was met outside the house by a guy named Obraxis (possibly spelt much differently than that), and then didn't remember anything until he was sitting in his patrol car covered in blood. Nick realizes that Frank was possessed, so it wasn't really his fault - but then kills him anyway, because that's the sort of guy Nick is now. (Also, it TOTALLY MAKES SENSE that the demons would be prepping Lucifer's potential vessels in the lead-up to the apocalypse, so OF COURSE a demon did it.)

Back at the Bunker, Rowena performs Sergei's spell while Jack consumes the angel grace. It seems to work for a split second, but then Jack collapses. Cas calls Sergei and finds out that it was just an experiment, and that Sergei didn't actually know what would happen or if it'd work or not. Cas is NOT THRILLED and threatens to hunt Sergei down... and uh, Cas, maybe don't tell the dude you're going to do that, because it means he'll stop smoking up and possibly move his ridiculously uniquely painted trailer someplace harder to find.

We return to Nick for the final time, which would ordinarily lead me to rejoice - only, we join him while he is praying... to Lucifer... and apparently it's not just an all powerful Nephilim that can call things awake in the Empty anymore, it's random idiots too. Because we see Lucifer begin to form, T1000 style. And my notes literally do just say "Yarrrrr................" 

But, thankfully, we don't finish the episode there - instead we finish it with some good old family drama... with Dean regretting taking Jack out, that maybe he should have been more careful with him. And Sam telling him that Dean made him happy and that was more important... and then Rowena breaking the news that the only thing they can do is watch over Jack, and sit by him, as he dies. AND EVERYONE IS SAD.

Which means we'll get some great family angst in episodes to come, which I do like... and also they never did explain Dean's dizzy spells... so that might be something. (Maybe they were supposed to be trauma induced? But that's never happened before, so I think it must be something else?). Maybe it's Michael related, and they can use Michael to cure Jack... he could be conveniently still residing inside Dean, and that's why Dean is getting a case of the dizzies. There's is DEFINITELY something going on there.

And... yeah, maybe when Lucifer comes back, Sam will be able to kill him this time, and that will be a positive. They can take turns, and I get to see a character I hate die multiple times... I mean, I'd prefer him only dying once, for good, but I'm already not going to get that, so I'll happily settle for seeing him die multiple times.

So, we'll see what happens! This is mainly just the start of the set-up for the back-half of the season - and it looks like I'll only loath PART of it with every fibre of my being! Yay!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments.

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( 15 comments — Leave a comment )
Nov. 30th, 2018 09:13 am (UTC)
My very first thought when LucyT1000 started to form was 'Alix is going to hate this.'

If I wanted to watch a show where psychopaths torture and kill other humans I would watch a crime show. But I am watching Supernatural which is supposed have monsters that don't exist in real life so I don't have to get tied up in knots about them. (Though if the Winchesters did exist in real life I would really want them to check out Trump for being possessed...)

Positive comment, right...

When Jack mentions Dean having talked about fishing with John as a good memory, I thought of how, when Cas used to visit Dean's dreams back in season 5, Dean was always sitting on a pier by a lake, and I could tie Dean finding that as a comfort spot to remembering going fishing with John. That was a subtly beautiful reference. I wonder who suggested the writers have Dean and Jack go fishing? (Ohh, that was snarky, bad girl!)

I loved how Jack got Rowena to help him by not trying to convince her of his worth, but by earnestly understanding that he wasn't worth being helped.

They better not permanently damage our little nougat!!!

I saw somewhere Jensen said they put the cameras on Baby and let him and Alex improvise while driving. I wonder how much Jensen had to calm himself down while Alex drove?

Re: the plot development that only evokes WHY--I concluded that the showrunners heard so much lamenting that the wrong Winchester killed Lucifer that they sat in the writers' room and said, 'Oh no! We have disappointed a lot of fans! Let's bring the devil back and this time have Sam kill him so they will be happy!'

That is the only explanation I can come up with...
Nov. 30th, 2018 08:23 pm (UTC)
...and I did!

The thing I tell myself about Nick is that he's not an actual "human" human... like, we wouldn't actually find him in our world, because he's been twisted by Lucifer (and possibly being dead for 7.5 years that are unaccounted for in terms of where he was.) So, it's not a psychopath killing another human - it's an agent of Lucifer killing another human.

I don't know if that will help or not in any upcoming Nick scenes - but I'm with you... I don't watch crime shows anymore for a reason.

Agreed about the fishing thing! It was a nice touch, no matter who came up with it.

Agreed about everything else you say really. Cool about the improvising in the driving scene! That's cool! No wonder that's one of my favourites (now who's snarky?)

RE: the plot development - sadly, I know why, which is why I wasn't surprised at all. BuckLeming have a real hard-on (pardon the language) for Lucifer and MarkP. They've talked about it before in interviews, and I'm not sure which interview it was that I watched, but they basically laid out that he's their favourite to write for of all time and that they're always trying to think of ways to weave him into the story for that reason. Since Dabb has no backbone, I figured it was only a matter of time until Lucifer was resurrected, although I very much wanted to be proven wrong.


Ending on a positive note... um... although I usually don't like it when BuckLeming spells out everything so explicitely in their scripts, I actually did appreciate Cas naming Jack as a son to them. So, sometimes when BuckLeming goes against what I consider to be good writing, I do end up liking it.
Nov. 30th, 2018 10:23 am (UTC)
I'd prefer him only dying once, for good, but I'm already not going to get that, so I'll happily settle for seeing him die multiple times.
I'm pretty sure I know why Dean had those dizzy spells 😊
And, I think Sam actually remembered the date of Jack's birthday. Because he's like that. And I think that is adorable.

Edited at 2018-11-30 10:58 am (UTC)
Nov. 30th, 2018 08:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Sam for sure remembered the birthday correctly! All he did was add in the year, which was indeed an estimate based on how Jack looks, rather than when he was actually born. Which is really why that was the only thing Dean could disagree on, though it's hardly important enough to quibble over - as they're making him either 18 or 19, and there's not a big difference between those two in terms of the legal system.
Nov. 30th, 2018 02:58 pm (UTC)
I liked all the scenes between Jack and his family, Dean getting closer to Jack, Sam working With Rowena, Castiel looking into other avenues.

It's odd how much I've come to care for Jack in the past two seasons, and with him not being one of the two leads, I always worry they'll end up killing him, so the anxiety of him possibly dying is always worse.

But like you, I really wish they'd just stopped using Lucifer, the scenes with Nick have just ruined what made his character interesting back in s5, just like they've ruined the character of Lucifer ages ago.
Nov. 30th, 2018 08:24 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you and I are in agreement about everything!
Romina Valentina Muoz Varas
Nov. 30th, 2018 06:44 pm (UTC)
Because we see Lucifer begin to form, T1000 style. And my notes literally do just say "Yarrrrr................"

You explained my thoughts very well. Actually I was so pissed off that I tweeted to Andrew Dabb, I know it won't work, but I needed to vent my rant. Seriously, why bring back Lucifer? I could even deal with pstd psycho Nick, human can be interested too.

Anyway, back to the positive side, Family Time. I was so emotional, because they truly are a family now, and reminds us that famous phrase that family don't end with blood. Believe me I truly appreciated those moments... But poor of my Jack. You know, Dean and his dizziness, reinforces my theory that Michael will appear again, how and when no idea. But he will.
Nov. 30th, 2018 08:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's little point yelling at the writer's on twitter. But I do understand that frustration that leads to it. Sadly, BuckLeming really love Lucifer and Dabb either doesn't know the difference between good and bad writing, or he doesn't have enough of a backbone to shoot down their ideas.

But, back to the positive side...

I'm in agreement about Dean and his dizziness! I'm hoping either that, or Lucifer's return, will lead to Jack getting enough of his grace back that he can be saved.
Romina Valentina Muoz Varas
Nov. 30th, 2018 08:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for understand my rant. And Buckleming are fans of Mark Pellegrino or what? And I've thought Dabb doesn't say a lot, because Eugenie is wife of Robert Singer. And maybe tries to not get in discussions, who knows.

I'd rather Michael helping Jack than Lucifer. I can't believe I said that, because I'm sure it won't be for pure family love.

Dec. 1st, 2018 12:03 am (UTC)
I'd prefer Michael over Lucifer too, just because he's new and I'm sick of Lucifer. :P
Romina Valentina Muoz Varas
Dec. 4th, 2018 01:41 pm (UTC)
I got you :)

Nov. 30th, 2018 10:21 pm (UTC)
Being positive. I love Sam and Rowena's relationship. They like each other. He knows how to get her to come and that she would never come for Jack. As to not knowing Jack is Lucifer's son, she barely met him after the AU people came and Jack isn't exactly an uncommon name, so Sam had to let her know he was talking about Jack, Lucifer's son vs. Jack, random hunter from AU world.

I enjoyed the Dean/Jack bonding. I was less happy about Dean being the ONLY one who did him any good, according to Sam.

After the Rowena scenes, Sam reverted to being a very sexy lamp/wallpaper. Not much more to be positive about, so I'll leave it here.
Dec. 1st, 2018 12:02 am (UTC)
As to not knowing Jack is Lucifer's son, she barely met him after the AU people came and Jack isn't exactly an uncommon name, so Sam had to let her know he was talking about Jack, Lucifer's son vs. Jack, random hunter from AU world.

Good point! I also don't remember the details of the end of last season.

I enjoyed the Dean/Jack bonding. I was less happy about Dean being the ONLY one who did him any good, according to Sam.

I think that's Sam being his usual too-hard-on-himself. He feels like a failure because none of his solutions worked out, so he's exaggerating his own uselessness.

After the Rowena scenes, Sam reverted to being a very sexy lamp/wallpaper. Not much more to be positive about, so I'll leave it here.

I mean, on the positive side, he was a VERY sexy lamp. Haha :P I hear you though - BuckLeming really do prefer to write for Lucifer/Nick and Dean, and you can tell.
Dec. 2nd, 2018 03:46 pm (UTC)
I felt your pain on this one! I’m sorry they’re going back to your least favorite thing. :( I really thought you were free and clear!

There was still a lot to love about this episode, with Dean and Jack’s little road trip. But why exclude Sam from that? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed those scenes - but Sam has so few strong relationships, and at the beginning of season 13 I got the feeling that he was a real lifeline for Jack. I really don’t like how the writers have moved away from that and made it all about Dean (and I’m a Deangirl). Same with Cas! He was the first one to believe in Jack’s capacity for good - before I did, before Sam and Dean did, before he was even born. And now Cas has been reduced to driving (??) to shamans and making idle threats. (Someone who is funnier than I am needs to talk about that mini car commercial where he slowwwwwly drives up in his BRIGHT BLUE FORD FOCUS, what the hell, that was some blatant product placement.) I’m sure I must have missed something from my own inattentiveness - did Cas have all his power stripped after coming back from the Empty? That would at least give a canon reason for why he can’t do anything these days.

I did like how when Rowena shows up and you hear Jack’s voice from off screen, he SOUNDS like Cas! His cadence, the low, somber quality of his voice. That’s all Alex Calvert, and I don’t even know if he knows he’s doing it. But it worked for me! Don’t abandon that relationship, Show.
Dec. 2nd, 2018 08:36 pm (UTC)
Agreed agreed.

The Dean thing comes down to these particular writers - they were the same writers who had Dean confront God, and turned Sam into a stumbling fanboy with seemingly no issues of his own to bring before God, even though... you know, he's actually the more religious of the two, was destined before birth to be evil, has fought to be good his whole life, was tortured by Lucifer in the cage for who knows how many hell-years, but at least 1.5 regular years... you'd think MAYBE he'd also want to talk to God about a thing or two? MAYBE?!

I'm off track - my point is, that BuckLeming LOVE writing for Dean, and love treating Sam like wallpaper. So, doesn't matter that Jack named Castiel has his father when he was in the womb, and that Sam was the first of the Winchesters to be on Jack's side and to see him as a person and not a monster... nope, instead the conversation we get between Sam and Cas is about how upset DEAN is.

Cas and his car - I have to admit, it didn't even occur to me that Cas should have come back from the empty with his wings back intact. I don't think it occurred to the writers either. They've had Cas still unable to fly like the other angels this whole time. But why wouldn't he come back completely healed? Is the spell to cast the angels out of heaven so complete that it affects resurrections? If it WAS that complete, it should have effected Lucifer even though he was in the cage at the time - or it should effect him when he's brought back. Definitely a continuity oversight there and one I made too. I think you're right, and Cas should be able to fly after being resurrected.

Someone else pointed out that if you can resurrect angels by praying to them - that'd be a good way to save Heaven. Resurrect the angels that you know are on your side - Gabriel, Gadreel (now that he's learned the error of his ways), Hannah, Samandriel... I'd totally write this AU, that would just be a series of happy reunions. It completely undermines the finality of death, of course, but they've already done that by having NICK of all people resurrect Lucifer. At least with Jack, they had the excuse of him being superpowered.

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