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Rewatch S13: Lost and Found (13x01)

The results of the poll were:
"Rewrite it like you did last year! That was fun!"
"Start fresh for S13, just tell us what you would change about it, if you had to start from the same starting point."

So, let's see what I actually end up doing, because while you guys probably picked the easiest path forward for me, I'm feeling like my brain might actually try to continue my S12 rewrite, just because I hate Lucifer so much. Though, I'm not sure this plot works without him.

But, most importantly, this will also just be a standard rewatch... though I'll most likely be trying to do it in a way where it doesn't take me 4 hours an episode.

Let's get started!

Lost and Found

Oh, I always forget about the opening. I loved that they actually used Metallica.

Jack: "Father?"
- Baby Jack!

Oh man, and Castiel's wings are a shot to the heart.

And Dean blows it by shooting the kid, because Dean shoots things when he's angry/grieving... unless Sam dies, then Dean just gives up on life.

Oh man, I'd also forgotten about Dean's fucked up nightmare about Mary's death. It's interesting, because it really doesn't come into play at all... like, Dean never mentions it, it doesn't mean anything, we don't necessarily need it to explain Dean's actions in the episode - it's just a random character point. Not that I'm complaining, because this show could always use more random character points.

And... my screencaps aren't working. ABORT REWATCH MUST FIX. Okay, workaround will have to do. If anyone has ever had any difficulty with VLC media player giving them green snapshots, please let me know how they fixed it. Right now, my backup is to use a screen recorder that I can hopefully pull caps off later if I need to. Luckily, for this episode, since Sam and Dean never change their clothes, it's not an issue.

Dean: Can he teleport?
Sam: What?
Dean: The kid? Does he have wings?

- I love how Jack is such an unknown. I also love how Sam's so wrong-footed here. And there's also just something about the question "does he have wings?" that delights me.

And Alex does such a great job with Jack, really walking that line of us not being able to tell if he's good or if he's evil.

I wonder if I should start keeping track of Jack's clothes? I usually don't with non-Winchesters, but he's sort of sticking around for a bit, and he's part of the family. Mind you... I don't track Castiel's... but that's largely because Castiel wears the same thing all the time anyway.

Sam: Can we talk about what happened back there?
Dean: Sure which part, because Kelly's dead, Crowley's dead, Cas is... Mom's gone, and apparently the devil's kid hit puberty...

- It's a nice touch, not having Dean being able to admit that Castiel is dead. Race towards denial.

Sam: What about Cas, is he? Is he really dead?
Dean: You know he is.

- Ouch. Both of them would prefer denial. I think Sam was really clinging to it. Though, Cas somehow ended up on that table before they left the house - so Sam must have seen him. That's a weird plothole... "Sam, you just helped me carry his dead body out from the backyard and put it under a sheet - why do you think that Cas is secretly alive and only I know it?"

I'd forgotten about the angels checking in on Castiel first, and being like "he didn't deserve it" "yes he did."

Sheriff: And by the way, there's no such thing as weird - everyone's normal in their own way.
-Awww, I love her.

Jack: I remember when the bad woman burned. I remember the universe screamed.
- I love him too.

And the impala is absolutely covered in dirt - which is always nice as a reflection of Dean's state of mind.

I forget if this drunk chick is an angel or a demon. She does a good job though.

Of course, the real problem with tracking Jack's clothes is that it doesn't fit on my page of notes that I use to track clothes during an episode - I only have two columns.

Jack's fingers much have the weirdest grip with fingerprints like that.

Jack uses "magic" to get the candy machine to dispense candy - oh man, so innocent, so shouldn't be doing that in front of civilians.

And then angel radio hits, and I really like this sequence. Including Sam tasering Jack in the back.

And everyone gets arrested.

Dean: My name is Dean Winchester, the big fellow in there is my brother Sam. We kill monsters.
- You know Dean is having a bad day when he goes for the truth.

Sheriff: So what are you, some kind of superhero?
Dean: I'm just a guy doing a job.

- The superhero question is a pretty loaded question for Dean, given he used to frame John that way.

I wonder what Sam thought about being locked in a cell with Jack. I mean, they wouldn't have left him anyway, but still.

Jack: I was scared and when I get scared, things happen and I can't stop them.
- Jack's honesty is really what saves him from the Winchesters. He's completely without deception and that's why they can trust him. They should take a page out of this book and be honest with him, but they don't. Though, maybe it's best that they don't, given that Dean wants to kill him and doesn't believe a word he says. Honesty works for Sam though! Sam really loves honest people.

Jack: I'm sorry.
Sam: What?
Jack: Will you tell them that I'm sorry.
Sam: Sure, yeah, of course.

- So good, so pure.

And Sam tries to get to the bottom of Jack... but I love Jared's body language here. He makes Jack a threat just by reacting to him. Alex doesn't actually have to BE threatening, which makes this scene perfect... Jack can be innocent and child-like, and Sam can still be terrified.

Sam: Jack, look, um, before you were born, you opened a door to another world. Do you remember that?
Jack: Yes
Sam: Okay, well, could you do that again?

- Right straight to what he wants. Not really cool Sam, though I understand where you're coming from.

Jack: I have to find my father. He'll protect me.
Sam: Jack, you have to listen to me, that's not really what Lucifer does.
Jack: Lucifer? No, that's not his name. My father is Castiel.

- And with a single line, I will defend Jack to the death. Jack CHOSE his father - and he chose Castiel.

Jack: Where is he?
Sam: He's dead.

- Not good.

Ah, drunk girl was an angel. That answers that question.

Sam: Jack is not evil. He's just a kid.
Dean: He's Lucifer's son.
Sam: We need him.

- Pretty utilitarian there, Sam... but I understand trying to negotiate with a grieving Dean probably requires betraying your principles a little bit.

Angel: You take things and break things and piss people off and just do whatever you want, no matter who it hurts...
- Yeah, not really. If Dean did whatever he wanted, he'd probably have retired and lived happily ever after somewhere and let the world burn... but he's too much of a good person for that, so instead he lives a miserable existence, putting nearly everyone before himself (except for when it comes to Sam's life, then he's arguably selfish).

I love how Sam tries to protect Jack in the jail cell.

I forgot how angel sigils hurt Jack.

Angel: Because Bieber in there, he can do anything.
Dean: Anything?
Angel: Ah, sweetie, almost anything. Castiel - he's dead. All the way dead. Because of you.

- Way to take Dean down psychologically as well.

And then Jack gets stabbed with an angel blade and he's fine. Yeah, how are you going to kill him now, Dean?

Sam: I think we should take him back to the bunker with us, I know what you're going to say, but-
Dean: I agree..[...] he's still the devil's kid, he's still evil, he brainwashed kelly and Cas...[...] until I find a way to end him, we bring him home. At least there the only people he can hurt are you and me.

- Aww, Dean, how your tune will change. But, again, I think if Dean did what he wanted, he'd abandon the kid who he blames for Castiel's death, not bring him home to be a constant reminder of what he lost. But Dean does bring him home in the hopes of saving the rest of the world from him.

Sam: Hey, are you sure about this? I mean, it's Cas - maybe we can bring him back - like you said.
Dean: No, we can't.
Sam: Chuck did, or God did, remember that? - so maybe if we prayed to him or-
Dean: You don't think I've tried that.

- Oh man, Sam kills me here - especially is little "remember that?" like, of course Dean hasn't forgotten a RESURRECTION... the reason he's not bringing it up is obviously because it's a hopeless avenue, and yet Sam doesn't want to believe it. This is also the first time that Castiel's been killed by an angel blade. All the other times, he was exploded. There has to be a difference in that.

Dean: Okay, Chuck, or God, whatever. I need your help. You see you left us, you went off - you said, the earth would be fine because it had me, it had Sam, but it's not, and we're not. We've lost everything and now you're going to being 'em back. You're going to bring back Cas, you're going to bring back Mom. Even Crowley. Because after everything we've done, you owe us, you son of a bitch. So you get your ass down here and you make this right, right here, right now. ...please. please help us.
- Oh Dean, this is so reminiscent of Dean's call to John in Home. Only, he was more humble with John, hahaha... typical Dean. But I love how Dean says "Even Crowley" because this is someone longing for the world he knew, after being forced into a new one... which is very much a theme of the season.

And that was Sam's last hope too.

As a nature of existing, Jack had to kill his mom. I wonder how he deals with that psychologically... add this to the list of things never explored on the show.

Then we get Dean preparing Cas for the pyre. TOO MUCH.

Sam: You want to say anything?
Jack: What do you say?
Sam: Right - thank you. You say thank you. And you say you're sorry. And you hope they're somewhere without sadness, pain. You hope they're somewhere better. You say goodbye.
Dean: Well, goodbye Cas. Goodbye Kelly. Goodbye Crowley. Goodbye Mom.
Sam: We don't know mom-
Dean: Yeah we do. We do, Sam. Lucifer killed her. The moment he realized we trapped his ass, he killed her. You know he did. She's gone. They're all gone.

- Ouch my heart.
- I do love Sam distills funeral speeches to their bare bones: Thank you. I'm sorry. It'd be nice if I could imagine you existing somewhere nicer than here. Goodbye.

But Sam's not actually going to believe that, because Sam's the optimist of the group.

And then we get Mary and Lucifer in ApocaWorld.

Lucifer: Now what?
Mary: You kill me.
Lucifer: Or maybe not, maybe... maybe I need you.
- And Mary gets to die another day.

This is actually a really good episode. I don't have much to say about it. It's true, there's also not much dialogue for me to pick apart, but that's really because the episode is full of suspense and action - and raw emotion that isn't couched in deception or lies and is spoken of and displayed fairly openly.

It's a great set-up to the season.

I probably wouldn't touch this one.

Continuing rewrite of S12:
It may be impossible to write this season without Lucifer, but let's try anyway - going off the idea that it was Dagon that got trapped with Mary in the AU, we'd just have her keep Mary around for the same reasons Lucifer does.

I actually don't think there's much to discuss here, but if you want to discuss something, feel free to leave a comment! This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/566181.html.
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