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Quick Reaction: 14x03 The Scar

 ...and Berens pulls me back in!

Alright, thanks to a different writer, I enjoyed this week's episode a lot more - so hopefully we can get back to some fun! Blah blah blah, rules all apply. Stay positive. I've only watched this episode once while drinking and taking crappy notes, everything is paraphrased on purpose, etc.

Let's do it!

Our opening conversation is about Sam's beard and I love it. Dean is not a fan. "Some people say I look good" - those some people are me, Sam. ME.

Getting serious again though, Dean doesn't want to talk about the possession - he's FINE, he's OKAY, stop asking him, SAM, GEEZ! (Little known fact: Sam Geez is Samwise Gamgee's cousin - not acknowledge by the Hobbits for being far too tall.)

Dean says that he doesn't remember anything - we've heard this before, approximately 10 years ago. I don't buy it.

Dean is also taken aback by how busy the bunker is... as his "good to be home" trails off into the same weird feeling I'm sure we all have with hearing noise and having many people in the bunker. These people who are all weirdly back from wherever the heck they were last week. 

It's the first time Jack and Cas get to see a returned Dean though, and the reunion is sweet. Jack gives Dean a long hug. Cas hugs Dean WITH HIS EYES. Dean hugs him right back, while flirtatiously using southern slang to tell him that it "ain't no thang" that Cas couldn't come on the mission to rescue him. 

Mary and Bobby, meanwhile, are still in Duluth, cleaning up the scene... this is the first time I think EVER that they have left people behind to clean up the scene. My goodness... I wonder if that'll be Mary and Bobby's job for the rest of the season and we'll never see them again. Hahaha... that'd be weird. "Mom's back! Let's make her our clean-up crew and never discuss our vast emotional/abandonment issues with her!" "Sounds good!"

Cas also breaks the news that Nick is gone and not answering his calls. I actually like this, I mean, besides the fact that I don't have to deal with Nick this episode - I like it because it makes the timing more realistic. Did what we see last week actually happen concurrently, perhaps not! Perhaps Nick is actually still on his way to Delaware which would make MUCH MORE SENSE, given that he has no id or money.

Dean goes to his room to change into Dean clothes, while Sam and Cas have a voiceover conversation about him and whether he's actually okay or not. Meanwhile, Dean discovers a weird scar on his shoulder. "What is with angels and scarring up my shoulder?" Dean asks with his eyes. "You got those nice beefy shoulders, man, who wouldn't want to put something on there?" I answer. "Personally, I liked Cas's art much better than Michael's."

And then one of my favourite things about the later seasons, Dean immediately goes to Sam, Cas, and Jack and is like "check out this weird and suspicious mark on my shoulder!" And they're all like "DUDE!" (only with their eyes.) And then Dean is like "you gotta vulcan mind-meld me, Cas" and my brain immediately flings to a Kirk/Spock inspired AU for a little bit... and when I come back to reality, Cas is indeed mind-melding Dean - only from behind (*giggle*) - and looking at his memories. They discover that it was a dark-figure in a cape that stabbed Michael with a spear, and Dean knows where he was when it happened.

We then cut to Jody (Jodie? How come I can never remember how to spell her name? Looked it up, it's Jody). She is texting Claire about how her case is totally human related... and Claire is doing laundry and everything is coool. Then Sam Winchester phones Jody and she answers right away, concerned. And I love her. For the second time in their friendship, Sam answers her frantic "any news?" with "uh...right, yeah, I found Dean and totally didn't think to tell you until I had to call you for an entirely unrelated reason." Sam is REALLY bad at spreading good news folks, though at least this time, thankfully, it's because it JUST happened. 

Jody is happy, but Cas reminds her that this is the good news, which means that there is bad news too. They tell her about the scar, and it turns out it's nearly the same MO as her current "serial killer" which means her murder cases are actually hunting related, unlike what she told Claire.

So, then it's off to Sioux Falls! Everyone packs up. Jack wants to come, but Dean is like NOPE, YOU ARE SMALL AND WEAK. Jack is offended and Charlie-Brown walks away.

He is so angry, he doesn't even notice a hunter coming down the stairs with an injured teenager. Turns out the hunter went after a witch, and found out she was keeping captives - she killed the witch, but the remaining captive seemed to have been hexed with an aging spell, and it hadn't stopped with the witch's death. Cas tries to do the ol' forehead heal, but it doesn't work. So, Cas decides that he has to stay behind and help. Sam isn't happy about it, but Dean is like "cool cool cool, let's go, Sam" and they do.

On the way to Sioux Falls, Sam tries to get Dean to talk, but Dean is having none of it. Sam tries to come at it from a "your precious little brother is emotionally upset unless you talk to him" framing, just to see if that works, but Dean's not falling for that! Sam is disappointed and emotionally upset by this. Dean is like "I AM GOING TO DRIVE SO FAST THAT REALITY CAN'T CATCH UP WITH ME!"

Jody welcomes Dean back, and likes Sam's beard! Dean still doesn't agree, even though Sam makes the "SEE!' eyebrows. Jody is avoiding telling Claire about the hunt, because she's conflicted about being honest and also keeping Claire safe. Jody explains the case, and says that she had originally thought it was a serial killer, but South Dakota hadn't had one of those since - and Sam finishes her sentence with the guys name. I mean, I know that Sam's knowledge of serial killers is ALMOST a retcon, but I do like how they've been consistent with it since, so I enjoyed that. Dean is EXCITED TO GET HUNTING...or rather DEAN IS MARCHING INTO THE WOOD WITHOUT OR WITHOUT YOU SLOWPOKES.

[Sidenote: This write-up was interrupted here because I found out that my brother-in-laws family are being shits about my queer niece and I had to have angry mama/aunt rant session with my sis about it. Folks, please treat your loved ones with respect and love! It's not too much to ask! Anyway, this reaction WAS going to be posted early, but will probably be late now - sorry! Most of you read this at your leisure on Friday anyway though.]

Jack is going to run away! He left a note for his 3 dads. But on his way out, he overhears Cas and the hunter talking in the infirmary (which totally isn't where it was last time - so, it's official, the Bunker is magic) - he pokes his head in to see whats going on - and discovers the hexed girl "like sleeping beauty!" (cute, Jack, far too cute.) Rowena has apparently given Cas a reversal spell that him and the hunter are working on setting up. Then Cas sees Jack's backpack and is like "GOING SOMEWHERE?" and Jack is like "Nope, just...walking around with a backpack, like you do."

Back with Sam, Dean, and Jody in the woods - Jody and Sam vote to stick together, though Dean thinks they should split up, so that he can continue at a faster pace to try to outrun his problems. They come upon some heads on pikes marking a camp... and I immediately start singing "we've got heads on sticks. we've got ventriloquists" much to the confusion of my friend, because I like that radiohead song and cannot see heads on sticks without singing it, apparently.

The victims are vampires, and Jody relates to Sam how she finds this surprising - given that their blood had none of the usual reactions to holy water or silver or whatnot. Dean meanwhile sees that the fire is still warm... and then has a flashback to the hooded figure, and then gets pwned by the hooded figure who is RIGHT THERE, and also is clearly AU!Kaia (which I guessed all along) and then she parkours out of there!

Meanwhile, Cas and Jack are still in the infirmary. Cas and the hunter are working on the spell - Cas sends the hunter to get the sheeps eye from the storage room, telling her it's under the label "gross stuff" (Who wants to guess who did the organizing in the storage room? Sam? Dean?)

The girl wakes up when Jack touches her - ("don't mind me, I'm just touching your weird skin while you sleep") - and she asks if Cas is his dad. "One of them" he answers, and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.

The girl drives home the point that Jack should NOT run away, by regaling him with the story of how she ran away from home, got seduced by a witch, who then turned abusive... though at least she gave her SUSPICIOUS JEWELRY!

Jack then demands that Cas save her - so, you know, no pressure.

Sam and Dean (and Jody) try to track down Kaia, while discussing everything. Sam puts it together that Kaia had a run in with Michael, that the vamps are obviously doing his bidding and going after her. I didn't note here whether Sam was arguing for taking a more measured approach or not, all I have written in my notes is "Dean stubborn" so, that... tells me a lot.

Cas and the hunter try the counterspell, but it doesn't work - instead the spell speeds up!

Back with Jody, she ignores a call from Claire.... she explains to Sam that she doesn't want to tell her about Kaia, because Claire is DISTRAUGHT about Kaia's death, because she was her "first love" and Sam's like *nods* ... and I love how Berens just confirms Dreamhunter in one line, and then has everyone except it without any huge show of surprise or big to-do. Like "*nods* yes, we all know that gay people exist, now what are we going to do about this spear-wielding girl in the woods?" 

Dean catches up with Kaia at a cabin and knocks her out. They tie her to a chair, and start asking her questions. I have note here that remarks on how Dean compares her to other AU people by saying "Bad Cas and New Bobby" and... I just love those names? Like... they say so much somehow.

Kaia explains that she is and isn't Kaia... that she didn't mean to kill her double - she was aiming for the blonde. Everyone shares a tragic look at that. They figure out that she's a dreamwalker just like Kaia, that by dreamwalking, they both shared each other's experiences. Kaia then explains that Michael is after the spear and sending his monsters to try to kill her.

Back with Cas and Jack, the girl is dead. Jack is DISTRAUGHT and accuses Cas of letting her die. He weeps over the girl about how he doesn't have his powers and can't save her... then he suddenly realizes that maybe the SUSPICIOUS JEWELRY IS SUSPICIOUS.

Dean wants to "break" Kaia... which is disturbing. Sam agrees with me. But Dean wants to know where the weapon is, because he knows it can hurt Michael.

Jack puts it together that the necklace is the source of the curse - I'm like YES! OH MY GOD FINALLY! This is why people who go to the infirmary should be undressed and put into scrubs, so that all their cursed jewelry is removed! FOLLOW PROTOCOL PEOPLE! I yell, assuming there's a protocol and that is it. 

Kaia accuses Dean of being no different that Michael. Dean doesn't take kindly to that accusation.

Jack is not sure this is going to work, but he does it anyway - and saves the day! Laura is undeaded. 

Dean continues to threaten Kaia.. oh, and it's actually here that she explains the whole dreamwalker thing. But then she goes on to pick Dean apart psychologically - he's acting this way because of fear - he's scared and weak, and that's why he's hiding behind anger and threats, trying to get a weapon that needs to feel more protected against the thing he fears. She's pretty spot on.

Dean has a flashback to the fight between Michael and Kaia. Meanwhile, more vampires attack the cabin, and no one thinks to IMMEDIATELY untie the warrior girl?! Thankfully, once Sam, Dean, and Jody are thoroughly getting their asses kicked and Jody's arm gets broken, Dean shoots one of the legs off Kaia's chair so that it collapses and breaks. Kaia dives headfirst out a window - and I contemplate whether it would have been better to go feet first, but then maybe not, because how would you land gracefully from that...  

At first it seems like she abandoned them, but then she comes back and kills all the vampires in a cool move. Jody thanks her, pointing out that she didn't have to save them - she claims she was only killing the vampires. Meanwhile, Dean openly covets her spear so much that she bakes the heck out of there and disappears.

On the walk back to the cars, Jody talks to Sam about how she's reluctant to go home, because she'll have to come clean to the girls. She discusses how she's got three hunters at home, and she's constantly worried about their safety - and losing Kaia last year so quickly was like she had lost before she had even begun. (My friend says here "I mean, there was also the whole husband and son situation..." "Yes," I reply. "Jody has had a tough life.") 

Cas comes to visit Sam in his room. He tells him that the hunter, who we find out is named Jules (!!) has taken Laura home. I'm smiling that the Hunter is named Jules, because I just spent the past few days with Jules, because she was in town for Vancon... and we also went to a cheesy movie together for some hangs.

Cas is SUPER PROUD DAD. He says that Jack has the mind and heart of a hunter - and that's he's going to talk to Sam and Dean, but he wants to take Jack on a hunting trip. AWWW, Family bonding and co-parenting check-ins. Jack is happy, but also has a weird cough. Cas is concerned, but Jack is like "must be a cold! No worries!" (I am worried.)

Dean and Sam drive home in the dark. Dean finally comes clean (Dean can rarely keep secrets for long) - he apologizes, because he put them all in danger with his issues. Sam was right, and he was in denial and avoiding talking or thinking about it. Dean remembers being possessed, but what he remembers of it is the feeling of it - like he was underwater, drowning, trying to claw his way to the surface. (My friend who has traumatic memories associated with the feeling of drowning did not appreciate this speech at all, but, then again, that goes to show how an much of an effective and evocative analogy it is.) Dean takes all the blame for unleashing Michael on the world - seemingly believing that if he hadn't said yes, somehow they might have defeated him before? I think he just would have jumped ship, and Lucifer would have killed Sam and Jack or whatever.... but who knows. Dean's stupid deals usually do pay off for him in the long run... but yeah, Dean doesn't feel that way and feels like THE WORST. So, that sucks.

But you know what REALLY SUCKS? Jack is coughing up BLOOD. That's not good. I doubt it's TB, I mean, that's WAY TOO MUCH BLOOD even for TB. That's like, trials level of blood coughing... so, now I'm super concerned that Jack is actually dying without his grace and everything is horrible.

So, I'm invested again! Yay! Thanks Bobo!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!

Oh, and if anyone reads my rewatches and want to weigh in on the style in which they are done this year - please see my previous entry on LJ and participate in the poll!

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  • Stranger Things 3

    I just finished watching Stranger Things 3 and I am FULL OF FEELINGS. It was great, I should begin with that. I like that they followed more the…

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