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VanCon2018: Sunday Panels!

Hello again!

So, today was nice. Usually on Sunday, I wake up and go to yoga - then spend the rest of the day lazing around, because I've done yoga, so therefore no longer need to exercise (that's how it works, right?) But today, I woke up, checked my email, lazed around, and then realized that I should probably go downtown and see my friends!

And I did. I arrived around 11, and the first panels weren't actually until 1:30, so I hung out with friends... then I got myself a wrap and ate it while talking to random strangers (because you've got to talk to random strangers at a convention - it's the rules.) Anyway, I chatted with two other con-goers about the show and the con, and their weekends and whatnot. And part way through the conversation of me telling them how I got into the show, they were like "wait... how OLD are you?" and it turns out they pegged me as being a whole 12 years younger than I am - and informed me that I was gorgeous, stylish, and super awesome. Being unable to take a compliment, I immediately made a comment about how this was a good thing because now I can pick up young men... and it's like, why? Why did I say that? Why did I immediately have to make it sleazy? These are questions for the therapist that I don't have.

In order to escape more awkwardness, I fled back into the panel room, where thankfully the panels were about to start.

The band, Rob, Richard, and Jason Manns all came out and sang. Then Richard did an entire "rap"/song about Rob's love of corn nuts... which devolved into an elaborate fantasy world where Rob spits out a corn nut and a woman in the front row takes it and gets it signed by Jared and Jensen, and then uses the spit still on the corn nut to then also clone Rob, so that she can frame the corn nut and hang it over the mantle, and also have Clone!Rob there, and then Jensen also clones Rob, and uses him for yardwork. "Doing God's work - trimming the hedges." Then Richard went through the band and introduced everyone, and they all did little solos - but Jason Manns used his solo to compliment the sign-language interpreter who had to interpret Richard's entire corn nut tangent for the audience. We all agreed that she was amazing.

Mark Pellegrino and Ruth Connell

They chatted a bit before taking questions. Ruth mentioned that she had worn a somewhat translucent dress to the concert last night. Mark said he had also worn a translucent dress the previous night - filming.

Ruth also talked about how Mark is afraid of spiders - that Ruth doesn't like spiders, but that Mark has real issues with them. Mark did not think this was out of the ordinary, because spiders have eight legs and multiple eyes. Ruth told everyone that Mark was a "squishy bun" and they talked about interacting with dogs. Mark said that he speaks "dog" and Ruth got the audience to bark and the meow, and then said it was really weird and she should have recorded it.

The first question was for Mark, about a video-game character he did recently, and was the preparation process any different for video-games versus TV. Mark said that he approached the characters the exact same way - it was just the filming process that was different. In videogames there's a contraption around your head and camera's in your face, and it makes it weird interacting with the other characters because you're constantly bumping into each other. Ruth argued that it didn't sound that different than working on SPN with Jared and Jensen.

Ruth was giving away toiletries, as is her tradition for each question.

Can they do an impression of each other? Ruth imitated Mark's sitting position and started using an american accent. Mark explained that his Scottish accent is bad, and ends up sounding like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers' movies. But he did it anyway at Ruth's prompting. Ruth then did an impression of Richard, and of Jensen. Her Jensen impression was him calling for Sam, and Mark laughed and said that's also the line he uses to imitate Jensen - so they both did it. 

The next question was about Rowena's apparent love of the arch-angel family, as she was Chuck's "guilty pleasure", wanted to rule hell with Lucifer for a bit, and made-out with Gabriel - and would she be going for Michael. The God thing was news to Mark, who was appalled that Rowena had any sort of relationship with "dad". Ruth mentioned how Bob Singer on set and her and Richard had talked about Rowena/Gabriel's potential offspring as being "wangels" (witch/angels). Ruth is happy to be with Michael in any of his vessels, though she admits it's a LITTLE weird that Rowena seems to be going through the family and she wonders if the writers even realize that.

I'm not sure if this was prompted by a question or not, but Ruth then told the story of the boys dog-pilling on top of Alex, when he had to fall down on set. Ruth said that the set was like herding cats when Jared, Jensen, and Misha are all misbehaving. She said that one of the times that they all piled on top of Alex, Jensen told her that he felt Alex's ribs start to give, and so he actually started to push up into Jared to try to take some of the weight off of him.

Mark said that he wants to be dogpiled and seemed disappointed that they'd never done it to him. 

Ruth said that once Jared went in for a hug, and then let all his bodyweight hang on her, and she collapsed. 

Both Ruth and Mark agreed that Jared was like a monstrous puppy.

Would the monsters in Being Human stand more of a chance against the Winchesters? Mark thinks yes. They were more organized. They should do a crossover. Ruth thinks they should do a crossover with the new Charmed too. Mark discussed his character a bit, to explain him to Ruth, and Ruth pointed out that all his characters have poor family relationships. Mark agreed that both characters wanted a relationship - a dogpile. Ruth pointed out that for a dogpile, you have to be lying down. Mark said the equivalent of 'too soon', so I'm not sure if that's a spoiler or not (I hope it is, but that's my personal taste.)

Ruth mentioned how they made Mark Sheppard lick the floor in one episode, and that was worse than lying down. Mark pointed out that he had to do that too, but it was delicious, because they put a "floor condom" down and you're actually licking up an oreo mixture. Ruth talked about how they shot her in the face with blood, and said it was cherry and banana, but it just tasted like toxic chemicals to her.

Then they mentioned Lucifer in the context of "is he really gone?" and I really didn't like the tone of this conversation, because it sounded like Lucifer wasn't dead, and I really want him to be. 

Any travel tips for things to see in Scotland? Ruth recommended the Kelpies. They're magnificent and gorgeous statues. They're in the middle of the middle of Scotland, near her father's farm. It's the UFO capital of Europe. It's Ruth's plan for the apocalypse - to go there and get beamed up. Mark questions whether you'd want to be beamed up. Then accidentally says "cannabis" instead of another word, and talked about how they have to ask on the border forms now if you're transporting cannabis, and Mark said "no" but he actually was, because he had CBD oil. Ruth tried CBD oil to try to sleep better, but it didn't work. But then Mark gets back to aliens and says that he's concerned because aliens are always portrayed as probing people. He'd rather the apocalypse than being probed. Ruth laughs and mentions a conversation about unicorn horns - and then says "I'm adventurous" - and thinks the aliens might be friendly aliens, and the probe would be nice. They talk about ET and how Mark wouldn't want to be probed by the glowing finger.

Then they mention how ET recently played at the Hollywood Forever movie night down at the graveyard. It was apparently a fun time.

Another Being Human question, what would Bishop's father advice to Lucifer be? Mark thinks it would be "don't be a dad." If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Mark then says that for the record, he has kids and he thinks fatherhood is great - he's just speaking for the characters.

What was Rowena and Charlie's roadtrip like? Ruth says that her and Felicia actually sat down and planned it. Including the driving music, which they both agreed on, but Ruth isn't going to share, because they might end up doing something with it. Ruth said that Charlie would be driving, and Rowena would be in the passenger seat with her feet up.

The next question was about how the characterization of Lucifer has changed over the years - from still and calm in S5 (Jared established) to the more pathetic version today. The fan's theory (which I love, btw) is that Lucifer brings out the negative qualities of his hosts. Mark didn't have as cool an answer as that - he just said that he follows the writing as it's given to him. That apocalyptic Lucifer was much different than post-apocalyptic Lucifer. Ruth mentions the advice that he gave to Misha - that Lucifer always treated everyone as though he were trying to decide if he should fuck them or kill them.

The questioner had a dog, so the dog was brought up on stage and Mark pet it, and they spoke dog to it. 

How far ahead of time did they know they were going to die the times that they died? Ruth read the script, nodded, went in to film it - and Bob Singer pulled her aside into a meeting with Eugenie, and they told her that she wasn't REALLY dead, and Ruth was like "I didn't think I was!"  Mark's reaction was completely different, because he read an Entertainment Weekly article about how Lucifer had been recast, and he got super angry about it and rioted on social media, and then went into an audition for another character that happened to be with the same casting person who also works for SPN, and they pulled him aside and told him that Lucifer hadn't REALLY been recast, and Mark just started bawling - because, Mark said, when you take away the anger you find out what was underneath. (Which, explains a lot to me about Mark's horrible personality, IMO, but I still can't bring myself to like anyone with his political leanings - my apologies if that alienates some of you.)

The thing he was auditioning for was the demon (Satan/Lucifer) in the Exorcist show. Ruth asks if that would have been difficult - would he be comparing the two roles? but Mark said they were VERY different, so no. 

Ruth mentions that the showrunner on that show's wife was a real witch. Mark asks what kind, scary or sexy? Ruth said that she was gorgeous, and sexy, and intelligent, and beautiful. Mark said "so scary" and Ruth said "if you find that scary" and Mark reiterated that she was powerful, so scary. (and again, this whole conversation just drives home why I don't like Mark as a person.)

What's it's like being Nick again? Mark has thoughts about Nick, but he's usually not right. He did tease though that he saw a lot of people thinking that Nick murdered his family, and he didn't. He's not going to tell us what really happened, but it's insane - and also Standards and Practices told them to tone it down, that it was too dark. Ruth then mentioned that Standards and Practices was the reason that she had to do that scene where she had blood sprayed at her, because they couldn't show the actual violence, because you can only do that at a certain time of night. Mark thinks that we should get rid of Standards and Practices and make everything as violent as we want.

Ruth started giving out magnets from the charity she supports that helps women pay for breast cancer treatments when they don't have adequate insurance. Mark compliments the charity a lot (and I restrain myself from making comments about hypocrisy.)

Do you have any shared traits with your characters? Mark says he's narcissistic and selfish - no, he's just kidding (is he tho?). Mark is a jokester and playful, but he abhors violents. Ruth likes eyeliner.

The band and Rob and Rich come back out, so Mark calls a quick family meeting to discuss Rowena and Chuck. Ruth has them poss for a family picture.

Alex Calvert

This is my first time seeing Alex! He's great. I actually haven't watched any of his panels before on youtube either, so this was really my first introduction to him as a person interacting with the world. I actually didn't realize he was a local boy. That's neat! Also, it was cool because he kept things really open - like, when talking about potential love-life for Jack, he didn't use pronouns...and just in general, he seemed like a thoughtful guy.

He's introduced by Rich as being the most clean-shaven man in showbiz, and forged from Misha's DNA.

He's from Abbotsford, which isn't far from Vancouver.

What's it like being on Team Free Will 2.0? Alex likes what Jack brings out in the others. It's a different dynamic with him being their pseudo child.

What was surprising about Supernatural? The whole convention thing. The community around the show.. and how it's different from fans who just "follow" the show. Alex is pretty sure that Friends the TV show never had anything like this.

Can he write a senior quote for the yearbook? He's been asked this before and never knows what to say. He likes the idea that "it's all bullshit anyway" that that advice has served him well, so if the questioner can manage to get that in the yearbook, he wants a picture. It takes away the ego and the mystique around things.

Favourite thing about conventions? Getting to take part in the Saturday Night Special, even if it's just running around. He likes the beautiful little moments that occur. Would he ever sing? "Oh god." No. He's been pressured to perform in some way, but he has no musical talent, or dancing talent. He did a disco flash mod with Ruth once, but that was it. He might play the tambourine.

Pranks? Anything you want to re-live? He laughs at the idea of wanting to "re-live" it. He mentions the Doggypile Fiasco of 2018. He was falling on the ground for a stunt, and they all just jumped on him. "Is that a prank or a spinal injury?" He's sore - "it's all the love in my back."

Was he aware of the show before casting? He knew it was on TV, didn't realize it'd been on for 12 years. 

The spotlight on him suddenly increases in intensity and Alex squints into it, saying he felt like it was an FBI spotlight "where are the drugs!" "Backstage."

No, he didn't know anything about the show. He just wanted them to hire him because he needed money.

Who would give Jack "the talk"? Alex does a little impression of Dean, and says he feels like Dean would give the harsher advice."So you see someone you like..." He's hoping not to cross that line - "Jack has velcro shoes. He's not ready."

Speaking of shoes, what was with those white Vans? Alex wonders who is doing the laundry. We never see it. The fans yell out that we have, and Alex is amazed. Jack doesn't go to the mall, so Alex isn't sure where the white Vans came from. They were his knock-out shoes - if you're going to get knocked out, wear some nice white Vans. Alex thinks they must have an Amazon Prime account and have things delivered to their home.

Worst/funniest conversation you ever overheard? Alex doesn't have an answer for this, either in real life or on the set. There's a lot of funny things said between takes on serious scenes though.

Traveling songs? - it depends on the mood. Alex mentions some bands, but I don't know them, so my notes suck here. But then he mentions how growing up his dad listened to the Eagles in the car - and he joked about how they needed a song about Life in the Slow Lane.

Did Misha give him pointers on how to be an awkward angel? Nope, anything he's doing similar to Misha is a coincidence. It's his own version of how he interpreted the character. He'd never seen the show, so had never seen Misha play Castiel.

Do Jared and Jensen treat him like a kid? Nope. They have real kids. Also, Alex is almost 30. They treat him like a coworker. Though he's pretty sure they're trying to get him fired.

Does he have a favourite pick-up line? Alex thinks pick-up lines are terrible, so no. He polls the audience to see if pick-up lines even work. Everyone says no, except for one woman who says it depends how much she's had to drink. Alex admits he hadn't factored that in. 

Favourite/Least Favourite thing about Jack? He likes Jack's optimism. His least favourite thing is petty - he doesn't like shaving every day. He also thinks that being able to kick ass would be nice. 

How does being a celebrity feel? Alex is not Brad Pitt, his life has not changed. He walked home last night. He's not Jackie Chan, or someone from One Direction. But he's still blown away by the fandom and the conventions.

Was it awkward being naked on set? It was awkward to film. It was the most professional Jared and Jensen have ever been. Alex asks if it was awkward for the fan to watch him? She says that it was the first episode she watched with her mother, so yes. Alex laughs, "who is this naked man in our house?"

Can he talk about his tattoos? Does he have any stupid ones? What is his favourite? He got arrows on his elbows because ht thought they were cool. He got home and was told that was a "Miley Cyrus" tattoo - she'd beat him to it. His favourite is the giant scorpion on his leg - and he tells a story (and apologizes if people have heard it before) about how he and his girlfriend were on vacation in Mexico, and they were at the airport, and she decided to put back on her regular shoes and change out of the flipflops. She put her foot in and realized there something in her shoe - so she reached her HAND in, and then pulled it immediately out, and a huge scorpion came running out and away, and Alex was trying to play it cool, because that's what you're supposed to do. Then they looked in the show and there were a ton of baby scorpions too - and the scorpion must have laid eggs in the night and it was horrible. So, Alex got a scorpion tattooed on his leg, and his girlfriend was not impressed.

What kind of dads are Jack's 3 dads, how do they differ? The wording of that question was a little different, because Alex's first comment was to criticize the use of gender roles in 2018. But he went on to say that Sam was probably the more mothering of the three - that he exhibited the nurturing traits we more often associate with the feminine. Dean was more of a hardass dad. And Cas is just all "I have a cosmic child now". (Personal note: I found this answer cool, because so often fandom puts the more nurturing 'feminine' traits on Dean, so I like that show/Alex sees that stuff in Sam too.) Alex also points out that while Dean is a hardass dad, he's also the kind of dad who lets Jack have beer, even though he's only two years old.

What advice does he have for people like Jack, who are trying to find their place in the world? It's a universal search. You have to find people you relate to, search out a community.

Is there a scene that he wishes he had been in? The opening shot of S13, when they're driving in the car, and there's some great technical stuff going on with how the scene is filmed. Alex thought it was really cool, and admired the level of craftsmanship.

What kind of pet would Jack get? Alex asks the fan what they think. They suggest an owl. Alex worries that would be too dangerous. They say it's a small owl - cute, not dangerous. Alex likes that. He thinks the owl could sit on Jack's shoulder and they could solve mysteries together - "who?" the owl would say, and that's what Jack has to find out. Then the owl would solve the case by bringing Jack a dead mouse, and Jack would be like "you're right! It was the mouse trap!" 

A wolf has been suggested in the past, but Alex thinks that's too dangerous. Alex's cat was suggested too, but while Alex says that would be fun for him, he doesn't think his cat would like it. He thinks the owl has legs for a spin off.

What monster would he like Jack to go up against? The fan who asked the question is from Burnaby, and Alex marvels at their commute to the convention "oh my god the commute!" You had to take 2 skytrains!

Jack thinks it would be cool to go up against an alternative universe Jack, who was never a Winchester. Maybe one who had a normal life - or maybe an evil Jack. Jack would share the nougat, but evil Jack would use it to build a version of hell out of it.

How would Alex fair in Apocalypse World? Not good. Alex knows how to build a fire, but he'd need to find Bobby or Mary or someone to bring him some soup. Or a vanilla latte.

How would Jack get along with Chuck? Alex doesn't know - he's met Rob, but not Chuck. Jack would have questions for Chuck, but Alex wonders if maybe Chuck would just give super vague advice. But maybe they'd go fishing... or Chuck could teach Jack how to play the guitar.

Advice for aspiring actors? How do you feel about working in a bar or restaurant? You have to make sacrifices, and you have to have resilience. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Alex thinks Vancouver is pretty nice right now. He also likes New Orleans a lot. He asks the questioner if they've ever been there - yes. "Mardi Gras?" No, work. "Mardi Gras." Alex likes the history and locations there. It's also his answer for where they'd film an episode - New Orleans, or Hawaii - they'd do a Hawaii 50 crossover and bring the whole crew.

If Jack went solo hunting, what vehicle would he drive? He'd bring his owl. Alex loves the Impala, but he thinks Jack doesn't have that level of swag. He'd end up in a Honda Odyssey. It wouldn't be super cool. It'd be the mini-van life. He'd have room for his friends.

Someone in the audience suggests a bicycle. Alex asks if anyone can ride a unicycle, some can. He suggests they form a unicycle gang and says it takes skill.

Is he a Marvel fan? Alex polls the audience for who likes Marvel, who likes DC, and who likes SPN. Alex likes Marvel, he just saw venom. He likes the heroes in DC though - he's excited for the Joker movie. He realizes the Joker isn't a hero, but he's the all time top character.

What was his first interaction with his cat, The Lord? Alex can't remember, but his advice for interacting with cats is lots of treats and drugs. Alex made a point of intently feeding him, "I'm feeding you, dawg.".

At this point the band and Richard come out. Richard clarifies with Alex that his cat's name is "The Lord" and then that he calls his cat "dog" - and isn't that confusing? Alex says he calls everyone "dog", and then points out, using Rob as an example, that you wouldn't say "Good to see you, Kitty!" Rob gets flustered. Alex apologizes. It's adorable.

Jared and Jensen

After Rob gets the crowd going, Jared and Jensen come out. Jared uses the chairs as a brace for the song-ending jump. We find out in the panel after a bit that Jared hurt his back that morning while doing "something heroic...getting something out of my suitcase." He is moving gingerly now.

Jared actually starts the panel with talking about how they filmed Red Sky at Morning near the hotel. Jensen doesn't know what he's talking about, because it didn't happen in the past three months.

Jared asks if they can put another log on the AC. Jensen realizes that Jared is already sweating, and goes to get a handtowel from backstage. This is when Jared explains about his back.

When Jensen comes back in he throws an extra towel on the floor by Jared's feet, and Jared points out that he can't pick things off the ground and it's mean to put it there.

Was there a particular moment when they discovered the community around the show? Jared talks about how it's really a series of moments, but one thing that jumps out is the moment with the candles at comic-con - because it's one thing to be fairweather friends, but to realize that the fans had his back when he was going through a really rough time (and had had to cancel several conventions as a result) meant a lot to him. Jensen agrees with it being little "whoa" moments - but the first Vegas con, he said they asks for the spotlights to be turned up, because seeing the size of the crowd was giving him rapid anxiety. Really though, it's about the amazing energy they get from the fans when doing conventions that carries them through.

The next questioner was from France, and Jared said "Your name is From France? Is that German?" If they could go back to S1 and give advice to the characters, what would it be? Jensen calls on Serge in the audience to help him with the french. They then try to speak french, only Jared doesn't know any and keeps falling back on Italian, including asking "how do you say ('how do you say' in Italian) in french?" Jensen decides that his advice would be to take language lessons. He then says that they don't really have to invest to have a fortune - and Jared interrupts with "Oh Sam and Dean, not Jared and Jensen?" this then gets derailed into Jared joking about Salmon Dean, the fish with bowlegs, and where does he get his leather jacket. Jensen is exasperated.

Jared says his advice would be to avoid brunettes in leather jackets.

Jensen says his advice would be to avoid brunettes in trench coats.

Jared: "How do you say 'Ciao Bella' in French?"

The next questioner's name was Sarah Sheppard, which Jared commented on, since Sarah is Mark Sheppard's wife. It's a coincidence, but the questioner admits to liking Norton (the drummer in the band), which delights Jared because it's someone named Sarah who is interested in a drummer.  Jensen: "How do you say all this in french?""

Can they do crew impressions? The crew is in the audience, so there's an awkward silence and then Jensen throws the question to Jared first. Jared imitates Rich. Jensen looks at the crew section of the audience to see who is there, and then decides to imitate two people - along with a story. Travis was a young kid who worked in props, and he was not comfortable socially interacting with Jared and Jensen - so whenever he accidentally ran into them, he'd basically just fall to the ground (Jensen legit prat falls dramatically as an impersonation.) Travis than left the show and moved on to better things - perhaps a more comfortable environment for him. His replacement, whose name I missed, has the exact same reaction to Jared as Travis did. Jared: 'How do I keep killing people?" Jensen: "She just giggles when she sees ME." They figure it's some sort of instinctual survival mode at seeing someone as big as Jared about to walk into them.

The next question was hard to decipher, but Jensen managed to understand that it was something about Lucifer and/or Dean coming back. Yes, Dean comes back. In what capacity remains to be seen, and how his experience affected him is also important. Lucifer!Sam might not come back. Jensen: "Or Lucifer" (which again, just be the tone, feels to me like they're covering up a plot point, and I don't like it.) Jensen then teases that Jack might have an uncertain future as well, but it's just a tease. Jared would love to play Lucifer again if it did happen.

What would their personal theme song be? (ETA: Jensen said it would be the song that he sung last night (S.O.B), except maybe not when he visited his parents.) Jared tells a story "that I probably shouldn't tell" about how there were 5 or 6 of them in a bathroom once... the audience laughs, and Jared points out that women go to the bathroom together, and he doesn't know what they do in there - chat, pillowfights. Jensen bursts out laughing at pillowfights and teases Jared about being ridiculous. Jared then continues with his story - they were in the stalls, and it was too quiet, so he got out his phone and played Final Countdown (he initially says Eye of the Tiger, but Jensen corrected him) and then Jensen said it was a race to see who could get out of there first.

The next questioner is from Cloverdale, and she thanks them for always filming there so that she can skip school. Jensen says he thought she was about to complain about it, because they're always shutting down roads. What project would they like to direct? Jensen says that have a text thread between him, Jared, and Richard, talking about the dream of doing a "Naked Gun" version of SPN. The text thread is called "Naked SPN" and Jared jokes that that's something that sounds like it might be something else on Tumblr. Jared watches a lot of compilations and gag reels from the show and loves them best, so he'd like to edit-direct a clip show. Jensen teases him about just wanting to work as little as possible. They then get into a conversation with Jim Michaels in the audience about their work hours, for which Jim plays for them an imaginary violin when they complain.

The next fan had their ticket bought for them by their boss, and they'd like to pay that kindness forward. Her question is what people have inspired them? Jared says a lot of people, just doing simple acts of kindness. Misha inspires him a lot, though he'd never say it to his face. Rachel Miner as well. The world is very vitriolic, so he's inspired by people who stand up for what they believe and dare to be their weird selves. Jensen agrees. Inspiration is always there if you are open to it and don't get distracted by your own ego etc. 

How did Jensen develop Dean's sense of self-sacrifice and the brother's relationship? And is there any joy for them in the future? Jensen says that it was all born out of Kripke's writing. Dean is the type of person that will go to the end of the earth to do the right thing, or at least the thing he believes is right. Jensen peppered in his own life experiences, but it was the writing. He's proud of who Dean has become. Right now winning a fight is the joy in his life.

Would they ever release ALL the gag reel footage? They'd love to. Jared jokes that a lot of it would land them in jail. Jensen says that they'd need to hire a second editing team. As it is, the editors do it for free on their own time - at least for Shaving People Punting Things. It supports them when you spread it around the internet when they put something out. They were actually approached by another show to see if they'd do a trailer for THEM, the answer was no. Jensen worries that seeing too much of the gags would ruin the serious scenes in the show for us, because we'd know that Jensen had a fart machine taped under the table during certain scenes.

They're asked do they spend individual time with their kids when they're home? Jared's reaction is to say "oh fun" and Jensen makes fun of him, because it doesn't sound sincere and sounds more like he's trying to figure out how not to get in trouble with his wife when he answers. Jared says they do try to do "dates" with the kids - go to the movies, games... Tom and Shep like the same stuff, but Odette's too young for most of it. When Jared face-times with them, they both like to hang-up their own conversations and sometimes it ends in tears. Jared mentions that the apps like facetime are really helpful.

Jensen says that the twins are still young, so right now making sure he spends equal amounts of time with them as individuals just means carrying one around for a bit, then picking up the other and carrying the other around for a bit. JJ always comes on errands with him though, and they've started having a game night lately when the twins go to bed - they're playing Monopoly Jr... they'll eventually work up to the Monopoly with Daddy's face on it. Jared jokes that they shouldn't play Supernatural Clue, because then it will be like "Daddy kills Colonel Mustard in the Library..."

Moments where they were proud of each other? AWKWARD. Jensen jokes that he's proud of Jared a lot, and he's always just beaming with pride. Jared explains that they're sparring partners, so it's really about being proud of the work they do together. Jared does go onto say that there was a scene where he was just laying there dead (2x22) and he could only hear what was going on and not see it, but he saw Jensen and the crew's faces afterward and could see that Jensen was doing a really great job - and it was hard for Jared not to tear-up too. Jensen: "He's alive!!!" 

Jensen sincerely says that there are little moments here and there - where Jared makes a choice that Jensen didn't expect - even on stage at the conventions, not just when acting. He reiterates that they have each other's backs, and that's really why they fist-bump at the end of panels - it's a way of saying to each other that they're proud of what they did.

The next person tells them that Mark Pellegrino wants to be dogpiled to - they say that's too dangerous. Jensen says that it took Alex 6 takes before he realized that he could roll onto his back and start kicking. The real question is what happened to the monster mafia in Chicago (Bloodlines)? - Jensen: "we killed them"... "actually, the network killed them" then they joke that now they're in trouble and Jim is sitting in the audience already composing the email to the network. Jared swoops in with a clarification that the great thing about the fandom is that we let them start storylines, then put them down for a bit, and then they can pick them up later on to close chapters.

The next fan comes from New Hampshire and would like a convention in New England. Jensen points out that she just traveled across the continental US and Canada to come to this one, you'd think she'd be able to get to New Jersey. Her question is about Leader Sam, and how will that affect his relationship with Dean? The audience reaction is to "oooo!" which Jensen found hilarious/silly. Jared says that Dean's supportive of Sam, also Sam likes the academic side of hunting better and will probably want to get back to it.

Jensen agrees and says that the brothers step up to fill roles that need to be filed, but that doesn't mean they have to stay there. Though, that being said, Dean WILL have words for Sam..

The next question is who will give Jack "the talk"? Jared exclaims that Jack is "two years old!" The fan says that Jack is "growing fast" though, which devolves into some euphemistic humour. The fan also mentions the dinner scene at Jodie's house and how the boys were pathetic. Jared says something here that I missed, but is embarrassed and puts his shirt over his head to hide his face. Jensen then launches into an impression of Dean giving the talk - "you know how baby gets gas in her engine, while, you're like the nozzle and..." then this quickly gets ridiculous too with Jensen unable to finish the metaphor.

There's an episode coming up that touches on that a bit though - Jack is trying to live his life a little bit. Dean gives him "coupons for the gas station."

Last question - the fan's 14 year-old daughter had a tough time recently and SPN got her through, so she thanks them for that. Her question would be if there was a sequel to Scoobynatural, what would Sam and Dean do (or something along these lines). Jared says that Sam and Velma would go to the library and read. Jensen says that Dean and Daphne would go to a gas station - no, they'd go somewhere spacious to 'talk' - the backseat of the Impala. Jared says it would be called 2Scoopy2Natural.

And thus, after a quick drawing of a raffle prize to benefit cancer research, the boys leave!

Rob Benedict

The last panel of the day and the Con was a solo Rob panel. He came out and sang "Just the one of me" with the band. 

If he could have a jam session with Eddie Vedder what would they play? Rob loves this fantasy. He already harmonies with Eddie in his car, so he's do songs like Nothing Man and Cordoroy. If they were doing his songs, then Wave and Angela - the powerhouse ones.

If Chuck could bring back any character? Julie McNiven (Anna), Ash, Adam - where has he been? Becky... she went rogue, tied Sam to a bed. He loves her crazy personality. Kevin came back and then was gone again. His answer is Becky - "I'm God!" "No, still a Sam!girl."

Tough love advice? Rob used to take too much advice and apologize too much. He has issues. His advice would be that what other people think of you is none of your business. You can take or leave advice. The band helped him a lot with this, because he used to apologize when he was performing all the time. Eddie Vedder doesn't do that. You have to rely on yourself and not on other people's advice.

When is he in NY next? Maybe summer, between cons? They've been trying to plan, but it's hard.

What's God's perspective on current SPN plot? Same as it was - they have to figure it out on their own, even though it spawns from Chuck. Rob thinks that Chuck should come back - meet his grandson. But Chuck's all about tough love.

If he could play another character? Dean - easy answer. Castiel because Rob likes Misha. Imaginary friend Sully - "for the record books" - "He says Sully, is what the headline would say."

How did they get that picture on the band t-shirt? It was the merch company - photoshop, they didn't actually jump out of a plane or go on a trampoline or whatever. It reminded Rob of the time someone asked him about a body on Chuck's couch in Swan Song, and Rob knew for a fact there was no body there. He knows for a fact he didn't go on a trampoline.

The next question was about the Bachelor - Rob participates on a podcast about it called Will You Accept This Rose. They hate watch.

Dream music video or stunt? Jumping out of an airplane. Tom Cruise did it in one of his movies. In seriousness though, Rob wants to film a music video in one of the bathrooms at a con, because he wants Rich to direct and that's the only time their all together.

Set stories from Not Another Teen Movie? He had a stressful scene that they were filming in a long take, and Rob had the first line. The director had to tell him not to sound so stressed when he said it. Chris Evans was in that movie and he was excited to see Rob, because they'd worked together before. He was nice. He hasn't spoken to him since, and "now he's Chris Evans."

What would his SPN rollerderby team look like? Jared would be called The Beast. Jason Manns would be the Machine Manns  - he'd MannsHandle You. Osric would be the speed demon. Rob would be the team manager. He's not sporty. His brother was 6'4'' and a star basketball player in high school, Rob wanted to participate in sports but didn't make the team, so they made him manager. Jensen would be on the rollerderby team too, he'd be Hollywood. Brianna would be The Slapper. The fan suggest Bri-Animal, Rob likes that.

Can he talk about the Passenger List podcast that he recorded with Kelly Marie Train? It was a lot of fun. He auditioned for it just the same as a film role. They recorded it the same as a film role too - they were actually acting the scene. He'll tweet about it when it comes out. It's a short series fiction podcast. 

What are Chuck and Amara doing now? Rob doesn't think they're together anymore. He thinks the universe has to have it's Yin and Yang, but that they probable hashed things out and then separated again.

If he could change something in the world, what would it be? Rob would make complete tolerance for everyone and everything. "If God is love, that's what love is."

How would Chuck return? Rob thinks it could either be low-key, a figure typing on a computer in the background, and it's Chuck. Or it'd be the sky opened up and God came down like he was from the matrix, and the boys would have to make him Chuck again.

If he could hear a song for the first time again, what would it be? Strawberry Fields, Paranoid Android, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

How do you evolve as an artist? It's like the songs - it's about breaking the rules. Rob finds that inspiring in art. In terms of creativity, you should act as though there are no rules. Jensen recently told Rob that he felt experimental in his 20s, but in his 30s settled down, and now he's a dad. Rob had his kids young and their older now, so Rob feels experimental in his 40s. 

The next questioner is learning the guitar, how long did it take Rob to learn? He took lessons for 2 months to learn basic chords, then he recommends picking a song and playing it over and over, and then playing with people better than yourself. Rob learns from Billy all the time.

Question about Felicity reunion - the show was 20 years ago. Rob's still friends with everyone. It was a friendly set. They used to hang out and chat between takes. If they asked him to play the character again he would - he'd like to see where the character ended up. He figures he's probably a douchebag banker - not that there's anything wrong with bankers. 


After that, Rob and Norton closed the stage portion of the show, and I took off to go be on time for my dinner plans. Many people stayed for more photo-ops and autographs, but not I! 

It was a really fun day, and honestly not something I expected I'd be able to do this year - so even just going for a single day was a treat. :)

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