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Rewatch S4: Ep 06, 07, and 08 (Yellow Fever, ITGPSW, and Wishful Thinking)

Time line is doing well! Out of 8 episodes, I have 4 definite dates and 4 approx. dates. So far, S4 has been the easiest to timeline, though, something tells me that might all be about to change. It's pretty common for the seasons to get harder to timeline as they go, rather than easier.

Anyway, three episodes this time!

Yellow Fever

Yay! I like this one. Jensen is brilliant in it...and hey, Jared is too, because I sure as hell couldn't keep a straight face through this episode.

Ah, the spleen juice. So gross.

Sam looks good in a suit.

Again, the boys mention a chupacabra. I think the chupacabra must be a running gag in the writer's room - always mention it, but never actually have one on the show.

Then Dean's awesome "Am I haunted?!" line...man, there's really not much to say about his show, because it's just me saying "haha, hilarious" over and over again.

Cornjerkers and Gamecocks...haha, hilarious.

Dean: "So your saying I'm a dick?"
Sam: "All we DO is scare people."
Dean: "Then your a dick too!"
Sam: "Apparently, I'm not."
-I love how self-righteous Sam is when he delivers that line.

Of course, this whole episode is just more towards the grand Emasculation of Dean theme of S4. He really is "adorable" in this episode.

"I don't want to be a clue!" - haha, hilarious.

Then you have the most adorable face ever when he says the "I'll man the flashlight!" line...seriously, he's like a little boy. Emasculation of Dean, of course...little boy looks, grabbing Sam's arm...

There's not much that can be said about the screaming scene that hasn't already been said.

But then we get SloppyDrunk!Dean :D ...this is the first time in the series we've seen SloppyDrunk!Dean. We saw SloppyDrunk!Sam back in S2's Playthings...and later this season we see MiserableDrunk!Sam, but this is the one and only time we get comically SloppyDrunk!Dean.

Then we get a brief flash of series, as they talk to the big guy's brother. When Sam learns that Frank killed the dude's brother, the first thing he says is: "You must have hated him" and the guy tells Sam that "life's too short for hate, son" - but you can tell that Sam doesn't believe him. You can tell that Sam is still a festering pile of unreleased rage.

The rant given by Dean is perfect...the concern Sam shows when he gets in the door and finds out Dean ran home, is also perfect - like a parent, which totally adds to the Emasculation of Dean...and then the hallucination is wonderfully creepy and in my opinion, far more frightening than Lilith.

Anyway...Bobby knows Japanese! Sam calls him a show-off! It's amusing.

Dean disarming the sherrif by giving the gun a girly swat is also hilarious.

And casting does it again - actually findind someone bigger than Jared!

This is also the episode where we learn that in Hell month=year, and that Dean remembers all of it.

Ok, here's the slightly weird thing: You'd think, having dispatched the ghost in the early morning, they'd swing by the hotel that day and pick up Dean, and then say bye to Bobby - but in the final scene everyone is in new clothes...which leads me to believe that it's actually the day AFTER. So, after they dispatched the ghost, they drove back to the hotel and hung out for the rest of the day, Bobby slept over, and then they told Dean the next morning about how they actually did it for some reason. Silly show.

But, enough about my timeline...

The flash of yellow in Sam's eyes is just awesome...like I was saying before, I find Sam with yellow-eyes, far more frightening than Lilith...and the thought that there would be a flash there while Dean is supposedly better, scared the bejeesus out of me.

Extended Scene

It's not really an extended scene - it's just a different take on the "reading the book hallucination" where there is this odd female narrator saying the words Dean hallucinates in the book. My sister thought it was even more trippy and scary that way, but I thought it was sort of lame and I liked it better without the voice...so I guess it's a matter of taste.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Ugh! The razors!

"Witches, man, they're so freakin' skeevy!"

My favorite use of silence on the show to date:
Dean: "If you were a centuries old hag and could pick any costume you wanted, wouldn't you come back as a hot cheerleader - I know I would!"
*Sam stares at Dean*
*Dean stares into the near distance dreamily*
*Sam continues to stare at Dean*

Sam has his fangirl moment with the angels. I bet they had fun filming that. Sometimes I wonder if Castiel was reluctant to take Sam's hand, not because of what he is, but simply because Castiel is not good with human-behaviour...but one thing I do like is how when Castiel DOES take Sam's hand, he does the thing where he wraps his other hand around Sam's too.

I love when Dean calls Uriel "Chuckles"

I also love the way Dean says, "you...what are you going to do?" when he realizes that there is something the angels aren't telling him.

But, this episode also marks the beginning of Sam's disillusionment with the angels/God...which is rough for the poor dude.

Ah the Astronaut! line...I told that to a friend of mine out of context...she laughed so hard. She didn't want to know the circumstances of WHY Dean would yell "Astronaut!" she thought it was funnier when she had absolutely no idea.

Sam: "I thought they'd be righteous"
-Funny...because we find out later that Dean was "the righteous man" - Sam thought that angels would be like his brother.

I like the turn-around of Dean trying to convince Sam to keep his faith...when in S2 it was him that tried to convince Sam otherwise.

Then Dean takes on a room full of zombies! Awesome!

Ok, in my original viewing of this episode, I talked to my sister afterward, and told her that Sam's eyes got really dark while he was exorcising Samhain! and she said that I was crazy and it was just the light and it's a dark show and blah blah blah...and I said that no, I really think they were darker, that they purposefully made them darker..and she didn't believe me. So, say what you will about this episode, but I totally called it on the dark-eyes-when-Sam-uses-powers thing.

Dean's disappointed face at Sam is heartbreaking. I feel bad for Sam though, because he was seriously disarmed...and maybe instead of standing there looking betrayed, Dean should frickin' run up and grab the knife and stab Samhain in the back before Sam has an aneurysm.

Castiel calls humans works of art. I think that's sweet of him.

This is also the episode that we start seeing angels as fallible. We discover that they DON'T have all the answers, and that Castiel himself has doubts and doesn't know right from wrong...I think it was actually THIS episode, where I started really liking Castiel, because suddenly he had a glimmer of depth.

Extended Scene

It's the conversation between Castiel and Uriel in the park - there is just a couple of more lines that Castiel says..nothing too important or interesting.

Wishful Thinking

Fun episode, but harder to time-line than the others.

Dean: "Women! Showers! We gotta save these people!"

It's funny that Sam tells the woman that the title of the book he and his brother are writing is called "Supernatural" - he is channeling Chuck! Though, what that really tells us is that the writers hadn't come up with Chuck yet, I think. ;-)

Bigfoot is a hoax...how sad.

What can I say about the giant teddy bear that hasn't already been said? I love all the boys reactions...
Sam: "Are we...should we...are we going to kill this teddy bear!?"

Then Dean wishes for a sandwich.

Then I think we get an extremely important character point, because Dean suggests that what Sam might want to wish for is to turn it all back - have everything that happened to them not happen, and he could be some big hotshot lawyer...and Sam...

Sam: "It's too late to go back to our old lives Dean, I mean, I'm not that guy any more."
Dean: "Then what would Sammy wish for?"
Sam: "Lilith's head on a plate, bloody."
-There are a couple of things that are extremely interesting about the phrasing of this. Sam says, "our old lives", but they don't have OLD lives, this has ALWAYS been there life - or at least Dean's since he was four, and Sam's entire life save for the 3 or 4 years he spent at Stanford. The other interesting thing is that Dean says "Sammy" - what would "Sammy" wish for...we all know that Sammy is a chubby 12 year-old, and I think this is the perfect case of someone holding an image of someone in their mind and not realizing that the image doesn't match up with reality anymore. I think Dean can't actually SEE what Sam is like these days, because he is understandably too wrapped up in his own problems. He's taken aback at Sam's answer, because it doesn't match up with what he thinks of Sam in his mind, but he doesn't know what to make of it.

On another note, I'd like to point out the irony of Sam saying he would wish for "Lilith's head on a plate, bloody" in an episode where the wishes turn bad! Oooh, foreshadowing.

Dean does the research in this episode. I find it horribly sexy.

When Dean is having his nightmare, you hear him say "no" amid the flashes of screaming...

The way Sam says "Dean, wake up!" is done really well. I like the tone of it. It's a command, not a plea, or  request, and there's no emotion behind it. Once Dean is awake, Sam's voice is gentler, but the "Dean, wake up!" is a perfect command, and one which Dean immediately obeys, and it makes me think of their father...but then, I'm probably just reading WAY too much into that.

I think one of my absolute favorite parts of this episode is when the boys are justifying why no one should get what they want to Wes in the car. I love the way they both just go into a rant about it, finishing each other's sentences and expanding on each other's points - a united front in telling Wes that handsome or not, their lives suck, and they can barely hold on to what they have, and that's the way it SHOULD be. It's really well done, the way they both get all passionate about it. And Dean says, "just look at Michael Jackson...or Hasselhof!" and Sam says, "Exactly!" and hurruphs into a slouch as if there is absolutely no way Wes could have an argument against that.

Emasculation of Dean - Dean gets beaten up by a kid...a super human kid, but a kid nonetheless!


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