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Fic Rec: A Safety In the End by CloudAtlas (Marvel)

 Alright, I know you said you wouldn't see me until after October 11th (if I can manage to see 14.01 after it airs - I'll be out of town and without access to a TV)... BUT, I felt kind of bad for abandoning you for so long... and also I'm bored and avoiding packing... so, you get fic rec!

Now, standard fic rec disclaimer: I don't read much SPN fic. So, these are all OTHER FANDOM fics... hopefully, there's a few of you out there in the fandom, or better yet, a few of you out there who will give it a shot even though you don't know the fandom. 

This fic works perfectly for that, because it's a complete AU, so you don't actually have to have any knowledge whatsoever of the source material - it's just a good story.

A Safety in the End by CloudAtlas - Marvel (Bucky/Clint (comics-based)/Natasha)

I'll go on about it below the cut, and the cut text will once again be my bookmark description on AO3...

Now, if you clicked the link, you'll have realized that it's a series and it's marked as incomplete - but it's not actually incomplete? I mean, you can read it as is and be satisfied with it. It doesn't end on a massive cliffhanger that still needs to be resolved.

As I alluded to in the cut-text/bookmark description - CloudAtlas writes a really realistic threesome, and that includes parts of threesomes that aren't usually talked about in fics, the psychological things that can drive people to thrive, or hide, in threesomes and triads, and.... I want to phrase this right, but I probably won't... I like the fact that CloudAtlas never really weighs in on whether this is good or bad or neutral. There's no judgement on her characters, there's reality, there's people being people. She gets a lot of things eerily accurate in this fic, I can tell you that much.

And really what I love about it is that realism that sets it apart from other threesome/triad fics I've read - polyamory/threesomes aren't set up here as a magical solution to everyone's problems, or completely perfect once agreed to... people's kinks/squicks don't necessarily line up completely for one, but mainly the characters are  just still fumbling their way through the relationships just as much as they would be in a monogamous romance.

It doesn't, of course, mean that they can't have great sex while they're staggering confused through the landscape of human relationships though! And that's another great thing about this fic - really hot sex with sexy people. So, even if you don't like people fumbling through complex relationships and personal histories, and you just want to read about people getting it on, you'll still be satisfied with this fic series.

Cool, so now that that's done - NOW I'll disappear until sometime after October 11th.

And now I will cease to procrastinate on packing... This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/564559.html.
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