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Old Supernatural Magazines

Hey - question for you:

ETA: Problem solved! Magazines have been claimed. :)

Do you think anyone would be interested in a bunch of old Supernatural magazines. Back when Titan was publishing monthly/quarterly/whatever Supernatural magazines, I bought a couple in the store and then subscribed for a little bit. As a result, I have a small stack of magazines that are taking up space on my bookshelf that I kind of need for books.

Should I just recycle them, or do you think there would be fan interest? It's expensive to ship things, but if someone were willing to cover shipping costs, I'd gladly ship them somewhere... I'm also going to be going to visit my sister in the US in November, so could ship them domestically for less if someone were willing to wait a bit.

I think I hung onto them because I imagined maybe doing an arts and crafts project or something... but, let's face it, that's not going to happen.

Anyway, let me know if any of you have any thoughts!

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