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Favourite Entrances: Castiel - Lazarus Rising 4.01

 I figured I might as well get the obvious one out of the way, rather than going in any particular seasonal order (there IS an entrance I love in S3, but it's probably one that I'll have to cut myself and see if I can get it up on youtube if I actually want to show the clip... )

Castiel - Lazarus Rising 4x01

This is arguably everyone's favourite entrance. It's kind of hard to deny that it's badass. I mean... obviously, you have the build-up, wind picking up so strongly that it starts blowing the roof from the rafters, we've seemingly got lighting outside, and electrical surges that are blowing out the lights inside. We have Castiel walking forward nearly unfliching at being shot in the chest (he blinks... I mean, full credit to Misha that he was able to control his reaction enough to ONLY blink as the squibs in his chest went off.)

Then, after all that, he treats his opening line like this is going to be a normal conversation  - "We need to talk, Dean - alone."

And yes, I know his opening line is actually "I'm the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" - but that's in answer to a question. Castiel's first volunteered conversation starter is to say "We need to talk, Dean." Then, he seemingly doesn't say anything more as he let's Dean check on Bobby - reassuring him that he's okay.

I have to explain why all this is cool though, otherwise, it's me just reciting the scene... there's a juxtaposition going on here, between three things - first, there's the POWER that Castiel obviously has - he's the biggest thing we've seen in the series thus far. The most unknown, the most potentially destructive... and that's contrasted with his extremely calm matter-of-fact demeanor. So often, when we see powerful supernatural beings on this show, they're coupled with an over-the-top personality to match - a touch of cackling villain to go with their inherent danger. Castiel doesn't have that at all. He's actually FAIRLY ADORABLE, at least in the instant where he almost smiles when he says that Dean already knew that his voice was overwhelming... like, "hey, human, can we look back on those times I accidentally freaked you the fuck out trying to say hi, before I clued in that you couldn't hear me, and laugh yet? Because that would really help me out relation-ally here."

But, the other thing we're contrasting Castiel's calm demeanor with is Dean's very angry-freaked-out demeanor... which is understandable. And what we get here, because as an audience member, we're identifying with Dean in this instance - is not just the danger of Castiel's power and presence, but also Castiel poses a psychological danger to Dean, as he immediately zeros in on the fact that Dean doesn't think he deserves to be saved. At this point, even not knowing what Dean did in hell, the audience already knows from S2 and S3 that Dean has giant self-worth issues... and bringing them up is NOT GOOD when Dean is already off balance.

There's also the wing reveal in this scene - and by far, it's STILL the best wing reveal they've ever done, in my opinion. No other wing reveal has ever been as awesome as this one.

And, of course, Castiel's entrance also serves as an entrance for God into the narrative. Now, how you feel about that differs from person to person, but you can't deny that it was QUITE THE GAME CHANGER.

Sidenote 1: Man, how I wish they had kept angels THIS bad-ass... I know why they "clipped" them from a writing perspective - but in my opinion, they could have done so much more if they hadn't. They wouldn't have been able to do the storylines they chose to do, for sure, so the entire series after, say, S7, would have been different, but it would have been cool different. (The trick would have been limiting the number of angels/angel-storylines, rather than limiting angel's powers. And possibly ONLY "clipping" Castiel, as they did in S5, rather than clipping all angels. Not only that, but to me fallen-angel/outcast Castiel is WAY more interesting a plot-line than 90% of the angel plotlines they actually did.)

Sidenote 2: Another reason I love this scene, and actually the whole episode, is because Dean is wearing Sam's clothes in it. Look at him! Meeting his angel BFF for the first time in a shirt and jacket that is obviously too big for him. He's ADORABLE. They are both ADORABLE and AWKWARD and this is why they are BFF4EVA.

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