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Interview Podcast Recs?

Hello! It's been a while... I'm still settling back in after a busy month!

Before I get back up to regular posts or interesting things though, I need some podcast suggestions...

I used to listen to the Nerdist podcast, that Chris Hardwick did - which in turn became ID10T... which then abruptly stopped when he was accused of being an emotionally abusive douche, which was - needless to say - a disappointment on many levels. 

I really liked the podcast, because he had an easy conversational style and always had cool actors and actresses (and a nice mix of both) on frequently, and it was a good length at about an an hour long.

So, my question is, do you know other similar podcasts that I might be able to move to? I've tried Anna Faris' podcast, but she tends to derail conversations with comedy bits or the advice portion of her show, which I'm not too fond of (despite her really excellent interview with Terry Crews a couple years back.) Likewise, I've listened to a few of Michael Rosenbaum's podcast episodes, but he tends to be a little more on the skeazy-humour side of things and that's just not my jam, you know? Like, maybe Hardwick was a skeeze IRL, but on his podcast he was always super polite and pleasant, you know? I just want someone who is polite and pleasant who is also that way IRL (if that's even possible geez.)

Please let me know if you know of any podcasts you think might fit the bill! Thanks!

Some fun posting theme will begin again soon to get us through September! I just have to decide what it is! :)

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