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I dreamt an AU idea

Last night, I was sleeping at the cottage for the first time this summer, and my slightly bad back and different mattress conspired against me to prevent me from getting a full uninterrupted night's sleep.

As I usually do, I tried to tell myself stories to put myself to sleep... I had been reading Harry Potter fic before bed, and hadn't finished it... so of course my mind started trying to guess how it would end. But, that, in my half-asleep delirious state, soon led to me coming up with an entirely different plot for an AU.

The problem is of course, is now I want to write it - because, quite understandably, it's just the sort of idea that I find an interesting challenge. It's sort of like the scenario of my fic "Sam Is..." but from Sam's point of view... where you have Character A in a somewhat catatonic state, where they come and out of awareness or sanity, only they've got that "trapped inside" syndrome, where they can't speak or indicate what state they're in - and unless Character B can read minds, there's no way for them to know. Of course, in order for the romance end of the story to work, you'd need it to be a recovery process. But, basically, you'd be writing a part delirious, part frustrated/scared/sad sane person, part slowly falling in love character - as in their sane moments, they're able to watch Character B in a completely unguarded state, or at least, relatively unguarded... and that sort of state one gets into when you're talking to someone who can't interrupt and might not remember what you say, so you're just honest and perhaps talk too much, and perhaps say things you wouldn't say... but then you'd also get the slow recovery (or possible mind-reading, depending on your universe) of learning how to communicate, and basically it'd be a slow burn H/C fic, only with insanity added in and possible a mystery or a continued ever present danger, depending on how Character A got into this state in the first place. 

When I dreamt it, it was with Drarry, even though that's something I don't actually ship, because... unlike a lot of people... I actually LIKE the Harry Potter canon (at least as far as the content of the books themselves go) and, again, unlike some people, I see Harry and Draco as too people who will only, at best, possibly one day have an extremely awkward friendship or at least an awkward tolerance for one another... if they're lucky enough. But, I do admit that it was a Harry/Draco fic that I was reading for bed, because I don't mind so much the ones that are written post-hogwarts, or as Book 6 AUs.

But, like most AUs, you really could use it with any fandom.

I've got so much on the go already though that I'm not writing, I don't need to add this one. I just felt like complaining about how brilliant it all seemed in my half-asleep head over the course of the night, and how frustrating it was when I woke up and realized that a)it didn't already exist, and b)I really shouldn't commit to writing it for so many reasons... and, to be honest, c)I probably couldn't pull it off if I did try, though it'd be nice to.

ETA: You know, having thought about it for approx. 5 more minutes - this is really just more proof that all it takes for me to be really interested in writing something is for it to have an unnecessarily restricted POV. Suddenly it's like "...wait, is that a CHALLENGE?! YOU'RE ON" I'm like... Marty McFly...or Naruto. :P

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