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Rewatch S4: Ep 04 and 05 (Metamorphosis and Monster Movie)

The M's have it today, as I reviewed two more episodes from S4.


Ok, first off, I have to be honest and say that I really don't like this episode. Not because there's anything horribly wrong with it technically - but the fight between the boys really stabs at me, and the monster is really disgusting. Anyway, after putting off watching it for a couple of days, I forced myself to sit down with my notebook this morning and turn back on the DVD player.

I'm not too fond of Dean's "If I didn't know you, I would hunt you" line - because I think that's going a bit far. Even Dean only hunts things that are killing people, and Sam isn't killing anyone but demons. True, he's also consorting with demons, but again, NOT KILLING people. So, I don't actually think Dean would hunt Sam...and he's being way to harsh on the poor guy.

Dean still thinks that the angels are being ordered directly by God.

It takes them a whole day to get to Missouri - which we don't see. We just see them arriving at night, but Sam has changed his shirt, and they are in a good enough mood for Dean to be telling Sam about what happened in a fairly pleasant voice.

I love Sam asking what their mum was like, and Dean saying: "She was awesome - funny, and smart, and hopeful. Dad too." Both parents, as parents or people, are a mystery to these boys. I think Sam's a little jealous that Dean got to see them.

Then Sam lets his secret slip, and I should point out that the demon-blood secret is the LONGEST KEPT SECRET on the show - a whole year and nearly five months. Usually their record at keeping secrets from each other is half a year, or 10 episodes. I find it interesting though that Dean hadn't gotten to the demon blood part of the story...was *he* going to keep it secret? We can't know of course, but personally, I'm not sure I would have (I'm not saying that's a good decision though, so maybe Dean would have told him).

Sam was a mathlete when he was around 15. You know that's going in the time-line.

Travis: "..all grown up...sticking together."
Dean: "Oh yeah, we're as thick as thieves. Nothing as important as family."
-I love the way Dean delivers this line - all cutting right to the bone sarcasm.

Travis: "You ever been really hungry - I mean - haven't eaten in days hungry?"
Dean: "Oh yeah"
Travis: "...somebody slaps a big ol' sirloin in front of you..."
-This episode is slap-in-the-face foreshadowing for Sam, really.

Sam: "[the way you look at me...] like I'm a freak, or an idiot, like I don't know the difference between right and wrong!"
-I think this is interesting, because it HURTS Sam for Dean to look at him like he's a freak, and he's been doing it since S1 (with a small reprieve when he had other things on his mind in S3), but there's also the fact that Sam's saying that Dean doesn't trust his judgment...and in S5, trust seems to be a huge issue between the brothers, and I'm starting to wonder when it was that Dean lost his trust in Sam really...

My sister was watching this episode with me, and when it got to the scene of Jack standing in his backyard staring off into space and watering his plants, my sister deadpanned, "his plants are going to die" because he's DROWNING THEM, haha.

Of course, then we get the interesting mirror of Jack turning into a monster because Travis barged in and started treating him like he already was one...which again, shades of the future...

Sam: "Dean!"
Jack: "Dean can't come to the phone right now."
Sam: "If you hurt him, I swear to God, I'll..."
-This is the first of many switch-arounds we see this season, with Sam being the overprotective, will-kill-you-if-you-touch-my-brother Winchester, and Dean being the one often placed in peril.

Sam: "It doesn't matter what you are, it only matters what you do."
-I like this moral.

Them of course, we have Sam swearing off "this demon-blood", and as of yet, we don't actually know the full extend of what he's talking about...but yeah, being so earlier in the season, you know that he's not actually going to do it. We're as disbelieving as Dean is that it could be that easy.

Monster Movie

I love the old-fashioned credits at the beginning. I remember watching those type of movies with my Dad as a kid.

Dean: "Radio around here sucks"
-Hehe, I know it's a cheesy joke, but I love it.

It seems most places in Pennsylvania have their Oktoberfest on the first weekend of October, so that's time-line information right there!

Sam saw the Raiders movie without Dean..."You were in hell" - I like how he doesn't say "you were dead." Sam never made peace with the fact that Dean was dead - to Sam, Dean was always just trapped in hell - which is of course totally correct, but he was also DEAD. When John climbed out of hell, he didn't go back to living.

And of course, there's the smile Sam gives Dean as he walks away. It's gorgeous and so full of everything...and a rare time this season that any of the boys shows down-right AFFECTION for the other. I think this episode reminds us that the boys really do love each other - I'm not sure we get another episode like that the rest of the season.

Dean: "I'm a maverick, rebel with a badge. One thing I don't play by: the rules."
-Hahaha, I love the cheesyness of this episode.

The witness, Ed, is awesome. I love the way they did that character - all manic energy.

Dean: "and The Dude will not abide" - awesome Big Lebowski reference. I should really see that movie sometime when I'm not hammered on White Russians, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

And again, Sam's reactions to Dean's "re-hymenated" speech are all perfect - completely exasperated with his brother, but he can't bring himself to care, because it's HIS BROTHER, who is ALIVE, and he LOVES him, even though just the other day they were fighting like cats and dogs and Dean said that he would hunt him...and maybe Sam just feels like, ok, Dean knows my secret, and I'm not going to do it anymore, and we'll be good now - like we were before. Because it's stressful keeping secrets from people too.

I love when they are investigating the Mummy and Sam turns and just says, "This is stupid."  Absolutely LOVE IT. It's so perfectly delivered, because they've been playing the cheesy-serious-investigators, and all of a sudden, Sam is basically saying "this is stupid" as in "this is possibly the most ridiculous episode we have ever done."

Then the vampire takes off on a moped and it really IS the most ridiculous episode they've ever done (so far).

We learn that Dean had started to also think that he was giving up his life for some terrible responsibility in the time leading up to his death....and now he realizes that he saves people, and maybe it's like a mission from God...and it's light-hearted because of the episode, but I think these are the first hints of Dean's need to atone.

We also get the first of events in what I like to call "The Emasculation of Dean" - because up until now, Dean has been the consummate Hunter. It was Sam that was rusty in the first season. It was both of them that were professional in S2 and S3...and now it's Dean dressed up in Lederhosen and tied to a table, and Sam coming in all manly with the gun to save him, and Sam saying "hey there Hansel" and Sam kicking down a wall...

Oh, I should say though, I LOVE the Dracula ordering a pizza with a coupon scene...hilarious.

Also, we get a repeat of the familiar theme from the monster: "being born this way", "dad calling you monster...freak...monster." - It's the classic theme of what makes the monster, the monster, or the rest of society proclaiming it to be a monster and it filling the role? It's also a warning of how dangerous the label of "monster" can be - which is a warning all the way forward to 4x21/4x22.

And we learn that if Dean wanted to live in a movie, he would choose Porkies II, and Sam knows him well enough to know that.

Cut Scenes

Two brief cut scenes. The first is Dean and Sam walking out of the morgue and passing by the tavern, and Dean saying "this place looks like fun" at the tavern door, and Sam hitting him and saying "later" with an affectionate smile.

The second is Dean and Sam looking at a video of the security guard shooting the mummy, and Dean saying, "A vampire, a werewolf, and now a mummy?..."

Both scenes are really short and serve no purpose, so I can see why they were cut.
Now I must post another chapter of my epic, before anyone lynches me. ;-)
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