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Rewatch S1: Ep 13 & 14

Last night I watched Route 666 and Nightmare. I'll probably watch two more after I post this too. I posted my bracelet!fic as well. If you read it, let me know if there are any spelling mistakes, or whether it's "He couldn't see past them" or "He couldn't see passed them"...because I can't tell.

I actually have to go into work tomorrow, so there will be a small slowdown to these posts. I'll also be slightly busy with xmas stuff and whatnot starting this weekend...so these posts will most likely be more spread out for a little bit. Though, you never know. My sleeping schedule is still a bit messed up. I don't think me waking up on time in the mornings is a victory when I have to take two hour naps in the afternoon. My life would be easier if I used caffeine like everyone else, but that would be giving into the MAN.

Anyway! On to the episodes! There is tons of foreshadowing in Nightmare for obvious reasons, but I try not to go into detail too much.


Route 666

The boys are heading to Pennsylvania when this episode opens. I wonder why? We never find out. Anyway, they spend five days in this episode, and for some reason it is snowing on the cusp of April/May...I'll blame that on Canada.

Oh hey, Sam says he went out with Jessica for a year and a half, that makes my fanfic placed over a two year period wrong. Noted for the future.

"We do what we do and we shut-up about it." I love that the number one Winchester family rule is worded that way...it's perfect: No explanation, harsh, and final.

I love all the little Sam smirks in this episode. Man, if Sam gets so smirky everytime Dean's romantic with a girl, no wonder Dean doesn't date that much. Haha...I know Dean doesn't date for much more serious reasons, but still, Sam's smirking is adorably teasing.

It's the little things: Sam and Dean walking in unison. That's really hard to do, especially when you have someone with longer legs than the other, and they even manage to get their hands going at the same time too - even when they use them to talk, they go right back to having precise timing...all while having a really casual sounding conversation. Really well done.

Aww Dean got dumped. I like how Sam actually can't believe it. I'm not sure if he can't believe that Dean loved someone, or he can't believe that Dean was dumped...but in anycase, it's like he's seeing a whole different side to his brother - which he is, I'm sure, because even Sam can tell that Dean is crushed under all that bravado.

Dean still refers to it as "My Dad's work." It makes me wonder what Dean's work would have been if he had been given the choice. I know by now he has chosen hunting, because it's all he knows and he likes the saving people part, but it really is still "his Dad's work."

I wish they would have shown the odometer in this episode, though it's my theory that it would have rolled over by now anyway. We do see the tripodometer, which says that they've gone 70098 miles since it was last reset (I almost wrote kms there...but it'd be miles. I could do a conversion, but I'm too lazy).

Oh man, I never know what to think about Sam's statement of "It honestly never occurred to me." Is it a joke? Is it a glaring statement of undervaluing Dean's life? Is it just Sam being really confident that it would work? Whatever it is, I agree with Dean: "I'm going to kill him"

I don't know if Dean really expects to see Cassie again, or is just in denial...or what. Maybe it's just a matter of not wanting to admit what they both know...or maybe it's because she finally knows what he does and accepts it. Any one else's thoughts are welcome, because I can't figure it out.

And the unanswered question at the end...is it worth it? I like how they don't have Dean answer. I think that says way more about him than any answer would. I really think that at this point, the question is moot for Dean - he doesn't believe that he has a choice anymore. It's his life. It always has been. It's all he knows. Of course that doesn't mean that he can't still think of what could have been, but I think Dean is not the type to waste energy on pointless questions (at least not yet). It's not a choice, so there's no point debating it.

No DVD extras on this one.


It's my guess that this episode takes place over five days in May. I have a bunch of reasons for that, but I'll leave those for when I post my grand Supernatural Timeline.

This show has a ton of detail that you miss the first time around, like Sam being sweaty when he wakes up from his nightmare, and then again he is sweaty several minutes before the second vision hits...and Max is covered in a sheen of sweat for the entire episode it seems, but especially as everything goes down towards the end.

I can never get over how Sam says "Gosh!" before his second vision. Who says "Gosh"?! Haha...I haven't heard Gosh since I hung out with some people from Minnesota several years back...and even then, I'm not sure they would say it in response to pain. I never kicked them in the chin to find out.

Sam: "It's never been in the family like this..." Why do you think everyone is always apologizing to you, Sam?

It's all about the small hesitation when Dean lies. He really is freaked out by Sam's visions. I think even Sam knows that, since he tends to object to the way Dean looks at him a lot.

Little things: Dean does the parental hand in front of Sam thing, when they go to cross the street after that dude gets his head chopped off.

Dean: "Our family is not cursed! We've...just had our dark spots."
Sam: "Our dark spots are pretty dark"
Dean: "You're dark."

Dean doesn't think that, after 18 years of abuse, Max is justified in killing his family. It makes you wonder just how much Dean would put up with before ever doing anything against his family...or has put up with. Dean is so crazy when it comes to his family.

Again, detail you miss the first time: When Sam barges into the room there are tear tracks down his cheeks, which means that between the closet and running up the stairs, the poor guy was crying.

I was reading raloria 's Season One Revealed series, and she mentions that the gun Max uses in this episode (the one from the glove box) is the same one that Sam starts using in the future...but it occured to me that they probably wouldn't get it back from the police in this episode. Think about it, gun of unknown origin used in a possible attempted murder and then a suicide? I'm pretty sure they would be confiscating that. So Sam's gun must just look similar.

I love Dean's reaction to Sam telling him that he "moved" the cabinet. The toneless "Oh....right." and then the jokes to distract Sam from seeing how freaked out Dean is.

Dean: "There's one thing you have that Max didn't."
Sam: "What? Dad? Because Dad's not around, Dean..."
Dean: "No. Me. As long as I'm around, nothing bad is going to happen to you."

Oh *hugs* ...there is so much to say about this, but it'd be WAY too spoilery.

Deleted Scene Goodness:

You get to see gorier versions of the Step-Mother's and Dean's potential deaths. You get to see the shot that I've heard them talk about in interviews, where you actually see Dean get shot in the head, instead of just seeing the blood splatter and him fall. Jensen did a great job...but it's done so quickly, that there's really not that much of a difference...funny what the sensors will let them do and not do.</lj>


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