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One Scene Each Season: S3 - Speaking in Unison


Season 3 was a hard choice - I mean, it contained A Very Supernatural Christmas, after all, which is one of my favourite episodes. BUT, in the end, I had to chose this particular moment in the diner in the episode Mystery Spot:

Why this scene?

I picked this scene for slightly different reasons than the previous two scenes - rather than discussing a particular character moment (though I think Mystery Spot as a whole is a fantastic character moment for Sam), I wanted to discuss the amazingness that is our two leads.

I know it's been talked about to death, but the success of Supernatural really is because of the relationship that Jared and Jensen have with each other. And as much as they talk about it being easy because they were two Texas boys from similar families who liked the same football team, it WAS a choice they made early on too. The choice to make the set a fun place to be, the choice to have any arguments they needed to have in private, the choice that their friendship was super important to them and they would WORK on it and prioritize it over any arguments they did have.

I think it's why we are able to have moments like this - why the writers trust they can pull these things off, and why they are able to pull them off so well. As much as the boys don't method act (and thank goodness for that), I think the reason that they can play brothers so well is because they decided that they were going to BE brothers.

Also, I decided to choose this scene because this is Supernatural really stepping into the absurd (the GOOD absurd). I know they did it a LITTLE in Hollywood Babylon, and a little MORE in Bad Day at Black Rock, but Mystery Spot is when they started to say "you know, I think there is a LOT of room in this show for just about anything...and I think our audience will come along with us for it..." and there really is, and we really did.

AND FINALLY, I wanted to choose this scene because I think Jared's great. Sam runs the gamut of emotions in this episode, and as you see in this scene here, Jared does it when his scene partner can't meet him in the same emotional space. Sam is miserable. Dean is just confused and a little concerned.

While I love A Very Supernatural Christmas, Mystery Spot is often the episode that I show people when they've never seen the show before and I want to give them a taste of what it's like - so, that's yet another reason I felt my scene should come from it. And I mean, who doesn't love it when they speak at the same time? ;)

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