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Summer content?

Any requests for what I should post here during the hiatus?

I've also got onto Pillowfort as part of the 4th wave beta users. I'm going to be using that blog mostly to talk about my original fiction... or at least, that's the plan. 

Right now,  I'm doing a 7 books for 7 days on FB - so, that's also an option for something I could mirror here.

I could also just stick with fan-content.

Basically, give me your ideas, because I am unsure and/or indecisive.

I will put the kibosh on anything that requires a major research/writing undertaking though, like - I'm not going to count how many times Sam gets choked in the series, or write a 70k fic. I'm currently already working on a fic (slow going, but I AM working on it). I'm mostly looking for posts that take less than 2 hours to write and can be done fairly regularly.

So, yeah, ideas? Otherwise, it'll just be random crap or silence until the show starts up again!

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