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Oh wait, there's a whole lot I have to do before I jump too far ahead...

Firstly, as you could no doubt tell by my previous post - usual rules apply! I've been drinking! All quotes are approximate, and if you don't have anything nice to say, then just say "I don't have anything nice to say" and I will KNOW YOUR PAIN, without having every remnant of joy ground out of me.

Now to the episode....


I DID NOT THINK THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. Well, okay, I should specify, I had successfully guessed what the cliffhanger would be, but I seriously thought they'd string Lucifer along with them and I've to put up with him until the series end and EVERYTHING WOULD BE HORRIBLE FOREVER! But I was wrong! I've never been so happy to be wrong.

But let's actually get there organically - sorry I just spoiled the end for you, but if you're reading this first, you knew what bed you were laying in.

I love the little spoken intro before Carry On, courtesy of Dean and Rowena. Very cute. I was sad that Rowena wasn't in this episode, but pretty thrilled when we found out where she was... but again, jumping ahead.

Sam is giving the AU-people the rundown of what our universe is, and AU!Bobby gets to make a quip about how he's not sure they should really be calling HIS world the apocalypse world. And it's funny, but I object to the diss to The Shape of Water, because that movie is awesome and I love it, and it totally deserved Best Picture... well, Get Out, I think, may have been the only film that I think could have won over it, but this is a rant for another time...
Then the boys go on a random werewolf hunt, and I'm like... what the? I am so not used to season finale's starting off with "I guess everything is amazing now and life is good" but this is exactly what this one does. It lets them revel in victory only to then be crushed. So, ouch.

The werewolf hunt shows us how well they work as a team.
Meanwhile, Mary and AU!Bobby (who I'm probably just going to have to start calling Bobby) are having a leisurely stroll through the woods, recounting to each other what their lives are like now that the rift cannot be reopened. It seems the AU!people weren't all THAT attached to saving their own world, because they don't seem to put out about being trapped in this one, and instead they're setting out on their own and living their best lives.

And still we get ABSOLUTELY NO REACTION FROM MARY when Bobby talks about Ketch. I think she must honestly believe that Ketch is AU!Ketch and not her Ketch, that's the only way it's explicable.

We find out that Rowena and Charlie are roadtripping together - which is pretty nice now that Rowena has turned over a leaf. I'm sure Dean is happy that there's A Charlie in his world again, even if it's not HIS Charlie. I'm still sad about Charlie though, I still contend that AUversions aren't the same as the real thing.

Even Bobby isn't sure he wants to go back now. And anyway, they can't.

And then Mary and Bobby find blood, and follow it to find the corpse of a girl named Maggie.

My notes just say "Maggie's Dead!" like that means something to me, but really I think this is the first time we're meeting Maggie.
Back at the bunker, Dean is super optimistic about the team, and even starts talking about retiring - like, maybe it IS possible to kill all the monsters, with Jack's help, and then go sit on a beach somewhere with Cas and Sam, wearing matching hawaiian shirts. Meanwhile, my notes say "YOU'RE JINXING IT!"

Dean is interrupted from his optimism by Jack shouting. Dean runs to his room and wake him up from a nightmare. Dean then comforts him, telling him that everyone gets nightmares, and that Dean often has dreams about those he couldn't save - Jack berates himself for not being strong enough, but Dean argues - it's not about being strong. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes - it's about trying to get better every day, and staying together, and looking out for your family. And it's all very much the speech that Jack wanted to hear at the beginning of the season.
Then, Sam runs in with the news about Maggie's death. And we have a straight-up murder investigation, because it doesn't appear to be a monster-related death. Jack is SUPER MAD, because Maggie was yet another person that he had sworn to protect.

They question Maggie's friend and find out that she had a crush on a boy at the gas-station not far away. Jack assumes the worst, it seems, and bamfs out of there to go confront this OBVIOUS MURDER.... Jack, my boy, this is why we wait for evidence and presume people are innocent until they're proven guilty.

Luckily, this gas station must be like RIGHT BESIDE the bunker, because Sam, Dean, and Cas arrive in about 30 seconds somehow, and they DROVE... like...how?
I love Dean shooting Jack twice in the back to get him to snap out of it - but, I just gotta say. Nate (Maggie's crush) proves his innocents by being like "WHAT? MAGGIE'S DEAD?" and then Jack is upset because once again he hurt someone innocent when he was trying to do good.

So, he bamfs out of there again, but this time it's to walk in those thick, temperate-rainforest, woods of northern Kansas... you know, you know the ones, right? They're on all the travel brochures. Jack's solution to hurting people, it seems, it to berate and hurt HIMSELF instead, so he's punching his chest and arms as he walks and yelling at himself.

Meanwhile, back at the gas station, Cas quickly gives Nate their Destiny's Child FBI alias and tries to convince him that some dude didn't just have glowy eyes and try to kill him. But that excuse soon goes to shit because there's a massive earthquake and a piercing noise...

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Jack runs into Lucifer. Fun times. Which tells us who that earthquake in the gas-station was, because if Lucifer's back, that means Michael is with him.
The guys leave the gas station after Dean shouts "run!" but, really, only Dean is running, Cas and Sam are both doing a power-walk - which means Michael can through them into the side of the impala. Dean quickly makes a holy-oil molotov cocktail to buy them some time - and then they all pile into the car and leave.
Jack is unaware of this as he talks to Lucifer - who tells him that Sam left him behind. He dodges the question of how he got back, and instead just starts trying to woo Jack over to his side again. He finds an in by saying that humans make him do wrong things (or words to that affect), and Jack agrees, even though they mean two different things. Lucifer suggests that the only way to avoid this is to leave and go live amongst the stars, rather than say on earth.

Jack is keen to be in Star Wars, which Lucifer promises that he could do - that he could make him a lightsaber, or a wookie - but then feels bad, because he knows Sam would miss him (awww)... but Lucifer insists that he needs to take the opportunity to escape and start over.

Back at the Bunker, there's no leads on the murder case.... and then Jack shows up with Lucifer in tow, and Mary quickly passes her phone to Bobby and tells him to call Sam, while she tries to sort out what Lucifer is doing there.

It turns out, that Jack will only go with Lucifer if Lucifer first resurrects Maggie. Lucifer is hesitant and tries to tell them that Maggie might come back different - Jack points out that Sam didn't come back different, and Lucifer argues that Sam has always been different. Meanwhile, we find out later, that Lucifer is just trying to keep a witness dead.

When Sam, Dean, and Cas finally get back - Jack and Lucifer are gone, but Maggie is alive.

Dean puts an APB out on the devil, determined to find Jack.
Mary questions Sam about how they're even going to kill Lucifer, since they LITERALLY CAN'T. But that's never stopped Sam before. (I wonder what happened to the other horseman rings, btw... like, I assume Death got his back and probably still has it, but what about the others? Surely Billie would do them a solid here like Death did before.

Sam, bless him, takes the time in all this mess to keep pursuing Maggie's murder investigation, this time, sitting Maggie down and asking her what she remembers. She only remembers her assailants eyes... DUN DUN DUN.
Jack and Lucifer go to look at the stars and contemplate where they want to go.

And then the Bunker falls under siege. They quickly send Mary and Bobby off with Maggie, telling them to go through the garage to escape. Mary is NOT IMPRESSED, but she goes.

It's Michael! Apparently the Bunkers warding really can't stand up to archangel power.

A fight ensues, but it's rather short-lived. Michael ends up with Dean by the throat, giving him a slow death of asphyxiation. In a last ditch desperate move, Sam prays to Jack in the hopes that it'll work.

It does! (and man, I love what that symbolizes in terms of Sam's faith in Jack.)

Jack comes to the rescue and squeezes Michael's insides, causing him to drop Dean.

Then the jig is up for Lucifer, as Jack hears how he made a deal with Michael - he would get Jack and be able to leave the planet, and Michael would get all of earth.

Oh, also, since it's in my notes - I just want to say that I love Lucifer's "whoa" when Jack squeezes Michael's insides. I think it's at that point where Lucifer realizes that Jack is actually TOO powerful for him to feel safe around, and so his plans start changing.
Sam also reveals that the last thing Maggie saw before she died was her killer's glowing red eyes.

Jack whammies Lucifer with a truth-power and Lucifer confesses not only to the murder, but to the enjoyment of the murder.

And this is when Jack truly rejects his biological father, with the words - "You're not my father; you're a monster."
Meanwhile, my notes say "FINISH HIM OFF JACK!" because seriously, don't just stop halfway through killing Michael! Ugh... but I guess I can't complain too hard, seeing as how Michael enables my DREAM COME TRUE LATER (also a horrific cliffhanger, but *shrug*)

Lucifer primal screams at everyone like a true entitled male not getting his way.
He argues that humans don't matter, but Jack points out that Jack is ALSO HUMAN.

Sam does an awesome thing with his face here when Jack yells back at Lucifer... it's sort of, a face you make when realize that two super beings are about to fight right in front of you, and also a face you make when your kid is one of those super beings and you're super proud of him, but also super concerned - and it's really hard to describe, but it's a great face.
Lucifer rants about how he was going to remake the universe with Jack - that they'd be better gods than Dad. (Uh, how were they going to UNMAKE the universe without killing God in the process? I doubt Jack is strong enough to kill God.)

Then, Lucifer goes for plan B, and steals Jack's grace/power, and then reaches forward to take Jack somewhere, but Sam dives in and clasps on to Jack also - then they all disappear.


And Michael, I think, knows his opening, because he bluntly confirms all Dean's fears - telling him that Lucifer just won, that he'll kill Sam and Jack, etc. Dean, as we've seen, is already primed to believe this, since he already believes that Sam fighting Lucifer = Sam death.
BUT, he hasn't killed them yet. Lucifer takes them to a church to chat with them some more - or at least, rub it in Sam's face that he's going to kill him now.

Back at the Bunker, Michael needs a new meatsuit if he's going to try to fight Lucifer - and my (and I think everyone else's) speculation proves correct, as Dean says, "What if you had your sword."

Back at the Church, it's archangels choke out the Winchesters day! Because Lucifer has his hands around Sam's throat.

Then Lucifer decides that he's sick of how loving the Winchester's are, so he decides to prove that family always turns on you by getting Jack to kill Sam...
Castiel isn't going to be able to stop Dean from doing this stupid thing. Dean thinks he has no choice. He tries to make a deal - like Michael is going to keep his word, for chrissakes - that Michael would just use him once, let him drive, and then leave. Yeah... I doubt that's going to happen.
In the church, it's Hunger Games Lucifer style - Sam and Jack, one blade between them, and whoever lives gets to live, otherwise Lucifer will kill both of them.

Sam picks up the blade, much to Jack's initial confusion, before giving it to Jack and telling Jack to kill him, and then get his powers back. Jack takes the blade, but instead of killing Sam, he starts trying to kill himself - telling Sam that he loves him (all of them). And I'm super touched, you guys, because that's like Sam's son right there.
Dean arrives in the nick of time (mostly because Jack doesn't know how to stab himself quickly and is giving himself a really slow painful death)... and Dean flashes his wings (though, I quibble that no wing reveal has been as awesome as Castiel's initial one - there's something about the starker lighting they used back then, and the quicker flash of wings rather than the linger)

Then they fight - and it's a vampire fight! - seriously, that's what my notes say. I am NOT a fan of wire-rigging fights where the characters are supposedly flying. It just... looks stupid to me, every time. BUT, whatever, I know there are people who really hate when angels have regular ground-bound fist-fights - but honestly, I love that - there's a REASON God made a rule that all angels had to be in vessels if they wanted to hang out on earth, and in my mind, it was to limit their ability to have aerial battles.
Lucifer is winning the fight, but then Sam throws Dean the arch-angel blade, and Dean is able to stab Lucifer!

LUCIFER IS DEAD! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, YES, I would have liked if Sam had done the stabbing with some biting remark - but he got his biting remark last episode, and he WAS instrumental in this fight as well. AND, I'm actually kind of happy that Dean finally was able to save his brother from Lucifer - like, as much as it's big for Sam to kill his abuser, it's also big for Dean to make up for what he surely saw as his greatest failure.

And Sam's right, when they have their moment to celebrate - "We did it!" - they both did it. They killed Lucifer, and Sam is SO HAPPY, you guys, like - he's AS HAPPY AS I AM.

Of course, Michael doesn't let them celebrate for long.

"Thanks for the suit" he says, and then Dean's gone.
Leaving Sam heartbroken, standing next to a STILL BLEEDING JACK! Sam, patch up your son!

Back at the bunker, we close on Cas looking distraught.

And then we see Michael, looking very dapper, out walking in the rain.

I REALLY don't like freeze frame endings, you guys, especially freeze frame with a weird close-in after the freeze frame. Just let Michael flash his eyes and then walk off out of frame! It's not hard to make it less cheesy. :P

So, cliffhanger is what I expected, but I'm super glad that Lucifer is dead, as I'm sure you can imagine - I honestly thought that I'd be stuck with him until the SERIES finale, because it seemed everyone loved him except for me.

I'm also (and stick with me here) glad that they depowered Jack, because this way he can stick around. They can't actually have a being that powerful with them all the time, it's why they had to depower the angels so much. And I honestly thought that Jack might die, because I KNEW the writers love inventing super-powered beings, but also don't know how to write around why they don't just solve everyone's problems with a snap of a finger.

I'm curious now what will happen with Jack... I know he's a bit like...uh, you know, Leo DiCaprio on that sitcom I used to watch, where Kirk Cameron, who WAS the rebel teenage son became a teacher and then adopted a homeless/abused teenager, because the show had been on so long. But, that was like, my favourite storyline of that show (which I can now not remember the name of - GROWING PAINS! I looked it up.)

But does he regenerate his power like Gabriel and Lucifer seem to do even when it's taken? Or is he like Cas, and once his grace is removed he becomes fully human?

As much as I'm worried about Dean, I know that it's Dean, so EVENTUALLY they're going to save him, yeah? So... it's just a question of how, and how long. I think the 300th episode lands around 14x14, so my guess is before then.

Meanwhile, what's going to happen with heaven? And when's Gabriel going to come back, because we all know he's not really dead. And how are they going to reason getting rid of Mary NEXT season.

So, still stuff I look forward to seeing how they approach. (that's a tough sentence for a non-native english speaker, I apologize to any of you out there.)

As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!

I'll hopefully have the timeline posted soon, and then it's the long summer hiatus where I may just disappear for a while.

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Elaine McCourt
May. 18th, 2018 08:59 am (UTC)

Maggie was one of the two they helped to get through the vampire cave in 13x21.
May. 18th, 2018 07:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I realized that about an hour after I posted as I was going to bed... but it was too late, and also, I might as well keep my review honest, in that I didn't realize it was the same girl the whole time. :P
May. 18th, 2018 10:18 pm (UTC)
Yay for Lucifer being dead! (And he BETTER stay that way!) I count it as a win for Sam because he was crucial in doing it, Michael!Dean couldn't have done it alone.

I thought the AU refugees settled in pretty quickly to our world, I would have thought they would have expressed at least a little ambivalence at being unable to find weapons and go back to save their world...I guess I can imagine those discussions happening off-camera...

AU Bobby got warm and fuzzy awfully easily, too...I'd find it more interesting if he wasn't just like our Bobby, that he was suspicious of Sam and Dean at least for a little while...wonder how prominent Bobby will be in season 14?

I am really happy with how Jack was written through the entire episode, first believing Lucifer because of his innocence, then using his powers to see Lucifer's true colors, and the very clever way they powered him down so they don't have to make up reasons for his lack of powers like they've had to do for Cas for the last 8 years...

I thought the way Dean was led to say Yes was true to character, very unlike the way they had him leaving Sam dead in the vamp cave because the story needed it--in this ep the circumstances were genuinely set up to get that yes.

I think it was Michael in control for the entire scene in the church with Lucifer, but with Dean consciously participating, right up until Lucifer forced Michael's light out--then I thought it was Dean who did the actual stabbing and we had our 5 seconds of triumph before Michael reneged on the deal--and who was surprised by that??? (Someone needs to ask at the next con for Jensen to clarify!)

The actual fight was kind of weird...Jensen said the last 2 days of filming this year included some of the hardest physical stuff he's had to do, and from that standpoint it was impressive...but it was also kind of hokey, if you know what I mean?

But all in all, I am pretty satisfied with the episode in general and as a finale.

Hope season 14 is better than this year...At least we will get to watch Jensen act amazing!

May. 19th, 2018 03:44 am (UTC)
I also count it as a win for Sam - or, a joint-effort, and I think really satisfying for both as I said, Sam kind of got his eye-contact, I'm defeating you, last week - so, he already kind of got one over on Lucifer finally. So, I'm not going to be choosy about this that's for sure.

I think a fair amount of time is supposed to have gone by - but yeah, kind of weird to have the ambivalence when they were so vehement about it last week.

I'd also have liked an ARC of Bobby getting comfortable, rather than it happening right away - and maybe we'll see that more in S14 if he sticks around. I mean, Bobby was a CENTRAL FIGURE in their lives and this AUBobby isn't - and there's a lot of character exploration on both sides possible with that - but I think that's where these later seasons fall down, in that it's become less about character exploration and more about plot... which leads to things like Dean leaving Sam behind in the vampire caves, even though Jensen disagreed with the choice on a character level. (I'm still fine with it, but I recognize that's so far only me, and I'm not the actor playing Dean Winchester. I'm not saying I'm WRONG, I'm just saying that interpretation is with the audience).

I disagree with you about how long Michael was in control. I think it was Dean in the fight, right up until the end and THAT'S when Michael gets control. BUT... as I said, interpretation is with the audience - I'm not saying that you're wrong either, just that I feel both are plausible, and I read it a different way. It'd definitely be interesting to find out how Jensen played it.

Anyway, I agree with everything else you said!

I also hope next season is better than this one. I'll have to see how I feel about this one as compared to S12 after I do my rewatch in the fall. Right now, I'm not too sure, though it does win points for addressing some issues that I've wanted addressed for YEARS.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Jensen does with Michael!!
May. 19th, 2018 12:21 am (UTC)
Hello, first let's celebrate that Lucifer is officially dead, yay! I'm relieved he didn't get the redemption arc we afraid he would have; no he just proved what a monster he is, and Jack was only his puppet, he never loved him. As Gabe said, Lucifer only wants to be worshipped . So thank for killing him off.

Jack, my sweet nougat, that when he listened to Lucifer I thought "you're so stupidly innocent sometimes", but later I realized I was unfair to him, and all I wanted was to protect him. I'm so glad he's still on the show, and also depowered, as it will give the opportunity to have him more around without solving every case immediately. I think he slowly will recharge his grace as he's part archangel. And that scene with Sam, he's been a truly father figure to him.

Michael! Dean, even though many we were spoiled, I think producers should have kept their mouth shut, anyway, still I'm excited for what's coming, and hopefully his arc last longer than 3 episodes. So thanks for telling me episode 14x14 is the 300ep, as possibly that could the ep Michael left his vessel.. Maybe... Who knows.

Overall, it was a good episode for me, although the only surprise was Lucifer death to me. However, I agree the air fighting and the froze face frame was cheesy haha it killed the mood. Why did you do that Bob Singer? Read he was the director lol the last shot was a tribute to Thriller of Michael Jackson?

But following your rules, I should add sth positive, Dean entrance as Michael vessel with the wings and light was awesome. He looks so damn good, and can't wait for Jensen whole personification.

Edited at 2018-05-19 12:24 am (UTC)
May. 19th, 2018 03:53 am (UTC)
Yay Lucifer's dead! I am also SUPER RELIEVED that they didn't give him a redemption arc, and that all his hints at wishing for redemption were manipulations the whole time. YAY!

I'm really glad Jack is still around too, and I love that they've pre-emptively depowered him, so that hopefully it can become a story of him learning and growing, and not a story of him being sidelined because he's too powerful to write.

I also wish that producers (and Jensen) had kept their mouth shut about Michael!Dean. It was way too obvious a direction once it was hinted at... and before they hinted at it, I was already just predicting that Michael would be the big bad for next year in our world, but I would have no doubt been surprised that Dean would agree to possession.

I was SLIGHTLY OFF and it's 14x13 that's the 300th episode, so yeah, my prediction will be that the mid-season finale (around 4x10) will be when they successfully save Dean. We'll see what happens! The 100th episode was 5x18 (myth-arc episode), and the 200th was 10x04 (special stand-alone), so, it'll be interesting to see what route they go with for 14x13.

I'm not sure what Bob Singer was thinking of with his decisions - but I agree with you. I'd have made different ones!

I'm also really looking forward to seeing what Jensen does with Michael! It's been a while before he's played anyone besides Dean!!
May. 19th, 2018 02:52 am (UTC)
Pretty much agreed on everything. I'm so pleasantly surprised that Lucifer is gone, and happy Jack is sticking around in a way that might be workable. Was mostly spoiled for Michael-Dean but I still thought they made it happen in a believable way. And oh my did I hate those wires - probably not as much as Jensen hated them, but NO. And the freeze frame. Pretty sure that wasn't a moment where I was supposed to giggle. All in all though? I liked it. Lots to look forward to in S14.
May. 19th, 2018 03:55 am (UTC)
Agreed agreed!! Overall pleased, but my quibbles are the same as yours. :)

It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens in S14, and I'm really glad that I like the set-up to it.
May. 19th, 2018 05:12 am (UTC)
I didn't think the flying scenes were very cool either, sorry to say. I actually wrote that in my review and then decided to delete it and just not even mention the fight. The little ground part there was was cool so it was unfortunate. I also think the werewolf scene was out of place and not necessary.

Other than that, YAY! LOVED it!

I had a thought that Dean might actually be dead... since Billy said she would be seeing him soon, and way back in Season 5 they did say that Dean wouldn't survive being taken over by Michael. Not worried, of course - Dean will be back. The question is how, as you mentioned.
May. 20th, 2018 04:12 am (UTC)
I think the werewolf scenes were needed to see where Dean's optimism was coming from - but I agree it was slightly jarring to have "suddenly werewolf hunt, because I guess we're back to normal now?!"

It'd definitely be interesting if Dean were dead! That would fit my headcanon for Adam REALLY WELL - in that I believe that he was already dead and gone before Michael fell into the cage. So, having it be that Michael instantly kills his host (except for John, who obviously needed to be resurrected in order for Heaven's plan to work) would make sense for how I read the series (and the set-up they gave us way back in S5 with Raphael's host suffering from extreme brain damage (which is just death of part of the brain, in the end.)

We'll see what they do! I think they'll probably have Dean still alive? Because that might be more compelling - but you're right in that Billy DID say that she'd see him soon.
May. 20th, 2018 12:03 pm (UTC)
Excellent run down! Awesome finale ❤️
May. 21st, 2018 03:16 am (UTC)
Thanks! :)
May. 21st, 2018 03:03 am (UTC)
Lucifer is dead! Yay!

I'm glad Jack was powered down, because I think Sam is going to need someone to take care of while he tries to rescue Dean from Michael next season.

Did anyone else find it annoying that they were updating the refugees from the other world on current events, and they made a joke about a reality star being president (and there was a brief flash of Trump onscreen)...when Jack's "physical" father was the president that Sam and Dean were accused of trying to assassinate just last season? It's not like that particular plot point wasn't a huge part of last season...

I'm hoping for some good storylines next year!
May. 21st, 2018 03:15 am (UTC)
Yes, I agree with your point. I guess in the Supernatural universe Obama only got one term? And then fictional president took over? And then Trump...

...I say that, but I think it's been a continuity error the whole time, because the brothers have already referenced Trump before (I think the line was "just a guy trying to make it in Trump's America" or something along those lines) and it was either at the very beginning of this season or even at the end of lasts - you know, the season where they JUST HAD A FICTIONAL PRESIDENT! *rolls eyes*

That's why I much like my version of S12, where instead of the president it's a high-ranking military official. It would have made SO MUCH MORE SENSE.

Anyway! I too am glad they depowered Jack and that he's there for Sam to tend to so that he doesn't get swallowed in grief/desperation - or at least, we can hope for that. And as much as I know some fans hate it when Sam and Dean are apart, I actually really love it when Sam is given the opportunity to interact with people other than Dean, so I'm pretty happy that we might get some Sam&Jack and Sam&Cas scenes out of this plotline.
May. 27th, 2018 10:04 pm (UTC)
Wow...uh, what did I just watch? I'm of two minds on this one. Some interesting developments...just really unsure about the execution of those ideas.

Any idea where that beautiful green place that Mom and Bobby were walking through is? Rainy Canada is pretty beautiful.

That little "we earned it" exchange between Sam and Dean got a heartcrack in my notes. Every time they talk about retirement, I perk up a little, just because it's such a fascinating concept for hunters. In season 1, Sam could envision a future where he clocks out of hunting and goes back to school, and Dean was adamant that there would always be something to hunt - but now, Dean can imagine a future where they could actually take a vacation and, you know, lay their weary heads to rest, and Sam’s perplexed-but-affectionate eyebrow raise just warms my heart. Any time Dean gets hopeful, I mentally prepare myself for heartbreak...because it never turns out well for them. (Though I WONDER what the end of the series has in store. Retirement is not out of the picture by any means. The Winchesters have definitely earned that, but for the SHOW to earn that as a satisfying ending...that might be difficult. But not impossible.)

You were not alone in not recognizing Maggie. At first I wondered if it was some AU version of Maggie from the Ghostfacers...which would have been pretty random. Maggie herself was perfectly adequate, but her friend was the wooooooooooorst actress, ugh. I don’t think they quite pulled that storyline off. I understand that it was necessary for the plot, to reveal Lucifer was DEFINITELY STILL EVIL. But in the midst of discovering that Michael is here and Lucifer is still alive, are we REALLY going to take the time to calmly sit down with Maggie and try to figure out who her killer is…?

Jack punching himself...really everything with Jack in this episode, in this season...had the potential to be cheesy but ended up having surprising pathos for me. That kid is a talented actor...I don’t think just anyone from the CW storage house of hot twenty-somethings could have pulled this off. To be honest, I could have done with a whole lot more of the Winchesters parenting Jack this season. There is so much potential there to show the successes and pitfalls of them trying to step into that foreign role, especially considering how crappy both of their parents were - and when the writers wanted a classic Brothers-Only monster of the week hunt, they could have sent Jack off somewhere with Castiel. The writers needed a way to keep his crazy powers from constantly saving the day, but sidelining him in the AU seems like a misstep.

Speaking of crazy powers - have we ever seen Jack, or Lucifer, or any angel, compel people to tell the truth prior to this? I think it’s kind of cool, but also kind of unprecedented. (Also would have been a real easy way to confirm that Maggie’s crush didn’t kill her…)

Lucifer’s scream of angelic rage was not bad! I like revealing him for the bully that he is. Also, when he disappears with Jack and Sam, Castiel yells, “Jack!” and Dean yells, “Sammy!” I like where their priorities are. :)
May. 28th, 2018 02:35 am (UTC)
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, the beautiful green place that Mom and Bobby were walking through could be ANYWHERE. That's pretty much what it looks like anywhere outside the city, provided you aren't in farmland. It doesn't even necessarily have to be outside the city, there's even a few city parks that it could have been.

Yeah, any time Dean gets optimistic, you know we're in for heartbreak - there's a reason that boy is a pessimist.

As for the end of the series, as much as I'd like them to retire, I think out best bet for that would have been to have a spin-off... but that's not been greenlit yet (and it was our best bet for one), so... I think they might die at the end, sadly.

Yeah, I realized when I rewatched that they showed her boarding the bus in the THEN portion, but because of the different colour sceme and hairstyle, it was hard to recognize her.

I actually liked that we took the time to sit Maggie down and figure out who her killer was - I thought it was a great character point for Sam, where he WOULDN'T get distracted by world ending events - he'd still want to protect just this one person, solve this little case. It kind of reminds me of when he was dying in S7 and he's like "okay, but just before I die, I'm going to solve this girl's ghost problem..."

I agree that Alex completely saved us this season with his acting (or at least, the casting department saved us by casting him). I agree that they should have used him more - even if they still sidelined him in the AU, I think they could have explored his character more there - give him a relationship with Mary. Let's explore BOTH those characters more... but no, they always dealt with some plot or whatever it seemed. Though, they at least had a few good moments. I do agree however that Cas didn't have much to do this season it seemed - so, sticking Jack with Cas would have been better. ALso, would have explained better how seemingly easy it was for Castiel (who does not have wings anymore) could get to Syria to get that ingredient they needed for the spell or whatever and then get back again so swiftly. (And I just realized that it's been more than a week now and I completely forgot to post the timeline. I'm the worst.)

We've never seen someone compell the truth before - but I kind of like that it might be a new power that the Nephilim has. And also that Jack doesn't actually know what he can do until he does it.

Cool catch with the "Jack!" and "Sammy!" lines!
May. 27th, 2018 10:05 pm (UTC)
WHAT IF YOU HAD YOUR SWORD. Apparently Dabb has been heavily hinting at this for a while, but I’m so outside of fandom right now that I had no idea, so this blew me away. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled the f-word so many times while watching SPN. It certainly is going to make our podcast on season 5 incredibly timely - I’m looking forward to unpacking the parallels. That being said, as much as I enjoyed getting the full blow of this huge twist, and as shocked and compelled as I was by this development...does it really make sense?? Especially in light of EVERYTHING that happened in season 5. Like much of these later seasons (11, 12, 13), I feel like it takes a hugely iconic moment from the early seasons (1-5) and kind of cheapens it by undermining it. Dean said no to Michael when he had stomach cancer and Sam had no lungs; Dean said no to Michael even after seeing Lucifer IN SAM’S BODY. And now, because Sam got zapped away, Dean’s like, “OKAY LET’S DO THIS”? I just...I’m not there yet. I’m all about Dean sacrificing everything for his brother, even when it’s totally reckless and unwise. But I’m not convinced that this would be his path to saving Sam. Especially if the show wants me to simultaneously believe that Dean would be okay with leaving Sam behind in a cave of vampires without seeing confirmation of his dead body. (Did you say that Jensen disagreed with this choice as well? Do you know where I could watch/read about that?) Also not convinced that Dean would be STUPID ENOUGH to think Michael would honor any kind of deal. Come on. We know Michael, and we already learned this lesson firsthand with Gadreel. Dean is desperate, but not dumb. He should know that if he lets Michael in, that’s the end for him (and also for our world, since obviously Michael still wants to subjugate the planet).

And that leads us to...aerial ballet fighting?? What the hell, what the hell is this. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. As a person who hates angelic fist fights, I just want to say - THIS IS NOT BETTER. I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS. I want to see the foundations of that church quake and blinding light fill the room. Even Street Fighter-esque fireballs or beams of concentrated energy would be preferable to this.

Okay, more positives. At first I was on the fence with the tag team kill of Lucifer (that’s how I’m counting it, since Sam tossed Dean the blade, but I know Michelle’s going to disagree, ha) - because I wanted it to be Sam who defeats the devil, after everything he’s been through. BUT I think I’ve come around to the way it played out, because they both got to take part in it. And after rewatching The End, where Dean tells Lucifer that he will find a way to kill him...it was nice to watch him finally deliver on that promise. Very pleased with the choice not to redeem Lucifer, and perfectly satisfied with the choice to kill him off. He had served his purpose within the story (and probably overstayed his welcome, to be honest) - and I was very happy for you. :)

Sammy’s sweet relieved smile of joy and disbelief was wonderful. But our happiness can never last. :(
May. 28th, 2018 02:44 am (UTC)
You are well to be outside of fandom - the rest of us were so spoiled because Dabb and Jensen have been hinting way too strongly for weeks/months.

I agree though that it DOES undermine how steadfast Dean was before - or, at least, undermines the character now.

And yes, Jensen disagreed with Dean leaving Sam behind - I believe he said it at one of the JIBCon panels... yup, the J2 Saturday Panel, if you want to try to track down the vid. This is the tweet about it: "Jensen: 'I had a fundamental issue with the fact that Dean left Sam when he died in 13x21. But it was too late to change the script.' He thought it was doing a disservice to the character. He wasn’t quiet about it. "

Oddly, I'm okay with that? I guess I'm the only one and only Jensen disagrees with me... but yeah, you do have a point that it doesn't make sense that he would be okay with trusting Castiel there and not doing anything drastic, but then suddenly just two episodes later, he won't listen to Castiel when Sam is just taken somewhere else and could maybe still live... BUT BUT, also, we have to take in account that 13x21 HAPPENED, that Dean DID lose Sam, that he DID leave him behind in a cave against every fibre of his being. Maybe this is the direct result of that - the fact that Dean's been worried about Lucifer killing Sam again (or taking him from Dean again) ever since they found out he was still around, and then Sam DIED, and now Sam is gone AGAIN, and Dean just can't do it again - not for a third time. I mean, we do think of all the times Dean said No to Michael, but we also have to remember that for 95% of Point of No Return, Dean was going to say Yes.

Oh man, yeah, agree with you on the aerial ballet fighting.
May. 27th, 2018 10:06 pm (UTC)
We’re going to end on a FREEZE FRAME? I’m with you...it’s hard to get away from the cheese factor with that kind of an ending. (Though Newsies!Jensen looks amazing…) rovallie5 brought up Michael Jackson’s Thriller above, which made me laugh out loud and is actually a great comparison. And since beginning this comment, I’ve peeked into another SPN blog that I read and saw people comparing it to the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which also ends with a freeze frame. Of course we refer to Butch and Sundance all the time...but I’m not sure that that warrants a freeze frame here, when Sam isn’t even present. There is a reference to freeze frames in The French Mistake as well, in kind of a “welp, sure, what else are we gonna do at this point?” way. So maybe they’re trying to acknowledge the fact that we are going into season 14 and this is insane? Hahaha. I have no idea. It feels INTENTIONAL, though, because we never end episodes that way - and Singer has directed a hell of a lot of episodes. Just not sure what he was trying to get across.

I do hate it when the brothers are separated, haha, but that’s more reserved for seasons 1-9. Once we hit season 10, the emotional immediacy diminished a little, and I understood that we have to do whatever we can to create compelling conflicts that feel believable. And a lot of times that means splitting them up. I’m interested to see Jensen play Michael - I wonder if he’ll go back and watch tapes? We’ve had so many different Michaels! (At least three? I think Matt Cohen’s was my favorite so far, even though his was just for one episode.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but usually when Jensen is given a different character to play, it’s a different version of Dean. Dream a Little Dean, Apocalypse 2014 Dean, Dog Dean, Demon Dean, Amnesiac Dean. Is this the first time he will play a truly different character? That could be fun.
May. 28th, 2018 02:50 am (UTC)
Yeah, but Butch and Sundance ended on a freeze frame to leave the ending... well, maybe not mysterious, since it was quite obvious what was going to happen... but rather to preserve Butch and Sundance in their heroic form, so even though we know what happens next, the last image we are left of them is the image of two people who have been our heroes for the whole movie and will remain that way despite their obvious end.

There was no similar reason for the freezeframe here. MAYBE, if it was a thriller reference, but that seems cheesy and eye-rolling too... but still, that's basically the only one that I'll forgive at this point.

Yes, this is indeed the first time ever that Jensen will play a non-Dean entity. Matt Cohen's Michael has always been my favourite until now too - so, I'm eager to see what Jensen does with it. He's pretty good at elevating even crappy writing, so the difference in writing-skill between S5 and S14 shouldn't be too much of an issue in comparing the performances... and it was actually Jensen who coached Matt Cohen back in the day in how to do it. So, hopefully he remembers his own advice, because this could be phenomenal.

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