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Quick Reaction: 13x20 Unfinished Business


Alright, same old story that you should know by now - watched episode once while drinking, nothing is meant to be accurate, don't correct me unless it's SO IMPORTANT or I ask.

Now let's get into this sucker...

My friend laughed at the THEN, saying that it was basically saying "if you haven't been watching this show from the beginning, you are screwed."

They're in Central City, CO - I laughed at first, because I didn't think there was such a thing and maybe it was a nod to Flash, which also films in town - but apparently I'm wrong, and Central City DOES exist. Learn something new everyday.

And we meet Fenrir! And I get super excited for a hot second because a)I love Norse mythology, and b)I love wolves even more than that. But then I realize that it's the first 5 minutes of Supernatural, so Fenrir is going to die. :(

Sure enough, Gabriel steps out of the shadows and challenges him to a duel, killing the poor drunken bastard of a secret-wolf, though getting injured himself in the process.

Then Gabriel crosses off the name on his kill list, and we see the other names are Narfi and Sleipnir. Narfi, I couldn't remember, but I knew Sleipner was a 6 legged horse, so I DID wonder how they were going to pull that off...
We join Sam and Dean in a motel, while Dean is on the phone telling someone (Cas?) to call him when he gets to Amarillo (TX) - Sam and Dean argue about whether Sam should unpack or not. Which, answers my sometimes question of whether they ever unpack at hotels... fun fact: I never do. I might be staying in a hotel for a week, but I seldom ever take my clothes out of my suitcase. The boys apparently do sometimes, but only if they're staying for longer than a night, I guess. Dean doesn't think they will, Sam disagrees. We find out that Rowena traces Gabriel to either Central City or Amarillo, and that they've been following similar leads for 2 weeks without finding him.

Dean kicks the bed in frustration and finds out that it vibrates (magic fingers!) and MAN, that's a joke/reference we haven't had in a LONG time.

And then just as their arguing about whether they'll find Gabriel, the archangel himself shows up bloody, asking for their help.

Cut to Jack and Mary! Jack is recounting a battle to Mary where he beat Balthazar (was that the last battle we saw him in) - in anycase, he's SUPER STOKED, because he saved 30 people - Mary is like, wow, that's great, but yikes, how are we going to look after 30 more people... and then Jacob (and that's confusing for a second, because Jacob is also the name of an angel, so I was like WHAT WHAT? But he's actually just a human named Jacob) and he tells them that reports say that Michael has left his HQ and the angels are leaving the area. 

Back to Sam and Dean, we learn that Gabriel totally knew they were coming to find him and were in town, because he felt the witches tracking spell (and it tastes like haggis).... he's drained his grace between killing Asmodeus and fighting Fenrir, and is wondering if they have more of it on hand? NOPE!

Then we cut to Fenrir's dead body and two other guys who refer to themselves as brothers... and I'm like "??? the other names?! Neither of those guys look like a horse!" but then I realize that one of them is eating an apple, and I'm like "hmmm...that IS a horse-like thing to do."

Back to Jack and Mary, Jack is getting SUPER COCKY as they try to figure out why Michael left his HQ - Jack figures it's because Michael is afraid of him, Mary is cautions against this view. Jack is like "let's go back and get him, eh?" and Mary is like "They'll disembowel us" and Jack is like "not if we get the boot in 'em first - that's all gab, disemboweling" (bonus points if you know what movie I'm referencing with this substitute dialogue). 

Eventually, Jack can't be talked out of it, and he promises to protect his little troup.

Back in the regular world, Gabriel wants to leave, now that he's discovered that the boys don't have any of his grace leftover. But just as he gets up to go, Narfi and Sleipnir arrive, and it's DEFINITELY THEM, because you see their true forms flash, and Sleipnir is indeed a horse... and, I kind of love him? Gabriel successfully kills Narfi in the ensuing throwdown (but only after cowering for a bit while the Norse demi-god/creatures beat up on Sam and Dean. Then Sleipnir runs for it.

In the AU, Michael's HQ is indeed deserted, but they find Kevin Tran in the dungeon! He's been branded a traitor for helping the angels, but Kevin explains how he was desperate and conned into it, and how Michael then got mad at him for messing up the spell - but Kevin fixed it!... but now Michael has gone to a place in the south of the country where the veil between worlds is thin in order to perform the spell.

Sam and Dean cuff Gabriel to a motel screen and go dispose of Narfi's body in a car-crusher in a junkyard. Once they get back, they have A TALK. Gabriel explains his vendetta - that after he fled his death scene in 5x19, he went back to Loki in Monte Carlo and asked him to help him stay hidden. Loki agreed, and he partied with Loki's sons, until one night they captured him and sold him to Asmodeus, because they didn't know how the Lucifer vs. Michael fight was going to shake out and they wanted to curry favour with Hell in case the fight went to Lucifer. (Sidenote to say that I love the little bit of inclusion of including male "pornstars" when Gabriel includes the pornstars in his story at Dean's request... also, Dean being totally vicariously into it was awesome.)

Sam rightly understands that Gabriel is out for revenge, and Gabriel confirms, telling Sam "don't ever let anyone tell you you're just a pretty face" and Dean is confused, because no one ever says that, I guess. Also, as much as I totally think they're "pandering" to the Sabriel fans in the way they're writing these episodes....I also secretly kind of love it? I mean, I really don't ship that ship, but I always enjoy it when Sam is given the opportunity to have closer relationships with characters, just to balance out all the years where it was only Dean who bonded with people. So, what I'm saying is that I SEE THE THING, but also, I'm not MAD about it.

Gabriel's real target is Loki, who he says was behind it all.

Jack wants to attack Michael right away. Mary wants to wait. Kevin agrees with Mary, saying that Michael ALWAYS has a plan.

Sam and Dean and Gabriel continue their discussion. Gabriel explains how he freed Loki from his punishment of being chained in a cage with a snake dripping venom into his eye, so as a return of the favour - Loki helped Gabriel hide from his own family by giving Gabriel Loki's face and teaching him how to be a trickster.

Loki then went into hiding.

Sam is like "revenge isn't worth it" and then Gabriel is like "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I WAS TORTURED FOR 7 YEARS!! IT WAS HORRIBLE!" and here my notes say "Sam tortured too, buddy. Same with Dean" which is my super mild way of saying "Gabe, HAVE YOU NOT FOLLOWED UP ON WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WINCHESTERS AFTER YOU LEFT? OR BEFORE YOU ARRIVED?! Dean was tortured for 40 YEARS, Sam for over 180*! (*assuming cage time is similar to hell time). 7 years is NOTHING. But, good on Sam and Dean for being more understanding and gracious and sympathetic than I am, because they're like "we understand" Or, at least, Sam is like "I understand *sympathetic face*" and Dean is like "You're ridiculous and I'm not onboard with this stupidity."

So, Dean drags Sam into the hall - and they chat about how revenge is bad, and Dean accuses Sam of sympathizing just because he wants to get back at Lucifer for his own torture... and Sam is like "don't be stupid, I want to kill Lucifer because HE'S LUCIFER!" (only with his face), and Dean is like FINE (only with his face) and then they go back into the room and Sam tells Gabriel that they'll help him, but only if he returns the favour. And so that's the deal.

There's a weird little scene here where Mary and Jack say like TWO WORDS about the map Michael left. Then we're back to Sam and Dean...

Gabriel tells the boys that Sleipnir would have run back to Loki, and that Loki is in a nearby hotel. He always takes over the seediest motel in town and then uses his magic to make his own rooms amazing. Gabriel shows Dean his kill list, and Dean is further unimpressed. Oh, and THIS is where the 7 years of torture line is actually, but I already wrote about it, so who cares. 

Then they take off, and Gabriel promises it will be "easy peasy like a breezy" which my friend is surprised at, because she thought it would be "easy pease lemon squeezy" ... and meanwhile, I just remind myself that English is a weird weird language and I feel sorry for foreigners that must learn it.

Back in the AU, Mary wants Jack to wait before he moves on Michael. Bobby is due to arrive, and she thinks they should get his input. Jack is still super cocky, and Mary is like DON'T BE COCKY! And says that she once felt the same confidence about hunting - but that it leads to mistakes. That Jack can't help anyone if he's dead, and Mary can't loose another boy :( :( :( and then Jack promises to come back.

Then Kevin is like "NO!" and it's indeed A TRAP. Kevin has a spell carved into his chest. He was supposed to wait to set it off until Bobby arrived, but he now sees he might not get the chance. They try to talk him out of it, but Kevin tells them how Michael promised that if Kevin did it, he'd get to go to heaven and see his mom again - Mary argues that heaven is just memories and isn't even real, but that's good enough for Kevin. He explains that the spell won't kill Jack - it's meant to break him. Kevin sets off the spell, and Jack quickly enfolds Mary in his wings.

And here my friends and I all agree that someone should have just shot Kevin as soon as he revealed that he was a plant. BUT, I also point out that I, at least, am amoral at best... so then we agree that it would have been just as easy to injure him and then disable the spell - like, shoot him in the hands so he can't touch it or something.... but whatever.

Back in the regular world, Sleipnir arrives back at his father's hotel, eating a carrot. And my friend says "I love how they made Sleipnir just a well dressed twink" and I laugh and agree and realize that's why I love him, because I DO have types.

Sam, Dean, and Gabriel arrive just behind him - Gabriel telling Sam and Dean that they're in charge of the henchmen because Gabriel wants the kills. Dean is SUPER unimpressed. Then the elevator doors open and it's a gun fight in a hallway! Gabriel slips ahead and gets Sleipnir at sword point, while Dean slips out through another door. So, Sleipnir dies (and I am sad) and Sam and Gabriel are both pissed at Dean for giving them a the slip and going after Loki himself)

Dean, therefore, meets up with Loki first. Loki tells Dean he's there because he wants to know why - Dean argues that he doesn't actually care. Loki tells him anyway - about how he blames Gabriel for Odin's death in 5x19. I'm not ENTIRELY sure why that's Gabriel's fault, because I don't think that "Loki" purposefully invited him? But anyway, the gist of the story is that part of the deal of hiding Gabriel in the Loki identity is that Gabriel was to have COMPLETE non-involvement with heavenly affairs or his angel brethren, and he broke that promise when he helped Sam and Dean in 5x19.  Loki presses that Dean should understand why Loki wanted revenge against Gabriel for the death of his father, even though Loki had a bad relationship with his father - because Dean too has father issues. Dean is unimpressed by this plea for empathy and stabs Loki - but it is, alas, a fake double. Sam runs into the room after Dean gets slapped and shoots the double, dissapating it, but it means the real Loki is actually out in the hallway with Gabriel.

Gabriel and Loki have their fight - Loki pointing out that Gabriel was dealing out undeserved punishments, as it was Gabriel who went back on his word first, and Loki's sons didn't deserve to be punished for that... and also how disgusted he was when Gabriel broke their original deal and then had the audacity to come back for for another "hide-me" favour... and then he digs at Gabriel by pointing out that he always needs someone to save him, and how he couldn't even kill Loki himself, he needed the Winchesters. His final dig is that Gabriel is a failure who stands for nothing. Gabriel kills him.

In the AU, we see the aftermath of the spell, as Jack unfolds his wings. Everyone is dead, except for Mary, though she is unconscious.

Back in the the regular world, Gabriel thanks the brothers for their help, and then asks them what the plan is and how he can help. Sam is surprised that Gabriel is ACTUALLY going to help - and I kind of love the fact that Sam made that deal, honoured his end of it, even though he obviously never thought that Gabriel would do the same - I mean, talk about a moral code. Gabriel tells him that "tricks are for kids" meaning, I suppose, that with Loki's death, he's putting his frivolous trickster life behind him. 

Dean gets in the Impala, and Sam pulls Gabe in for one last question - how is he feeling now that he got his revenge? "Swell" "I'm a whole new guy" - Sam said "that's what I thought" which to me, means that he knows that Gabriel doesn't feel any better and may just feel even shittier, because revenge is an empty and hollow victory. One of my friends thought that maybe what it meant was that it wasn't actually Gabriel that survived, but Loki - but then the end scene squashed that theory, because Cas would have recognized if it wasn't an angel.

Back in the AU, Jack is SUPER SAD, so spell successful, I guess! But Mary is alive and comforts him. Still, Jack questions what the point of him is if he can't keep people safe.

In the Bunker, Sam and Dean chat alone while Cas shows Gabriel to his room off screen. Dean seems bummed. Sam is mad and wants to know what's up with him - that lately Dean's been pulling that crap a lot (apparently) where he slips ahead or finds an excuse for Sam to stay behind, and Sam is constantly sidelined. Sam feels like he's being treated like a kid again. Dean agrees that he's trying to protect him, but it's because the last time there was Lucifer and Michael on the loose, Sam died and went to hell, and Dean doesn't want that to happen again (and ouch, my feelings)... Sam understands, but isn't putting up with such nonsense, he wants them to save Mary and Jack TOGETHER and if they die, then they die TOGETHER... and... yeah...

...I mean, Sam's right... but I have a feeling (a very very strong feeling) that show is setting us up for a Dean sacrificial death at the end of this season. :(


Next week must be mytharc too, but it's hard to tell from the promo. I will say that the fact that they've already assembled their two most powerful allies is REALLY saying something about how epic this finale must be!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments, and if you hated all of it, remember that for every negative thing you have to say a positive! OR follow the rule of not saying anything at all. :) 

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( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Apr. 27th, 2018 08:06 am (UTC)
I think the most impressive thing about this episode was that Richard Speight had to direct himself acting against himself! That had to be a big challenge!

I got the feeling that the fight in the hallway/elevator scene was an homage to a movie but have no idea what, unless it was 'Kill Bill' which one of the brothers referenced verbally...

The way Alex Calvert played Jack's enthusiasm for having won another battle against Michael (his first scene) made me worry that he is developing a taste for being super-powerful and wonder, if he ends up beating Michael, whether he might want to continue in the vein of all-powerful being who should be accorded worship. It was very subtle and I thought kudos to Alex for layering that in to Jack's eagerness for another fight. And I'm not sure if that taste for power vanished after Kevin's trap or just will make Jack more intensely desiring power so it won't happen again...

So all Kevin had in this universe was his mom too? I did feel bad for him...

Kevin's line 'Even if you win you lose' was a direct inversion of Crowley's line that was cut from last year's finale. I suspect it was supposed to have been a tribute but it felt a bit like a slap in Mark Sheppard's face...

When Gabriel was talking about being tortured for 7 years I so very badly wanted some reference to Sam's comparable experience in the Cage, how much longer it was, and that he gets where Gabe is coming from! Not to mention Dean understands being tortured in Hell too--why couldn't we get just one line??? I would have expected it from this writer, she has been more aware of referencing the show's past than some others...

Re: boys' final conversation--if I didn't know we had season 14 coming, I would be really worried. But I think we are going to get an ending comparable to season 7 or 9 where we end up with Dean gone/dead and poor Sam (and fandom) left alone and going crazy :(
Apr. 27th, 2018 08:08 am (UTC)
PS LOVED Jack enfolding Mary with his wings--awesome visual!!!
Apr. 27th, 2018 04:55 pm (UTC)
Yes! I forgot to talk about that! But I was so impressed with the amount of work Richard must have had to do in the episode!! He did an amazing job.

I have never watched Kill Bill either, so the references were lost on me.

Alex is a really great actor - I'm always impressed with the amount of ambiguity and subtle shifts in mood he can portray with his face... like, it's almost Jensen level, except way more subtle. Really, he's like the perfect blend of Jensen and Jared, because Jared tends to be too subtle. Anyway, yeah, he does a good job.

Poor poor Kevin, that made me super sad. :(

And yes, I kind of missed Kevin's line - I'm still mad at them for not including Crowley's line in that episode because it would have been so good for that character. I'm sure the writer didn't mean it as a slight, or even connect it at all - but true, if you know that whole story it stings all the more.

Agreed about having a line where they mention them both being torture victims - but, at the same time, I do feel that Jared did a good job of conveying it with his face.

And I do believe you are right about where we're going to be left after the finale - another long long summer ahead!
Apr. 27th, 2018 10:54 am (UTC)
Cas recognizing Gabriel? That was not in the last scene... Was that in the promo?

Interesting theory about Loki switching places!

Yeah... Billie tellibg Dean she would see him soon last ep kind of points to that too 😞

Enjoyrd the read.
Apr. 27th, 2018 04:46 pm (UTC)
It's not shown, but Sam says "Cas is getting Gabriel settled in" so, you know that Cas is in the same room as Gabriel - and Castiel most always recognizes angels (unless he's human, then it's spotty).

Yup, all signs point to Dean dying and/or being in peril.

I mean, on the plus side, we know there's another season, so they'll get him out of it somehow.
Apr. 27th, 2018 09:40 pm (UTC)

Overall this episode was entertaining for me, I guess the purpose was to show Gabriel backstory after he "died", and why is an ally now. As has been said, Richard did a wonderful job directing, and acting as two different characters. Yeah well done. And gosh the music was like taken from a telenovela haha for a moment I couldn't take it seriously.

As for Jack, I'm glad Mary is along with him, because he's acting reckless to me, even though he means well. But he needs to be cautious, is clear he is still too young. And BTW, in the map said the discussion was that one of the rebellious guys said it doesn't matter if Michael invades the other world as they have been fighting for 8 years. And Mary said there was no need to sacrifice billions of people.

Finally, I know the ending speech the Winchesters once again promised they survive or die together, but I got the impression that everything is leading to one sacrifice, Dean. Besides he said to Sam how things went last time they faced the apocalypse.
Apr. 27th, 2018 09:58 pm (UTC)
Ah, yeah, my notes just said "J&M - map" so, you can tell how much that scene stuck in my brain.

I'm also glad that Jack has Mary with him. I think he needs a human/Winchester to tamp down the more power-fantasy-driven-urges that he has.

My friend was thinking that the music might be a Kill Bill reference too - since Kill Bill was sort of that OTT/Cheesy style that Tarantino loves so much.
Apr. 28th, 2018 03:47 am (UTC)
This episode has several Kill Bill nods. There's even a moment Dean called Gabriel "Uma" because of Uma Thurman. Personally I've never seen the movie, but I've friends who are fan of it.
Apr. 28th, 2018 04:28 am (UTC)
I thought that the music was more "spaghetti western" at least at the beginning. ALthough maybe Kill Bill was a tribute to that? How many people actually watched Kill Bill? No one I know seems to have.

I just love that Gabriel is on the team! I think he's always been my favorite angel.

I kept shouting at the screen (figuratively) that the boys had been tortured too...and for longer. For a being who is thousands of years old, seven years is a blip. I'm sure it was horrible, but even the real Loki had snakes dripping venom on him for years.

I'm looking forward to next week.
Apr. 28th, 2018 07:44 am (UTC)
Yeah, I see it more as a mark of his privilege, like 7 years seems HORRIBLE to him, because HOW DARE anyone torture him! He's the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL! Things like torture aren't supposed to happen to HIM, that's for OTHER PEOPLE, like the Winchesters.

Which basically means that I was also talking to the screen saying how long Sam and Dean have been tortured for and how 7 years is nothing :P

I have a feeling it's only going to get more depressing from here! But I'm interested to see where they take it.

I haven't seen Kill Bill, but I'm not a Tarantino fan.

*PS: drunk while responding to your comment. I think it's coherent, but if it's not, I apologize. Thank goodness for spellcheck.
( 10 comments — Leave a comment )


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