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Ugh, the mall.

Susie and I went to Metrotown today. For those of you who aren't in Vancouver - Metrotown is a huge-ass mall. It has three floors and like five wings or something. It's ridiculous.

After wandering around for 4 hours, we learned a few things:

-Plaid is in this year (the Winchesters will be happy), unfortunately, no one knows how to cut a shirt anymore - and all plaid shirts available are an ugly style (unless you are a dude).
-No one sells rain-jackets. Yes, I live in Vancouver, and NO ONE SELLS RAIN-JACKETS! I didn't see any umbrellas either. It is ridiculous.
-Value Village is a much better place to shop than the mall. They organize things by colour and type, it has great variety, it's stock is constantly changing, and the most expensive thing there is $10.

Please remind me never to go to the mall again. My feet are killing me, and Susie and I still have to hit a ton of art gallies tonight.

I have decided that when I DO find a place that sells umbrellas, I will just buy one of those and forget about the rain-jacket idea. Man, I miss Germany sometimes - you couldn't walk a block there without tripping over a store selling umbrellas.
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