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Bunker Floorplans

Since S11 or so, I've been idylly sketching out the Bunker as I do my rewatches, just seeing if there's any consistency to the way they move through hallways, etc. (For the most part, there isn't, except for the location of the kitchen and Sam's room in relation to the entrance.)

This wasn't a "Project" in any official capacity, just a mild curiosity of mine, and something to do whenever I was watching an episode and remembered. However, the other day, I got into a conversation about the Bunker on Twitter with a couple of other fans regarding the location of the Garage - and we discussed our theories, and then I realized that I'd screenshotted the blue prints in 12x22, and then I decided, for the hell of it, to rewatch 9x04 to see if it proved or disproved either of us. (Result: Supported their theory, not mine!)

The ultimate end result of this was that I figured I might as well rewatch some other Bunker-heavy scenes and see how much I could fill out my sketches... and then because I had let on that I HAD sketches, a few people wanted me to share them... so, then I had to draw them out legibly.

And this is all a very long-winded way to say:

Here are some floorplans for the Bunker, based on my observations:

Warning: Large images beneath the cut, may not be good for small devices!!

FYI: This doesn't include the Archive room, which we just saw in one of the S13 episodes that just aired.

Also, please excuse my handwriting, I know that my Gs looks like Ys, but hopefully "gym" and "garage" are still recognizable words :P

Also, also, and always, proportions my be slightly off - again, I'm not an architect, and these aren't official blueprints, I didn't estimate room sizes and scale everything accordingly or anything - I don't have that kind of time!

Main Level

First, a small descrepancy between this "nice" version and my sloppy notes. In my notes, I don't have as long of a hallway between Sam's room and the corridor that eventually gets you to Storeroom 7b. It's basically directly behind Sam's room in my rough notes, but when I made this nice version, I got the proportions a little off. BUT, that doesn't necessarily mean that this version isn't correct, things get really confusing for how long that hallway is... hence why I have the "I don't know how long this hallway is" sign midway down the hall (now in two places.)

The infirmery is only seen in 9x11, but it is DEFINITELY exactly where I put it according to that episode.

The kitchen is also consistently always there and nowhere else.

And yes, the Bunker really likes curved hallways.

The Garage "Level"

This entire "level" is based off the blue print that Dean consults in 12x22. I just redrew it and added some things to make it more consistent with what we also see on the show (which was pretty much only adding the staircase that they use to enter the garage in the middle - which wasn't on the blueprint and dotting out the inclosed part of the garage that someone throws someone else into in 9x04).

Now, "Level" is in quotes because this is what we were discussing on Twitter. Is it another level? If it is, is it higher or lower than the Main level? Or, is it an extrension? They climb stairs to get into it, but drive out through an underground tunnel - it has the same general shape as the main level, but you can climb to the surface through the access point in the cement wall, if it were under the main level, you might be hitting your head on the lab if you tried to do that. We see staircases on the blue print, but we don't know whether they go up or down. (FYI: technically the arrow on that middle set of stairs should be pointing the other way, as that's how you exit the garage, but I had it coming in like "they walk up the stairs and enter here" but that's inconsistent with how I marked the other staircases, and basically this is why I'm not an architect.)

Also, of note is that hallway that curves past the armory - where does it go? Who knows!

StoreRoom 7b, the Shooting Range, and the Computer Room

These are three disjointed rooms - we don't know where they lay in relation to anywhere else. We do know that they always approach 7b from that hallway on the right.

Dean's Room, Electrical, and another Storeroom

We see a storeroom in 9x09 that has a similar layout (piller wise) as the Lab, but the blue glass window is on the other side and it has a completely different entrance. So, who the heck knows where that is!

Dean's room is also floating fairly nebulously in space. But we know that Dorothy and Charlie doubleback to walk past it when they decide to go to the garage. And we also know that otherwise it is nearly surrounded by hallways.

The Electrical room is VERY similar to the Computer room, and the reason it has fuzzy clouds around some parts is because 10x03 was very inconsistent in how the hallways outside of the room were shown. It appears to be a straight hallway when Dean walks in and busts down the door, but Sam is able to hide behind a curved piller and then flees through a curved wall when Dean busts down the door. Initially, I thought it had two entrances, and drew it as such, and then when I finished doing that on this nice version, I realized that that didn't make any sense because Sam LOCKS DEAN IN THERE, which means there's only one door. So, the curved hallway must be outside the same entrance as the straight wall.

Sam walks by room 22 to GET to Electrical, because they use the same curved hallway for EVERYTHING, but, we don't know know whether 22 is actually close to Electrical at all, so it might not matter. (22 is most likely the room just around the corner from Sam's room, which is 21... and yet, oddly enough, a fair distance away from 23, which is the Kitchen.)

Sam running to Dean's room in 10x17 - Making it Work

In 10x17, when Dean has a nightmare, we see Sam run down the curved hallway we see for every hallway-running-scene, regardless of where they are going... so, how do we make it work for where Dean's room is according to 9x04? A really weird relationship between Dean's room and the kitchen, that's what. Who knows how those hallways meet up, but they do.  Also, I've got that hallway capped with a door on my other sketch of the hallways around Dean's room, but for the purposes of my guesswork, I left it open. However, you could could still have it capped and have Dean have to go towards Sam's room, then back to the left in order to get into a position where he can get to that hallway outside the kitchen.

The main thing to know about this is that they aren't consistent with how things are interconnected, and they use the same hallway for everything - and it's more dramatic to have Sam run a longer distance than it is for it to be a short one.  (I mean, in 10x03, they filmed in such a way that made it look like Dean's room was actually just across the hall from Sam's.)

But because they use that same hallway for everything, it means a LOT of curved hallways, and trying to fit them together in ways that make sense. I tried joining them up with their curves touching, but that didn't work as well as the above did. You're welcome to make your own guessworks though! :)

And there you have it! My notes so far (barring a few other disjointed random hallways that weren't very helpful.)

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Bunker as I understand it.

ETA: If you want a really cool site that visually guides you through the Bunker, check out: Bunker BluePrints
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