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Dean's S12 Blue Military Utility Coat

Dean's S12 Blue Military Utility Coat

Dean has yet another new blue utility coat.... which, I'm told, is actually black! Title stays for now, because I'm lazy. This coat as epaulets on the shoulders, and is a long utility coat that rests at the upper thigh rather than the waist (distinguishing it from Dean’s shorter blue military coat that he had in the early seasons.)

Brand Info:  These jackets are under the brand name "ALL SAINTS" and are the "Bale" style. "ALL SAINTS" is a British clothing company, and these jackets were only available in Fall/Winter of 2016.


In The Raid (12x14), Dean is wearing this coat when he returns to the Bunker to find Sam gone, and then discovers that they are out of booze, and then answers the door to find Ketch wanting to hang out. He takes it off when he actually drinks with Ketch, but then puts it back on when they go out to hunt vampires – wearing it for the rest of the episode.