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Sam's S12 Blue Zipper Jacket

Sam's S12 Blue Zipper Jacket

After many seasons, Sam gets a second blue zipper jacket! It’s exciting. This jacket is lightweight and has two seamless breast pockets that do up with zippers. It doesn’t have a shirt-collar, but instead just a simple unembellished snap-up.

Brand: Lucky Brand


In The Raid (12x14), Sam wears this jacket to go see Mary at the British Men of Letter’s temporary American Head Quarters. He keeps it on for the rest of the episode.

In Rising Son (13x02), Sam wears this jacket after Jack is kidnapped by Asmodeus and they leave the motel and go find him.

In The Bad Place (13x09), Sam wears this jacket towards the end of the episode when they go with Jack to rescue Kaia from the angels and then they get sucked into the bad place.

In Wayward Sisters (13x10), Sam continues to wear this jacket during his time in the Bad Place. He only changes out of it once they are rescued and have access to their things again.

In The Scar (14x02), Sam put this jacket on when they are getting ready to leave the Bunker. He wears it for the rest of the episode.

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