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Dean's Invisible-Snap Military Jacket

Dean's Invisible-Snap Military Jacket

This shirt is like a cross between a few of Dean’s jackets. It has shoulder epaulettes. (which is why I’m throwing the word “military” into it’s descriptive title, so that I can find it fast in my files). It’s not heavy like a utility coat, like most of Dean’s epaulette-d jackets. It’s reminiscent of Dean’s Green Coat with Sleeve Pocket, but it does NOT have a sleeve pocket. It’s most notable distinguishing characteristic from his other coats is the fact that the breast pockets don’t have visible buttons or snaps, but appear to fasten in some way (most likely a hidden snap.)

Brand Info:  These jackets are under the brand name "ALL SAINTS" and are the "Bale" style. "ALL SAINTS" is a British clothing company, and these jackets were only available in Fall/Winter of 2016.


In Regarding Dean (12x11), Dean wears this to the witches house, when he and Rowena go to rescue Sam – and at the end of the episode, when he and Sam say goodbye to Rowena.

In The British Invasion (12x17), Dean wears this coat at the beginning of the episode, when he and Sam return to the Bunker with takeout and find Mick waiting for them, then subsequently whenever he is outside, and finally when they return to the Bunker after the hunt is over.

In Patience (13x03), Dean wears this jacket when he meets up with Jody and Missouri to investigate the wraith-related death. He wears it for the rest of the episode.

In War of the Worlds (13x07), Dean wears this jacket when they follow the witch to her safehouse and lie in wait to catch Ketch. He takes it off when they bring Ketch back to the Bunker for interrogation. Then wears it again when they leave to rescue Cas.

In ScoobyNatural (13x16), Dean wears his jacket for the entire episode (except a brief scene when he is in a cartoon nightgown in the mansion).

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