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Quick Reaction: 13x16 ScoobyNatural


We're back! How was your mini-hiatus? I both forgot and then remembered that I'm supposed to be slowly getting the S12 clothes posted, so I've been working on that behind the scenes - nearly there, nearly there.

Same bat rules, same bat circumstances: I've been drinking, no quotes are meant to be accurate, and only correct me if it's vitally important or I ask you to.

Let's GET INTO IT....(with a super inappropriate cut-text song, but it legit was the only thing with intelligible words that came up on my ipod on the way home and them's the rules I set for myself way back in S6 when I started doing this)....

We start without a THEN, because the dialogue for this was written a year ago and we all know they don't plan far enough ahead anymore to know what the hell mytharc is going to tie in with anything. (OOO, BURN... and that'll probably be the last of my passive aggressive criticism, don't worry).

Instead, we jump right into a ridiculous scene of Sam and Dean wrestling a dinosaur costume - and then burning it in holy oil causing it to explode. We're confused, but so are the boys. They're in a pawnshop and the owner thanks them profusely. Sam and Dean think it might have been a cursed object, but yet it didn't behave like one, so Sam wants to do more digging - meanwhile, there's a weirdly creepy guy hanging around who apparently owns half the neighbourhood. "That guy looks like every villain in a Scooby Doo cartoon" my friend muses... 

The pawnshop owner is so thankful for their help that he gifts them anything they want in the store. Dean chooses a large television, much to Sam's bewilderment.

As it turns out, unbeknownst to Sam, Dean's been building himself den in the Bunker - which he is town between calling the Dean Cave or the Fortress of Deanitude. (I'd totally go for the latter). He's even got TWO lazyboy recliners in there in retro plaid option, which is fitting for their retro bunker, and also sweet, because he clearly meant to share the space with Sam.

He turns on the TV, only for him and Sam to be sucked into it in a flash of purple light .

They're cartoons! The Impala is inexplicably there, which Sam finds unbelievable - and Dean questions why it's THAT that Sam picks on rather than the fact that they're cartoons. But they decide the best way to investigate the mystery is to DRIVE...

They find a malt shop, and the SCOOBY GANG! Dean is thrilled, because Scooby was one of the constants of his childhood - because all the motels they lived in had a TV that got the basic channels, and Scooby was always on the basic channels. Also, Dean insists that they have a lot in common with the Scooby Gang. Sam argues that they don't have a talking dog - and Dean says that "Cas is kinda like a talking dog." And it's funny because it's true... in that Cas is the member of their "gang" that is no human.

I loved the little things here - like the fact that Sam is all business, and points out that there are no words on the newspaper, and he doesn't understand why Dean is so calm.

Dean, meanwhile, argues that the last time they were "zapped" into "tv" was by the trickster, and in order to get out they needed to play their part, so that's what they were going to do here while they figured things out.

I also loved Dean making the big sandwich and then pausing in eating it so that he could show Sam how big his mouth is in cartoon world - it's both a payoff to the aforementioned Changing Channels episode and the joke "I'm going to need a bigger mouth" and also such a BIG BROTHER thing to do, to be like "SAM! CHECK THIS OUT!" It's adorable.

Dean's got a bone to pick with Fred, because Dean likes Daphne, and thinks Fred is a stuck-up "perfect" douche who doesn't deserve her. It's a funny running gag, largely because Fred NEVER picks up on the fact that he's being hated, which only points out how ridiculous Dean is being, because there's absolutely no reason to hate Fred. Anyway, Dean's first act of trying to prove that he's better than Fred is to challenge him to a car race - which Fred wins, much to Sam's amazement that a micro-van could beat the Impala at the starting gun.

As we pull away after the van, we see a SHADOWY FIGURE! Which I already knew was Cas, because that much had been ruined by the simple fact that I knew he'd also be in the episode and had already seen his animated likeness.

We pull up to a "haunted" mansion and Dean realizes that we're in the episode "A Night of Fright is No Delight". They gist of it being that in order to claim his inheritance from the dead guy, Scooby has to spend the knight in a haunted mansion. 

Sam nearly mentions that they're in a cartoon, but Dean stops him. Saying "They don't know they're in the c-word" and I laughed here simply for the fact that there are MANY DIFFERENT C WORDS... and I'm apparently 12 and easily amused.

They tuck in for the night - Dean's attempt at sleeping in the same room as Daphne is thwarted by the fact that "boys and girls don't sleep together, silly" and he's trucked off to sleep with the dudes. Dean's the only one in a sleeping robe though - but he loves it "It's like I'm wrapped in hugs" - and man, that makes me miss the days that I wore heavy wool nighties to bed, because DAMN IT WAS LIKE THAT... and also it's always more comfortable not to wear pants.

ANYWHO... while they sleep, which Dean doesn't even bother doing, because he knows how this is going to go... the ghost attacks! They hear a scream, and Dean knows that they're going to find one of the guests disappeared and a dummy body will show up later...

Instead though, Daphne, and then the whole gang, discover a REAL body, complete with blood and knife sticking out the back.

Then we get another little joke I love, which is everyone saying their catchphrase of surprise/reaction: "Jinkies!" "Jeepers!" "Zoinks!" "Ru-roh!" "Son of a bitch!" :D

Dean is very perturbed because  no one is supposed to die in Scooby Doo. Sam's concerned that if people are dying, it means THEY could die. 

And then Cas shows up! They think he's a baddie at first, so Fred tackles him, but then it's clearly Cas. He explains that he came back to the Bunker from Syria with fruit from the tree of life (Fun fact: POMEGRANATES! Who knew.) He had to fight of Djinn to get them, and then bargain with them, and he MIGHT be married to their queen now.... but the point is, he walked into the den and discovered that Sam and Dean were cartoon-iefied on the TV screen, having a race with Fred. Then the screen glowed purple and also sucked Castiel in.

Sam, Dean, and Cas, have a rushed conversation about how they also saw glowy purple when they were dealing with the "killer stuffed dinosaur" - the Scooby Gang ask what they're talking about, and they quickly cover by saying that they're writing a book about killer stuffed dinosaurs, called "The Killer Stuffed Dinosaur...in Love." And I laugh and laugh.

There's another corpse, this one dismembered, and Dean thinks he might be sick - but Fred continues to be COMPLETELY CASUAL about it, and I kind of love that Fred is just level-headed and completely casual (nearly) the whole time, like it's all fine.

Fred decides that they should split up and search the house for the phantom. Sam and Dean don't think that's a good idea, so they compromise by breaking into smaller teams. Dean goes with Fred and Daphne, Sam with Velma, and Cas with Shaggy and Scooby. Cas has a great line of "Great. I once led armies [and now I'm leading] a scruffy philistine and a talking dog." And I love him.

Velma, meanwhile, comments on Sam's shoulders for the second time - which Sam finds curious, but his questioning of it only makes Velma blush. He tries to tell Velma, now that Dean's not around to stop him, about how ghosts are real - but Velma is not buying it. Ghosts always just turn out to be real estate developers in masks. They come across a box of toys, which Velma comments on because it's the only object in the attic without dust, and Sam comments on because it's surrounded by ectoplasm. Then the toys rise up and chase them out of the room before they can resolve the argument that triggers.

While Fred is distracted, Dean asks Daphne what she looks for in a guy - she says, strong and sincere, and an ascot wouldn't hurt. 

Then Dean spots a book on the shelf that isn't painted into the background - and suggests they pull on it because it might open a secret door. It DOES! Only it's a trap door beneath their feet. They crash land in the basement, where Dean unwittingly stumbles upon the ghost in the dark, believing it to be Daphne. 

Then we get a lovely montage of the Winchesters and the Gang running away from the ghost while the Scooby Doo themesong plays... with a bonus cameo by Scrappy Doo.

Fred goes to attack the ghost finally, and is surprisingly (to him) thrown into the wall, while Daphne and Velma are pinned to the ceiling. Shaggy gets thrown out a window. Sam and Dean find some iron candleholders and drive the ghost away briefly. Just in time to see Shaggy lose his grip on the windmill (?!) arm that he grabbed when he was tossed. He begins falling, and Scooby dives after him, and Cas after Scooby - luckily Cas's trenchcoat serves as a winddrag/parachute, so their decent is slowed, but Shaggy still breaks an arm.

That's when the Scooby Gang starts freeking out, because they've never gotten injured before (Fred also has a bloody nose). Sam and Dean come clean and explain how their are real ghosts. Fred is dismayed that all this time they've been fighting real estate developers when there were bigger fish to fry (and again, I love what they did with Fred here), while Daphne and Velma both freak out about having their belief systems shattered. Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby, who already were more apt to believe in ghosts, are just fearful for their lives now that they have PROOF that they were right and are legitimately in danger.

Dean quickly steps up to avert disaster and gives them all a motivational speech. It works! (Also, Sam contributes, revealing that he's also a Scooby fan, even if not QUITE as enthusiastically protective of them as Dean is.)

Velma is concerned that they don't know how to fight real ghosts, but Sam reassures her by pointing out that he and Dean DO - and they go to the Impala to arm up.

And I love this scene because the first thing Sam does is take out a shotgun and goes to hand it SPECIFICALLY to Velma - not Fred, or any of the dudes, but Velma... Sam Winchester: feminist. 

Anyway, Dean is still really against arming up the Scooby Gang, because he feels like it's a step too far in destroying their innocence. So, instead, he plays to their strengths, instructing Fred to build a trap.

Fred's trap is suitably elaborate. And it doesn't work - but that's okay, because Dean KNEW Fred's traps never work, so he has a plan B, which he initiates as soon as it's clear that Fred's trap has failed. It leads the ghost to the trap door, and causes him to fall down into a salt-circle.

In the basement, only Sam and Dean are present, and they get the ghost to reveal themselves - and it turns out to be a young boy. 

We find out that Jay, the guy who owns half the neightbourhood, who Sam and Dean met back at the pawnshop, discovered the haunted pocketknife and began (somehow) to make the ghost do his bidding. The poor little boy doesn't WANT to hurt people, but is forced to. Sam and Dean make him a deal that they're set him free if he does something for them.

They then open the door - and I love Daphne's exclaimed "KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Hahaha

But anyway, they bring the Scooby Gang into the room and explain that Sam and Dean were WRONG about it being a real ghost - and that it really was all a trick by a dude who wanted all the money to himself... and it didn't matter anyway, because the money was confederate dollars and worthless.

Once the Scooby Gang has successfully believed their ruse - including that the bodies they saw were dummies drenched in corn-syrup. Sam and Dean say goodbye, and then are zapped back to the Bunker.


And then Sam torches the knife, thus setting the ghost free - they promise the ghost, before he goes, that they'll take care of Jay - and I really did wonder how the heck they were going to do that, as Sam and Dean don't usually kill humans.

As it turns out, they realize he's a real estate developer with SHADY DEALINGS which include TAX EVASION! And they're able to get him arrested. Dean wears and ascot for the occasion, and the guy says "and I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids" and Dean's so thrilled he does the Scooby Doo closing sign-off... before the camera pans back out again and both Cas and Sam treat him like he's absolutely ridiculous, which he is, but we love him anyway (or because of it.)

It's a very cute episode and exactly what I expected - a goofy one-off. :)

Anyway, let me know your thoughts in comments! 

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